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dimissal order 100%

(i) is frivolous or malicious;


Ackers granted civil case 99%

§ 1915(e)(2), a federal court is required to dismiss an in forma pauperis complaint at any time if the court determines that the allegation of poverty is untrue, or that the action (1) is frivolous or malicious, (2) fails to state a claim on which relief may be granted, or (3) seeks monetary relief against a defendant who is immune from such relief.


107 Response to Motion to Reconsider 98%

This motion is entirely frivolous and was brought for the purpose of 16 17 harassing Defendants and/or for purposes of delay, both of which are improper.


lokpal bill 95%

PM kept out of Lokpal's purview Special safeguards provided against frivolous &


Monster Raving Loony Party 84%

“Maggie Thatcher, in all her wisdom, decided to change the £150 deposit to £500 to put off the frivolous parties.


Appellant's Reply Brief filed 3-11-15 74%

Appellees arguments are irrelevant, frivolous, and/or not supported by Texas law.


Hot 100 70%

ATLAS HOT 100 capricious=erratic behavior/mood equivocation=indecisiveness unequivocal=certain idiosyncratic=quirky decimate=destroy decipher=comprehend vacuity=emptiness chicanery=fraudulence abhor=hate/detest temporize=procrastinate maudlin=sentimental lithe=flexible evanescent=short-lived noisome=smelly peripatetic=constantly traveling irascible=short-tempered magnanimous=generous adroit=skillful inept=clumsy anachronism=wrong time period ineffable=indescribable winnow=narrow down felicity=luck acrid=bitter plight=struggle trenchant=sharp/incisive ubiquitous=all-present vacillate=waiver vapid=dull frivolous=trivial prudent=wise prosaic=boring/mundane exacerbate=make worse mitigate=reduce/lessen evince=show belie=misrepresent boorish=rude insipid=dull apathetic=uncaring compulsory=required palliative=lessening pain/symptoms cursory=superficial succinct=brief/terse decorous=proper/decent erratic=scattered/unplanned pungent=strong smelling antediluvian=very old nihilist=extreme skeptic ephemeral=brief itinerant=constantly moving eclectic=diverse elements pugnacious=ready to fight aesthetic=art or beauty benevolent=sympathy/generosity clairvoyant=see/predict future conundrum=problem venerable=honored tenuous=flimsy pragmatic=practical capacious=spacious superfluous=more than necessary brazen=bold bombast=pompous language intrepid=no fear fastidious=overly critical florid=ornate surreptitious=deceptive, secretive talisman=lucky charm dubious=doubtful spurious=false raze=destroy, ruin precocious=too early innocuous=harmless perfidious=betray orator=speaker abate=lessen reticent=restrained impetuous=rash, careless demagogue=pleasing politician bilk=cheat, steal jocular=jokingly jubilation=joy, happiness abstruse=difficult to understand querulous=complaining haughty=arrogant enervate=debilitate hedonism=self indulgence harangue=noisy, attacking speech revere=worship, honor circumlocution=go around ostentatious=flashy, to impress enigma=puzzle, mystery spurious=false deleterious=harmful rescind=retract/repeal plaudit=praise sagacity=wisdom hackneyed=cliche blithe=free-spirited credulous=gullible | 716.299.TEST


document(16) 70%

§ 1915(e)(2)(B)(i) and (ii) if it presents allegations that are frivolous or that fail to state a claim, such as allegations barred by the doctrine of sovereign immunity.


5-20-11 ORDER Heumann vs. Barnett 70%

The Court is not persuaded that doing so lacks substantial justification or is groundless or frivolous and the Court therefore DENIES Plaintiffs’ supplement to its original motion.


Lydic WritingSample3 65%

Although financial gains are not the prime motivation for leading a more mindful life, students may save on frivolous purchases, medical bills, and tuition for extra semesters spent in school.


WGeist Portfolio 63%

This isn’t to say necessarily light or frivolous works, simply which I like to focus on things that interest me, and that I find challenging to work on.


107 - 1 Exhibit McLaughlin declaration 62%

I told him that Slep- 21 tone failed to oppose the underlying fee motion and that therefore a motion for 22 reconsideration would be untimely and likely frivolous, and that Defendants would 23 vigorously oppose it if filed.


BotGuard Infographic 60%

Addit ionally, t he Bot guard can prevent at t ackers from ext ract ing dat a, and can generally save t he owner of a Bot guard money by reducing t he aut omat ed, frivolous t ra ic wit h which a server has t o int eract , resources bet t er spent on legit imat e users.


Harrington Atty Fees Order[1] 53%

Lack of Intrinsic Evidence Proposed Claim Construction Supporting Plaintiff’s In the Order, the Court determined that the Plaintiff’s proposed claim interpretation “found no support either in the plain language of the claims or 4 Case 3:08-cv-00576-MR Document 113 Filed 04/11/12 Page 4 of 32 the intrinsic record of the patent at issue and was therefore frivolous.” [Doc.


Leg Update 4 17 15 52%

SB 408 now provides Indiana-licensed real estate Brokers with greater protection against frivolous lawsuits, as the risk reduction language originally introduced as Senate Bill 411 is an approved amendment to it.


MedinaGazette 51%

The overriding sented job more than 25 years ago, I find point behind all of this faux outrage was conservatives ever determined to estabthe objection by one resident — not a lish even more starvation wage “opporteacher or school administrator himself, tunities.” They did their best to prevent just one ordinary Joe Schmo who hapthe strong union resurgence in the late pens to reside within our city limits — to 1930s near the end of the Great Depreswhat he perceived to be frivolous, nonsion.


NZ Cup Information 51%



#1 - Complaint 49%

Hicks expected this to be nothing more than just a frivolous complaint by the neighbor and had no sense of urgency.


mag1 49%

much time on frivolous activities, largely because we haven’t defined our priorities.


Shillinglaw 47%

Following the admirable decision yesterday by Coach Briles to dismiss his case in a separate court, the last thing Baylor Regents wish to do is wade into more frivolous litigation.


selection 45%

you have no conception of the universality of Nature – nor of the great many forebears each of us has – rich ones, poor ones, kings, lackeys, Greeks, Barbarians… Even if you were fiftieth in line from Hercules they would think you frivolous to value such a chance endowment.