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Greetings, Remove Harvey Weinstein From The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences For Life Signatures Name Location Date Kellen Phillips Bradford, UK 2017-10-11 Patricia Lee Singapore, Singapore 2017-10-11 Paul Jones Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Mary Hazel Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Dave Clarke Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Elise Dunbar Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Paul Mathers Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Ken Yamamoto Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Steve Keaton Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Muhammed Choudry Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Anjem Hussain Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Julia Adams Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Kristine Yang Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Ali Kahn Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Tony Baldwin Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Anne Davies Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Dom Jones Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Chris Taylor Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 notmy rodrick Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Pippa Byrne Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Name Location Date pei yeh Singapore, Singapore 2017-10-11 Dave Moyles Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Dave Manning Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Oscar Statue Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Antwon Simmons Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Andre Mathers Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Hideo Shiyoa Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Izzy McIntyre Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 John Plant Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Elliot Williams Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Paul Garfunkel Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Miles Waters Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Eva Tarkovsky Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 regege weggergerger Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Nelson Rogers Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Chris Jones Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Elena Joseph Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Bob Bush Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Harvey Lewis Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 0-990900 -0-900- Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Tarsem Singh Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Mick LeVesque Gloucester, UK 2017-10-11 Name Location Date .m,, ,,,....


34x8 GloucesterCitizen 2013 - ALL 87%

GLOUCESTER #gotgloscovered print • online • mobile GLOUCESTER #gotgloscovered print • online • mobile GLOUCESTER #gotgloscovered print • online • mobile GLOUCESTER #gotgloscovered print • online • mobile GLOUCESTER #gotgloscovered print • online • mobile


17x8 GloucesterCitizen 2013 - ALL 87%

GLOUCESTER print • online • mobile #gotgloscovered GLOUCESTER print • online • mobile GLOUCESTER print • online • mobile #gotgloscovered GLOUCESTER print • online • mobile #gotgloscovered GLOUCESTER print • online • mobile #gotgloscovered


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Little Kickers Hong Kong 16E, Neich Tower 128, Gloucester Road, Wan Chai A Little Kickers franchise owned and operated under licence by Little Kids Sports Club Limited.



i/we will see you there i/we will see you there i/We hope you have a nice time but i/we can’ can’t make it i/We hope you have a nice time but i/we can’ can’t make it We will sit down to eat at 5pm (ish (ish) ish) We will sit down to eat at 5pm (ish (ish) ish) Please tick one choice for each GUEST ABOVE Please tick one choice for each GUEST ABOVE Starter guest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 GLOUCESTER OLD SPOT PORK TERRINE Smoked haddock &


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BERA A5 brochure for estate agents v3 65%

1 Background to the Burges Estate The development of the Burges Estate started shortly before the turn of the 20th century and was expanded over the following 60 years, largely within the parameters of Thorpe Hall Avenue, Gloucester Terrace, Burges Terrace, Shaftsbury Avenue and Plas Newydd to the west, Acacia Drive and Station Road to the north, Maplin Way, Armagh, Antrim, Caulfield, Church, Waterford Roads, Ulster and Leitrim Avenues to the east and the seafront (Thorpe Bay Gardens) to the south.


TCC Newsletter - Spring 2017 65%

1st XI Tom Allcoat - Gloucester Division of West of England Premier League 2nd XI Brendan Low - Gloucestershire County League Division 5 3rd XI Gary Hughes - Cheltenham/Gloucester/Forest of Dean League Premier Division Midweek XI Will New - Gloucester Evening Cricket League Division 3 If we keep up the competitive, serious and focused attitude towards training and matches, I can see TCC having a very prosperous 2017.


