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CrimRecord 100%

 JANUARY  16,  1998     Convicted  Upon  Plea  of  Guilty     -­‐-­‐   LARCENY       PL  155.25         Class  A  Misdemeanor             Sentence  to:


1 AdobeFillable.PDF 96%

REMARKS (ACORD 101, Additional Remarks Schedule, may be attached if more space is required) APPLICABLE IN ALABAMA Any person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for payment of a loss or benefit or who knowingly presents false information in an application for insurance is guilty of a crime and may be subject to restitution fines or confinement in prison, or any combination thereof.


Rules 95%

execution of the PCS blacklist rules To be punished for an offence as described by these rules, there must be sufficient proof that the accused is guilty of the offence.


The Insys Enforcement Action Scorecard v2.0 20170203 91%

All charges filed in connection with any action are merely accusations, and those charged are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


SC19950.Taupier.Appx.MSB 91%

(a) A person is guilty of conspiracy when, with intent that conduct constituting a crime be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct, and any one of them commits an overt act in pursuance of such conspiracy.


Real Chart 1948 89%

His Band With Harry Davis I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 23 The Andrew Sisters The Coffee Song 24 Monte Rey My First Love My Last Love For Always 25 Ella Fitzgerald Guilty 26 Leslie A.

20/12/2015 87%

After unsuccessfully moving to dismiss the indictment for failure to allege a crime, Parigian reached an agreement with the government whereby he pled guilty to the charges conditionally, under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11(a)(2), so that this court could then rule on the questions raised by his challenge to the superseding indictment.


State v Horvath 2015-Ohio-4729 87%

(1) finding him guilty in absence of an explanation of circumstances as required under R.C.


03318308155 87%

pleaded guilty to count(s) 1 of the Information.


JayFoyLee 86%

Whittington Steven Assigned 09/23/2003 Motion for Statement of Particulars Motion For Statement Of Particulars 09/23/2003 Notice Of Discovery Notice Of Discovery 09/26/2003 Waiver Of Appearance And Plea Of Not Guilty Waiver Of Appearance And Plea Of Not Guilty 09/26/2003 Letter Letter To Court From Defts Atty 10/03/2003 Order For Pretrial Conference Order For Pre-trial Conference 10/07/2003 Auto docket Pretrial Set For 10/20/2003 At 09:01 In 201/, Jdg:


Reply Brief 85%

Kossack ("Kossack") never entered into a Conditional Guilty Plea agreement, nor was one ever offered or discussed, and something is amiss in Bar Counsel's Statement of the Case, This is an automatic de novo appeal of a Conditional Guilty Plea pursuant to Supreme Court Rule (SCR) 113 as adopted in the Findings and Recommendations of the duly designated Formal Hearing Panel ("Panel") of the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board, filed on April 18, 2011.


rbcp 84%

Defendant agrees to plead guilty to Count One of the Information in which defendant is charged with fraud and related activity in connection with computers in violation of 18 U.S.C.


