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God's grace to all men is being sung by this quartet, for they represent both Jews and Gentiles, and they sing of the universal nature of God's grace and plan of salvation.


Aquinas on Romans 96%

1:18-4:25 The gospel of grace is necessary for salvation 1) 1:18-32 It is necessary to the Gentiles, because the wisdom in which they were confident was unable to save them 2) 2:1-4:25 It was necessary to the Jews, because the law and the other things in which they were confident did not bring them to salvation a) 2:1-29 The Jews were not justified by the Law i) 2:1-12 He denounces both Jews and Gentiles for their inordinate judgement 2:1 He confutes human judgement 2:2-12 He commends the divine judgement ii) 2:13-29 He shows that the Jews especially were unworthy of reward, because those things in which they were glorying were not sufficient for salvation 2:13-24 He shows that the law heard or received does not suffice for salvation 2:25-29 He shows the same thing about circumcision b) 3:1-31 He answers objections to the previous section, showing that the Jews were not justified by their ancestry, about which they were glorying i) 3:1-8 He sets forth the prerogatives of the Jews ii) 3:9-31 He excludes their glory 3:10-20 He shows that the Jews did not exceed the Gentiles as regards the preceding state of sin 3:21-31 He shows that they do not exceed the Gentiles as regards the subsequent state of justice 3:21-26 He proves what he intends 3:27-28 He draws his conclusion 3:29 He replies to an objection, namely that he is destroying the law c) 4:1-5:1 The Jews were not justified by circumcision;


Corrupted With Christianity 93%

Gentiles normally do not use this and this reveals a lot about the translator].


Heavenly Places 83%

To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,” The great commission to preach the gospel, and now the rulers of the Gentiles (principalities and power in heavenly places) would need to hear the gospel.


Lord 77%

As the Gentiles ii.


2018 76%


w E 18850500 75%

Turn now to the apostle James’ statement, and note that this The mnacles and teachings of Jesus, and the correspond­ rebuilding o f Israel is due “ aftei” the selection of the people ence of these with the predictions concerning Messiah, made for his name, the Bride from the Gentiles.


w E 18970000 72%

but it is proof positive that they recognized no “ lost” tribes, but a reunited Israel— part “ dispersed among the Gentiles,” but coming to Jerusalem occasionally to keep the national festivals, and part at home in the land of Israel, in the cities of Israel, also trodden under foot by the Gentiles.


Death of Communism 71%

In addition to the mass murders and tortures of Gentiles, spiritual knowledge was forcibly removed.


w E 18830700 71%

(Rotherham’s translation.) The Apostle is addressing Christians— converts from heathen nations— Gentiles, and is showing that the difference, in God’s estimation, between Jew and Gentile, has now ceased.



10:45 The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles.


w E 18930501 70%

and empowered, through the influences of the holy Spirit, both While all of the faithful waiting ones shared the special to discern and teach the deep things of God, which they did outpouring of the Spirit that day, and the same Spirit was as wise and faithful stewards of the blessings intrusted to also poured out upon the Gentiles later (Acts 10:44-47), them for the good and edification and building up of the and has continued with all the consecrated and faithful ever whole Church.


[The complete ebook 2014] Death of communism 70%

In addition to the mass murders and tortures of Gentiles, spiritual knowledge was forcibly removed.


Geschichte Seminar Lernen 69%

Epigraphik [Inschriftenkunde] :