World Wetlands Day 65%

  M ARSH  R ESTORATION  P ROJECT     Mill Pond Marsh    Client  Arrowsic, Maine   The  Nature  Conservancy  retained  Wright‐Pierce  to  conduct  a  topographical  survey  and  prepare  base  mapping  associated  with  the  removal  of  an  existing  private  roadway  and  bridge  crossing  the  salt  marsh  known  as  the  Mill  Pond  Preserve, which is located in Arrowsic, Maine.  The  project  is  funded  through  a  grant  from  Maine’s  In  Lieu  Fee  (ILF)  Program  administered by the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program (MNRCP).  The  sponsor  for  the  program  is  the  Maine  Department  of  Environmental  Protection.  The  program  serves  as  an  alternative  form  of  compensation  for  impacts to aquatic resources authorized by the New England District Army Corps  of Engineers (and/or the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.   The Nature Conservancy  Project at a Glance     Topographic survey of  marsh crossing   Development of   base mapping      WATER ~ WASTEWATER ~ STORMWATER ~ INFRASTRUCTURE  888.621.8156    www.wright‐    W ETLANDS  M ITIGATION  P ROJECTS FOR  MDOT     New Gloucester, Maine   Wright‐Pierce  was  retained  by  Woodlot  Alternatives,  Inc.  to  assist  in  the  development of two projects which had been identified for mitigation of wetland  impacts  associated  with  the  realignment  of  a  portion  of  Route  9  in  New  Gloucester.   The  first  of  the  two  mitigation  efforts  included  re‐grading  and  restoring  the  existing roadway alignment as a wetland in the area of its crossing of Mosquito  Brook.   The second project included stream bank stabilization and habitat improvements  along  a  section  of  the  Royal  River,  as  well  as  the  creation  of  vernal  pools  and  replanting within an area of the floodplain along the river.   Past use of the area for agricultural purposes had resulted in the loss of much of  the natural riparian vegetation and associated habitat values.  The first of the two projects is being completed as a part of the ongoing highway  reconstruction  project.  The  second  project  was  contracted  separately  and  completed in September of 2003.      Client  Woodlot Alternatives, Inc.  Project at a Glance    Woodlot Alternatives, Inc.,   retained Wright‐Pierce to  assist in the development of  two projects for mitigation  of wetland impacts.    The project included the  following tasks:     Regrading and  restoration of the existing  roadway alignment   Stream bank   stabilization and habitat  improvements,   including replanting    WATER ~ WASTEWATER ~ STORMWATER ~ INFRASTRUCTURE  888.621.8156    www.wright‐    M ARSH  R ESTORATION  P ROJECT     Ocean Park Marsh    Client  Old Orchard Beach, Maine   In the course of an assessment of flooding issues in the Ocean Park area of the  community,  it  became  evident  that  the  historic  role  of  area  marshes  in  flood  mitigation had deteriorated over time due to the colonization of the marshes by  invasive species, such as phragmites and yellow flag iris. Reduced tidal flushing  associated  with  the  installation  during  the  1990’s  of  a  tide  gate  at  the  marsh  outlet  had  resulted  in  a  considerable  change  in  vegetative  species  due  to  the  reduced salinity.   Wright‐Pierce was retained by the Town to develop a strategy for controlling the  invasive plants in Jordan Park Marsh and to oversee implementation of various  mitigation measures. Wright‐Pierce subcontracted with the York County Soil and  Water Conservation District who developed an invasive plant management plan  to be implemented over a five‐year period.  Town of Old Orchard Beach  Project at a Glance     Hydrologic assessment   of flooding    Invasive species  assessment   Mowing of phragmites   Use of herbicides    The invasive plant management plan included a combination of physical (mowing)  and chemical (herbicides) techniques to control the invasive species.     WATER ~ WASTEWATER ~ STORMWATER ~ INFRASTRUCTURE  888.621.8156    www.wright‐    R ESTORATION OF  A QUATIC AND  W ETLAND  H ABATAT       As one of New England's most prominent engineering consultants, Wright‐ Pierce provides engineering assessments, planning, design and permitting  assistance associated with a range of projects that involve enhancement of  aquatic and wetlands habitats.   We have developed excellent working relationships with regulators at the  federal, state and local levels, as well as regional entities and academics. Our  experience with a variety of applications and solutions, at aquatic locations  throughout  New  England,  positions  us  to  provide  expert  advice  to  clients  with respect to the selection of appropriate technologies.   In many cases, these efforts have involved collaboration with a variety of  governmental and non‐governmental entities, such as NOAA, the US Fish &  Wildlife  Service,  state  resource  agencies,  Audubon  and  The  Nature  Conservancy.  Recent and ongoing projects include the following:   Lake restoration / sediment removal   Marsh restoration / enhanced tidal flushing   Beach dune grass restoration   Invasive species management   Dam removal   Culvert replacement/barrier removal   Fishway installation   Stream restoration / morphological assessment   Estuarine water quality improvements   Lake water quality improvements   Non‐point source pollutant management    WATER ~ WASTEWATER ~ STORMWATER ~ INFRASTRUCTURE  888.621.8156    www.wright‐