Mark Reed Defendant Superior Court Records 84%

MARK REED’S CRIMINAL RECORD        The following pages are the public records from the Los Angeles Superior Court of cases in  which Republican candidate for Congress Mark Reed was a criminal defendant.    Also included is a status report from the California Secretary of State’s office on Mr. Reed’s  suspended corporation, Mark’s Pool Plumbing, Inc.    Summary pages introduce each set of records.  MARK REED ARRESTED, CONVICTED, ON PROBATION FOR POSSESSION OF A CONCEALED DANGEROUS WEAPON  Currently represented by a Bar Panel attorney from the   Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments Program    Case No. 9SR00526  The People of the State of California vs. Mark Steven Reed, Sr.  Law enforcement Agency effecting arrest: LAPD – Foothill Area  Case filed on 01/29/09  Mark Reed charged with one count of possession of a concealed dangerous weapon [12020(A)(1)], on or about  01/08/09.  Case called for arraignment on 01/29/09. Mark Reed not present. Represented by Deputy Public Defender Peggy  Loveman.  Case called for further proceedings on 08/26/09. Court orders complaint amended to add violation of 12020(A)(1) as  count 02.  Case called for arraignment and plea on 08/27/09. Mark Reed pleads not guilty to both counts.  Case called for “traffic school completion” on 09/30/09. Mark Reed represented by Deputy Public Defender John H. Cho.  Case called for jury trial on 10/26/09. Public Defender’s Office declares a conflict; Alternate Public Defender’s Office is  appointed.  Case called for pre‐trial hearing on 11/04/09. Public Defender declares conflict of interest. Court appoints Bar Panel  attorney Murray Berns from the ICDA (Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments) office of the Los Angeles Bar  Association.  Case called for jury trial on 03/23/10. Mark Reed testifies. Court orders the testimony of the arresting officers.  Case called for jury trial on 03/24/10. Mark Reed pleads Nolo Contendere to count 01. The court finds the defendant  guilty. Mark Reed pleads Nolo Contendere to count 02. The court finds the defendant guilty.  Mark Reed placed on probation for 36 months under the following terms and conditions: “serve 1 day in the Los Angeles  County Jail, less credit for 1 day”; court security assessment of $30.00; “criminal conviction assessment” of $30.00;  $2,297 in attorney fees; restitution fine of $100; total due, $2,457.00. In addition: “not own, use or possess any  dangerous or deadly weapons, including any firearms, knives or other concealable weapons”; “the weapon involved in  this case is ordered confiscated and destroyed by the arresting agency”; “defendant is ordered to pay a probation  revocation restitution fine” of $100.  Case called for further proceedings on 04/16/10. Defense attorney states that Mark Reed has found a gun dealer who  will buy his firearms and asks to have firearms released to defendant for purpose of transporting them to gun dealer.  Request is denied. Los Angeles Police Department will transport the firearms to the dealer. Court orders Mark Reed to  pay $2,297 in attorney fees by 04/19/11.  Case called on 04/16/10 for fines and fees. Mark Reed pays $245.  Case called on 04/19/11 for fines and fees. Mark Reed fails to appear. Case referred to financial evaluator.  Case called on 04/22/11 for proof of restitution. Mark Reed fails to appear. Notice of delinquency is mailed.  Case called on 05/25/11 for attorney fees payment. Mark Reed is present, not represented by counsel. Case continued.  Case called on 08/25/11 for attorney fees payment. Mark Reed is present, not represented by counsel. Mark Reed is told  that if he does not pay the $2,297 in attorney fees by February 21, 2012, the matter will be referred to collections.  On 09/12/11: Mark Reed appears for evaluation. Recommendation: “Defendant to pay total due at the rate of $25 per  month on the 21st of every month beginning 10/21/11 and each month thereafter.”  Case called on 09/21/11 for “miscellaneous.” Mark Reed’s motion to have attorney fees reduced is denied.  Mark Reed paid $25 on 09/21/11, $25 on 10/20/11, $25 on 11/21/11, $25 on 12/15/11.  Case called on 02/21/12 for fines and fees. Mark Reed is not present and not represented by counsel.  Case called on 02/28/12 for fines and fees. Mark Reed is present, not represented by counsel. Payment of $50 is made.  On 03/13/12, Mark Reed and his Bar Panel attorney, Murray S. Berns, file a motion for early termination of probation.  Next scheduled event: 04/02/12, 8:30 a.m., motion for early termination of probation, San Fernando Courthouse  Department 137.  Custody status: On Probation.



