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Shop list romania leaflet 18 1 14 rom translation 99%

Liquor 137 Bondi Rd Fresh at Bondi 144 Curlewis St Norton St Grocer Westfield Shopping Centre Divine Fruit Centre Eastgate Shopping Centre Bonnyrigg Deli Bonnyrigg Plaza Supa IGA Breakfast Point 19 Tennyson Rd Country Growers Warringah Mall Mega Deli Campsie Shopping Centre Castle Hill Fruit World Castle Mall Supa IGA Knightsbridge Knightsbridge Shopping Centre IGA Castlecrag 100 Edinburgh Rd Casula Fruit Market 493 Hume Hwy Hunter Valley Growers Market Charlestown Square Fruitezy Chase Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre Fruitezy Westfield Westfield Shopping Centre Maria’s Gourmet Delli Cherrybrook Shopping Centre Superfresh 84 Atchinson St Bel Fresco Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre IGA Dulwich Hill 398 New Canterburry Rd World of Fruit Westfield Shopping Centre Fred's One Stop Shopping 707 Smithfield Rd Fresh Fruit Palace 27 Mitchell St Azzi Fruit Market 200 Enmore Rd IGA Enmore 191 Enmore Rd Grand Pas Nuts Fairfield Chase Shopping Centre Carlo's Fresh 13 Kenyon St Panetta Fruits Gladesville Shopping Village Gordon Fruit &


Brunch EN 2017 99%

BRUNCH SATURDAY TO SUNDAY / 9 AM TO 3:30 PM BRUNCH SANTÉ 1900 +MIMOSA 2600 Homemade granola, yogurt and blueberries, poached eggs on greens and whole-wheat toasts, goat’s milk cheese with pesto, cheddar and figs , fresh fruits BRUNCH DES CANTONS Scrambled eggs with ham, sausage, bacon, roasted potatoes in duck fat, lemon juice and spices, also with baked beans, country style toasts BRUNCH SUCRÉ Crepes with fruits sauce and citrus fruit zest, French toast with honey, hazelnut and raisins, served with blueberries, apple butter, Homemade granola, yogurt and blueberries, fresh fruits BRUNCH TOSCAN Poached eggs served on English muffins, ham and spinach coated with Mornay sauce, served with roasted potatoes in duck fat, lemon juice and spices *can be replaced by smoked salmon +350 BRUNCH NORDIQUE Poached eggs, smoked salmon, black pillow bread, goat chese with pesto, capers, red onion, dill, mayonnaise with smoked paprika, potatoes cook in duck fat roasted, lemon juice and salted herbs, greens BRUNCH CARTET *SERVED WITH AMUSE-BOUCHE AND ORANGE JUICE 1175 2 soft boiled eggs with whole wheat toasts and jam TROIS MINUTES COUNTRY STYLE HAM AND CHEESE* 1300 2 soft boiled eggs with whole wheat toasts and jam SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH GOAT’S MILK CHEESE* 1350 Served on country style bread SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH ASPARAGUS AND CHEDDAR CHEESE2 1350 Served on country style bread *SERVED WITH ROASTED POTATOES IN DUCK FAT, SPICES AND ASSORTED FRESH FRUIT.


plants 2017. 99%

1,80 € le plant Melon Noir des Carmes Variété hâtive aux fruits 1,8EUROS côtelés vert très foncé devenant orange à maturité.


viae 98%

If one fruit is found to have maggots, all the fruits of that batch should be checked carefully.


vaye e 98%

If one fruit is found to have maggots, all the fruits of that batch should be checked carefully.


משה ויא טו בשבט תשעד אנגלית 98%

If one fruit is found to have maggots, all the fruits of that batch should be checked carefully.


americanwestern fruit grower editorial calendar 98%

American Fruit Grower magazine reaches more than 12,000 producers, shippers and other influencers who serve the fresh and processing markets for deciduous fruits, citrus, grapes, berries and nuts.


Ethyl Carbamate FAC 96%

Food Additives and Contaminants, May 2005;


Begging Bowl menu 95%

WHITE 250ml/carafe/bottle Light 2014, Gruner Veltliner, Austria Medium-bodied with subtle yet vibrant citrus and exotic fruits on the palate followed by a refreshing lingering fnish.


Sugar ORIG 95%

a) Dairy b) Diet Soda c) Vegetables d) Bread e) Fruits f) Meat g) Water h) Grains .


delmonte 95%

Specifically, we should celebrate your fruits division.


SML Halbmarathon A4 FR druck ohne Schnittmarken[1] 94%

Donne de l‘énergie grâce à l‘isomaltulose ainsi que de nombreux céréales et fruits.


Drosophila suzukii 94%

Since 2008, it has spread rapidly throughout the temperate regions of North America and Europe, due to increasing global fresh fruit trade (host fruits) and the initial lack of regulation over the spread of any Drosophila.



have a good quality blender when making Fresh fruit and vegetables- Fruits and a smoothie especially when making green vegetables that are available to you drinks.


