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460W-6K (Didwania) Guarantor Form 100%



a relationship between veteran financial1130 100%

The brand new 'VA Loan Guaranty Improve comes with a good time for the whole 'Nations Veterans'.


twhjune13 97%

Daughter Will Receive $44,899 to $70,000 Per Year TAXͲ FREE…For Life One of our agents recently had a client ask how he could set up a gift of $250,000 for his 45 year old daughter to guaranty her a pension 20 years from now at her age 65.


Final Doc Package 9-22-15 97%

 Provide home and cell phone numbers on Personal Guaranty form under your residential address.


tmpco hoists catalogues -14P 93%

One year guaranty and ten years after sales services of “TMPCO” company separately.


tmpco hoists catalogues -12p 90%

One year guaranty and ten years after sales services of “TMPCO” company separately.


GK41 1977 American LaFrance Telesquirt - 81%

GUARANTY  WAIVER:  All  property  is  offered  for  sale  “AS  IS,  WHERE  IS.”  Seller  makes  no  warranty,  guaranty  or  representation  of  any  kind,  expressed  or  implied,  as  to  the merchantability or fitness for any purpose of the property offered for sale. The Buyer is not entitled to any payment for loss of profit or any other money damages – special, direct, indirect, or consequential.


AIAI-case-studies 79%

 Also unique (since the 2008 banking crisis)… Assured Guaranty Municipal insured more than $101 million of a $461 million bond issue in connection with a public-private partnership sponsored by the Port Authority of NYNJ.


GTBank Online Report Date Dec 24 2015 78%

GUARANTY TRUST BANK ONLINE TRANSACTION DETAILS REPORT WRONG DATE * In the snapshot below, you would notice transaction details dated 29-Dec-2015 for a transaction done on the 24-Dec- 2015 and more interestingly for a report generated today (24-Dec-2015).


GTBank Online Report Date Jan 02 2016 78%

GUARANTY TRUST BANK ONLINE TRANSACTION DETAILS REPORT WRONG (FUTURE) DATE AS AT JANUARY 2, 2016 * As at today, GT Bank has not corrected the transaction details error.


CAC GTBank Update 74%

She eventually/reluctantly gave her name as *IZEDUWA and I proceeded to re-start the process of reserving the business name online which eventually resulted in a payment issue (error) between CAC and GT Bank (Guaranty Trust Bank).


ApplicationAndPromissoryNote 68%

or You are consolidating a delinquent Federal Consolidation Loan that the lender has submitted to the guaranty agency for default aversion, or you are consolidating a defaulted Federal Consolidation Loan, and you are not consolidating any additional eligible loans.


