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Honda CRV 100%

NMVTIS No junk, salvage, or insurance records found!


Acura Quote 99%

45 POINT INSPECTION INCLUDING BATTERY CHECK $0.00 replace front struts assemblies 4.0 (found front struts worn) Fail code 0131 bank 1 sensor 1 (found check engine light) Fail 2.


PAotDPP2016 96%

State/Territory Pledged Delegates Clinton Polling Estimated Clinton Delegates Sanders Polling Estimated Sanders Delegates Wisconsin Wyoming New York Connecticut Delaware Maryland Pennsylvania Rhode Island Indiana Guam West Virginia Kentucky Oregon Virgin Islands Puerto Rico California Montana New Jersey New Mexico North Dakota South Dakota District of Columbia 86 14 247 55 21 95 189 24 92 7 29 55 61 7 60 475 21 126 34 18 20 20 46.5%* None Found 63%* 43.5%* None Found 58.7%* 55%* 49%* None Found None Found 29%* Insufficient Data 44%** None Found None Found 47%* Insufficient Data 58.3%* None Found None Found None Found None Found 40 N/A 156 24 N/A 56 104 12 N/A N/A 8 N/A 27 N/A N/A 223 N/A 73 N/A N/A N/A N/A 44.0%* None Found 28.5%* 28%* None Found 27.3% 27.5% 40%* None Found None Found 57%* Insufficient Data 39%** None Found None Found 38% Insufficient Data 27.3% None Found None Found None Found None Found Total 723 38 N/A 70 15 N/A 26 52 10 N/A N/A 17 N/A 24 N/A N/A 181 N/A 34 N/A N/A N/A N/A 467 *Source:


TNK 95%

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MasterofRings 94%

Master of Rings Master of Rings Rings Life Ring Sun Princess Ring Estus Ring Ashen Estus Ring Chloranthy Ring Havel's Ring Ring of Favor Prisoner's Chain Ring of Steel Protection Magic Stoneplate Ring Flame Stoneplate Ring Thunder Stoneplate Ring Dark Stoneplate Ring Speckled Stoneplate Ring Bloodbite Ring Poisonbite Ring Cursebite Ring Fleshbite Ring Knight's Ring Hunter's Ring Scholar Ring Priestess Ring Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Saint's Ring Deep Ring Darkmoon Ring Young Dragon Ring Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Great Swamp Ring Witch's Ring Morne's Ring Ring of the Sun's First Born Created By PSN GeekBaronRW (Rings found in New Game.) Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine.


VCDS Auto-Scan Printout 94%

72E0C64C1429 WAUZZZ8EX3A284167 AUZ6Z0B0454745 1 Fault Found:


Gubert Pfosten 93%

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AssClu P1 Q4 93%

Components of a unit of competency Application Information found in this component How this information is applied in competency-based assessment activities and processes Describes the purpose of the unit relevant to how it will be applied in the workplace.


Review topics Quiz 1 Bio 110 STUDY GUIDE complete 2 93%

Langerhans Cells – Wandering macrophages found in the epidermis.


Report autoDNA W0LPE8EK7D8024794 93%

0 Country Source Meaning Available information Italy Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Czech Republic Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Romania Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Lithuania Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Slovenia Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Netherlands Stolen vehicle database - Repositories of Crimimail and The Association of Insurers No records found Canada Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Slovakia Stolen vehicles database - Police No records found Sweden Stolen vehicle database - The Association of Insurers No records found Norway Stolen vehicle database - Ettersokt No records found Kaynine Stolen objects database - Kaynine (Germany) No records found Internet database Stolen vehicle database - Internet Sources No records found MANUFACTURER RECALLS NUMBER OF RECORDS:


Duane T Blocker-a26ee78435f08d6 92%

Duane Blocker Duane T Blocker Contact Info 5 # Phone Numbers 1 316-440-7532 # Email Addresses 1 2 3 4 Address History # Address Last Seen Date 1 400 S Woodlawn Blvd Apt 305B Derby, KS 67037 N/A 2 641 N Woodlawn St Apt 4 Wichita, KS 67208 N/A 3 238 Bond St Apt 4E Brooklyn, NY 11217 N/A 4 140 Erdman Pl Apt 8E Bronx, NY 10475 N/A 5 1108 N Pershing St Wichita, KS 67208 N/A 6 509 W Lincoln St Derby, KS 67037 N/A 7 509 W LINCOLN DERBY SEDGWICK, KS N/A 8 Derby, KS 67037 N/A Relatives Contac t Info Found 8 Addresses Found 1 Relatives Found 1st Degree # Name Age 1 NATASHA A BLOCKER 34 Address 8716 W University St Apt A Wichita, KS 67209 3 First seen:


2008 February 91%

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final draft undergrad thesis 91%

They found that the more exposure a juror had before a trial began the more bias they held during the trial (2018).


2010 Tammi-Fisse-Judge-Decision-2010 90%

The Magistrate found that compensatory parenting time was appropriate, however, such parenting time was merged into the additional parenting time granted according to the modified schedule "in order to provide stability and a regular routine and schedule for the minor children."


2006 October 89%

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Poster 89%

Previous research has shown that certain areas of the of the temporal lobe have been found to be selective to certain viewpoints, (Kietzmann et al., 2012, 2017), especially with two symmetric viewpoints e.g.


Danny Blackwood 89%

Roleplay Accounts Was anything suspicious found?


Informal Piece 89%

She found that though there were no carcinogenicity after oral consumption the rats displayed thickened and raised ridges of the forestomach, irregular mucosal thickenings, and many histopathological gastric changes.


Residential Segregation in New York City and Washington, DC 89%

In previous research, it was found that causes of segregation include income level, land zoning regimes, and immigration.