List of hospitals in Australia 61%

Contents 1 Australian Capital Territory 1.1 Public 1.2 Private 2 New South Wales 2.1 Public 2.2 Private 3 Northern Territory 3.1 Public 3.2 Private 4 Queensland 4.1 Public 4.2 Private 5 South Australia 5.1 Public 5.2 Private 6 Tasmania 6.1 Public 6.2 Private 7 Victoria 7.1 Public 7.1.1 7.2 7.3 Metropolitan Melbourne Rural hospitals and health services Private 8 Western Australia 8.1 Public 8.2 Private 9 See also 10 References 11 External links Australian Capital Territory Public Calvary Public Hospital[1] - Bruce The Canberra Hospital[2] - Garran Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre[3] - Curtin Private [4] - Garran Brindabella Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre Calvary John James Hospital[5] - Deakin Calvary Private Hospital Bruce[6] - Bruce [7] - Deakin Canberra Imaging Group Angiography/Interventional Suite National Capital Private Hospital[8] - Garran New South Wales Public Albury Wodonga Health (Albury Campus) - Albury Armidale Hospital - Armidale Auburn Hospital[9] - Auburn Ballina Hospital - Ballina Balmain Hospital[10] - Balmain Balranald Multi Purpose Service- Balranald Bankstown Lidcombe Hospital[11] - Bankstown Baradine Multi Purpose Service -Baradine Barham Hospital - Barham Barraba Multi Purpose Service- Barraba Batemans Bay Hospital -Batemans Bay Bathurst Hospital - Bathurst Batlow/Adelong Multi Purpose Service -Batlow Bellinger River District Hospital -Bellingen Belmont Hospital - Belmont Berrigan Multi Purpose Service -Berrigan Bingara Multi Purpose Service -Bingara Blacktown Hospital[12] - Blacktown Blayney Multi Purpose Service -Blayney [13] - Katoomba Blue Mountains District ANZAC Memorial Hospital Boggabri Multi Purpose Service -Boggabri Bombala Multi Purpose Service -Bombala Bonalbo Hospital - Bonalbo Boorowa Multi Purpose Service -Boorowa Bourke Multi Purpose Service -Bourke Bourke Street Health Service -Goulburn Bowral and District Hospital- Bowral Braeside Hospital - Prairiewood Braidwood Multi Purpose Service -Braidwood Brewarrina Multi Purpose Service -Brewarrina Broken Hill Hospital - Broken Hill Bulahdelah Hospital - Bulahdelah Bulli Hospital[14] - Bulli Byron Bay Hospital - Byron Bay Calvary Hospital[15] - Kogarah Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital[16] - Waratah Camden Hospital[17] - Camden Campbelltown Hospital- Campbelltown Canowindra Hospital -Canowindra Canterbury Hospital[18] - Campsie Casino Hospital - Casino Cessnock Hospital - Cessnock The Children's Hospital at Westmead[19] - Westmead Cobar Hospital - Cobar Coffs Harbour Hospital - Coffs Harbour Coledale Hospital[20] - Coledale Collarenebri Multi Purpose Service -Collarenebri Concord Repatriation General Hospital[21] - Concord Condobolin Hospital - Condobolin Coolah Multi Purpose Service -Coolah Coolamon Multi Purpose Service -Coolamon Cooma Hospital - Cooma Coonabarabran Hospital -Coonabarabran Coonamble Multi Purpose Service -Coonamble Cootamundra Hospital -Cootamundra Coraki Hospital - Coraki Coral Tree Family Centre[22] - North Ryde Corowa Hospital - Corowa Cowra Hospital - Cowra Crookwell Hospital - Crookwell Cudal Health Service -Cudal Culcairn Multi Purpose Service -Culcairn Cumberland Hospital - Westmead David Berry Hospital[23] - Berry Delegate Multi Purpose Service -Delegate Deniliquin Hospital - Deniliquin Denman Multi Purpose Service -Denman Dorrigo Multi Purpose Service -Dorrigo Dubbo Hospital - Dubbo Dunedoo Multi Purpose Service -Dunedoo Dungog