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2015 October GCTC Newsletter 100%

Jerry Laur 561-951-1015 SEPTEMBER MEETING Paul Hamlin, April Sovich and Jan Smirnow Best Gold With Stone Paul Hamlin Best Gold Paul Hamlin 18 Kt Cross 14 Kt Ring Best Silver Jan Smirnow 1916 Dime Most Unusual Paul Hamlin Railroad Flattened Coin Best Costume Paul Hamlin Best Coin April Sovich Stainless Steel Ring 2003 Foreign Coin Second Place Silver - Coach Ring - Paul Hamlin Costume - Tungsten Ring - Jan Smirnow Coin - Dollar Coin - Paul Hamlin Our September meeting was held in the Discovery Room of the Science Center with 28 in attendance.


2018 February GCTC Newsletter 95%

Frank Nash got Detective of the Year, Paul Hamlin won Ambassador of Goodwill, Sue Chonoles won Tipper of Year, Cheryl Petenbrink wo n Volunteer of the Year, and Jack Kazee got Editor of the Year.


GCTC June 2016 Newsletter 95%

Paul Hamlin has constructed a skill developer, guess what it is you just detected?


2018 July GCTC Newsletter 94%

After the break, long-time member Paul Hamlin shared tips about hunting in the water.


2012 December 93%

2012 BEST FIND WINNERS MAY NOVEMBER Paul Hamlin, Steve Hamedl, Gary Spiroch Ed D'Amato, Gary Spiroch, Betty Laur APRIL OCTOBER David Levine, Steve Hamedl, Linda Bennett, Gary Spiroch Steve Hamedl, Amy Hamedl, Paul Hamlin SEPTEMBER MARCH no picture Gary McNew, Paul Hamlin, Gary Spiroch FEBRUARY Phil Marro, Kathy Marro, Steve Hamedl, Betty Laur AUGUST Gary McNew, Kathy Marro, Phil Marro JANUARY Mindy Spiroch, Steve Hamedl, Paul Hamlin, Kathy Ayon JULY Jim Sharp, Gary McNew, Tom Lieberman 2011 Yearly Best Finds (Awarded in February) Steve Hamedl and Gary Spiroch JUNE Gail Hoskins, Paul Hamlin, Steve Hamedl, Mindy Spiroch Jim Sharp, Linda Bennett, Kathy Marro, Phil Marro, Steve Hamedl HAVE DETECTOR, WILL TRAVEL See Facebook for more pictures of the Jamboree at ****************************** TCAS 26th Annual Benefit Hunt Saturday, March 9, 2013 Wabasso, Florida 9a - 4p Back row:


2014 December 90%

REPEAT AMBASSADOR Ed Morin Gary Spiroch and Steve Hamedl Best Gold with Stones Steve Hamedl Class Ring Best Silver Gary Spiroch Best Gold Gary Spiroch 14K Ring Best Costume Steve Hamedl Returned Driver License and Charge Card MEMBER FOR SALE ADS Whites Pinpointer II new $80 Jerry Laur 561-951-1015 Key Chain Most Unusual Steve Hamedl Figures From India Ring with Opal Best Coin Steve Hamedl 1967 Large Foreign Cent Second Place Gold with Stone - 10K Ring- Paul Hamlin Gold - 14K Cameo Ring - Steve Hamedl Silver - Ring - Jim Sharp Most Unusual - Ring?


GCTC October Newsletter 89%

Paul Hamlin will be bringing more of his goodie bags that he will sell for $1 and donate profits to club.


2017 June GCTC Newsletter 89%

Have permission and do no harm Our next meeting will be 7:00 PM, June 8, 2017 South Florida Science Center Garden Club Building 4800 Dreher Trail North West Palm Beach, FL 33405 June Birthdays Paul Hamlin (6/9) Kenneth Lubinski (6/14) Les Perkins (6/8) Karen Schneider (6/3) June News Margaret Weller (6/16) We didn’t have a speaker in May, so the meeting was more of a business meeting.


2014 May 87%

REPEAT AMBASSADORS 18 Kt Ring-Diamonds and Sapphires Best Silver Jan Smirnow 18 Kt Band Most Unusual Gary Spiroch Ring Hover Craft Best Costume Gary Spiroch Best Coin Erik Berman Class Ring 1866 Silver Dollar Copy Second Place Gold with Stone - 14K Pendant - Paul Hamlin Gold - No Entry Silver - Cross - Gary Spiroch Most Unusual - Crematory Tag - Steve Hamedl Costume - Steel School Ring - Steve Hamedl Coin - 1937 Wheat Penny - Paul Hamlin Paul Hamlin Cell Phone ONGOING CLUB PROJECTS Our club collects eye glasses, foreign coins, miscellaneous items of costume jewelry/tokens/metal toys, pull tabs, and empty ink cartridges.