EO Research by question (1) 89%

They found a 52% improvement in productivity growth with an ESOP.


Transferable skills poster 89%

§  A significant effect was found between race and donation.


image citations 88%

Found at


Basic Math - 2006 - F2 88%

1 This and other free resources can be found at Candidate’s No.


pedrointroductioneng 88%

INTRODUCTION    The Scandal at Karea and the Justified Departure of Fr. Pedro      Fr.  Pedro  was  accepted  into  the  G.O.C.  Metropolis  of  Mesogaea  (that  of  Bp. Kirykos Kontogiannis) in February, 2009.  Fr. Pedro also received rebaptism,  rechrismation,  and  reordination  even  though  he  had  the  form  of  the  triple  immersion  and  was  a  cleric  of  another  old  calendarist  synod  (of  Russian  succession),  in  accordance  with  the  new  practice  of  Bp.  Kirykos  to  baptize  everybody  entering his  synod  without checking the manner  or form of  the first  baptism.        For  one  year,  Bp.  Kirykos  himself  and  the  clergy  and  laity  of  the  metropolis  were  very  pleased  in  all  aspects  with  Fr.  Pedro’s  confession  and  practice.  On  15/28  July,  2009,  Fr.  Pedro  was  elevated  to  the  rank  of  spiritual  father – confessor, thereby giving him the right to confess and advise the faithful.  (In  order  to  verify  this  event,  two  photographs  of  his  elevation  to  the  rank  of  confessor are found in the list of documents on the website.) On 19 September/2  October, 2009, Fr. Pedro was assigned as rector (officiating priest) of the parish of  St.  Spyridon  in  Karea,  Athens.  (In  order  to  verify  this  fact,  the  certificate  of  his  appointment as parish priest is found on the list of documents on the website.)      In  the  meantime,  Fr.  Pedro  noticed  that  in  his  parish,  where  he  had  responsibility before God and men, the Holy Canons were not being followed by  the  laity.    The  first  anti‐canonical  occurrence  was  that  women  would  enter  the  holy  altar.  The  second  anti‐canonical  occurrence  was  that  some  women  were  scandalized  when  they  saw  laypeople  receiving  Communion  every  Sunday  during  Lent,  even  though  these  laypeople  had  confessed  and  prepared  themselves in accordance with the guidance of their spiritual father.        First  Fr.  Pedro  asked  for  the  help  of  Bp.  Kirykos.    But  since  Bp.  Kirykos  did not have any concern or give any advice and did not show any interest in his  complaint, Fr. Pedro, as spiritual father and officiating priest of the Holy Church  [of St. Spyridon to which he had been appointed], asked a layperson of the parish  to  give  some  photocopies  of  the  holy  canons  and  patristic  teachings  regarding  women  not  being  permitted  to  enter  the  altar,  women  not  being  permitted  to  speak or teach inside the church, and concerning the frequent communion after  confession  and  with  a  clean  conscience  as  an  Orthodox  teaching  which  should  not cause even one scandal but rather the devoutness and joy for their brethren  in  Christ  who  received  the  Lord.  (The  photocopies  which  the  layperson  distributed with the blessing of Fr. Pedro can be found among the documents on  the website.)      As  a  reaction  to  the  above,  on  the  Sunday  of  the  Veneration  of  the  Holy  Cross,  Bp.  Kirykos  sent  his  FIRST  BLASPHEMOUS  LETTER  to  Fr.  Pedro,  in  which Bp.  Kirykos preaches at least five heresies. (A scan of this letter is found  on the list of documents on the website). After a few days Fr. Pedro asked a lay  theologian to telephone Bp. Kirykos and explain to him his doubt concerning the  letter.  But once Bp. Kirykos was informed that his letter was blasphemous and  heretical, Bp. Kirykos  began frantically  screaming  “Stop  talking!   Stop talking!”  The  next  day  Fr.  Pedro  received the  SECOND  BLASPHEMOUS  LETTER  of  Bp.  Kirykos,  in  which  he  dares  to  call  the  photocopies  from  the  Rudder  and  the  writings  of  St.  Basil  which  were  handed  out  at  St.  Spyridon’s  parish  as  supposedly  containing  an  “unorthodox  mindset!”  (A  scan  of  this  letter  by  Bp.  Kirykos  is  found  on  the  list  of  documents  on  the  website).  Two  days  later  Fr.  Pedro sent his FIRST RESPONSE to Bp. Kirykos, which Bp. Kirykos still has not  responded  to  even  though  several  weeks  have  passed.  (A  scan  of  this  letter  by  Bp. Pedro can be found on the list of documents on the website).      Bp. Kirykos invited Fr. Pedro to defend himself at a clerical meeting of the  Metropolis  but  he  forbade  the  presence  of  Fr.  Pedro’s  interpreter,  Mr.  Christos  Noukas.  This forbiddance is anti‐canonical because Bp. Kirykos cannot invite a  priest  to  defend  himself  at  a  meeting  without  the  priest  having  the  means  to  express his positions (Fr. Pedro is of Brazilian descent and requires a translator to  communicate in Greek).      Fr. Pedro, seeing then that Bp. Kirykos was using a Caesaro‐Papist tactic,  renounced  him  because  of  his  many  heresies  and  departed  to  another  old  calendarist  synod  in  which  he  finds  more  seriousness  towards  the  Orthodox  dogmas  and  teachings,  while  in  the  person  of  Bp.  Kirykos  he  saw  a  very  small  amount  of  seriousness,  if  not  complete  negligence.  (Proof  of  the  authenticity  of  the above can be found among the documents on the website.)