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Woodland Proposal 100%

Over the next 5 months, God affirmed to Kirsten and I that we are being called to plant a new work of the Gospel in Woodland, CA.


Matt's 2015 Church Plant Prospectus 99%

With having everything but community, the Gospel need for Brickell is great.


Raising your Kids without Dropping Jesus Outline 97%

17:9) • Because our children are naturally on the road to destruction, we must proclaim the gospel to them from a very young age.


2017 22 01 Order Worship PDF 94%

It is a great sadness that this is the gospel of the modern world.


TGM. Introduction and First Chapter 94%

THE GOSPEL MATRIX UNVEILING THE BIBLE’S HIDDEN CONDEMNATION OF CHRISTIANITY The Gatekeeper Copyright © 2015 The Gatekeeper (Reign, D.) All contents of this book are copyrighted and forbidden from being unlawfully altered, reproduced, or otherwise redistributed apart from the verifiable permission of The Gatekeeper.


Free 7 Day Bible ProgramNew 93%

Not nessisarily because it is my favorite gospel, although it does have some of the best parts in it.


w E 18810500 92%

1 1 THE GOSPEL TO ABRAHAM The word gospel signifies good news.


2 june newsletter w 92%

a blare of trumpets for the Lord Second Reading Ephesians 1:17-23 Gospel Luke 24:46-53 Phone:


2017 29 01 Kaleo Order Worship PDF 91%

FOR REFLECTION Spiritual disciplines must be accompanied by a deep saturation in the gospel.


w E 18920000 91%

And those observa­ tions have led to a careful reconsideration of the entire sub­ ject of gospel missionary work both from the standpoint of Scripture testimony and from the standpoint of human theory and practice.


Mission Preparation handout 91%

Be absolutely honest in your application about physical or emotional limitations.  Missions will push you. Give the Brethren the best  information you can to help place you where you can best serve.          MISSION DEMANDS, RESULTS, AND PREPARATION  Domain  Demands  Results  Preparation  What will be  tested?  SOCIAL  What will be hard?  What will I get from doing it?  How can I prepare?  • How well will I  get along with  • others  (companion,  investigator,  • member, other)  • PHYSICAL  • How well can I  take care of  myself?  • • • EMOTIONAL  How well do I  handle conflict,  difference,  stress?  • • • •     Not everyone will like you, and you  will have to learn to get along  anyway  You will be in close contact with  those who differ from you  (companions who differ)  You will not always agree with those  in leadership and will have to still be  obedient and helpful  You will to have to be patient with  crazy people, depressed people,  addicted people, and others  You have to do your chores  (cooking, cleaning, organizing)  You will work hard and be physically  tired  You will get sick and have  companions get sick and you will  have to deal with it yourself  You will have to live within a budget  Your buttons will be pushed   You will be rejected  You will have to let go of traditional  sources of emotional strength  (music, friends, quiet walks, TV,  sports, etc.)  You will have to talk to people (be  an extrovert)  • • • • An ability to talk to and connect  with anyone about their issues  A gift of caring for others and  loving them  An appreciation for others who  may differ from you   An ability to make friends with  both men and women, old and  young, alike and different  • • • • • • • • An ability to be independent  and have self confidence  An ability to transition and  move   Discipline and self‐control  around time, space, and money  • • • • • • • An ability to learn patience and  self mastery  Awareness of your strengths  and weaknesses  An ability to face tough  challenges and respond well  • • • Talk to an adult about serious  issues for 5 minutes  Learn to ask questions to “know”  someone  Hang out with someone you are  not comfortable with; learn to  get along  Apologize for something you did  that bothered someone else  Bring up a problem in a friendly,  constructive way  For a day or a week do  everything for yourself  Get in shape … nutrition,  exercise, sleep  Manage a budget.  Know what  things cost.    Do your family shopping for a  week starting with  meal  planning  Do some self discovery: what is  my relationship style?  What  bothers me? How flexible can I  be?  Practice controlling anger  Next time you make a mistake,  don’t hide from it; face it  INTELLECTUAL  • You will have to really learn the  How well do I  learn?  How  inquisitive am I?  • • SPIRITUAL  How well do I  receive the  spirit?  • • • • gospel, not superficial answers, but  real insights  You will have to master a new  culture and work with people to  help them, not you  You may have to learn a new  language or speak English better  Your testimony will be challenged  You will likely have moments of  doubt  You will have to learn the gospel  and live it  You may have to chose between  obedience and popularity  • • • • • • • An ability to identify and solve  problems in depth  A capacity for learning that will  apply to your academic and  professional life  An ability to define value  through the eyes of others  An ability to take risks that take  you out of your comfort zone  • • • • • • • An ability to have your personal  • witness of the truth of the  • gospel  An ability to hear and recognize  • the voice of the Lord  An awareness of how you find  and feel the spirit in your life  • •   Bear testimony:  because of  Really study the gospel:  prepare  talks, ask why questions (5  whys’), practice teaching  Think like an investigator   Read and learn about the  scriptures … make seminary real  Memorize scriptures   Study a language  Study Preach My Gospel  Really pray … loud, list, long  Find your spiritual language:  what gives me the spirit  Challenge yourself to tune in to a  spiritual experience 5 days a  week  Read Hearing the Voice of the  Lord  Be ready to introduce yourself,  teach 1st lesson, give key talks