readme 65%

Armor/Item Runscript Clothing Orsino's Robe + Staff of Violation runscript get_orsa Apprentice Robe B runscript get_daab Apprentice Robe C runscript get_daac Apprentice Robe D runscript get_daad Tallis' Party Outfit runscript get_tapo Orlesian Noble Outfit runscript get_onho Aveline's Clothes runscript get_avea Tallis Outfit + Weapons runscript get_tala Harlequin's Motley runscript get_hrqn Viscount Robes runscript get_vicr Light Armor Sets Light Darkspawn Armor (B) runscript get_dksb Mage Item Pack 2 Armor + Weapons runscript get_mip2 Rogue Item Pack 2 Armor + Weapons runscript get_rip2 Black Fox Armor + Weapons runscript get_rip1b Duke Prosper de Montfort's Armor runscript get_dpma Orlesian Battledress runscript get_obda Kirkwall Squire's Armor (lgtd) runscript get_ksaa Light Seeker Armor runscript get_casb Light Dwarven Armor runscript get_ldwa Light Dwarven Noble Armor runscript get_ldna Orlesian Light Leather Armor runscript get_olla Nug Wrangler's Armor runscript get_nwga Medium Armor Sets Fenris' Armor runscript get_fena Rascal's Scale Armor + Weapons runscript get_rip1a Duke Guard Armor runscript get_dkga The Messenger Armor runscript get_toma Sticky Fingers' Armor (masb variation) runscript get_sfma Mercenary's Reinforced Armor (masa) runscript get_mrpa Medium Seeker Armor runscript get_casc Medium Cold Season Seeker Armor runscript get_case Aveline's Medium Armor + Aveline's Weapons runscript get_avec 4/7 Loincloth Fashion DA2 Armor and Weapon Ports Medium Dwarven Armor by Entopie runscript get_mdwa Heavy Armor Sets Warrior Item Pack 2 Armor + Weapons runscript get_wip2 Stonehammer Armor runscript get_stha Orlesian Noble Hunting Armor runscript get_onha Seeker Armor (heavy version) runscript get_casa Golden Prince's Armor + Weapons runscript get_wip1 Orlesian Lancer Armor runscript get_olaa Armor of the Fallen runscript get_aotf Cold Season Seeker Armor runscript get_casd Aveline's Armor + Aveline's Weapons runscript get_aveb Commissioned Plate Armor (masb) runscript get_mcpa Darkspawn Armor runscript get_dksa Weapons Might of the Sten (Greatsword) runscript get_mots Dagger Pack 1 (7 daggers) runscript get_dgrp1 Dagger Pack 2 (7 daggers) runscript get_dgrp2 Longsword Pack 1 (7 longswords) runscript get_lswp1 Longsword Pack 2 (7 longswords) runscript get_lswp2 Longsword Pack 3 (7 longswords) runscript get_lswp3 Greatsword Pack (8 greatswords) runscript get_gswp1 Staff Pack 1 runscript get_stfp1 Staff Pack 2 runscript get_stfp2 Staff Pack 3 runscript get_stfp3 Shield Pack 1 (6 tower shields) runscript get_shdp1 Shield Pack 2 (6 tower shields) runscript get_shdp2 Longbow Pack (5 longbows) runscript get_lbwp1 Shortbow Pack (2 shortbows) runscript get_sbwp1 Greataxe Pack (6 greataxes) runscript get_gaxp1 Axe Pack (3 axes) runscript get_axep1 Void's Hammer (1 maul) runscript get_malp1 The Weight (1 mace) runscript get_mcep1 Hawke's Keys runscript get_hwky Orlesian Weapons runscript get_owas Crossbows (4 crossbows [3 of them are variations]) runscript get_cbwp1 Crossbows are untested, so no guaranty that they'll work properly ingame.


Rates 2016 62%

For any registration 50 € of application fees and a guaranty deposit of 150 € x number of months (E.g.


Jersey City Portfolio Confidentiality Agreement 58%

The Undersigned understands and acknowledges that (a) the Confidential Information is being provided for information purposes only, (b) the information contained therein has not been independently verified by Savills, and (c) neither the Company nor Savills make any representation, warranty or guaranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the Confidential Information.


crowdsale recovered 48%

 Mycelium,  its  affiliates  or  licensors  do  not   guaranty  in  any  way  that  the  value  of  Tokens  and/or  SIA’s  stock  will  increase,  nor  that  Tokens  can  be   sold  to  any  third  party  at  any  time.


