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Bachelor-Ökotrophologie 12 102 100%

24 4.2 Auswirkungen von Fukushima auf Deutschland:


Welt in Aufruhr 91%

Welt in Aufruhr Japan durch Hiroshima längst Mahnmal für den Atombomben-Wahnsinn, wird nun wohl durch Fukushima auch zum Mahnmal für den Atomreaktor-Wahnsinn.


fukureport1b 86%

______________________________________________________________________ Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?


Rachel Miyazaki Resume 2014 86%

University of the Pacific Faculty Led Tour - Antigua, Guatemala (Summer 2011) University of the Pacific Faculty Led Tour - Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Spring 2010) Hawai'i - Okinawa Student Exchange Program - Okinawa, Japan (Summer 2008) Aiea Intermediate School Fukushima Exchange - Fukushima, Japan (Fall, 2003) PUBLICATIONS • • HUOA Niseta Tour Peru - Uchinanchu, Hawai'i United Okinawan Association (March 2013, pg.


Rachel Miyazaki - Resume 2014 86%

University of the Pacific Faculty Led Tour - Antigua, Guatemala (Summer 2011) University of the Pacific Faculty Led Tour - Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Spring 2010) Hawai'i - Okinawa Student Exchange Program - Okinawa, Japan (Summer 2008) Aiea Intermediate School Fukushima Exchange - Fukushima, Japan (Fall, 2003) PUBLICATIONS • • HUOA Niseta Tour Peru - Uchinanchu, Hawai'i United Okinawan Association (March 2013, pg.


ASVS 2017 - Poster List 70%

1Assistant Professor Of Vascular Surgery  ,Sri  Jayadeva Institute of cardiovascular  sciences  and  research centre , Jayanagar 9th block , Banerghatta road , Bangalore 560069 2Associate Professor Of Vascular Surgery  ,Sri  Jayadeva Institute of cardiovascular  sciences  and  research centre , Jayanagar 9th block , Banerghatta road , Bangalore 560069 3 Associate Professor Of Vascular Surgery  ,Sri  Jayadeva Institute of cardiovascular  sciences  and  research centre , Jayanagar 9th block , Banerghatta road , Bangalore 560069 PP01-03 01-03  340 Acute Limb Ischaemia Thailand India Hybrid Procedures In Acute On Chronic Limb Ischemia DR .VINAY.KS1 ,  DR. MURALI KRISHNA .N 2, DR. P.S  .SEETHARAM BHAT 3 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  XIAONING TONG Dissection Japan Bovine pericardium patch plasty as a surgical option for infected  abdominal aortic aneurysm Xiaoning Tong , Hideyuki Harada  039 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  YASUYUKI KANNO Dissection Japan Yasuyuki Kanno1, Takayuki Hori1, Yusuke Takei1, Yuta  Early and midterm results of endovascular aneurysm repair for solitary  Kanazawa1, Hironaga Ogawa1, Toshiyuki Kuwata1, Koji Ogata1,  common iliac artery aneurysm Ikuko Shibasaki1, Hirotsugu Fukuda1 Department of cardiac and vascular surgery, Heart Center, Dokkyo Medical University  Hospital 02-03  057 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  MIN ZHOU Dissection China Application of color-coded quantitative digital subtraction angiography  in predicting the outcomes of immediate type I and type III endoleaks Min Zhou1, Zijie Su1, Zhenyu Shi1, Weiguo Fu1, Xiangdong  Meng1, Yonggang Wang1, Baolei Guo1, Kaiyi Huang2  1Department of Vascular Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital, Institute of Vascular Surgery,  Fudan University, Shanghai, 200032, China 2Siemens Healthcare, Shanghai, China, 201318 PP02-04 02-04  069 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  AADIL AHMED Dissection United Kingdom A Comparison of Radiation Exposure during Endovascular Aortic  Aneurysm Repair with or without Endostapling Aadil Ahmed1, Ayman Badawy1, Arindam Chaudhuri1 Department of Vascular Surgery, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, Bedford, MK42 9DJ,  UK PP02-05 02-05  072 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  YUSUKE TAKEI Dissection Japan Midterm results of total arch replacement with frozen elephant trunk in  acute type A aortic dissection Yusuke Takei, Takayuki Hori, Toshiyuki Kuwata, Hironaga Ogawa,  Department of cardiac and vascular surgery, Dokkyo medical university, Mibu,  Masahiro Seki, Yuriko Kiriya, Yasuyuki Kanno, Koji Ogata, Ikuko  Tochigi, 321-0293, Japan  Shibasaki and Hirotsugu Fukuda PP02-06 02-06  075 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  AKIHTO KAGOSHIMA Dissection Japan The Impact of Maximal Diameter and Hematoma Thickness in  Conservative Management of type-A Acute Aortic Intramural  Hematoma Akihito Kagoshima1, Hirono Satokawa1, Shinya Takase1, Hitoshi  Yokoyama1 Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Fukushima Medical University, Fukushima  City, Fukushima Pref. Japan PP02-07 02-07  089 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  KI HYUK PARK Dissection South Korea Clinical Outcomes of Crossing-limb Technique in Endovascular  Aneurysm Repair(EVAR) Ki Hyuk Park, Jae Hoon Lee, Sang Ho Lee Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, Daegu Catholic University, Daegu,  Korea  PP02-08 02-08  098 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  RANDOLPH WONG Dissection Hong Kong, China  (SAR) Randolph H.L. Wong , FRCS; Jacky Y.K. Ho , MRCS; Simon C.Y.  Thoraflex hybrid graft for treatment of arch pathologies: A single center  Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Prince of Wales Hospital,  Chow , MRCS; Peter S.Y. Yu , MRCS; Micky W.T. Kwok , FRCS;  early experience The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR  Malcolm J. Underwood , FRCS  099 Aortic Aneurysms and Aortic  EISAKU ITO Dissection Japan Relationship between aortic aneurysm shrinkage after endovascular  repair and aortic wall enhancement on contrast enhanced CT scan. A  new aneurysm shrinkage predictor Eisaku Ito1, Naoki Toya1, Soichiro Fukushima1, Yuri Murakami1,  Tadashi Akiba2, Takao Ohki3 Japan Screening of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm in Chinese Hypertensive  Patients using Pocket-size Mobile Echocardiographic Device: An  Interim Result 1Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery Peter S.Y. Yu1, Fan Yang1, Evelynn Y.H. Lui1, Simon C.Y. Chow1,  2Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine Jacky Y.K. Ho1, Malcolm J. Underwood1, Simon C.H. Yu3, Alex  3Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology, P.W. Lee2, Randolph H.L. Wong1 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong Japan Our clinical outcomes of the PETTICOAT technique for aortic  dissection.


