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Raid Changes Feedback Summary 100%

Cooperative Gameplay:​ Teamwork is required to solve puzzles, and rewarded with  unique items.


ShawnPitmanProfile 98%

Page 1 • VIP Presentation – Regularly presented pitches, storyboards, design directives, and gameplay to both Nintendo Headquarters and Bandai Namco Entertainment Group.


UNLIMITED Game Design Document 94%

7 Core Gameplay ........................................................................................................................................... ... 7 Gameplay Elements .................................................................................................................................... ... 9 Gameplay Elements ................................................................................................................................


Game design LP 93%

Quentin Cuny -Game Design- To make a God Licence «Métiers du jeu vidéo» Table des matières To Make a God, dans les grandes lignes 3 Partie technique 4 L’histoire 5 Les mécaniques 6 Esthétique 19 Technologie 21 Pour conclure 22 Annexes 23 To Make a God, dans les grandes lignes Centré sur la narration, To make a God propose au joueur un gameplay axé sur la dualité et le choix, qu’il s’agisse de choix explicite lors de lignes de dialogues, ou de choix plus spontanés en terme de gameplay dans le feu de l’action.


antoine ruffion portfolio 92%

_ Original idea / Original gameplay design _ Implementation of a dynamic field of viewfor enemies (reacts to obstacles and to player realistically) _ Audio effects and voice recording _ Help on Enemy AI Design Proof of concept created during the UQAC Wonderjam, Winter 2017 edition.



MACHINARIUM Gaëlyk Leclerc-Keroullé - Noémie Pineaud - Clément Orlandini Julien Basque - Pierre Poulard SOMMAIRE Analyse du jeu Machinarium Game Design Document - Marxinarium 4 - Représentation du corps, de l’humain et des animaux 6 - Marginalité et contre-cultures 10 - Postmodernisme et reflet médiatique 12 - Un détournement des narrations conventionnelles - Analyse structurelle 13 - 3C 14 - Boucles de gameplay 15 - Mécaniques 17 - Représentations 37 - Niveau 1 :


Dank+Resume 92%

I also have over 2000 hours of gameplay for Team Fortress 2.


Review 91%

Brothel City – a gameplay review Getting started When first launching the game, the initial game was quite overwhelming, in a positive and a negative way.


BryanYarrow Resume 90%

Gameplay, Systems, Technical, User Psychology, Content, UI, VR Genres:


Hearthtop Rules v0.51 85%

It is recommended for players to start with the basic pre-built decks for each class to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and mechanics.


daniel-dressler resume 85%

Javascript, Original Gameboy Game (C, 2014) LIBJTAPI (C, 2012) 2013) Wrote gameplay for a shmup running on the original Gameboy.


David Aldridge Programming 85%

Gameplay Networking in Halo:


Paynter Daniel Resume 85%

Relevant Technical Skills          High, Mid, and Low Poly Modeling Efficient UV unwrapping Zbrush Sculpting Texturing Baking Maps for use in engine Importing and exporting assets into and out of engine Lighting and Shading Environment Design and Pre-Production Understanding of how an environment affects gameplay and engine/gameplay performance Other Technical Skills Re su m e:


Troneo FIFA Melagoodo 85%

Alessandro Ottonello Alexo77o HD Pvr 97Alexotto Verranno scelti nuovi Partecipanti in caso di Alessio Di Furia iF Difu HD Pvr DifuV2 Luca Morgante x I3ubu GameCapture PizzaConAmici Christian Juventino Storniolo SoiRumeno Aver media zShaark Luca Trimboli Darkezef69 Aver media Darkezef Giovanni Docente Mr CeNNyyy HD Pvr DooceTV BIRLE97 GameCapture BIRLE97 pieXtreme98 GameCapture pieXtreme1 Alex Birle Pietro Deandrea rinuncia o mancata conferma TORNEO FIFA MELAGOODO Partecipanti Daniele Solitro Luchins Onemic Deste Andrea Fantinati Francesco Brioschi GT Just N9ne DESTE9 Ac7ivePredator C.Card GameCapture YT Blue95hawk HD Pvr RoxioGC The Active Gamers FeX[ITA]99 GameCapture Oprexz GameCapture lmGamingHD Stefano Carboni SCRE4M93 GameCapture Scre4m1993 Lorenzo Ndoja lore301 Jakopo Salmonlebon Strozzini Avermedia PER CONFERMARE LA TUA PRESENZA AL TORNEO INVIA 10 SECONDI DI GAMEPLAY DI FIFA 13 TRAMITE IL SITO WETRANSFER.COM ALLA MAIL ENTRO IL 1 NOVEMBRE TORNEO FIFA MELAGOODO REGOLAMENTO TORNEO - Il torneo inizierà sabato 3 Novembre con gli ottavi - Le partite dovranno essere giocate con team ufficiali ovvero non Fifa Ultimate Team e dovranno durare 6 minuti per tempo, tutte le altre impostazioni devono essere quelle di default - I 16 partecipanti al torneo verranno scelti tramite un post su facebook che verrà pubblicato sulla nostra pagina in data 28/10/2012 alle ore 20:30 - I partecipanti saranno i primi 16 a commentare quel post se rispecchieranno tutti i criteri di idoneità elencati qui sotto Fifa 13 Xbox 360 Scheda di acquisizione in HD (hd pvr - elgato game capture ecc..) - Il vincitore della partita dovrà inviare il suo gameplay a melagoodo tramite il sito alla mail inserendo in descrizione tutti i dettagli dell'incontro.


Renee van Velthuijsen - Narrative Designer portfolio-1 (1) 85%

(Gameplay: ... Short IGC intercuts Gameplay to draw attention. ... (Gameplay:


psychopath policeman 83%

On the other hand, he thought that Trouble in Terrorist Town was a little too complicated and technical for him and those who just want to have fun instead of dealing with complicated rules and gameplay.


reddit resume 83%

3.28 February 2015 – December 2015 WORK EXPERIENCE Research Lab | Research Assistant—City, State August 2017 – Present • Created distinct virtual reality environments using Unity for the use of animal behavior testing and analysis • Worked closely with lab faculty to implement new data tables through MATLAB for animal behavior analysis • Used MATLAB to setup behavioral data collection and project virtual reality environments onto Android OS tablets Company | Software Engineering Intern—City, State June 2013 – August 2013 • Learned Use Case design and UML using Visual Paradigm to model embedded systems • Worked with the Raspberry Pi to get an idea of the tasks and expectations of a software engineer • Worked closely with fellow interns in organizing events and activities for other peers Restaurant | Crew Member—City, State February 2016 – September 2016 • Expanded interpersonal and communication skills through serving customers and working with peers • Drafted documents on rules and regulations to effectively enforce employee policy • Assisted in back-of-house work, such as managing inventory of ingredients as well as various kitchen prep tasks PROJECTS Platformer Game | Programmer/Designer January 2017 – June 2017 • Developed a platformer game using C# on the Unity engine in a small team of five • Coded various gameplay mechanics such as win/lose conditions, platform mechanisms, enemy AI and specific camera control elements through utilization of the Unity API • Planned and designed nine increasingly difficult levels based off gameplay physics CLASS PROJECTS Virtual Memory System | Projects in Operating Systems • Implemented a simulated virtual memory system in Java through usage of segmentation and paging • Used bit manipulation operations on virtual addresses to derive segment number, page number, and offset components • Implemented a translation look-aside buffer to process repeat addresses, effectively optimizing run-time speed Train Unloading Dock Simulator | Computer Simulation • Learned how to model elements of discrete, stochastic simulation such as server status control, discrete-type clock advancement, and multi-threaded event handling by developing a simulation program in C++ • Developed and used statistical data output such as server utilization and average idle time per entity to determine and analyze simulation accuracy, a system confidence interval, and the point of system overload SKILLS Languages:


How to Play 81%

Employee Cards Reference Cards Returns Cards Expansion (If using) Once you are familiar with the gameplay of Downsize, you may wish to add the Market Movements expansion.


