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2016 10 20 01 01tk2010 TalkTown18 PEH.PDF 100%

SALES GUIDE The Finishing Touch LONG OR SHORT TERM STORAGE KHULULWA is a hardworking and reliable female with experience seeking housekeeping work.


Writing the General Objective 99%

Name:_______________________________                                          Date:_______________  Choose one Objective Title and one Objective Statement  from the bottom section  to write an objective for your resume.  Ø Objective Titles:  1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Position Desired  Objective  Employment Goal  Career Goal  Career Objective  Ø Objective Statement:  a)  To work where I can use my experience to benefit the company and allow myself to grow.  b)  To work where I can improve my skills to the best of my ability and contribute to the  company.  c)  To have a position where I can use my skills and hardworking ability to benefits my employers  and be of service to others.  d)  To obtain long term employment with growth potential with a company where I can contribute  my hardworking ability and my positive attitude.  e)  To obtain a people­oriented position where I can use my skills to serve others.  f)  To be employed where I can use my written and oral communication skills to contribute to the  growth of a company and in service to others.  g)  To obtain a position where I can be challenged to develop my leadership qualities.  Ø Sample of an Objective for your Resume:  Objective: To obtain a position where I can use my skills and abilities to benefit my employer and  be of service to others.  Ø Your Resume Objective:  (Objective Title)  (Objective Statement)


8 11 2016 01 01tk1108 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 93%

073 73 39 39300 0 574 74 PAT is a hardworking, reliable and honest female with experience looking for domestic work.


8 25 2016 01 01tk2508 TalkTown22 PEH.PDF 88%

BUNTU is a hardworking, reliable and honest male looking for work.


2016 10 27 01 01tk2710 TalkTown18 PEH.PDF 85%

062 871 4510 10 EDMUND is a hardworking Zimbabwean male looking for any type of employment.


7 7 2016 01 01tk0707 TalkTown18 PEH.PDF 85%

063 0017 00 7 464 SYLVIA IA is a hardworking and reliable female seeking domestic work.


2016 08 18 01 01tk1808 TalkTown14 PEH.PDF 85%

074 358 0524 0 BUNTU is a hardworking, reliable and honest male looking for work.


Module 6 – The Z Overcoming Obstacles 84%

• • • • • • • • • • Self-starter Motivated Innovative Patient Problem solver High energy Independent Goal-oriented Intelligent • • • Hardworking Eager Honorable Powerful leader Has the ability to promote positive change in others • • • May be selective with peer group • • • • Self-serving Strong-willed personality Interested in education Financially successful Z-negative characteristics • • • • • • May engage in underhanded behaviors to achieve goals Intimidating Attention craving Obsessive Daredevil/risk taker Arrogant/ Narcissistic Manipulative How does society label a Z?


decembernews 78%

A big thanks to the hardworking committee members for organising the event!


Ankit Sharma Pdf Resume 78%

Self motivated, Creative, innovative, hardworking, Enthusiastic, punctual and ‘Honest’.


Gerald Rec Letter 78%

Evan is hardworking, energetic and always very professional.


Nina Hrelja - Resume 78%

hardworking Environmentally friendly Dedicated and cooperative PROFESSIONAl goal Deliver innovative campaigns to create behaviour changes on environmental and social issues Skills 2014 sustainable marketing media campaign Ecosource and uNIVERSITY OF TORONTo Created an integrated social media campaign to promote Ecosource's event "Amazing Green Quest"


Kelli contribution form for website 78%



AqilRaharjo Resume 78%

hire me, i love deadlines.


luceroux studioahha reccomendationletter 78%

Luce is a hardworking person, dependable and very enthusiastic, always looking forward to know more about graphic design as a practice.


Personal words for resume 78%

Personal Qualities Abstract Accepting Achieving Adjusting Adventurous Affectionate Ambitious Articulate Artistic Assertive Attractive Aware Eager Efficient Encouraging Energetic Enterprising Entertaining Enthusiastic Expressive Objective Observant Open Minded Optimistic Orderly Organized Original Outgoing Tactful Talented Thorough Thoughtful Tireless Tolerant Trusting Truthful Fair­minded Flexible Forceful Friendly Painstaking Patient Perceptive Persuasive Poised Pragmatic Precise Productive Professional Progressive Unique Unpretentious Balanced Calm Carefree Caring Charismatic Charming Cheerful Clever Commanding Committed Compassionate Concrete Confident Congenial Conscientious Conservative Considerate Consistent Cooperative Cordial Courageous Creative Critical Curious Dedicated Deliberate Dependable Determined Diligent Disciplined Distinctive Doer Dynamic Reliability Gentle Genuine Goal­directed Good­natured Graceful Gracious Happy Helpful Humane Humorous Idealistic Imaginative Independent Industrious Innovative Inquisitive Insightful Intelligent Intense Intuition Inventive Investigative Knowledgeable Leader Listener Logical Methodical Motivated Questioning Quick Rational Realistic Reasonable Reassuring Receptive Relaxed Reliable Resourceful Respective Rigorous Self­confident Self­controlled Sense of humor Sensitive Serious Sincere Skillful Sociable Spontaneous Steady Stimulating Straightforward Strong Supportive Sympathetic Verbal Vigorous Warm Wise Zestful Accountable Accurate Attendance (good) Capable Committed Concerned Consistent Conscientious Cooperative Dependable Honest Judgment (good) Loyal Patient Precise Prompt Punctual Reliable Self­controlled Self­reliant Steady Straight forward Trustworthy Work Habits Able to work with others Accepting of criticism Active Alert Appearance (neat) Attentive to details Attitude (positive) Balanced Capable Competent Creative Enthusiastic Efficient Exact Flexible Friendly Genuine Gets along well with others Hardworking Innovative/Initiating Persistent Resourceful Team player Thorough


Ameristar Heating Season Pricing 78%

Most importantly, with over 100 years of combined industry experience, you will get to deal exclusively with Calgary and Airdrie’s most knowledgeable, honest, and hardworking team at EMCO HVAC.


Hightower Al Credentials Small 78%

A As hardworking immigrants from Portugal, they believed in high business s moralitty, quality workmanship, and integrity in everything they did.


GK1 78%

Into the 80's, difficult to climb the modern competitive climbing competition began to rise and caused widespread interest in Italy in 1985, held the first difficulty of climbing Fruit businessman They are hardworking, living in the bottom of China, by selling fruit for a living, their fresh fruit, delicious.


1481236410-DM Workbook v4 119 78%

It’s also crucial to get an honest, hardworking team of people around you to look out for your interests.


College Resume Tyler DuPree updated 78%

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn • Quick learner, reliable, hardworking, team player, and creative ​ ​May 2019 Work Experience:


Temp Labor - Customer Service & Order Fulfillment 78%

Order Fulfillment Temp  Los Angeles, California  Why work for Thousand?  Be part of a growing brand that helps save lives, reconnect people to their cities, and make quality gear  that doesn’t cause unnecessary harm to the planet.   We have a big vision and are looking for a resourceful, intelligent, and hardworking individual to roll up  their sleeves and help us get it done.


Resume - Riley Bryant 78%

Riley Bryant ______________________________________________________________________________ 1901 Lamar Highway Darlington, SC 843-309-4204 ______________________________________________________________________________ Objective Pet Lovers Warehouse Hartsville Skills • • • • • • Great with computers and technology in general Can create web pages, presentations, videos, etc Can fix nearly any problem as regards to hardware Very hardworking &


Robertas Ivanauskas CV 78%

In short, I am reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and eager to learn and have a genuine interest in technologies.