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yoneda lenny 100%

In other words, if we fix a set A, then the functor Set → Set, X 7→ X × A is left adjoint to the functor Set → Set, Y 7→ Hom(A, Y ).


CategoryTheory 97%

A functor F from C to D assigns to every object X ∈ C an object F (X) ∈ D and to every morphism f ∈ Mor(X, Y ) a morphism F (f ) ∈ Mor(F (X), F (Y )) such that • F (idX ) = idF (X) for all X ∈ C and • F (f ◦ g) = F (f ) ◦ F (g) for any composable morphisms f, g ∈ C.


Functors in Differential Geometry 95%

We present a functor between the category of smooth manifolds equipped with diffeomorphisms (or local diffeomorphisms) and the category of symplectic manifolds equipped with symplectomorphisms for which the object assignment consists of associating to a space its cotangent bundle.


MacLaneAnswers 93%

To make Q a functor we have to define how is acts on arrows.


cat en funct 91%

Een (covariante) functor F :


index reddit build 73%

Definition An “n + 1 dimensional topological quantum field theory” (or “topological field theory”) is a symmetric monoidal functor Z :


mathgen-'1064597432' 66%

A pseudouniversal, Boole prime is a functor if it is hyper-null, Germain, sub-multiply pseudo-ordered and globally D´escartes.


Post M. 2007 . A Grammar of Galo. PhD Di 49%

“Double case” and “functor fusion” ...............................................................


tyo 39%

Because there exists a regular and Brouwer multiply ultra-regular functor, if G¨odel’s criterion applies then γ˜ ∼ T .


Uniqueness in Lie Theory 34%

Uniqueness in Lie Theory G.