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Brexit Must Mean Exit. 04.05.17 86%

EU Exit Policy Summary Gerard Batten MEP.


AGN Letter SASCOC 75%

DAAN DU TOIT (PRESIDENT), BOB MARARA (ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT), WALTER VILAKAZI (GENERAL MANAGER), VIVIAN PETRUS, GERARD VAN DEN RAAD, RITA VAN DER MERWE, HUGO BADENHORST, CORRIE FOURIE, SHONAH MANAMELA, ANDRE GOBEY (EX OFFICIO), GERALDINE PILLAY (EX OFFICIO), JAZZ MNYENGEZA (EX OFFICIO) The above taken into consideration the Province hereby states that it accepts the contents of the IAAF correspondence and its authority and that we also acknowledge the authority of SASCOC in this matter and that as a Province we plead that ASA and SASCOC, as a matter of great urgency work together, in the interest of the athletes of South African, to set aside their institutional and personal differences and do whatever needs to be done to ensure that the athletes in South Africa are afforded the opportunity to participate in the international arena.


Chinese New Year 75%

Gerrard Street (original spelt “Gerard”) was first built as a residential street during the 1670s and 80s, shortly after the Great Fire of London.


Odezwa do mieszkańców 71%

O porażkach się nie mówi, w gminie obowiązuje cenzura, czego dobitnym przykładem były sporządzane protokoły z posiedzeń Rady Gminy Nędza – Przewodniczący Rady Gminy Gerard Przybyła stwierdził „to ja decyduję co jest zapisane w protokole z sesji rady”.


TO GO MENU 06.28.13 69%

4 Bagel with Lox 6 Gerard and Dominique Lox served on a toasted bagel with our mustard-dill schmeer or whipped cream cheese add purple onion, roma tomato or capers 50c Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich 6 Kurobuta ham, turkey breast and a fresh scrambled egg topped with a slice of Swiss cheese between two toaster waffles and served with raspberry jam or syrup add bacon 1.5 Grandaddy’s Special 7 Red potatoes scrambled with eggs, mushroom, purple onion, ham, bell pepper, bacon and topped with cheddar cheese upgrade to a Highlander’s portion:


Francis-Thackeray-Shakespeare- Cannabis 68%

Shakespeare refers to “hempen homespuns” in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, a clear reflection of the fact that in 17th century England clothing was made from hemp, but clothes were referred to as “weeds”, identifiable with “hemp” which Gerard (1597) specifically recognized as Cannabis.


BEE Certificate - Nitelife Party Cabs 63%

116 Gerard Moerdyk Street | Libretto, Sunnyside | Pretoria | 0002 T:


GALL01 63%

Edited By Gerard J.


John Gerard Flowers 63%

Troop 524 John Gerard 763-792-9060 HANGING BASKETS 14” Awesome Combo (Sun) GH2478 $62 11” Petunia (Sun) Raspberry Blast GH0497 $28 12” Impatiens (Shade) GH0368 $30 12” Petunia Mix (Sun) 12.8” Ivy Geranium GH5962 $30 Burgundy bi-color (Sun) GH0554 $30 13"


NH Radio Top 100 nieuw (2) 62%

Nits Frizzle Sizzle George Baker Selection George Baker Selection George Baker Selection George Baker Selection George Baker Selection Boys (tell it all about) Do wah diddy diddy Give The Girl A Break Love me just a little bit more PS Swimming into deep water Ik zou je het liefst in een doosje willendoen Home Hungry Let the river in This town Multicoloured angels Slow down Sweet Sunshine The news Hold Me Dodenrit Knolraap en lof schorseneren en prei Veerpont Hee Amsterdam Ik verveel me zo (in Amsterdam Noord) Je loog tegen mij Marianneke Schijn een lichtje op mij Wat dom Hemel en aarde Air The fifth Younger days 15 miljoen mensen Hocus pocus House of the king Sylvia Dans nog eenmaal met mij Ik mis Kees Voor haar Zondagmiddag Buitenveldert Vluchten kan niet meer Leven na de dood Dankzij de dijken Alles heeft ritme (Fly away) Little paraguayo Little green bag Morning sky Paloma Blanca Sing a song of love Gerard Joling Gerard Joling Ik hou d'r zo van Love is in your eyes


Hintergrund-Volkstod 60%

Gerard Menuhin “Wahrheit sagen, Teufel jagen” und “Handbuch zum Selbsterhalt von Dir und Deinem Volk” V.i.S.d.P.



