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Must You Send Flowers to Ex Girlfriend If you need to Quit Your Breakup and Win Her Back?


Saving Grace 92%

HI, thanks for coming back  Shocker up ahead too, thought I’d warn you first, k?    Saving Grace.  AL L “Thank you again, Will.” I said, squeezing his hand that I had clasped in mine. The angel he was, he  had come when I had asked, and insisted on us staying and waiting on a new battery rather than go  back to his or my apartment, saying that “A car like yours wouldn’t last an hour in the pitch back  night of Chicago.” To be honest I kind of agreed.    So now we were huddled up in the back seat of my car, swathed in blankets he had  managed to find in the trunk of his car, his arms wrapped around me as I did all my best not to  shiver.    “Jeez, Tamm, if you’d have told me I would have brought you clothes. I don’t exactly want  some guy coming out here to fix your car’s battery, only to spend more time looking at you than the  car.” He had joked.  I had hit him.    “Don’t worry about it, Tamm. Anytime, you know that.”    “Well, thanks still, but you work, I mean how did you get off?”  NE     “Hmmm, well.” He paused to sink lower in the seat and grinned like a little kid caught with  his hand in the cookie jar. “I told Diane that my sexy girlfriend is going to be waiting, soaking wet and  in minimal clothes, and to hell with some hospital class action or whatever.”    Well that explained the creepy smile.  T   I swung my arm in a way that caused my hand to hit his shoulder in the exact same place  that id hit him earlier. And though he swore it didn’t hurt, I swore I could see him wince every time  he moved his arm.  “Hey, if you told her that you’re going to,” that was when what he said fully sunk in.    Girlfriend.  KA     He called me his girlfriend. It was all I had not to burst out into some pathetic, spontaneous  dance. I suppose that’s what we were, but never before had he made reference to me like that.   Whoa.  “Tamra, hello? Are you there?” Followed by a soft rap on my forehead for good measure.   “Oh, what, huh, sorry.”  He only chuckled and said, “I think the man is here,” and pointed out the window to a man  pulling up in a van between mine and Will’s car and hopping out.  “Oh. Ok, hang on,” and started to get out, before pausing and pulling the blankets out with  me.  After a quick description of my car problem and asking for his attention more than once, I  was finally given a new battery and a hefty bill for the services of a man who worked at half the  speed it probably should have taken. When the van next to me took off with a final wave which I  pointedly ignored, Will decided to take this as a cue to get out of the car.  AL L Not paying much attention to anything but the engine, I didn’t notice him coming up behind  me and wrapping me in his embrace, pressing small kisses to my left temple.  “What, was that too much for you to take,” seeing the sheepish expression that dawned  upon his face I giggled – seriously, giggled! I’m not six – and admitted that it was most definitely not  an experience I would like to repeat either. I took the momentary pause in the conversation to turn  around in his arms and stare intently at his face.  ‘Girlfriend’, he called me his ‘girlfriend!’  NE “Will, when you, I mean when we were, in the car, I mean.” Oh shit. Yeah, nice one Tamra,  real smooth. “Girlfriend, you called me your girlfriend.” Again, Tamra, smooth.  While I probably looked baffled, confused and maybe a little excited, Will looked like a  nervous wreck.  “Oh, Tamra, I”‐ By now I was literally hanging on to the end of every word he was saying, as  several hopeful scenarios ran through my head. ‘Yes, Tamra, I love you, I always have, I think you’re ‐ ’, or ‘Tamra, I want you to be my girlfriend. I love you, I”‐ his sigh brought me back to earth. “Tamm, I  don’t, I mean”‐ he let out a frustrated sound and leaned back against the car. “What’s the point, I  mean I say what I want to and you bolt and, shit, just Tamra”‐  KA T I kissed him. Screw my rules, screw everything else, I kissed him like I never would again. I  poured everything I had, everything I was capable of, into that kiss. I wound my arms around his  neck and clung to him for dear life, feeling very much relieved when he relaxed his tense posture  and moulded himself into me, resting his hands against the small of my back.  I didn’t want just sex or fun with him anymore. I wanted safety, comfort, consistency. A  friend, a confidant, a lover. A relationship.  I did everything I could to let him know in that one, heated kiss. A kiss that became an  outpouring of our souls, a reassurance that the other wouldn’t disappear and that they were real.  And yet it didn’t feel like enough. I wanted to talk to him, to ask basic things like how his day  was, and I wanted him to ask the same of me. I wanted to be able to tell him anything and  everything, and yet never be worried about how he would react.  He pulled away, all too soon for my liking, and looked me in the eye, nuzzling his nose with  mine. The electricity that ran through me made me think I was on fire, though if I was, I didn’t really  care. “Tamra, you can walk away and I guess that’s my fault, but I love you and I don’t want to hide it  anymore.  Trying to ignore the giddy feelings coursing through me at a hundred miles an hour, I tried to  think reasonably, because I knew there would be some rational part of me, however small it was,  that would try and steer me away from what I wanted, but no‐one spoke up.  I didn’t care about my sister’s past with him, I didn’t care about Alicia’s either. I cared about  our future, and nothing else.  “Will, I love you.”  AL L   0_0 *gasps* well there you have it folks. Tasha loves Will. Duh, duh, duh. Remember to follow me  on twitter at KatNeall to find out about teasers or to get on my back and force me to write the  next chapter, or find all of my stories at katsfiction. Blogspot. Com… without the spaces of course.  REVIEW!!!  ilyxx  KA T NE kat