2014 July 87%

Thanks in advance to Paul Hamlin from bringing the Mystery Stumper.


2011 November 87%

OCTOBER MONTHLY BEST FINDS CONTEST (Winners receive a special prize) BEST GOLD WITH STONES – Steve Hamedl BEST PLATINUM MAY - OCTOBER (Winner received silver quarter) Steve Hamedl (Ring) ( 14 Kt Ring with 3 Diamonds) BEST GOLD – Steve Hamedl MONTHLY BEST FIND WINNERS (2.6 oz Gold Chain with Medallion ) BEST SILVER – Steve Hamedl (Turquois Pendant) Kathy Ayon, Steve Hamedl, Linda Bennett and Paul Hamlin Second Place for Monthly Best Finds (Runner up receives old American coin and certificate) MOST UNUSUAL – Linda Bennett (Skeleton Key) Gold with Stones – No Entry Gold – Paul Hamlin (10K Ring) Silver – Kathy Ayon (Ring with Cross) Most Unusual – Steve Hamedl (Two Finger Ring) Costume – Jim Sharp (Ring with Stones) Coin – Jim Sharp (1902 Indian Head Penny) ******************************************* Hunting the Beaches that Have Large Rocks COSTUME JEWELRY – Paul Hamlin (Kenneth Cole Watch) BEST COIN – Kathy Ayon (1890 Coin) When hunting beaches that have a lot of rock formations, go around the bottom and try to get into the areas under the rocks.


2010 October 85%

SEPTEMBER BEST FINDS CONTEST Second Place for Monthly Best Finds (Winners receive a silver quarter and certificate) (Runner up receives a silver dime and certificate) BEST GOLD WITH STONES – Jim Sharp Gold with Stones – Gary McNew (Engagement Ring) Gold and Diamond Bracelet Gold – Steve Hamedl (14 Kt Chain) BEST GOLD – Gary McNew 10 Kt Pendant Silver – Drew Van Deventer (Cross with Stones) BEST SILVER – Paul Hamlin Ring with Stone Most Unusual – Gary McNew (Pipe) Costume – Steve Hamedl (Guess Watch) MOST UNUSUAL – Drew Van Deventer Royal Flush Coin – Gary Spiroch (1928 Wheatie) COSTUME JEWELRY – Jim Sharp Ring with Stone MONTHLY FIRST PLACE WINNERS BEST COIN – Paul Hamlin Krone Jim Sharp, Drew Van Deventer, Paul Hamlin, Gary McNew Remember:


2014 October 85%

REPEAT AMBASSADOR John Lobota Gary McNew, Steve Hamedl, Paul Hamlin, Frank Nash Best Gold with Stones Paul Hamlin 14K Diamond Ring Best Silver Gary McNew Sterling Silver Wings Best Costume Steve Hamedl Bracelet Best Gold Steve Hamedl 14K 29"


2017 December GCTC Newsletter 85%

The Tinfoil Times Page 2 November Speaker Paul Hamlin Paul Hamlin was our featured speaker in November.


2010 December 83%

NOVEMBER BEST FINDS CONTEST Second Place for Monthly Best Finds (Winners receive a silver quarter and certificate) (Runner up receives a silver dime and certificate) BEST GOLD WITH STONES – Jack Petenbrink Gold with Stones – Gary Spiroch (Diamond Ring) (Opal Ring) Gold – Paul Hamlin (10K Baby Ring) BEST GOLD – Tom Lieberman (18K Necklace with Pendants) NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Silver – Gary Spiroch (Ring) BEST SILVER – Jim Sharp (Silver Turquoise Bracelet) Most Unusual – Al Dillon (Coal Co.


2009 November 83%

Gary McNew and Paul Hamlin have graciously agreed to serve on our nominating committee this year.