EröffnungsvortragMünster24 09 2015 70%

So sprachen zahllose Fernseh-, Rundfunk- und Pressekommentatoren nach der Reaktorexplosion in Fukushima unisono davon, welches „Glück im Unglück“ es doch sei, dass die radioaktiven Wolken nicht Richtung Tokio, China oder Russland getrieben würden, sondern in den Pazifik, so als sei dieser unbewohnt.


08-21-13 65%

•Sioux Falls School District insurance accepted •Emergency eye visits available same day •Late evening and Saturday appointments •Laser vision consultations •Glaucoma, diabetic and cataract evaluations •“Try Before You Buy” Contact Lens Program Sioux Falls Family Vision » 605-331-6600 (605) 275-6100 • (888) 823-0024 2325 West 57th Street • Sioux Falls, SD Plant springs radioactive water leak By Barbara Demick Los Angeles Times (MCT) BEIJING — The operator of the tsunamidamaged nuclear plant at Fukushima, Japan, says that 300 tons of highly radioactive water has leaked from one of its storage tanks, the worst of a number of similar leaks since the catastrophic 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


Umana 1 64%

dalla Marea Nera a Fukushima Disastro umanitario:


NIH-Japan-JSPS SymposiumTentative scheduel 080114 57%

Lipsett or FAES rooms Recovery from the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear plant disaster Chair:


Seite 27 Kirmes grossen linden 53%

So wie in diesem Jahr 1225 Jahre Großen-Linden gefeiert werden, wurde 2011 vom Musikcorps der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Großen-Linden ein Benefizkonzert für die Opfer der Fukushima-Erdbebenkatastrophe in Japan durchgeführt.


PP Kernenergie Björn Fich 49%

Eine nukleare Katastrophe wie sie sich in Tschernobyl oder Fukushima ereignet hat würde jedoch Kosten weit über diesem Betrag verursachen.


PDF 49%

held for 6 days without charge in September 2011 in response to his Fukushima report - There is no legal record or paper trail of this actually occurring ► Charged with second degree assault in Maryland in 2011 - He emptied a can of pepper spray into the eyes of then-wife Ayesha Mohammed ► Owns land, multiple vehicles and a house in Mexico, all of which were paid for by his subscribers ► Ex-wife Lorianna says that he is wanted by the U.S.


Travel Photography Digest December 2017 44%

Hotels is now offering ‘End of Year’ promotions in 12 of its destinations The London Fukushima Saké Fair Event Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem Almost half of Brits have never visited a Scottish Castle EyeforTravel Europe 2018, June 4-6 2018, Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, London                                                     New tourism opportunities for Israel MSC Cruises’ Mega Ship MSC Meraviglia To Offer Three Itineraries From New York Upon Its Arrival In North America In Fall 2019 Travelers to Set World Record by Touching All Seven Continents in 72 Hours Napa Valley:


Henrikson review of Jacobs 38%

Despite the continuing presence of massive nuclear arsenals, now morphed and subsumed into post-9/11 weapons of mass destruction, and despite recent trenchant warnings about the dangers of nuclear energy and technology, as in Japan’s tsunami-ravaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, nuclear discourse and iconography now seem arcane and even quaint relics of an increasingly distant Cold War past.