1994.,p.23 Ibid, p.24 Lisa, Gerard, Cómo encontrar su pasión en 5 ejercicios de creatividad.


Science SIG-March 2016 55%

CONTACT DETAILS Ron Gerard 60 Longland Drive, London, N20 8HJ except for Alan!


PROC-Jan2016 55%

While the community will undoubtedly miss her, Colleen will be missed most by her parents Gerard and Kate, her siblings Gerard Jr, Deaglan, Brendan and Caitriona, and her wider large family circle.



minutě, Lionel Messi a v 69. Gerard Piqué.


2017 January GCTC Newsletter 54%

UPCOMING PROGRAM Gerard Beaulieu, a former member of the Gold Coast Treasure Club, will visit us at the February 9, 2017 club meeting.


GeneralCamioness 52%

Leader Pos N° Grp/ Pos Cla/ Pos 1 500 T4/1 2/1 2 513 T4/2 2/2 SOTNIKOV DMITRY (RUS)/LEONOV IGOR (RUS)/AKHMADEEV RUSLAN KAMAZ (RUS) 4326 15h54m18s +02m11s 3 505 T4/3 2/3 NIKOLAEV EDUARD (RUS)/YAKOVLEV EVGENY (RUS)/RYBAKOV VLADIMIR KAMAZ 4326 (RUS) 15h58m04s +05m57s 4 501 T4/4 2/4 MARDEEV AIRAT (RUS)/BELYAEV AYDAR (RUS)/SVISTUNOV DMITRIY KAMAZ (RUS)4326 16h12m19s +20m12s 5 502 T4/5 2/5 16h25m49s +33m42s 6 510 T4/6 2/6 DE BAAR PASCAL (NLD)/DE GRAAFF WOUTER (NLD)/ROESINK MARTIN RENAULT (NLD) TRUCKS K520 16h29m25s +37m18s 7 504 T4/7 2/7 STACEY HANS (NLD)/VAN DER VAET JAN (BEL)/KUPPER HUGO (NLD) MAN TGA 16h38m22s +46m15s 8 515 T4/8 2/8 SHIBALOV ANTON (RUS)/ROMANOV IVAN (RUS)/AMATYCH ROBERTKAMAZ (RUS) 4326 16h38m44s +46m37s 9 509 T4/9 2/9 VERSLUIS PETER (NLD)/PRONK MARCEL (NLD)/KLEIN ARTUR (DEU) MAN H51 16h48m47s +56m40s 10 516 T4/10 2/10 SUGAWARA TERUHITO (JPN)/SUGIURA HIROYUKI (JPN) 17h22m50s +01h30m43s 11 522 T4/11 2/11 12 508 T4/12 2/12 KOLOMY MARTIN (CZE)/KILIAN RENE (CZE)/KILIAN DAVID (CZE) TATRA PHOENIX 13 503 T4/13 2/13 LOPRAIS ALES (CZE)/TOMÁNEK JAN (CZE)/STROSS JIRI (CZE) TATRA PHOENIX 14 521 T4/14 2/14 SMINK JOS (NLD)/BRUINSMA DANIEL (NLD)/NIEUWENBURG PETERGINAF (NLD) X2222 20m00s 15 518 T4/15 2/15 MACIK MARTIN (CZE)/MRKVA MICHAL (CZE)/TOMASEK FRANTISEK LIAZ (CZE) 111.154 20m00s 16 511 T4/16 2/16 4 VIAZOVICH SIARHEI (BLR)/HARANIN PAVEL (BLR)/ZHYHULIN ANDREI MAZ (BLR) 5309RR 17 514 T4/17 2/17 VAN DEN HEUVEL MAURIK (NLD)/KUIJPERS PETER (NLD)/VAN OORT SCANIA WILKOTORPEDO (NLD) 18 520 T4/18 2/18 ROTSAERT STEVEN (BEL)/CHRISTIAEN JOERI (BEL)/STROO THOMAS MAN (BEL) TGS 19 536 T4/19 2/19 20 533 T4/20 2/20 5 VISHNEUSKI ALIAKSEI (BLR)/NEVIAROVICH ALIAKSEI (BLR)/NOVIKAU MAZ MAKSIM 5309RR(BLR) 21 507 T4/21 2/21 6 VAN GENUGTEN TON (NLD)/VAN LIMPT ANTON (NLD)/DER KINDEREN IVECO BERNARD TRAKKER (NLD) 4X4 22 523 T4/22 2/22 7 VERSTEIJNEN VICTOR WILLEM CORNE (NLD)/DE LEEUW TOM (BEL)/SCHOONES SCANIA TORPEDO AART (NLD) 23 525 T4/23 2/23 8 VAN GINKEL WULFERT (NLD)/VAN DONKELAAR BERT (NLD)/KOFMAN IVECO ERIKTRAKKER (NLD) 4X4 24 541 T4/24 1/1 25 538 T4/25 2/24 LLOVERA ALBERT (AND)/MARTINEC JAROMIR (CZE)/GOTLIB CHARLY TATRA (BEL)JAMAL T163 26 539 T4/26 2/25 27 530 T4/27 2/26 28 527 T4/28 2/27 9 ESSERS