Hospital - Dungog Eugowra Hospital - Eugowra Fairfield Hospital [24] - Prairiewood Finley Hospital - Finley Forbes Hospital - Forbes Gilgandra Multi Purpose Service -Gilgandra Glen Innes Hospital - Glen Innes Gloucester Hospital - Gloucester Goodooga Health Service -Goodooga Gosford Hospital[25] - Gosford Goulburn Base Hospital- Goulburn Gower Wilson Multi Purpose Service[26] - Lord Howe Island Grafton Base Hospital -Grafton Greenwich Hospital - Greenwich Grenfell Multi Purpose Service -Grenfell Griffith Hospital - Griffith Gulargambone Multi Purpose Service -Gulargambone Gulgong Health Service -Gulgong Gundagai Hospital - Gundagai Gunnedah Hospital - Gunnedah Guyra Multi Purpose Service -Guyra Hawkesbury Hospital -Windsor Hay Hospital - Hay Henty Multi Purpose Service -Henty Hillston Hospital - Hillston Holbrook Hospital - Holbrook Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital[27] - Hornsby Hunter New England Mater Mental Health Service -Newcastle Illawarra Mental Health Services[28] Inverell Hospital - Inverell Ivanhoe Hospital - Ivanhoe Jerilderie Multi Purpose Service -Jerilderie John Hunter Hospital - New Lambton Junee Multi Purpose Service -Junee Justice Health Services[29] - Malabar Karitane Mothercraft Society[30] - Carramar Kempsey Hospital - Kempsey Kenmore Hospital - Kenmore Kiama Hospital[31] - Kiama Kurri Kurri Hospital - Kurri Kurri Kyogle Multi Purpose Service -Kyogle Lake Cargelligo Multi Purpose Service -Lake Cargelligo Leeton Hospital - Leeton Lightning Ridge Multi Purpose Service -Lightning Ridge Lismore Base Hospital- Lismore Lithgow Hospital[32] - Lithgow Liverpool Hospital[33] - Liverpool Lockhart Hospital - Lockhart Long Jetty Health Care Centre -Killarney Vale Lourdes Hospital Dubbo -Dubbo Macksville Hospital - Macksville Maclean Hospital - Maclean Macquarie Hospital[34] - North Ryde Maitland Hospital - Maitland Manilla Hospital - Manilla Manly Hospital[35] - Manly Manning Hospital - Taree Menindee Health Service -Menindee Mercy Care Hospital - Albury[36] - Albury Mercy Care Hospital - Young[37] - Young Merriwa Multi Purpose Service -Merriwa Milton Ulladulla Hospital[38] - Milton Molong Hospital - Molong Mona Vale Hospital[39] - Mona Vale Moree Hospital - Moree Morisset Hospital - Morisset Moruya Hospital - Moruya Mount Druitt Hospital[12] - Mount Druitt Mudgee Hospital - Mudgee Mullumbimby Hospital -Mullumbimby Murrumburrah-Harden Hospital -Harden Murwillumbah Hospital -Murwillumbah Muswellbrook Hospital -Muswellbrook Narrabri Hospital[40] - Narrabri Narrandera Hospital - Narrandera Narromine Hospital - Narromine Nepean Hospital[41] - Kingswood Neringah Hospital - Wahroonga Nimbin Multi Purpose Service -Nimbin Nyngan Multi Purpose Service -Nyngan Oberon Multi Purpose Service -Oberon Orange Health Service- Orange Pambula Hospital - Pambula Parkes Hospital - Parkes Peak Hill Hospital - Peak Hill Port Kembla Hospital[42] - Warrawong Port Macquarie Hospital -Port Macquarie Portland Hospital[43] - Portland Prince of Wales Hospital[44] - Randwick Queanbeyan District Hospital- Queanbeyan Quirindi Hospital - Quirindi Rivendell Child, Adolescent and Family Unit- Concord West Riverlands Drug and Alcohol Centre -Lismore Royal Hospital for Women[45] - Randwick Royal North Shore Hospital[46] - St Leonards Royal Prince Alfred Hospital[47] - Camperdown Royal Prince Alfred Institute of Rheumatology &


How to get to - Bristol 60%

Stay on the road until Junction 16, then take the first exit onto Gloucester Rd/A38.