LD16 Debate 38%

Army deployed to Camp Victory/Liberty, Iraq in 2007, and with the Navy in 2008, 2010, and 2011 (Persian Gulf/Japan after Fukushima);


TeraTimes2 36%

The disaster also caused a set of catastrophic events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.


Nadav Resume 36%

Kim MJ, Skewes-Cox P, Fukushima H, Hesselson S, Yee SW, Ramsey LB, Nguyen L, Eshragh JL, Castro RA, Wen C, Stryke D, Johns SJ, Ferrin TE, Kwok PY, Relling MV, Giacomini KM, Kroetz DL, Ahituv N Functional characterization of liver enhancers regulating drug-associated transporters, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2011, 89:


prof yamasoba curriculum vitae2017 35%

Asano T, Tsukuda K, Katagiri H, Onishi Y, Sakoda H, Ono H, Ogihara T, Funaki M, Anai M, Inukai K, Fujishiro M, Fukushima Y, Yamasoba T, Oka T, Kikuchi M, Oka Y:


chili assets news 07-2013 34%

Grund dafür ist das Reaktorunglück in Fukushima und die Abschaltung fast aller Kernkraftwerke des Landes.


drudgetoday 31%

3/9/2017 {"R":[[{"color":"n","href":"‐action/senate/323163‐mcconnell‐tax‐reform‐ unlikely‐by‐august","text":"MCCONNELL: TAX CUTS WILL HAVE TO WAIT...","ele":"a"}, {"b":"0","ele":"hr"},{"color":"n","href":"‐calls‐on‐congress‐ to‐raise‐debt‐limit‐as‐deadline‐approaches‐reuters.html","text":"HERE WE GO AGAIN: Mnuchin calls on  Congress to raise debt limit...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐p‐jeffrey/391‐cbo‐says‐us‐has‐ highest‐top‐statutory‐corporate‐tax‐rate‐g20","text":"CBO: USA Highest Corporate Tax Rate In All Of  G20...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"src":"","ele":"img"}, {"b":"0","ele":"hr"},{"color":"n","href":"‐abuse‐ of‐painkillers‐and‐other‐drugs‐described‐in‐court‐filings/2017/03/09/be1a71d8‐035a‐11e7‐ad5b‐ d22680e18d10_story.html","text":"NFL ALL PILLED UP","ele":"h"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}], [{"color":"n","href":"‐obama‐shares‐photo‐brother‐baracks‐ kenya‐certificate‐birth/","text":"ALL IN THE FAMILY: Malik Obama shares photo of brother Barack's  'certificate of birth'...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐malik‐obama‐tweets‐alleged‐ barack‐obama‐birth‐certificate‐kenya/","text":"Kenya?","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐trump‐sends‐b‐52‐nuclear‐bombers‐ to‐south‐korea‐after‐north‐fires‐missiles‐at‐japan‐and‐us‐warns‐of‐overwhelming‐ response/","text":"Trump sends B‐52s to SKorea...","ele":"a"},{"b":"0","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","i":1,"href":"‐a‐korean‐missile‐crisis‐ ahead/","text":"BUCHANAN: Is missile crisis ahead?","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐ships‐in‐european‐waters‐spark‐ terror‐fears‐hkdbffdv5","text":"'GHOST SHIPS' IN EUROPEAN WATERS SPARK TERROR FEARS...","ele":"a"}, {"b":"1","ele":"hr"},{"color":"n","href":"‐news/first‐photos‐ radioactive‐wild‐boars‐9996080","text":"First photos of radioactive wild boar roaming Fukushima  wastelands...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"src":" g","ele":"img"},{"color":"n","href":"‐clinton‐nationalism‐ 235894","text":"BILL WORRIES ABOUT FUTURE OF USA...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐story","text":"$42M SanFran Penthouse Could  Smash Record...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐schwarzenegger‐senate‐ 235905","text":"Schwarzenegger for Senate?","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐man‐charged‐after‐dead‐dogs‐found‐inside‐ home/","text":"HORROR: 21 dead dogs found in home...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}], [{"color":"n","href":"‐","text":"Crime‐fighting robots to  join police force...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐fast‐radio‐bursts‐powering‐alien‐ spacecraft.html","text":"Scientists propose alien space probes may be source of mysterious 'radio  bursts'...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"}, {"color":"n","href":"‐paramounts‐chinese‐partners‐ havent‐paid‐a‐penny‐promised‐1‐billion‐984679","text":"PARAMOUNT Chinese Backers Refuse to Pay  Promised $1B...","ele":"a"},{"b":"1","ele":"hr"},{"src":"


Neues Sächsisches Tageblatt 03 21%

Denn von der FDP erwarten die Menschen zu Recht, dass wir mal eine Minute länger nachdenken, dass wir auch ökonomischen Sachverstand einbringen, und dass wir uns eben nicht von einer Fukushima-Hysterie anstecken lassen.