NOËL (BEL)/LAUWERS MARC (BEL)/COONINX JOHAN (BEL)MAN TGA 29 549 T4/29 2/28 10 DE GROOT WILLIAM (NLD)/VAN DER PAS JOS (NLD)/VAN DE LANGENBERG DAF FT XF105 EDWIN (NLD) 30 512 T4/30 2/29 31 535 T4/31 2/30 32 526 T4/32 2/31 33 555 T4/33 3/1 OFFRINGA KORNELIS (NLD)/DE BOIS THOMAS (NLD) 34 529 T4/34 3/2 ROBINEAU THOMAS (FRA)/MARTINS JOSE (PRT)/BERGHMANS DAVE IVECO (BEL)TRAKKER 35 537 T4/35 2/32 36 540 T4/36 1/2 37 546 T4/37 2/33 38 528 T4/38 1/3 39 552 T4/39 40 41 10 P 6 4 Pilotes/Riders Camion / Truck 1 DE ROOY GERARD (NLD)/TORRALLARDONA MOISES (ESP)/RODEWALD IVECO DAREK POWERSTAR (POL) 4X4 15h52m07s 2 VILLAGRA FEDERICO (ARG)/YACOPINI ADRIAN ARTURO (ARG)/TORLASCHI IVECO POWERSTAR RICARDO ADRIAN 4X4 (ARG) 1 HINO 500 SERIES 3 VASILEVSKI ALEKSANDR (BLR)/VIKHRENKA DZMITRY (BLR)/ZAPAROSHCHANKA MAZ 5309RR ANTON (BLR) 1 17h30m09s +01h38m02s 17h41m35s +01h49m28s 18h15m26s +02h23m19s 18h22m18s +02h30m11s 18h50m29s +02h58m22s 19h17m41s +03h25m34s 19h32m45s +03h40m38s 19h51m36s +03h59m29s 20h08m41s +04h16m34s 20m00s 20h39m24s +04h47m17s 02h23m00s 21h57m36s +06h05m29s 22h25m44s +06h33m37s 02h20m00s 23h04m35s +07h12m28s 01m00s 23h23m34s +07h31m27s 55m00s 24h48m26s +08h56m19s VAN VELSEN AAD (NLD)/SCHOTANUS JOHANNES (NLD)/HAVERKAMP GINAF SEBASTIAAN X2222 (NLD) 25h12m21s +09h20m14s VAN WERVEN GERRIT (NLD)/SCHUILING HENK (NLD)/ZUURMOND GERRIT DAF FAV(NLD) 75 25h26m09s +09h34m02s 25h26m44s +09h34m37s 01h47m30s 27h31m06s +11h38m59s ARDAVICHUS ARTUR (KAZ)/BRUYNKENS SERGE (BEL)/HUISMAN MICHEL MAN TGA (NLD) 12h00m00s 30h03m19s +14h11m12s SUGAWARA YOSHIMASA (JPN)/TAKAHASHI MITSUGU (JPN) 02h00m00s 30h25m42s +14h33m35s 03m00s 20m00s TILBURGS FRANK (NLD)/SNIJDERS MARCEL (NLD)/VAN UDEN GIJSBERT DAF TE (NLD) 85 XC 1 2 INGELS DAVE (BEL)/WRZOS MICHAL (POL)/RAES BENNY (BEL) MAN TGA 26 480 HINO 500 SERIES 11 VAN DE LAAR JAN (NLD)/VAN DE LAAR BEN (NLD)/HUIJGENS ADOLPH DAF(NLD) FAV 85 04h00m00s 30h26m42s +14h34m35s 01h00m00s 30h32m53s +14h40m46s 20m00s 30h50m25s +14h58m18s WIGMAN ED (NLD)/SLIJKHUIS HENDRIK-JAN (NLD)/EBBERS JOEL (NLD) GINAF X 2223 02h43m00s 33h11m17s +17h19m10s 12 SMULEVICI ETIENNE (FRA)/COQUART ANTOINE (FRA)/COCKBURN MAN JOHN18.480 (GBR)TGA 02h25m00s 33h33m04s +17h40m57s DE GROOT RICHARD (NLD)/GERARDUS BEELEN (NLD)/JOHANNES DAF HULSEBOSCH CF (NLD) 12h03m00s 35h41m50s +19h49m43s JUVANTENY JORDI (ESP)/GONZALEZ CARPI ENRIC (ESP)/CRIADO JOSE MAN TGA LUIS26.480 (ESP) 02h55m00s 35h43m20s +19h51m13s 3/3 SAUMET MICHEL (FRA)/PAILLARD JEAN-BERNARD (FRA)/CATHERINE MAN FABIEN (FRA) 12h38m00s 38h50m33s +22h58m26s 506 T4/40 2/34 VAN DEN BRINK MARTIN (NLD)/BLANKESTIJN MARCEL (NLD)/KOZLOVSKY RENAULT DANIEL TRUCKS (CZE) CBH 385 06h00m00s 39h55m53s +24h03m46s 548 T4/41 1/4 CALABRIA PAOLO (ITA)/FORTUNA GIUSEPPE (ITA)/CALUBINI LORISMERCEDES (ITA) UNIMOG 400 04h08m00s 44h25m30s +28h33m23s 2 2 3 MERCEDES UNIMOG Le Directeur de l'Epreuve / The Clerck of the Course:


Cours - 2013-2014 - Orsay 51%

fécondation Embryologie des 4 premières semaines (segmentation, implantation, gastrulation, délimitation de l'embryon) UE2 – La cellule et les tissus Coordonnateur Gérard TACHDJIAN (Médecine) Localisation :


2014 Dinnerville Program Handicaps publication 51%

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SCRATCH BAILEY, Harrison BELL, Eamonn BOOGERT, Christopher CRAWFORD, Mark HERFOSS, Troy LYONS, Aiden STUART, Jake WEBB, Rob Northern Sydney CC Illawarra CC Sydney Uni Velo Club Parramatta CC Goulburn CC Sutherland Shire CC Nowra Velo Club Sydney Uni Velo Club 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 AUSTIN, Jayson AUSTIN, Stuart BALL, Alex BEEDIE, Alex BUTLER, Scott CAMPBELL, Stewart CRIDLAND, Jonathon DONALDSON, Gerard FORREST, John GACITUA, Philip HAYWARD, Mitchell HEFFERNAN, Bradley JEWELL, Mark MEERS, Luke MORRIS, Timothy OSBOURNE, Richard RIZZUTO, Matthew Bicisport Eastern Suburbs CC Illawarra CC Coffs Harbour CC St George CC Bicisport St George CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Illawarra CC Dulwich Hill BC Sutherland Shire CC Illawarra CC St George CC Illawarra CC Illawarra CC Northern Sydney CC Canberra CC (ACT) 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 ARANCIBIA, Alex ARNOLD, Samuel BOOTH, Nathan BROOKER, Ricky DRUMMOND, Rowan FOZZARD, Mark GARDINER, Ian GLANVILLE, Matthew HANNAFORD, Brad HENNESSY, Daniel LAVIS, Daniel MCMANUS, Shaun PAULL, Craig POULTON, Kevin REIZES, Jordan ROBERTSHAWE, Julian SCHENKO, Steve SMITHSON, Matthew SPRATT, Nicholas VIAL, Richard WEBSTER, Kenneth Bicisport Illawarra CC Canberra CC (ACT) Goulburn CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Parramatta CC Eastern Suburbs CC Bicisport Sydney Uni Velo Club Bicisport MTBA Penrith CC Illawarra CC Clarence ST CCC Manly Warringah CC Randwick Botany CC Parramatta CC Parramatta CC Penrith CC Sutherland Shire CC Canberra CC (ACT) 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 BAXTER, Geoffrey BLOCH, Sean BOZUNOVIC, Stefan BROWN, Chris COCKS, Ian FORREST, Paul GILMORE, James GREENVILLE, Jared HERLIHEN, Andrew HOMANN, Andrew KERSTEN, Simon KREILIS, Peter LINDSAY, Jason LOGAN, Andrew MAKIN, Richard MCLAUGHLIN, Jason RUTTER, Graham SIMONELLI, Antonio TILLER, Matt VELLA, Christian Bicisport Eastern Suburbs CC Eastern Suburbs CC Goulburn CC Manly Warringah CC Illawarra CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Canberra CC (ACT) Sutherland Shire CC Penrith CC Illawarra CC Illawarra CC Penrith CC Northern Sydney CC Northern Sydney CC Goulburn CC Sutherland Shire CC Sydney CC Parramatta CC Sutherland Shire CC 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 ARNOLD, Blair ARNOLD, Neil BACKHOUSE, Matt BENNETT, Keith BROWN, Jason BROWN, Tom CHUBB, Alexander COOPER, Peter EVEN, Rob JOHNS, Nicholas KELLY, Brendan SMITH, Allan WATKINSON, David Illawarra CC Illawarra CC Eastern Suburbs CC Illawarra CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Penrith CC Dulwich Hill BC Illawarra CC Sydney Uni Velo Club Nowra Velo Club Lidcombe Auburn CC Randwick Botany CC Manly Warringah CC 