Newsletter- Ethiopia 2013 90%

God’s movement to carry the Gospel Across Ethiopia “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God...” - John 1:12 After three plane flights, a 15 hour overnight car ride and a little bit of In addition they have helped raise up local evangelists who then in turn do walking our team arrived in the tribal regions of Western Ethiopia ready to meet the Gumuz people.


ARK Initiative 90%

The ARK initiative is actively involved in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus through the seven states &


Game Plan (series) 89%

Gospel Communities! ... leaders notes for Gospel Communities and 3.


Declaration of the Marginal Mennonite Society 88%

The wandering wise man who said “Become passersby!” (Gospel of Thomas 42).


Missions The Church of Pentecost History 88%

The Church of Pentecost - The Church - History This same jesus, which has been taken from you into heaven, shall come back in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven (Acts 1:11) 5/2/11 11:12 AM Home MISSION STATEMENT The CHURCH OF PENTECOST exists to bring all people everywhere to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the gospel, the planting of churches and the equipping of believers for every God-glorifying >>more If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;


w E 18941001 87%

BISHOP FOSTER’S NEW GOSPEL On Sunday, September 23rd, Bishop Foster preached before the Pittsburgh Annual Conference of the M.


w E 18840300 87%

e., whether the time given them was literal or symbolic tim e], unto whom it was re­ vealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us [the Gospel Church] they did minister.


Young Family Update Nov. 8, 16 - PDF 86%

Good questions… There are currently over 900 people groups (around 300 million people!) throughout Africa that have never been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Heavenly Places 86%

To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,” The great commission to preach the gospel, and now the rulers of the Gentiles (principalities and power in heavenly places) would need to hear the gospel.


w E 18930501 84%

with what deep concern and wise forethought he considered all the interests of that body, even to the end of the Gospel Our Lord’s object in selecting the twelve at that time was age— the period of the church’s probation.


w E 18821000-11 84%

In conclusion, since the Apostles urged the church as soldiers, as a priesthood, as disciples or imitators, as the body members, as living stones of the temple, and as "a cha�te virgin, espoused to one husband"-Christ,* we believe that all of these expressions were but variations of the same call, and to the same class, because during this Gospel Age there has been but one-the high calling and all are "called i n ONE HOPE of your calling."


Mormon - How to become a better Missionary for Jesus Christ 84%

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or is ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” —2 Corinthians 11:3-4 Please consider and accept the Scriptural Jesus and His finished work at the Cross and become a fantastic Missionary for the Jesus of Biblical Scripture.


w E 18800700 83%

THE CLOSING WORK The transition from the Jewish age to the Gospel age covered a period of a little more than seventy years, reaching from the birth of Christ to the destruction of Jerusalem.


w E 18930901-15 83%

Here Paul was for the time safe from his enemies, the Jews, and free, under the protection of his lenient and favorably disposed captors, to preach the gospel to all who would hear both Jews and Gentiles.