Wholesale june 17 59%

Wighton, Norfolk Little Barnigham, Norfolk Little Ellingham, Norfolk Little Barnigham, Norfolk Little Barnigham, Norfolk Deopham, Norfolk Deopham, Norfolk Baylham, Suffolk Baylham, Suffolk Baylham, Suffolk Bungay, Suffolk Coddenham, Suffolk Coddenham, Suffolk Coddenham, Suffolk Coddenham, Suffolk Coddenham, Suffolk Wighton, Norfolk Wighton, Norfolk Little Ellingham, Norfolk Wighton, Norfolk Deopham, Norfolk Type Soft Soft Soft Blue Blue Soft Blue Blue Soft Soft Soft Hard Hard Fresh Hard Hard Hard Hard Soft Soft Hard Hard Hard Soft Blue Blue Soft Hard Hard Hard Hard Soft Fresh Hard C C C C C C C E G G C C C C C G C C E E C C C C C C C C C C C G C E V V V V V P V P V P V V V V P V P V P V V V P V V V V V V V V V V Page 3 of 16 P P P P P P P Hamish Johnston Fine Cheeses - Wholesale Pricelist BRITISH CHEESES Item Applewood Baron Bigod Baron Bigod 1kg Baron Bigod 250g Beauvale Beenleigh Blue Berkswell Bermondsey Hard Pressed Binham Blue Binham Blue Truckle Block Cheddar Ex Mature Block Cheddar Mature Block Cheddar Mild Block Cheddar Vintage Brinkburn Burwash Rose Caerphilly Gorwydd Caerphilly High Peak Caerphilly Thelma's Original Capricorn Goat 100g Cenarth Brie Chabis Cheshire Appleby's Red Cheshire High Peak White Clava Brie Organic Copys Cloud Cornish Yarg Cornish Yarg Wild Garlic Cote Hill Blue Crowdie Cream Cheese Organic Deopham Blewe Devon Blue Double Gloucester Appleby's Double Gloucester Belton's Driftwood Dunlop Organic Qtr Dunlop Smoked Organic Dunsyre Blue Ellingham Goat Baby Elsdon Flower Marie 200g Fosse Way Fleece Goats Curd 1kg Goats Curd 500g Godminster Organic Brie Godminster Smoked Vintage 1kg Godminster Vintage 1kg Godminster Vintage 2kg Godminster Vintage Heart 200g Godminster Vintage Heart 400g Godminster Vintage Round 200g Godminster Vintage Round 400g Golden Cenarth 250g Golden Cross Gurney Gold Harbourne Blue Hawkston Hereford Hop Charles Martell Isle of Mull Catalogue Unit per kg per kg per kg each per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg each per kg each per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg each per kg per kg per kg per kg each per kg per kg per kg each per kg each per kg each each each each each each each each each each each each per kg per kg per kg per kg per kg Origin Ilchester, Somerset Bungay, Suffolk Bungay, Suffolk Bungay, Suffolk Cropwell Bishop, Notts.


Visit of Ukrainian Reserve Officers. Programme 11 07 2016 57%

Officer’s Mess Thu 7 July 0900 -1830 Workshop with HQ Field Army Lessons learned Group, Land Warfare Development Centre Officer’s Mess accommodation, Warminster Fri 8 July 0800-0930 Travel to Innsworth by minibus 1100-1300 Workshop at HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Innsworth, Gloucester 1430 – 1700 Washup and planning meeting 1 Private – in confidence 1800 Dinner Officer’s Mess accommodation, Hermitage Sat 9 July 0845 Statecraft team arrive Thatcham station (0745 train from Paddington) 0930-1200 Discussions with 77 Brigade and Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI), 1 ISR Brigade, Denison Bks, HERMITAGE, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 9TP Cultural programme Oxford.


34x8 GloucesterCitizen 2013 - FUEL 57%

GLOUCESTER #gotgloscovered print • online • mobile



8 Gloucester Road CLAGGAN PA34 3BT United Kingdom Phone:


Ottawa Area Breweries and Brew Pubs 2016 57%

BS Ottawa Area Breweries and Brew Pubs DC Gloucester N CT Gatineau BT CT G W E BR LT S WA 3B CT DP BTP TN Ottawa CT BC N7 CT K Foresters Falls Pembroke ST WH BO Gatineau Gatineau B Vankleek Hill Hill Vankleek BR BR N CA WS CM A Ashton C Casselman Casselman TB Embrun EB SW Carleton Place TB Embron BH Kanata Almonte Calabogie Nepean Ottawa Pakenham CS Pakenham CA Calabogie CM Almonte EG 3B Legend BB Follow us on social media for news on the Ottawa Craft Beer Scene:


Invoice 010012 57%

010012 27 old gloucester st london wc1n 3xx tel +44 (0) 207 100 4107 fax +44 (0) 207 100 4106 BILL TO Terms Prepaid Allura via Risorgimento 41 Modica RG 97015 ITALY Buyer Customer VAT# Shipped From Francesco Ragusa IT 01603620889 UK PO Number email 13/10/16 24 1 17/10/2016 SHIP TO Allura SAS c.le Caitina 62b Modica RG 97015 ITALY Qty Date Code EG33 CARRIAGE Noted UK Ltd company reg# 6262202 VAT# GB975 0951 87 Description Payment may be made by CHEQUE, BANK TRANSFER or CREDIT CARD.


lumardocs 57% Office 615 750 3526 Cell 615 440 7933 Fax 615 349 3532 COUNTIES AND FEES New Jersey Atlantic DOC RETRIEVAL $20 Bergen CURRENT OWNER TWO OWN ER FULL SEARCH $55 $65 $110-120 50 CENTS $50 $60 $110-120 ALL COUNT IES $60 $110-120 Burlington $20 $50 Camden $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Cape May $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Cumberland $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Essex $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Gloucester $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Hudson $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Hunterdon $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Mercer $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Middlesex $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Monmouth $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Morris $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Ocean $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Passaic $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Salem $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Somerset $20 $60 $60 $110-120 Sussex $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Union $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Warren $20 $50 $60 $110-120 Colorado Adams Arapahoe Boulder Broomfield Denver Douglas El Paso Please note:


AxissFix store list 56%

Wear FK1 1LW GU14 6YA B24 9FP Gloucester Unit 3 St Oswalds Park, Gloucester NE11 0BD GL1 2SR Grafton Centre 26-26a Grafton Centre, Cambridge, CB1 1PS Gravesend Bhs 5-10 New Road Street, St Georges Centre, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0AA DD1 3JS 0208 686 2785 020 8662 4650 01142 764310 02920 599114 01633 485351 01325 469743 0161 320 9304 01332 280570 01302 800730 01624 662969 01384 571232 01382 443870 01355 243566 01323 524 360 0131 453 1383 0208 807 5518 0208 859 7957 01392 259483 01324 679020 01252 376270 0121 386 4005 0191 491 0080 01452 397410 01223 460325 01474 564392 List of Mothercare stores who will be selling the AxissFix Grimsby 15 Friargate, Grimsby, South Humberside Guildford 12c North Street, Guildford, Surrey Halifax 14 The Woolshops, Halifax Harlow MW Unit 12 Queensgate Centre, Edinburgh Way, Harlow Harrow 80-82 St Anns Road, Harrow, Middlesex Hayes Resite Hereford Unit 1, Lombardy RP, Coldharbour Lane, Hayes, Middlessex 34a Marlowes Centre, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Unit 10-11 Maylord Orchard SC, Hereford, High Wycombe 2 Paul Row, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Hounslow 112 High Street, Hounslow, Middlesex Huddersfield Resite Hull MW Unit 2A, Great Northern Retail Park, Leeds Road, Huddersfield Kingston RP, Kingstone Street, Kingston Upon Hull Huntingdon St Benedicts Court, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire Ilford 114 High Road, Ilford, Essex Inverness Unit 7 Eastfield Way, Inverness RP, Inverness Ipswich MW London Road, Copdock Mill Interchange, Ipswich Isle Of Wight Resite Jersey Unit 4a, Carisbrooke Trading Estate, Taylor Road, Newport, Isle of Wight Rutland House, Charing Cross, St Helier, Jersey Kew Mothercare World Kings Lynn Resite Unit 1a, Richmond RP, Mortlake Road, Kew, Richmond, Surrey Unit 2A, Hardwick Retail Park, Kings Lynn, Norfolk Kingston Bentalls Centre, Kingston Upon Thames, Kirkcaldy Unit 9, Fife Central Retail Park, Chapel Park, Kirkcaldy Leamington Spa MW Leeds MW Unit 2 Shires RP, Leamington Spa, Warwicks Leicester MW Unit 9, St Georges RP, St Georges Way, Leicester Hemel Hempstead Crown Point RP, Junction Street, Leeds DN31 1QQ GU1 4AF HX1 1RU CM20 2DA HA1 1JX 01472 352793 01483 467240 01422 438 680 01279 443944 0208 427 2349 UB3 3EX 0208 756 4330 HP1 01442 1DX 252860 HR1 01432 2DT 272665 HP11 01494 2HQ 535182 TW3 0208 577 1NA 1767 HD1 01484 6ND 487590 HU1 01482 2TX 588222 PE29 01480 3PN 457707 IG1 1BY 0208 478 1953 IV2 7GD 01463 228390 IP8 3TT 01473 691524 PO30 01983 5LG 556090 JE2 3RP 01534 633000 TW9 0208 878 4AD 3758 PE30 01553 4NA 818690 KT1 1TR 0208 939 7740 KY2 6QL 01592 649840 CV34 01926 6RH 452917 LS10 01132 1EW 440555 LE1 1SG 01162 488090 List of Mothercare stores who will be selling the AxissFix Lewisham Resite Unit 1, Lewisham Retail Park, Loampit Vale, Lewisham Lincoln Unit 7, St.