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 BEDFORD, Dean BURKE, Nicholas COLLINGS, Michael DIXON, Mitchell FOWLER, James FRANKLIN, Stephen HENNESSY, Matthew HOWLEY, Shane KEEFE, Mark KELLY, Alan KELLY, Keiran KING, Christian MARTIN, Bradley MCNAMARA, Dan NGUYEN, John O'CONNER, Peter RICHARDSON, Tom ROCHAT, Craig SMITH, Calvin SULLIVAN, Piere WALLMAN, Matthew WARD, John WOODWARD, Andrew Southern Cross CC Illawarra CC Peloton Sports Manly Warringah CC Dulwich Hill BC Cootamundra CC Illawarra CC Eastern Suburbs CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Manly Warringah CC Penrith CC Illawarra CC Illawarra CC Canberra CC (ACT) Dulwich Hill BC Eastern Suburbs CC St George CC Eastern Suburbs CC Randwick Botany CC Sydney Uni Velo Club Dulwich Hill BC Manly Warringah CC Sutherland Shire CC 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 ANDERSON, Simon BARAL, Randolph CLEMENT, Michael COOPER, John GRAY, Jeffrey KOUKLIDIS, Harry LONG, Michael MARCINKOWSKI, Dean MATTHEWS, Andrew O'HALLORAN, Liam PANDELUS, Matthew SHILLAND, Edward UNICOMB, Tony WALSHE, Luke Eastern Suburbs CC Randwick Botany CC Dulwich Hill BC Parramatta CC Illawarra CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Eastern Suburbs CC Illawarra CC Randwick Botany CC Dulwich Hill BC Illawarra CC Manly Warringah CC Sutherland Shire CC Illawarra CC 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 ADAMS, Justin BERNARD, James BIRD, Roger CALLADINE, Robert CARROLL, Thomas GALVIN,George GORRELL, Noel HARRIS, Glenn HAWKINS, Craig HERNANDEZ, Robert JACKMAN, Adam JACKSON, Andrew JONES, Philip MEEHAN, Paul RUSSELL, David SHACKLETON, Roger TRANTER, Rodger Illawarra CC Dulwich Hill BC Northern Sydney CC Illawarra CC Giant CC Sydney Illawarra CC Dulwich Hill BC Illawarra CC Sutherland Shire CC Bicisport Illawarra CC Southern Highlands CC Illawarra CC Lidcombe Auburn CC Illawarra CC Manly Warringah CC Sutherland Shire CC 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 BATKIN, Lara BERRY, Simon JONES, Rhys JUDGE, Marcus KELLY, Brett LACEY, Mark MADDEN, Marissa MALINS, David NEW, Belinda PALERMO, Luigi PEREIRA, Jose REYNOLDS, Aden SMITH, Andrew SMITH, Jeff STEPHENSON, Anthony THORNTON, James TRALAGGAN, Joanne VESEL, Peter VESTY, Amy WILSON, Archie 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 APPS, Christopher BEHAN, Lynda DREIZI, Joanne GARDINER, Andrea HEALEY, John HORSBURGH, John KIRKHAM, Douglas MATTES, Andrew O'BRIEN, Shane PEARCE, Jonathan RICHARDSON, Ann TORTORICI, Frank VISCH, Hans WOODS, Virginia St George CC Dulwich Hill BC Illawarra CC Waratah Masters CC Illawarra CC Dulwich Hill BC Sydney Uni Velo Club Illawarra CC Southern Cross CC Illawarra CC Nowra Velo Club Macarthur Collegians CC Illawarra CC Penrith CC Illawarra CC Illawarra CC Sutherland Shire CC Illawarra CC Dulwich Hill BC Northern Sydney CC Illawarra CC Southern Cross CC Illawarra CC Eastern Suburbs CC Dulwich Hill BC Peloton Sports Dulwich Hill BC Dulwich Hill BC Illawarra CC Sydney Uni Velo Club Bankstown Sports CC Illawarra CC Eastern Suburbs CC Sydney Uni Velo Club


courseOutline 50%

Tortora,Gerard J., and Neilsen, Mark T.