Langford Quarpong • • • • • Christopher Wallace Asthmatic Got a girlfriend Stupid and Rare Times Pardon Me Christopher Wallace Am drawing the rules, laying down the revelations I want you to streamline the words in the note On the real I keep my palm wine lips tight And yet it pops out louder than a gunshot Welcome to the venue of the eye avenue The after life mentality, yes my name is Christopher Wallace So this one here is kinda psychiatric I know you feel this, blueprints of reversed verses Living once again, good spirits never die Always switching Souls, only at the Eye Avenue Asthmatic Beautiful and Asthmatic, she is a formula The moment of excite requires professorial works Or disaster ends the show prematurely Asthmatic and wears glasses, sensationally mathematical Wish I could predict the next call for the pump Maybe the drama in every event is pretty Very scary but sexy, love to watch you mourn for air Drain my lungs to be repaired , I will share oxygen with u Got A Girlfriend I love you girl but I got a girlfriend Another sweet like you only that she is more silly But let us keep us on the low I told her about us and she felt jealous So now when we take selfies please keep it to yourself We cannot be in the public eye, Jennifer might whisper a word to her hearing Never leave me for another guy tho, or you will kill me slowly You know my love for you won’t end but I got a girlfriend I want to keep loving you and her but I need your faith in me Am something else brought up in this world, a portion of my brain recycled Wear my shoes, take a moment to think like me And you might allow me to love two or maybe more Now I got a girlfriend, look in the mirror and you will see her lips and eyebrows Stupid and Rare Times Hope you remember the stupid and rare times The uncoloured days when we played like cartoons We went places where the rich can never afford And kept smiles we can easily remember in a new era Those were rare moments in time, when being stupid was fun Pardon Me You left me for him only to tear apart the best friendship in the world That broke my heart, I guess you saw the suicidal novel He left a pill for you too, He knows the broken pieces cannot be mended You could have chosen else where, so me and my friend don’t split But you gave him what was mine and he took unknowingly We were close friends, I should have introduced you from the beginning Thought I hid a treasure, but my Pandora box was unlocked Both of you should have waited to know I did to him unknowingly too Why rather let the pain push you beyond limits, now am left alone but I refuse to go Pardon me as I live to tell the story, we kept our jewels in the same safe And the end sucks, she also took a pill after I told her you were my right hand Three lives lost, Pardon me not, for I pardoned myself POEMS.2017.


The Bunny Files No. 1 - The UO Case 88%

Snoe and his girlfriend are con-artists.


Upper Deck v Pirozzi 87%

The Upper Deck Company (“Plaintiff” or “Upper Deck”) by its counsel, Cervini Swanson LLP, as and for its complaint against defendants Joseph Pirozzi (“Judgment Debtor”), Jack Pirozzi (“Defendant Father”), Jonathan Pirozzi (“Defendant Son”) and Theresa DePietro (“Defendant Girlfriend”) (collectively, Defendant Father, Defendant Son and Defendant Girlfriend are referred to as “Defendant Family”) (collectively, Judgment Debtor and Defendant Family are referred to as “Defendants”), alleges as follows:


Auditionpackforrent 81%

His girlfriend, April, killed herself after finding out that she was HIV-positive.


Girlfriend Application For Keith 79%

Girlfriend Application For Keith Contact Information Name Street Address City ST ZIP Code Home Phone Work Phone E-Mail Address Availability During which hours are you available to go on dates?


Iberia Complaint Scott Zuckerbrow 76%

It was important that I was on the exact same return flights home because my girlfriend has an extreme fear of flying and suffers anxiety when flying by herself, especially on long flights.


ty prop 75%

“I have a boyfriend.” We see Jeremy re-enter his apartment that day, his roommate and his girlfriend are flirting on the couch.


155 In Dependence Questions - Samimath 72%

A student of Modern language who later became Tayo’s girlfriend but had a misunderstanding with Tayo because he didn’t want a longtime relationship.


Slaying the Dragon (partner's past) 69%

Note from some other dude about your girlfriend Hello there.


Final Draft 67%

Boy retreated to the cliff, he couldn’t bear repeating the same melancholy tunes, reminiscing of days he couldn't image without acid rain and sandstorms, or even days without his girlfriend laying sickly in the hospital bed, battling immense suffering.


Panama 111 Responde to Big Bob's letter again 65%

He contends, however, that the service upon him in this matter was ineffective because at the time of substituted service, October 2010, he was living with his girlfriend, later his wife, at another location.


a bucket out of water2 62%

Buy your girlfriend a bucket of roses.


rulebook f+ªrdig 62%

Mikkelsen for the love and support they have provided me, and finally my amazing girlfriend Lea Kvistgaard who has helped and supported me throughout the entire process.


geoxwdgrid 62%

 Girlfriend  (7)   12  Jolly  fat  man  bearing  gifts  (5)   13  Simple,  quick  breakfast  (6)   15  Swallow;


On the Road in 2012 62%

CJ and his girlfriend Amy want to escape rednecks.


Chapter 1 - The Gaia Moore Call 61%

What was worse was that he was actually on his way to meet his girlfriend, while he was obsessing about his old ex-girlfriend.


The Christian Robinson Show - One Sheet 60%

- Makes a life for himself and his young girlfriend in LA.


Funny Short Stories 60%

Funny Short Stories I lost my first love Me and my girlfriend both work 3rd shift.


RussianLawWhitepaper 60%

It is important to know that on August 4, Adam was broadcasting from the Netherlands where he and his wife were visiting Adam’s daughter and her girlfriend.


April 1 59%