JAMES TRENT GOODBAUDY Case Number 127136 Case Type Offense Misdemeanor Court Clatsop Case Status Inactive File Date 05/29/2012 Party Plaintiff State of Oregon Active Attorneys Lead Attorney ATTORNEY, CLATSOP CO DISTRICT Defendant GOODBAUDY, JAMES TRENT DOB XX/XX/1973 Charge Charges GOODBAUDY, JAMES TRENT Description Citation Statute Level Date Failure to Carry/Present License 52262 807.570 Misdemeanor Class C 05/09/2012 Disposition Events 06/19/2012 Plea Judicial Officer Unassigned, Judge Defendant GOODBAUDY, JAMES TRENT Failure to Carry/Present License Not Guilty 11/14/2012 Disposition Judicial Officer Unassigned, Judge Defendant GOODBAUDY, JAMES TRENT Failure to Carry/Present License Convicted 11/14/2012 Sentence Failure to Carry/Present License Sentence Converted Disposition Unitary Assessment $60.00 Fine $40.00 Converted Disposition Jail - Day(s):



UMANSKY 08/05/2005 Waiver of Arraignment WAIVER OF ARRAIGNMENT 08/05/2005 Written Plea of Not Guilty WRITTEN PLEA OF NOT GUILTY ENTERED 08/05/2005 Notice of Intent to Participate in Discovery NOTICE OF INTENT TO PARTICIPATE IN DISCOVERY 08/05/2005 Waiver of Defendant's Attendance at Pre-Trial WAIVER DEFT'S ATTENDANCE AT PRETRIAL CONF 08/05/2005 Demand for Disclosure of Criminal Records DEMAND FOR DISCLOSURE OF CRIMINAL RECORDS 08/05/2005 Demand for Exculpatory Information DEMAND FOR EXCULPATORY INFORMATION 07/18/2005 Complaint COMPLAINT FILED 07/18/2005 Bond Filed POLAKOFF BOND FILED RET TBN $1000 A061766193 07/18/2005 Arrest Affidavit ARREST AFFIDAVIT FILED - DOA <07/16/2005>


TUSK2334889 83%

Kaizoku Musou 2 [PSV] 10 4480.00 44800.00 8 Resident Evil / Biohazard HD Remaster [PS3] 10 2980.00 29800.00 9 Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 [Xbox 360] 10 1980.00 19800.00 10 Espgaluda II Black Label [Xbox 360] 10 1980.00 19800.00 11 INITIAL D EXTREME STAGE (BEST PRICE) [PS3] 10 1980.00 19800.00 12 Okami HD Premium ed [[PS3] U 10 1980.00 19800.00 13 Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Standard Edition [PS3] PRE 10 4980.00 49800.00 14 Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Standard Edition [PS4] PRE 10 4980.00 49800.00 15 Hajime no Ippo - Standard Edition [PS3] PRE 10 4980.00 49800.00 16 J-Stars Victory Vs [PSV] 10 4980.00 49800.00 17 Gundam Breaker PSV] U 10 1980.00 19800.00 Subtotal Total (YEN) 654640.00 0.00 Total 654640.00 MIZUHO BANK ASAKUSA BRANCH FUTSU ACCOUNT 1407831


Baltimore County Code 18-2-602 83%

A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $100 for each offense.


Politicians 83%

YOU, WE, ALL OF US must work within the law to destroy this practice and make accountability, arrests and convictions of guilty politicians possible.


USCOURTS-caed-2 08-cr-00350-22 83%

[U] [] [] pleaded guilty to count:



There are three jury verdicts in Scotland:- “guilty”, “not guilty” and “not proven”.


TG 82%

In 2013 he plead guilty to conspiring to steal over $150,000 worth of property paid for by the Army along with his then wife Emily Dukes.


coa falsifyingagovtdocument 03-05-00277-cr 80%

In August 1997, Retzlaff pleaded guilty to tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.


HollywoodandRecreatingHistory 79%

It reached the point that Charles declared that 5 Members of Parliament (the key leaders) were guilty of treason.


powercontrolwheelnoshading 79%

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project 202 East Superior Street Duluth, MN 55802 218.722.4134 Making her feel guilty about the children.