collection description 55%

The collection originated from my grandfather who, along with his uncle, collected the artifacts from fields and banks of the Delaware River and Mantua and Woodbury Creeks and the fields of West Deptford Township in Gloucester Co.


00 FULL BOOK 54%

This year, representing the other Gloucester Park club, he clocked 4:00.11 to finish 1,556 in the M45 age category at the event.


London Itinerary 52%

Albert Brompton Oratory (Harrods) Buckingham (St James's) Whitehall Westminister Queen's Path (Temple) Time 40m 45m (120m) 45m 60m 45m 45m 60m 60m 60m Transport Metro Gloucester Rd Station Sights Garden Natural History Museum 45m (10am-9pm) Hyde Park Cnr Station London Oratory Temple Station Harrods Wellington Arc Clarence House (Cavalry Museum) St Margaret's Church Westminister Bridge Roman Baths Food Buckingham Palace St James's Palace 10 Downing St Westminister Abbey Old County Hall Somerset House (Albert Memorial) Gardens (Admiralty Arc) Cenotaph Westminister Palace London Eye (Courtauld Gallery) (Royal Albert Hall) Royal Mews Churchill War Rooms Big Ben Jubilee Footbridges (St Duntan) (South Kensington) 11:30am - Changing of the Guards 11am - Horse Guard Parade Southbank Centre Temple Church Victoria &


Easter Leaflet Cheltenham 49%

800g White Farmhouse Loaf 0610 £2.05 800g Med Sliced White Farm 0611 £2.15 400g White Farmhouse 0612 £1.45 400g Sliced White Farmhouse 0613 £1.55 400g Country Hearth 0614 £1.56 400g Multi Seeded Loaf 0615 £1.79 Pack of 2 Lardy Cakes 0617 £2.52 From Mays, a family firm in Ledbury 1/2 Doz Free Range Large Eggs 0400 £1.65 Braces 800g Thick White Sliced 0430 £1.30 Butter 800g Med White Sliced 0431 £1.30 Netherend made in the Forest of Dean 250g Salted 0162 £2.93 800g Thick Wholemeal Sliced 0436 £1.44 800g Med Wholemeal Sliced 0437 £1.44 800g Multi-grain Sliced £1.47 250g Unsalted 0161 £2.93 0439 Fresh Juice Dragon butter made in North Wales 1pt Glass Orange 0580 £1.11 250g Salted 1pt Glass Cranberry 0583 £1.11 1pt Glass Apple 0581 £1.11 1pt Glass Grapefruit 0582 £1.11 0166 £1.99 Dragon Cheese Made in North Wales, with a delicious mouth watering creamy taste Eager Juices are not made from concentrate but 100% natural squeezed juice with a delicious taste 180g Mild Cheddar 0226 £1.89 £3.47 180g Mature Cheddar 0228 £1.99 0172 £3.47 180g Vintage Mature 0221 £2.05 Apple 1Ltr 0545 £1.85 1 Ltr Oatly Organic 0328 £1.75 350g Mature Cheddar 0299 £2.99 Orange 1Ltr 0546 £1.85 1 Ltr Alpro Organic unsweetened 0126 £1.75 180g Red Leicester 0223 £1.49 Tomato 1Ltr 0548 £1.85 250ml Organic Double Cream 0087 £1.69 180g Double Gloucester 0230 £1.49 Cranberry 1Ltr 0547 £1.99 180g Caerphilly Cheese 0216 £1.49 Pineapple 1Ltr 0549 £1.99 Like our Facebook page @CotteswoldDairy to find out about latest news, events and promotions.