14-42 complete opn 48%

                               GERARD E. LYNCH, Circuit Judge:


Cultured X FOG Art and Design 46%

René de Guzman, senior curator at the Oakland Museum of California, and Gerard O’Brien, owner and curator of Reform Gallery and the Landing, round out the panel.


GeneralAutos 45%

Leader AMOR EDUARDO OSVALDO (ARG)/AMOR NICOLAS (ARG) TOYOTA HILUX 14h00m00s 42h24m31s +26h27m25s 13 CAREAGA ORLANDO (BOL)/CORDANO YUPANQUI ENZO (CHL) TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 03h15m00s 43h00m27s +27h03m21s 49 363 T1/43 S/6 14 ROCA MERCADO JULIO CESAR (BOL)/DAZA JIMENEZ HERNAN (BOL) TOYOTA FJ CRUIZER 12h00m00s 43h38m17s +27h41m11s 50 376 T1/44 2/12 15 STARIKOVICH ROMAN (CYP)/HESKES BERT (NLD) DESERT WARRIOR DW-1 11h15m00s 43h47m16s +27h50m10s 51 347 T3/1 3/1 16 CORONEL TIM (NLD) SUZUKI SWIFT GL 15h00m00s 44h47m16s +28h50m10s 52 344 T1/45 1/21 MALDONADO MARTIN (ARG)/SCHOLZ VERGNOLLE SEBASTIAN (ARG) MERCEDES PROTOTIPO COLCAR 06h33m00s 44h51m35s +28h54m29s 53 357 T1/46 2/13 17 TARTARIN YVES (FRA)/DUPLE STEPHANE (FRA) LAND-ROVER NEMESIS R 13h24m00s 45h50m04s +29h52m58s 54 352 T1/47 3/2 18 CROIZON PHILIPPE (FRA)/DUPLE CEDRIC (FRA) BMW X6 +30h39m51s 55 360 T1/48 S/7 56 356 T1/49 2/14 6 14h06m00s 46h36m57s GUTIERREZ HERRERO CRISTINA (ESP)/LOPEZ CHAVES PEDRO (ESP) MITSUBISHI PROTO ARC 15h03m00s 48h10m25s +32h13m19s VERZELETTI GIULIO (ITA)/CABINI ANTONIO (ITA) 06h00m00s 50h59m51s +35h02m45s FIAT PANDA 4X4 57 355 T1/50 2/15 19 ENGLERT THOMAS WALTER (DEU)/THIEDE WEILER HANS PAUL (PRY) TOYOTA HILUX 07h11m00s 51h03m04s +35h05m58s 58 361 T1/51 1/22 20 BARBERY PAZ LUIS FERNANDO (BOL)/ABEL SALAZAR (BOL) 09h13m00s 51h40m41s +35h43m35s 59 371 T1/52 1/23 60 369 T1/53 E/1 61 368 T2/7 1/2 62 359 T1/54 1/24 21 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 15h20m00s 54h53m20s +38h56m14s JATON ARIEL (ARG)/ROLON GERMAN (ARG) ACCIONA ECO POWERED ECOPOWERED 21h00m00s 55h42m06s +39h45m00s 7 SCANDOLA GRAZIANO (ITA)/FOSSA' GIAMMARCO (ITA) FORD RAPTOR 18h00m00s 61h53m28s +45h56m22s 8 TRAMONI GERARD (FRA)/TOTAIN DOMINIQUE (FRA) SPRINGBOK MD SPRINGBOK / SODICARS 87h00m00s 136h17m02s +120h19m56s 3 PASTEN INFANTE GASTON JOSE (ARG)/ACOSTA FERNANDO (ARG)TOYOTA HILUX * DISQUALIFIED SUBJECT TO APPEAL / DISQUALIFIE SOUS RESERVE D'APPEL Le Directeur de l'Epreuve / The Clerck of the Course: