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HIOKI 9624-50 ENG 100%

Report output items *See Analysis Capabilities Voltage/current RMS value fluctuation graph Harmonic fluctuation graph Inter-harmonics fluctuation graph Flicker graph Integral power graph Demand graph Total harmonic voltage/current distortion factor list EN50160 window (Overview, Harmonic, Signaling Measurement Results Category) Worst case Transient waveform Maximum/minimum value list All event waveforms/detailed list Settings list Harmonics TIME PLOT Window Display Tolerance curve ITIC PW3198 3197 3196 4 4 4 4 4 4 — 4 4 4 Flicker EVENT RMS value fluctuations Inrush Current Demand and energy consumption EN50160 Overview, Harmonic, Measurement Results Category Signaling Settings screens — 4 4 4 — — — 4 4 — 4 4 4 4 Other Functions CSV Conversion of Measurement Data Convert data in the range specified in the TIME PLOT window into CSV format and then save for further processing.


HIOKI PW3336 ENG 98%

The power meters can measure voltage, current, and power harmonics up to the 50th order depending on the fundamental f re qu e n cy, in clu ding tot a l ha r m o nic dis to r t i o n ( T H D), fundamental wave component, harmonic level, phase difference, content percentage, and other parameters for each order.


HIOKI PW3335 ENG 98%

Example of distorted waveform containing harmonic component The PW3335 measures harmonics up to the 50th order.


Report 98%

Music Theory It is a good point to introduce the “harmonics” and “Fundamental Frequency” terms.


HIOKI 3193-10 ENG 98%

Graph Display of Harmonics Waveform Display List Display of Harmonics Vector Display of Harmonics Voltage, current and power can be analyzed and displayed by bargraphs of harmonic amplitude, content and phase angle.Voltage, current and power can be displayed simultaneously for a single channel, or a single parameter can be displayed simultaneously for each of three channels.


HIOKI 3286 ENG 97%

3286-20 CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER Power measuring instruments All Powerful Effective input current level 1.00 A to 1000 A W VA var 600.0kW max.(1ø) COS ±1.000 ±1.000 (±90.0º) (±90.0º) Harmonics Up Up to to 20th C A T III 6 0 0 V 1 Functionality and Safety 80 mm ✕ 20 mm busbar max.


HIOKI 3169 ENG 97%

CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER 3169-20, 3169-21 Power Measuring Instruments ■ Measure up to two 3-phase, 3-wire systems (displays voltage and current for three lines) Measure up to four single-phase, 2-wire systems ■ 0.5 A to 5000 A range ■ Compact and light weight ■ PC card data storage ■ Power recording for individual waveforms ■ Simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics ■ POWER MEASUREMENT SUPPORT SOFTWARE 9625 The photo shows the 3169- 21 combined with CLAMP ON SENSORS 9661 and 9669 (optional) for measuring two systems.


HIOKI PW3198 ENG 96%

Harmonic Bar Graph Display Display the RMS value and phase angle of harmonics from the 0th order to the 50th either in a graph or as numerical values.


CHAS - Prof. Chiriano - English 94%

Tuners and those with harmonics generate are “weak” in comgreater harmonic-acoustic sensitivity parison to what happens in situations of have always had to accept the drawbacks dissonance (such as the “wolf fifth”).


EulerPrimeRecips 94%



05 519 abd allah boucetta article 88%

2089-3191 hysteresis current control and LC filter is inserted to eliminate the harmonics contained in both the current and voltage of the inverter output.


GP04 87%


HIOKI 3390 ENG 84%

Harmonic analysis display Fast 500kS/s Harmonics graph display Wave+Noise display Ideal for frequency analysis of inverter noise (FFT nalysis) Harmonics list display Efficiency display Simultaneously display efficiency and power loss Harmonic Analysis to the 100th Order XY graph display Power and torque display makes it easy to understand the motor I/O characteristics Feed-through Current Sensor Enable Extremely Accurate Measurements HIOKI's high-performance feed-through current sensors absolutely minimizes the effects of conductor position and external fields, making them exceptionally precise.


HIOKI 3197 ENG 82%

Regenerated Active Power 3 Lag and Lead of Reactive Power ENERGY Demand Graph and maximum and average values displayed in one window DEMAND Display events AND their waveforms at the same time DMM WAVEFORM Switch between voltage and current graphs, and zoom in on the time axis at the touch of a button Inrush current fluctuations are captured in RMS at a fast 10ms sampling rate and displayed across a 30-second window Toggle between events for a complete picture of the power anomaly Store up to 50 Events RMS voltage fluctuations such as swells and dips are clearly displayed at event detection INRUSH HARMONICS "I"


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