crowdsale(1) 47%

  Stock  Value  =  total  price  of  Tokens,  purchased   during  initial  Sale  Event  x  20.  The  initial  value  is  determined  in  bitcoins, however, for the purpose of determination of the value increase,  it will be converted to and carried in United States Dollars. The exchange rate used to determine  the  value  in  FIAT  currency  shall  be  the  BitcoinAverage  exchange  rate  as  of  May  18th,  23.59  PST, 2016​  ​ .  At  a  Triggering  Event  the  value  of  SIA  stock  will  be determined through adding the amount that  is obtained in such particular Event to the previously determined value.       7. ​ SARs payment​ . When SARs are exercised, the amount of payment to Participant is  determined based on SIA’s stock appreciation and Participant’s SARs, assigned to Participant’s  Tokens. SIA’s stock appreciation is a difference between the previously determined value and  the value obtained due to the latest Triggering Event.  8.  ​ Project  updates​ .  Participants  are  informed through  the Project  website’s announcements and  by  emails  about   the  development  of  the  Project,  upcoming  Triggering  Events,  and  other  important events.    9.​  Resale and Assignability​ . Tokens purchased pursuant to this Agreement may be sold and  transferred by Participants freely subject to terms of this Agreement and applicable laws. Any  party purchasing Tokens becomes a party of this Agreement and has to comply with its terms.  Any  assignment of SARs without the transfer of Tokens is void; any sale of Tokens means the  sale of SARs.     10.  ​ Benefit​ .  This  Agreement  and  the  covenants  and   conditions   herein  contained  shall  inure  to  the  benefit  of  and  be  binding  upon  the  parties  hereto  and  their  successors  and  permitted  assigns.     11. ​ Relationship of the parties​ . The nature of relationship between Mycelium and Participant is  that of independent contractors. No joint venture, franchise, partnership, employment  agreement, or agency is created hereunder or as a result of any course of dealing between the  Parties. Neither Party has the authority to bind the other, to incur any liability or otherwise act on  behalf of the other. Participant shall be solely responsible for payment of the taxes applying to  the purchase, holding of Tokens and payments received under this Agreement. Participant shall  verify through appropriate means and counsel in Participant’s jurisdiction if the purchase,  holding and receiving the benefits of the Token is legally permitted as well as to check the  regulations regarding the use of bitcoins in Participant’s jurisdiction.     12. ​ Limitation of liability​ . The Rights acquired under this agreement are highly illiquid rights with  no refund possibility other than explicitly mentioned herein. Mycelium, its affiliates or licensors  do not guaranty in any way that the value of Tokens and/or SIA’s stock will increase, nor that  Tokens can be sold to any third party at any time. Tokens are subject to the fluctuation of the  BTC currency against the USD for which Mycelium accepts no responsibility.     Mycelium and its affiliates or licensors will not be liable to Participant for any direct, indirect,  incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages (including damages for loss of profits,  goodwill, use, or data), even if a party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In  any event, Mycelium and Mycelium’s affiliates’ and licensors’ aggregate liability under this  Agreement will be limited to the amount Participant actually paid to Mycelium under this  Agreement.  13.  ​ Applicable  Law​ .  This  Stock  Appreciation  Rights  Agreement  shall  be  governed  by  and   construed in accordance with the Cyprus laws.  14.  ​ Dispute  Resolution​ .  The  parties  will  attempt  to  resolve  any  dispute  arising  out  of or relating  to  this  Agreement  through friendly negotiations amongst the parties. If  the matter is not resolved  by  negotiation,  the  parties  will  resolve  the  dispute  using  arbitration.  Arbitration  of  any  disputes  arising  from  this  Agreement  is  mandatory  and  in  lieu  of  any  and  all  civil  causes  of   action  and  lawsuits  either  party  may  have  against  the  other.  The  arbitrator's  award  will  be  final,   and  judgment  may  be  entered  upon  it  by any court having proper jurisdiction. The prevailing party in  any  arbitration  shall  be  entitled   to  reimbursement  of  reasonable  attorney's  fees  and  expenses  (including, without limitation, arbitration expenses) relating to such arbitration.  15.  ​ Severability​ .  In  the  event  any  provision  of  this  Agreement  is  found  to  be  invalid,  illegal,  or  unenforceable  the  remaining  provisions  of  this  Agreement  shall  nevertheless  be  binding  upon  the  parties  with  the same effect as though the void or unenforceable part had been severed and  deleted.  16.  ​ Entire  Agreement​ .  This  Agreement  constitutes  the  entire  agreement  between  the  parties  with  respect  to  this  Agreement,  and  all  prior  agreements  relating  to  the  Sale  Event  hereunder,  express or implied, written or oral, are nullified and superseded hereby.  17.  ​ Headings​ .  The  paragraph  headings  of  this  Agreement  are  included  for   the  convenience  of  the parties only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.  18.  ​ Amendments​ .  This  Agreement  may  not  be   modified,  amended, assigned, supplemented, or  rescinded,  or  any  provision  hereof  waived,  except  by  an  instrument  in  writing  executed  by  the  parties.  19.  ​ Counterparts​ .  This  Agreement,  and  any  amendment  or  supplement  hereto,   may  be   executed  in  several  counterparts,  each  of  which  shall  be  deemed  an  original,  and  all  of   which  taken together shall constitute one and the same instrument.        IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF,  the  parties  have  signed this  Stock Appreciation Rights Agreement as  of the day first above written.     Mycelium Holding Ltd:      ______________________,  By Alexander Kuzmin, Director      Participant:      _______________________,  PARTIСIPANT’s NAME and  EMAIL:  ____________________________________________________________________________


abbreviations 45%

Department of Science and Technology Department of Tourism Department of Transportation and Communications Department of Public Works and Highways Disaster Risk Reduction Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Department of Social Welfare and Development Department of Trade and Industry Digital Terrestrial Television Direct-to-User Satellite Provider Distribution Utility Electric Cooperative Environmental Compliance Certificate Early Childhood Care and Development Early Childhood Education Enhanced Case Flow Management Energy Efficiency and Conservation Environmental Education and Information Division Exclusive Economic Zone Education For All Environmental Impact Assessment Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative Economist Intelligence Unit Enhanced Justice on Wheels Environmental Management Bureau Environment and Natural Resources Executive Order Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program Electric Power Industry Reform Act Energy Reform Agenda Energy Regulatory Commission Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 ERDB ERDT ERP ESCO ESWMA ETEEAP EU E-waste EV FAA FDCP FDI ETEEAP F1 FDA FL FLEMMS FE FIA FICAP FIES FiT FLA FLAg FLAgT FLGMA FLMA FMB FMR FMR/DP FOB FOI FPIC FRB FRIA FSAP Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau Engineering Research and Development for Technology Economic Resiliency Plan Energy Service Company Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 Expanded Tertiary Education, Equivalency and Accreditation Program European Union Electronic waste Electric Vehicle Federal Aviation Authority Film Development Council of the Philippines Foreign Direct Investment Expanded Tertiary Education, Equivalency and Accreditation Program FOURmula One Food and Drug Administration Functionally Literate Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey Forward Estimates Freedom of Information Act Federation of International Cable TV Association of the Philippines Family Income and Expenditures Survey Feed-in Tariff Fishpond Lease Agreement (Special) Forest Land Use Agreement Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism Purposes Forestland Grazing Management Agreement Forest Land Management Agreement Forest Management Bureau Farm-to-Market Road Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Program Freight on Board Freedom of Information Free, Prior and Informed Consent Fiscal Responsibility Bill Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act Financial Sector Assessment Program FSF FSSR FTA FY GAA GAD GCM GCR GDI GDP GEF GEM GFI GHG GIFMIS GIR GIS GMO GNP GOCC GPI GPS GQMP GQMSS GRP GS GSIS GSM GVA GWh HCW HDI HEI HFA HGC HIV-AIDS HLURB HRD HRH HSRA HUCs Financial Sector Forum Food Staples Self-Sufficiency Roadmap Free Trade Agreement Fiscal Year General Appropriations Act Gender and Development Global Climate Model Global Competitiveness Report Gender Development Index Gross Domestic Product Global Environment Facility Gender Empowerment Measure Government Financial Institution Greenhouse Gas Government Integrated Financial Management Information System Gross International Reserve Geographic Information System Genetically-Modified Organism Gross National Product Government Owned and Controlled Corporations Gender Parity Index Global Positioning System Government Quality Management Program Government Quality Management Systems Standards Government of the Republic of the Philippines Government Securities Government Service Insurance System Global System for Mobile Communications Gross Value Added Gigawatt-Hour Health Care Waste Human Development Index Higher Education Institution Hyogo Framework for Action Home Guaranty Corporation Human immunodeficiency virus– acquired immune deficiency syndrome Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board Human Resource Development Human Resources for Health Health Sector Reform Agenda Highly Urbanized Cities HUDCC HWG IAM IAS IAs IAS IATCTP IC ICAO ICC ICC ICC-DBCC ICERD ICM ICS ICT ICRMP IDP IEC IES IFC IFMA IFRS IGF IKSP ILO IMD IMF IMR IMT INFRACOM IP IPCC IPMAP IPP Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council Hazardous Waste Generator Internal Audit Manual International Accounting Standards Irrigators’ Associations Invasive Alien Species Inter-Agency Technical Committee on Transport Planning Insurance Commission International Civil Aviation Organization Investment Coordination Committee Indigenous Cultural Communities Investment Coordination CommitteeDevelopment Budget Coordination Committee International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination Integrated Coastal Management Internal Control System Information and Communications Technology Integrated Coastal Resources Management Project Integrated Development Plan Information, Education and Communication Impact Evaluation Study International Finance Corporation Integrated Forest Management Agreement International Financial Reporting Standards International Gateway Facility Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices International Labour Organization International Institute for Management Development International Monetary Fund Infant Mortality Rate Irrigation Management Transfer NEDA Board Committee on Infrastructure Indigenous People Inter-governmental Panel for Climate Change Indigenous Peoples Masterplan Independent Power Producer List of Acronyms 341 IPPA IPR IPRA IRA IRR ISDB-T ISFs ISM ISO ISPS ISSP IWRM JCMS JICA JMC JMP JRC JV KALAHI-CIDSS KPO kV LAA LAD LARA LBP LCCAP LDC LEP LET LHB LFS LGC LGU LMB LMP LNB LPG LRA LRTA LTI LUB 342 Independent Power Producer Administrator Intellectual Property Rights Indigenous People’s Rights Act Internal Revenue Allotment Implementing Rules and Regulations Integrated Services Digital BroadcastTerrestrial Irrigation Service Fees International Safety Management International Organization for Standardization International Ship and Port Facility Information Systems Strategic Plan Integrated Water Resources Management Judiciary Case Management System Japan International Cooperation Agency Joint Memorandum Circular Joint Monitoring Program Joint Research Centre Joint Venture Kapit-bisig Laban sa KahirapanComprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services Knowledge Process Outsourcing Kilovolt Land Administration Authority Land Acquisition and Distribution Land Administration Reform Act Land Bank of the Philippines Local Climate Change Action Plan Least Developed Countries Ladderized Education Program Licensure Examination for Teachers Local Housing Boards Labor Force Survey Local Government Code Local Government Unit Land Management Bureau League of Municipalities of the Philippines Liga ng mga Barangay Liquefied Petroleum Gas Land Registration Authority Light Rail Transit Authority Land Tenure Improvement Luzon Urban Beltway Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 LWUA M1 M2 MARINA Mbps MC MCC MCP MDFO MDG MDGF MEDP MERALCO MfDR MFI MGB MIGA MILF MIMAROPA MB MBFOE MMDA MME MMLOE MMMT MMR MMS MMSCF MNCHN MNLF MOA MOOE MPA MPDI MRF MRF MRR MRS MSACC MSME Local Water Utilities Administration Currency in circulation, peso demand deposits M1 and peso savings, time deposits Maritime Industry Authority Memorandum Circular Millennium Challenge Corporation Mandated Credit Program Municipal Development Fund Office Millennium Development Goals Millennium Development Goal Fund Missionary Electrification Development Plan Manila Electric Company Managing for Development Results Microfinance Institution Mines and Geosciences Bureau Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Moro Islamic Liberation Front Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan Million Barrels Million Barrels of Fuel Oil Equivalent Metro Manila Development Authority Monitoring, Management, and Evaluation Million Liters of Oil Equivalent Million Metric Tons Maternal Mortality Ratio Multimedia Messaging Service Million Standard Cubic Feet Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health, and Nutrition Moro National Liberation Front Memorandum of Agreement Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses Marine Protected Area Mandatory Pre-departure Inspections Materials Recovery Facility Microinsurance Regulatory Framework Mandatory Rate Reduction Materials Recovery System Multi-Sectoral Anti-Corruption Council Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


augury 45%

Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Part I 01/01/2016 and ending 12/31/2016 X a single-employer plan X a multiple-employer plan (not multiemployer) (Filers checking this box must attach a X a one-participant plan X X X the first return/report X the final return/report X a short plan year return/report (less than 12 months) an amended return/report list of participating employer information in accordance with the form instructions.) a foreign plan Check box if filing under:


2014 April 42%

The member with the most points at the end of the year wins a paid membership for 2015 Coin Resource Numismatic Guaranty Corporation Jim Warnke Memorial Hunt/Picnic HAVE DETECTOR, WILL TRAVEL 23 hunters and 1 spectator gathered for a hunt and picnic at Ocean Cay Park in Juno Beach on March 15.