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GASB77 Brochure pages 100%

Financial analysis including both the government’s incoming tax revenues and forgone tax revenues resulting from the tax and incentive agreements identified in Step 1.


Negative Residual Currency Conjecture4 77%

Any organization can issue a currency which will be accepted to the extent that the organization can verify that something was forgone and that the members accrue some benefit from the forgone consumption.


amish 52%

Olmsted found autistic children, but didn’t count them – either because he either didn’t feel that they had real autism or because it conflicted with his forgone conclusion.” His specific argument is obviously worthless:


aNewAge 49%

Thus, the United States forgone anti-communist rhetoric in order to pursue relations with the Soviet Union’s major ally in order to weaken Soviet world presence.


Appendices as of 1-7-15 45%

Although, it is hard to blame them, when the so far superior numbers of the enemy make the outcome of most battles a forgone conclusion.


putland-wer-5-2col 41%

that is, the rent received or saved plus the capital gain must equal the interest paid or forgone plus the holding cost, where all quantities are after tax.


The Front Range Voluntaryist Issue #5 33%

  How   much   leisure  does   he  desire  to  consume, how many more berries, what other goods does he prefer?     "Thus,   for  each   person   and   type   of labor  performed,  the balancing  of the marginal  utility  of the product   of  prospective   units   of  effort   as  against   the  marginal   disutility   of  effort   will   include   the  satisfaction   or  dissatisfaction   with   the  work   itself,   in  addition   to  the  evaluation   of  the  final   product   and  of the leisure  forgone."


The Coquitlam Review December 2016 Edition 31%

readBoth Danstories Brownare unless has What both stories have in common is unabashed bias, and therein lies not one news, forgone Atwood,on Bacon, Geothe, et al.