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MD Shihabul's Résumé 100% +8801709280882 Dhaka WORK EXPERIENCE SKILLS &


Urakhchin Serge Full Stack Dev Resume Online 99% Serge A Urakhchin – Full Stack Web Developer Skills Front-End:


Urakhchin Serge Full Stack Dev Resume Online 99% Serge A Urakhchin – Full Stack Web Developer Skills Front-End:


Richard Artoul Resume 98%

  San Francisco, CA  (415)­308­3676  Richard Artoul  Technical Skills  Strong:​  JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Angular, React, JQuery, SQL, NoSQL, TDD, Web Scraping  Experienced: ​ Backbone, Meteor, Python, Django, D3, Data Analysis    Relevant Experience  MakerSquare | Software Engineer & Fellow 2015­Current  ​ ● Created and taught a month­long, 5 days a week, 3 hours a night “MakerPrep” curriculum that introduces students to  web development and core programming concepts through JavaScript. The “MakerPrep” curriculum is now being  taught at three different campuses in SF, LA, and Austin with class sizes of up to 25 students per cohort.  ● Led instruction of 50+ students in CS and JavaScript, including Node, databases, and backend architecture.    Software Engineering Projects  CombustJS ​ | Lead Architect & Full­Stack Engineer | ​­crew/combustjs   CombustJS is a noBackend framework that mimics Firebase’s back­end abstraction and ease of use. It allows developers to build  real­time persistent CRUD applications, without a 3rd party, using only client­side code and any front­end framework of their choosing.  ● Designed the following systems: Object­Relational Mapping, real­time eventing, authentication, authorization,  automatically generated API, and the front­end library.  ● Created the initial prototype of the framework, including server architecture, client library, testing suite, and API  documentation.  nand2tetris ​ | Sole­Engineer | ​    Creating a general purpose computer from first elements; starting from nand logic­gates all the way up to a functioning compiler.  ● Created a general purpose computer in HDL from NAND gates and DFFs only. This included making other logic  gates, an ALU, RAM, a CPU, and a “computer” chip that encapsulates the Von Neumann architecture.  ● Wrote an assembler and virtual machine translator in python, as well as full compiler in Clojure (in progress) for a  general purpose object­oriented language called Jack.  tvTourney ​ | Full­Stack Engineer​  ​ | ​​  | ​     A web application that creates fantasy football­style leagues for any TV show.  ● Served as the back­end lead, architecting the server framework in Node / Express, including: authentication,  sessions, logging, a SQL database, a REST API, and a complete testing suite for the API.  ● Created many of the angular views and features, including client­side authentication and websocket integration.  Physician Kickbacks​  | Sole­Engineer (Full­Stack) | ​​ .


VadymProkopets 98% Github: Education:


Samundra Kc (4) 97%

(Webpack) Regularly Monitored application performance.(Sentry/DevTools) Delivered scalable client application ( Managed Knowledge sharing session and Presentation of new trends internally Prevented Security issues XSS, CSRF Optimization, Refactor and Gained Performance with things like code splitting, Service worker, web worker, clientside caching NodeJS Developer – ZyobaLabs node.js, angularjs, express, mongodb, d3.js Mar 2015 → May 2016 Built API's using express Analyzed code quality and application performance Integrated API with AngularJS Analyzed user experience Full stack development using Node.js, Express, Angular, and Mysql Delivered fast and speedy client interface Created charts and visualization using D3, D3plus Education Bsc Hons – NCC oracle, java, php, database, networking, web-design, css, html, javascript, web-development 2014 → 2017 samundrak/babel-website – Projects &


Gubert Pfosten 97%

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ANIRUDH KANNAN V P- RESUME 96% Leader in CBSE NATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT 2011,2013 AS WELL AS IN SOUTH ZONE REGIONALS Participant in Search Bharat Awareness run held at Sricity in 2017 PROJECTS Algorithms Reverse Coding Competition Mar 2018 - Mar 2018 tests a participant's analytical and coding abilities .The competition allows users to submit solution in 30 plus languages and such competitions are widely used by top companies like Facebook,Google etc nowadays to hire candidates.