Hearthtop Rules v0.5 81%

It is recommended for players to start with the basic pre-built decks for each class to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and mechanics.


MihaiDragan Portfolio 81%

Trailer TouchArcade review The main goal of the project was to create a stardom game addressed to KISS fans, and to revamp the stardome genre by expanding the gameplay past the mix of dialogues and shallow interactions that only mimic activities.


instructions 80%

Gameplay:​ Everyone is either trying to figure out the identity of the Assassin or the Royal King.


6TH GP Proposal 79%

Upon reaching, and sustaining, a platoon-strength force, the proposition is to merge into 16AA and form a second (B) company, providing gameplay opportunities for any that can play.


schedule for Dollhouse 78%

Animation 5hr Character Movement 15hr Walking animations 10hr Sleeping animations 10hr Game over animations 15hr Battle animations 10hr Emotion animations 15hr Event cutscenes 10hr Item Animation 10hr Character interactions 10hr Game summed in Picture 10hr Promotional Art 5hr Sneak Peaks to Gameplay 5hr 4.2 Point and Click 6/20/2018 11/20/2018 Nickson/Christi 90hr 4.2.1 Game Engine 20hr Adventure Game Studio 25hr Mechanics 25hr 15hr Workability 15hr 10hr 4.3 Gameplay 7/20/2018 12/20/2018 All team 90hr 4.3.1 Inventory 10hr 4.3.2 NPCs 10hr 4.3.3 Puzzles 10hr 10hr Failed Solution 10hr 4.3.4 Different Endings 10hr Good Ending 10hr Bad Ending 10hr Neutral Ending 10hr Joke Ending 10hr 4.4 Sound Design 9/20/2018 12/20/2018 Nickson/Brittan 86hr 4.4.1 Audio Tracks 10hr 4.4.2 Voice Acting 10hr Booking Studio 10hr Sqout Proffessional space 5hr Auditions 5hr Casting for voice actors 10hr 4.4.3 Sound Effects 5hr Audio Licensing 2hr Special Effects Sound Licensing 5hr 4.4.4 Soundtrack 10hr Musical Talent 5hr Auditioning bands/ artists 5hr Adobe Audition 5hr Mixing 5hr Editing 5hr 5.1 Demoing 1/20/2019 3/22/2019 All team 48hr 5.1.1 Allowing certain players to demo to create hype 5.2 Criticism 12/20/2019 3/22/2019 All team 50hr 5.2.1 Editing 15hr 15hr 5.2.3 Polishing the game 10hr 5.2.4 Working out glitches 10hr 6.1 Iphone / Android 6/8/2018 7/25/2018 Tanice/ Nickson 48hr 6.1.1 Game Publishing License 24hr Create fees from Apple / Samsung 24hr 6.2 PC 7/8/2018 4/5/2019 Nickson/Christi 50hr 6.2.1 Steam Download 10hr 6.2.2 Steam License 20hr Cost of License 5hr Finding the cost for product 10hr 7.1 Photoshop 11/15/2018 4/21/2019 Brittanny/Tanic 72hr 7.1.1 Promotional Art 36hr 36hr Distribution of art 7.2 Social Media 12/15/2018 5/20/2019 All team 15hr 5hr 10hr 5hr 30hr 7.2.1 All forms of media youtube/twitter/Reddit..ect 7.3 Steam 5/1/2019 8/1/2019 All team 86hr 7.3.1 Steam Community 28hr 28hr Exploring forums to help advertising 28hr 15hr 8.1 Enjoy success 8.2 Plan for a sequel 0 0 Total Act.


Candidature WOW 78%

Grand fan de casteur, mon affection à ce type de gameplay remontent à fort longtemps, Diablo le premier du nom avec le fameux "Sorcererʺ.