2009 June 82%

MONTHLY BEST FINDS CONTEST (Winners receive a silver quarter and certificate) Second Place for Monthly Best Finds Gold – Gary Spiroch (10 Kt Jesus Pendant) Silver - Mindy Spiroch (Silver Ring) BEST GOLD – EDDIE D'AMATO 14 Kt Gold Ring with Citrine and CZ's Most Unusual – Jerry Laur (Religious Medal) BEST SILVER – GARY SPIROCH Silver Ring with Decorative Engraving Best Costume – Paul Hamlin (Cross) MOST UNUSUAL – TOM LIEBERMAN Puppet Head Best Coin – Paul Hamlin (1/2 Israel Shekel) ****************************************** COSTUME JEWELRY – GARY MCNEW Wish Necklace with Pearl BEST COIN – JIM SMITH 1875 Trade Dollar Monthly Best Finds Winners Gary Spiroch, Mindy Spiroch, Paul Hamlin, Jerry Laur, Tom Lieberman, Jim Smith, Eddie D'Amato and Gary McNew MAY MEETING With 38 in attendance, President Mindy Spiroch welcomed guests Kathy and Phil Marro from Hollywood (South Florida Treasure Hunter’s Club members) and new members Tessa Durand and Ed D' Amato from Wellington.


2007 November 82%

money pouch by Karen Larson, visor headlight donated by Bob Smirnow, lotto scratch offs by Jerry Laur, Angel Alert by Paul Hamlin, shadow box by Jim Sharp and pumpkin decorating kit by Linda Bennett.


2010 March 80%

Ring) BEST GOLD WITH STONES – Jim Sharp 10 Kt Gold Diamond Ring Most Unusual – Tom Lieberman (Fan Mister) BEST GOLD – Steve Hamedl 14 Kt Gold Expandable Ring BEST SILVER – Jim Sharp Caviar Ring Costume – Gary Spiroch (Ladies Seiko Watch) Coin – Stacey deLucia (Unknown Foreign Coin) MOST UNUSUAL – Cheryl Petenbrink Gator Eating Pencil COSTUME JEWELRY – Jack Petenbrink MONTHLY FIRST PLACE WINNERS Heart-Shaped Ring BEST COIN – Paul Hamlin 1919 Wheat Penny Paul Hamlin, Cheryl Petenbrink, Jack Petenbrink, Steve Hamedl, Jim Sharp Remember:


2013 August 79% From June 1987 Newsletter JUNE MONTHLY BEST FIND WINNERS Paul Hamlin and Steve Hamedl Best Gold with Stones Best Gold 10 K Gold Ring 14 K Ring Paul Hamlin Paul Hamlin JULY MONTHLY BEST FIND WINNERS Steve Hamedl and Paul Nison Best Gold with Stones 14 K Gold Ring Paul Nison Steve Hamedl Best Silver Best Costume Jewelry Silver Ring Bracelet with Stone Steve Hamedl Best Silver Best Gold 26 "


2010 November 78%

OCTOBER BEST FINDS CONTEST BEST PLATINUM (JULY-OCTOBER) (Winners receive a silver quarter and certificate) (Winner receives silver half dollar and certificate) BEST GOLD WITH STONES – Stacey deLucia STACEY deLUCIA – Diamond Ring (10K White Gold Ring with Diamonds) BEST GOLD – Paul Hamlin (18K Gold Ring) BEST SILVER – Jim Sharp (Silver Bracelet) Second Place for Monthly Best Finds (Runner up receives a silver dime and certificate) Gold with Stones – Jack Saint (14K Ring) Gold – No Entry Silver – Bob Smirnow (Chain with Cross and Medal) MOST UNUSUAL – Steve Hamedl (Jewish Star Rock) Most Unusual – Gary McNew (LED Glasses) Costume – Gary McNew (Snake Ring) No Picture Available COSTUME JEWELRY – Stacey deLucia Coin – Jim Sharp (Chile 100 Peso) (Gem Encrusted Giraffe Bracelet) OCTOBER MONTHLY BEST FINDS WINNERS BEST COIN – Steve Hamedl (Ukraine Coin) Steve Hamedl, Stacey deLucia (in costume), Jim Sharp, Paul Hamlin (in costume) OCTOBER MEETING – HALLOWEEN BASH If you missed our October meeting, you missed A LOT of fun!


2010 January 78%

Also recognized for their extra help with planted hunts were Paul Hamlin, Ken Lubinski, Tessa Durand and Eddie D'Amato.


2009 September 78%

Jim Sharp and Paul Hamlin will be hosting this event.


2011 January 78%

Paul and Marge Hamlin of Seashore Gifts of Lantana placed secret tags on several of the wrapped presents, earning the winners a special prize.