AaronKarlsruherResume 94%

Aaron Karlsruher ▪ (973)-954-7803 ▪ ▪ Full-Stack Web Developer proficient at assessing a project’s needs, allowing functional ideas and features to be brought to fruition via traditional and fresh, cooperating front and backend frameworks.


appveyor 93%

Continuous Integration ou integração contínua é basicamente uma prática de DevOps que tem como objetivo integrar toda mudança no código que ocorre no seu repositório (local, GitHub, BitBucket, TFS, etc) com o servidor de build.


biro cv 92%

Biro Nader Kamel Android Developer CONTACT Abtal abor st, 1, AinSahmes Cairo (Egypt) ACADMEMIC COURSES Programming language 1 (C as a procedural programming language) 01211929935 Programming language 2 (Java as object-oriented programming Data structures (C programming language) HOBBIES .Software engineering 1 EDUCATION BACHELOR OF COMPUTER SCINECE // 2014- 2018 HELWAN UNIVERSITY Major :


curriculum vitae 92% GITHUB:


david-peicho resume 92%

Familiar with PROJECTS Python ArtFlow - JS, Tree.js, GLSL 3D frontend software to draw in VR (Tilt Brush like).


Aaron Karlsruher Coding Résumé 91%

Aaron Karlsruher 23 Fenton Drive ▪ Short Hills, NJ 07078 ▪ (973)-954-7803 ▪ ▪ Full-Stack Web Developer proficient at assessing a project’s needs, allowing functional ideas and features to be brought to fruition via traditional and fresh, cooperating front and backend frameworks.


Turorial 91%

Github Github is by far the easiest way to publish a Jekyll site to the web.


AyushKhanvilkarResume 89%

CSS,Javascript,Bootstrap ● ● ● Web Hosting on Github link Comfortable with Windows,Linux,Ubuntu IDEs Used:


Sudhanshu March12018 89%

Sudhanshu Siddh 8123698486 Software Engineer | Mobile Application Developer EDUCATION SKILLS Master of Science in Computer Science Indiana University, Bloomington 08/2016 – 05/2018 Java GPA:


Madelaine Ripley Resume 89% github:


coverresume-aug-2016 (1) 89%

Colton Colcleasure​ | ​Front-end Web Developer (817) 894-3210 | ​​ | ​Twitter​, ​GitHub,​ ​CodePen​:



ADITYA PARMAR 754, The ALAMEDA Apt 2207, San Jose, CA 95126 +1 4089088673 || || Career Objective Seeking for an TA/RA position which will help me deliver my best and upgrade my skills.


MyLifeDocuments 88%

My GitHub page (has code for programs you can download):


ali-razmjoo-qalaei 87%

PROJECTS OWASP ZSC OWASP 2016 - PRESENT Founder/Creator/Developer - OWASP Page - GitHub.


Resume copy 87%

Michael Baxter Houston, TX  |  770-354-3532 | | Experience DigitalCrafts | Full-Stack Web Developer | November 2017 – March 2018 Houston,TX • 16-week intensive, full-time accelerated learning program • Learned Python and full-stack JavaScript, including Node.js, Postgres, Sequelize, Express, React, HTML/CSS, Redux, MongoDB, BootStrap and Amazon Web Services • Recent projects include:


rupee 86%

6:53:13 PM can u send me the git link 6:53:21 PM Rupaya Dev 6:53:24 PM Yeah it's working now C 6:53:30 PM i wanna take a look Rupaya Dev 6:53:37 PM 4/21 30/09/2017 Telegram Web CR RD C 6:53:57 PM it's strange man Rupaya Dev 6:54:03 PM‑project/Rupaya (‑project/Rupaya) (‑project/Rupaya) GitHub rupaya‑project/Rupaya (‑ project/Rupaya) Rupaya is a experimental cryptocurrency aimed for the people of South Asia CR RD CR RD CR RD CR C 6:54:13 PM at what block are you now ?


Resume ver3 86%

SQL Postgresql Group Project | Nozama MongoDB Mock shopping site created by four people as a way for users to purchase organic products.