NewMealPattern-Wk1-9-12 94%

Monday Requirements Tuesday MENU ‐ 9‐12‐ Week 1 Wednesday Chicken Strips ADE‐D‐ Pepperoni Pizza/WG  117 (3 Strips) Crust Quick Baked Potato  3/4 c. Tossed  Salad/Drsg NMP USDA‐I‐17 ADE‐I‐131 Assorted  Carrot/Raisin Salad  USDA‐E‐04 (1/2 c) Fresh Fruit (1/2 c.) Fresh Grapes ADE‐I‐134  (1/2 C.) Chilled Pears (1/2 Cup) Chilled Fruitcocktail 1/2  Banana Bread (USDA B‐ C 05) W/G Roll USDA‐B‐16C) 1  Milk (skim unflavored  oz. Roll or skim chocolate) Milk (skim unflavored  Country Blend  or skim chocolate) Vegetables 1/4 cup Barbeque Sauce ADE‐G‐ 101 Thursday Beef Tacos (2) USDA‐D‐ 13 Lettuce/Tomato/Salsa  (1/4 C. ea.) Spanish Rice USDA‐B‐17  (1/3 cup) Refried Beans USDA‐I‐ 15 (1/3 C) Barbequed Pulled Pork  ADE‐F‐100 Baked Beans USDA‐I‐06  2/3 Cup  Cole Slaw USDA‐E‐06  (1/2 c) Sliced Peaches ADE‐I‐ 141 modified (1/2 C.) Variety Fruit Juice (1/2  Apple Wedges (1 Cup) C) W/G Oatmeal Cookie (1  Milk (skim unflavored  ea.) Westside SD or skim chocolate) Milk (skim unflavored  or skim chocolate) Fresh Banana  1 medium Decimal Equivalents Friday Spaghetti/Meat Sauce  USDA‐D‐35 Seasoned Green Beans  ADE‐I‐202 (1/4 C) 3/4 c. Tossed  Salad/Drsg NMP Pineapple Chunks ADE‐I‐ 146 modified (1/2 C.) Fresh Fruit Cup (1/2 C.) W/G Roll USDA‐B‐16C 1  oz. roll Milk (skim unflavored  or skim chocolate) Weekly Total MET Yes/No MEASUREMENTS SHOWN IN THE COLOR CODED SECTIONS BELOW ARE FOR CREDITABLE AMOUNTS Mt/MA (2 oz eq per day)  (10‐12 oz eq per week) Chicken Strips 2 Oz Eq Pizza 2 Oz Eq Beef/Cheese 2 Oz Eq Pork 2 Oz Eq Beef/Cheese 2 Oz Eq Cup Leaf Lettuce 1/2 Cup Tomato/Carrot 1/2 Cup Cup Cup Cup Diced Tomatoes/Salsa 1/2 Cup Refried Beans 1/3 Cup 1/2 Cup 1 Cup Yes Cup Pizza Sauce 1/8 Cup 1.125 Yes Cup Lettuce/Rice (1/8c ea 1/4 Cup 1.083333 Yes Cup Carrots 1/2 Fruits (1 Cup per day)  (5cups per week) Fluid Milk (1 Cup per day)  (5 a week) 1/4 Cup 0.25 3/8 Cup 0.375 1/3 Cup 0.333 1/2 Cup 0.5 5/8 Cup 0.625 2/3 Cup 0.666 3/4 Cup 7/8 Cup 0.75 0.875 Yes    1 cup leafy  greens  = 1/2 cup vegetable Cup Cup Baked Beans 1/2 Cup Cup Cabbage 1/2 Cup 1 Yes Leaf Lettuce 1/4 Cup Sauce/Tom./Carrots 5/8 Cup Cup 0.75 Yes 2.125 Yes 0.833333 Yes 0.5 Yes 1.125 5.333333 Yes Potato Cup Green Beans 1/4 Cup 1.125 Yes Additional Vegetable to reach Goal (1 1/2 Cup per week) Grains(2 oz eq day) (10‐12 oz eq per week) 0.125 1 Cup 10 Vegetables (1 Cup per day)    (5 Cups per week) Dark Green  (1/2 Cup per week) Red/Orange  (1 1/4 Cup per wk) Beans/Peas (Legumes) (1/2 Cup per week) Starchy  (1/2 Cup per week) Other  (3/4 per week) Daily total 1/8 Cup Chicken Strips, Roll 2 Oz Eq Crust/Banana Bread Oz Eq 3 Rice/Cookie/Taco 2.5 Oz Eq Wheat Bun/Crust 2 Oz Eq Grapes/ Fruitcocktail 1 Cup Skim 1 Cup Fresh Fruit/Pears 1 Cup Skim 1 Cup Apple Wedges 1 Cup Skim 1 Cup  Peaches/Juice 1 Cup Skim 1 Cup Yes Roll, Spaghetti 2.5 Oz Eq Pineapple/Fruit Cup 1 Cup Skim 1 Cup 12 Yes 5 Yes 5 Yes 1/4 cup dried fruit  = 1/2 cup fruit 1