london-rail-and-tube-services-map 49%

Mary Cray Towards Swanley and Sevenoaks Beckenham Junction 5 Petts Wood Knockholt West Wickham Towards Sevenoaks East Croydon Church Street Hayes Lebanon Road George Street Sandilands Lloyd Park South Croydon Coombe Lane Purley Oaks Coulsdon Town Gravel Hill Addington Village 6 Fieldway Sanderstead Reedham King Henry’s Drive ZONE Coulsdon South 6 Riddlesdown Kenley Whyteleafe New Addington Upper Warlingham Whyteleafe South Caterham Tattenham Corner Towards Gatwick Airport C Bickley Bromley South Addiscombe Centrale Woodmansterne Epsom Downs © Transport for London and ATOC Chislehurst Bromley North Eden Park Blackhorse Lane West Croydon Purley Tadworth Towards Dartford and Gravesend Elmstead Woods Chelsfield Carshalton Beeches Kingswood Crayford Bexley Grove Park Orpington Arena Belmont Banstead Albany Park Sidcup Elmers End Woodside Reeves Corner Waddon Barnehurst Clock House Selhurst ZONE Towards Ebbsfleet International Bexleyheath Welling New Eltham Sundridge Park Avenue Road Birkbeck Wallington Cheam Falconwood Catford Bridge Harrington Road Waddon Marsh 4 5 Slade Green Kidbrooke Shortlands ZONE West Sutton Erith Hither Green New Beckenham Ravensbourne Thornton Heath Therapia Ampere Lane Way Hackbridge Abbey Wood Penge West Wandle Park Mitcham Junction 4 Plumstead Belvedere Beckenham Hill Lower Sydenham Chipstead Gloucester Road Piccadilly line trains will not stop at this station until mid-December 2014 Gallions Reach Woolwich Arsenal Eltham Gipsy Hill Norwood Junction 4 Beddington Lane Morden South Ewell East Cyprus Woolwich Dockyard Charlton Lee Catford Norbury Mitcham Eastfields ZONE Mitcham Westcombe Park Maze Hill Ladywell Crofton Park Penge East Kent House Belgrave Walk Ewell West Beckton Park King George V Bellingham Streatham Hill Chessington South Towards Guildford Emirates Greenwich Peninsula Mottingham 3 Phipps Bridge Sutton Embankment Bakerloo and Northern line trains will not stop at this station until early November 2014 Royal Albert Sydenham Sydenham Hill Streatham Common Sutton Common 6 Prince Regent Beckton Lewisham Forest Hill West Dulwich Morden Road Stoneleigh 3 Honor Oak Park East Dulwich ZONE Chessington North Towards Woking and Guildford Emirates Royal Docks North Greenwich Blackheath Brockley Streatham St.


buying group christmas special 48%

Horseradish relish 145g €2.45 Yes Yes No Brand Product description size price org Veg FT Lye cross farm Vintage cheddar 400g €7.50 Yes No No 5 of the best –Double Gloucester, Cheshire, Red Leicester, Wensleydale, cheddar 1 kilo €16.80 Yes No No Stilton 150g €2.95 Yes No Calon Wen Mature cheddar 200g €2.95 Yes Village Bakery Oatcake seed biscuits 200g €2.10 Gilchesters Spelt biscuits With thyme 150g €3.10 Meridian Steenbergs Atkins &