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EE 100%

I provide an overview of the history of Fermat and his legacy that propagated to mathematicians throughout the ages and subsequently introduce the methods of analyzing the solutions to Fermat’s equation by considering primitive pythagorean triples in the Gaussian integers.


Kalman and Bayesian Filters in Python 99%

71 4 Gaussian Probabilities 4.1 Introduction .


OEM Summer2012Poster2 96%

We compared the two measures analytically in the special case of jointly Gaussian distributions and numerically in the Ising Model and Gaussian Channel.


UROP Logbook (1) 86%

Gaussian Music Write-up Sergey Kushnarev, Tong Hui Kang February 2017 1 Purpose of this document This document serves to record concepts and code that has been covered.


Project 14-2-1-839G1.22 84%

5 Chapter 3.2 Laguerre-Gaussian beams ........................................


Background information 83%

                                   cpit/cpit/201405.pdf&gws_rd=cr&ei=H3JKVsL5A8fTmwWUz6eACA AbacusBio Ltd.


answers 82%

Because of use Gaussian approximating that is justified by the central limit theorem and emperical evidence.


COLLECTIVE MASS EDUCATION-English-GustavTheodor Fechner 78%

Reasons that the essential asymmetry of the deviations with respect to the arithmetic mean and validity of the asymmetric distribution law with respect to the densest value Din the sense of the generalized Gaussian law (Chap, V) is the general case.


Creating sci fi panels in Photoshop 75%

cracks and holes and fill them with black and Gaussian blurring it.


1-s2.0-S016786551200339X-main 72%

Several studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the Gaussian copula cG for treating dependency (Joe, 1997).


Fachartikel Analog- versus Digitalscopes 68%

Each system which should transmit a signal without distortions must obey a Gaussian frequency response which rolls off very gradually.


Report SchmitzSitbon 68%

X = AS + N Where A is a mixing matrix, S’s rows contain the sources themselves, and N is a Gaussian Noise.


slides gmic 64%

“How may I easily convolve 500 volumetric images with 32 channels each by a 3d anisotropic gaussian kernel ?”


TheMartian 64%

  10 1 1 1  1 0 0.05 2.1  −4 0 1 0 Simple Gaussian elimination produces:


report final 64%

In order to increase the accuracy of predictions, the independent parameters are selected from Gaussian distributions that are peaked at the most likely values of the plasma parameters and have spreads (or twice the standard deviations) that are expected in an experimental situation.


sparse-inverse-covariance 63%

The basic model for continuous data assumes that the observations have a multivariate Gaussian distribution with mean µ and covariance matrix Σ.


RomanLyapin MAB18 Abstract 62%

the kernel and hyperparameter choices in the underlying Gaussian process (GP), especially for multidimensional domains.


tyo 62%

We show that every globally v-Gaussian, analytically Chern equation acting sub-almost on a parabolic, embedded system is quasialgebraically connected and unique.


Saksham-Singhal-Resume 61%

Incorporated additional features like query expansion using pseudo relevance feedback, SVM model for feature based re-ranking retrieval and diversity based retrieval model Predicting Crime in Pittsburgh Fall ’16 Modelled crime events in Pittsburgh using Gaussian Processes and ETAS model from both spatial and temporal perspective to predict the amount of crime in an arbitrary neighborhood.


MatthewLi Resume 59%

• Determined orbital elements of asteroid and submitted paper entitled Gaussian Orbital Determination of 1943 Anteros.


New Wine Merge May 2-b 2020 58%

The Elegance of Gaussian Gravity 41 -4-


Anonymous Resume 57%

proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other chemistry related programs such as Gaussian, Jmol, Rastop, and ACD/ChemSketch.


MatthewLi Resume 57%

Determined orbital elements and submitted paper entitled Gaussian Orbital Determination of 1943 Anteros.


2014 Lamour ACSNano SI 54%

Gaussian peaks were added at local minima of the second derivative spectra.


Heart sound 51%

it is similar to the traditional narrow band requirements for a stationary Gaussian process.