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EEP-277UL-C400-SLHP 95%

80W LED Bulb Mogul Base 400W Metal-Halide Replacement Stock #150063 Specifications Features EEP-277UL-C400-SLHP • Replaces up to a 400W Metal Halide Bulb • >50,000 hour bulb life • Environmentally safe:


EEP-110UL-C175-SLOHP 95%

High Powered 38W LED Bulb Mogul Base 175W Metal-Halide Replacement Stock #150028 Features Specifications EEP-110UL-C175-SLOHP Color Style:


EEP-110-C175-SL 95%

High Powered 45W LED Bulb Mogul Base 175W Metal-Halide Replacement EEP-110-C175-SL (150005) Features Specifications Color Style:


EEP-110UL-C175-SLOHP 95%

High Powered 36W LED Bulb Mogul Base 175W Metal-Halide Replacement Stock #150064 Features Specifications EEP-110UL-C175-SLOHP Color Style:


316 316l data sheet-Stal 93%

Pitting/Crevice Corrosion Resistance of austenitic stainless steels to pitting and/ or crevice corrosion in the presence of chloride or other halide ions is enhanced by higher chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), and nitrogen (N) content.


Cannabis Life Cycle 76%

Fluorescent lights are primarily employed because the plant does not require high quality low 1|Page wavelength red light present in high pressure sodium lights, and it does not require the quantity of light or the heat emitted by metal halide bulbs.


EEP-110DLC-C100-RK 75%

Cool White (5,500K +/175K) Replaces 100W Metal Halide Lamp • >50,000 hour bulb life CRI:


EEP-277DLC-C400-SLF 75%

135W LED Metal Halide Replacement EEP-277DLC-C400-SLF Specifications Features Color Style:


EEP-277DLC-C400-SLF 75%

100W LED Metal Halide Replacement EEP-277DLC-C400-SLF Specifications Features Color Style:


EEP-110UL-C100-SLOHP 75%

High Powered 28W LED Bulb Mogul Base 100W-150W Metal-Halide Replacement Specifications Features EEP-110UL-C100-SLOHP Color Style:


spec sheet 59%

400-watt Probe Start Metal Halide High Bay.


survey report 54%



ChemIIA 2012 final 53%

Mm+ + X– [MX](m–x)+, where Mm+ is a metal ion and X– is a halide ion, the formation constant Kf = [MX(m–x)+]/{[Mm+][X–]}.


CV.JRL 47%

microphones, projectors, various speakers, video monitors, video screens, A/V recording equipment, media formatting, multi-channel interfaced digital communication systems, sound/audio channel mixing boards, editing consoles or software, wireless transceivers, traditional and intelligent or automated lighting (Tungsten-Halogen, MSR, Xenon, LED, HID, High Pressure Sodium, Metal-Halide/HMI, etc), AC/DC electrical (transformers, ballasts, dimmers, fixtures, cables, channel circuiting, patching, motors, winches, breakers/grounding devices, surge prevention, PLC’s etc.), climbing/rigging equipment (including use of trusses, loading and balancing methods, rope fly systems, weight ballasts), complex pulleys, fly system controls (set pieces, equipment, persons, etc;


Pupil Lumens and their impact on the choice of lighting 47%

Pupil Lumens = Photopic Lumens * [S/P] 0.78 Here are some types of lights with their traditional and pupil lumens 250 32500 365 37000 455 36000 Lumens/Watt (Photopic Lumens) 130 101 79 S/P Ratio (correction factor) 0.2 0.62 1.49 Pupil Lumens 9250 25530 48960 Pupil Lumens/Watt 37 70 108 36 2800 78 1.13 3080 85 15 1500 100 1.9 2475 165 Source of Light Watt Lumens Low Pressure Sodium High Pressure Sodium Metal Halide T8 Fluorescent (3000 K) LED Light Factoring in the S/P ratios reveals why Low Pressure Sodium lamps that are apparently the most efficient with a photopic lumen output of 130 Lumens/ Watt appear so dull.


Symposium Sino-Belgian 2017 (002) 43%

We have recently reported several new chloride carriers that are at least ten times faster than previously reported structures and reach rates of transport up to 850 Cl -/s by a single carrier.[2] Important factors in the development of anion carriers are their affinities for anions and their lipophilicity, but advantage can be also taken of the particular structure of macrocycles to find corresponding selectivities.[3] A series of our anion carriers has also been tested in epithelial cells that were engineered to express yellow fluorescent protein (YFP), which can be used as a fluorescent probe to monitor halide concentrations in the cells.


9783319189550-c2 41%

This makes transparent Al2O3 ceramics a promising candidate for applications as electromagnetic windows, transparent armor, and envelopes of HP metal halide lamps [53].


JDIT-2017-0503-029 36%

The acidic hydroxy groups can undergo further transformations to provide esters [75], amines [76] and halide derivatives of squaric acid [77].