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Ominous Challenge List 92%

statement - Support a local small business - Comic Con - Show off your cosplay - Share a story you wrote - Share your blog - Share your personal business - Share an idea that you've always wanted to make into a business - Submit your idea to an incubator (Lassonde, Sustainable Startups) - Give something up for 1 month - visit and voice your opinion on the matter - Photobomb in makeup - Help build at another haunt - Be a vampire for a day - Go to your local library - Spend a night in a Haunt - Expand the SCARE section to have a lot more locations - Expand Cosplay market - Vampire Swimsuit Thing - Create something with a 3D printer - Go to Vampire Ball - Like House of Bathory - Go to Castle Escape Rooms - Like Mythic Realms - Like Rocky Point Haunted House - Like Tiburon - Like Hoof and Vine - Take a picture of Sunset/Sunrise - Go to a concert - Ride the Cannibal at Lagoon - Write about a cause that you’re passionate about - Help about a neighbor with yardwork - Cover your neighbor in fake blood - Cover a song and post the video - Perform a song at a karaoke thing #hashtag Challenge Picture/Video Points Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture Picture Video Picture or Video Picture Picture Picture 10 15 5 5 15 10 5 5 5 Picture or Video 5 Haunted House (9) #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse #HauntedHouse Volunteer to help build at a haunt Rep a haunt at an event Take a picture in front your haunt Take a picture inside a room at the haunt Get a Haunt owner to tell you a story from their childhood Jump in a body of water with haunt costume apparel on Take a selfie with a Haunted House owner Take a selfie with a zombie Take a selfie with a vampire Horror Arts (13) #HorrorArts Do an FX make-up × #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts #HorrorArts Do a beauty make-up Make a costume for a local haunt Do an FX Makeup while blindfolded Do a beauty make-up while blindfolded Draw a picture of something horror related Do a horror themed photo-shoot Record yourself acting out a character in a Haunted House Create a story involving a horror related character Go out in public with FX makeup on Build a horror themed snowman Have a horror themed date night Host a horror themed party Picture or Video Picture or Video Video Video Picture Picture Video Picture or Video Picture Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 5 5 5 Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture Picture Picture 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture Picture Picture 5 5 5 5 10 Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video 10 5 10 5 5 10 15 5 5 15 10 Picture Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video Picture or Video 5 5 5 10 15 10 10 Picture Picture Video 5 15 10 Recreational (12) #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational #Recreational Go to a museum Attend a sporting event Visit a historical monument Go to Comic Con Draw a picture of something Read a book series Start a “Stream of Consciousness” notebook.


IHS newsletter 2012.10 80%

Maybe the engine house is not haunted, but at any rate strange noises have been heard and there is no reasonable explanation for them.


werewolf ambulance 2 77%

The New Blood Waxwork The Blob Warlock Pumpkinhead Child's Play 2 IT The Silence of the Lambs Candyman The Prophecy The Craft Scream Thinner I Know What You Did Last Summer Office Killer The Faculty The Blair Witch Project The Haunting House on Haunted Hill Ravenous Leprechaun in the Hood Ginger Snaps Final Destination Thir13en Ghosts Ju-on:


Lemax NL Spring 2011 76%

This year’s “Spooky Trails” display took 360 hours to complete (!) and represents some of the “haunted Halloween” themed attractions near their home.


skins 75%


GBU News XXX P1 - Nov 1, 2013 71%

             Frazier Park Zombie Fest a Huge Success News from the El Tejon Unified School District o Schools lost more than $70,000 in two months due to low attendance o No Attendance – No Payment by Interim Superintendent Bud Burrow o Next Board of Trustees Special Board Meeting o Frazier Mountain High School  Falcon Football Hopes to get back to Winning Ways by Jerry Quick  Haunted Barn All Things Local o PMC:


Burton, Faine & Neiland Catalogue LOW-RES 68%

he is not merely a ‘lone rider’, but one who along the route develops close friendships, often spurred from a deep recognition of an endeavor that has haunted us since the caves of Lascaux.


TheStumpsOfFlattopHill Information 66%

They dared Florence to enter the haunted house on top of the hill.


LPOTL Episode Guide 63%

Haunted House Adventure Thought Form Energy Ghosts Spectrophilia The Bridgewater Triangle Haunted Hollywood Mysterious Sounds and Recordings Ghost Cats of the South Paranormal Photography Sexy Ghosts


The New Objectivity 62%

Thousands of veterans, haunted by visions of the things they saw and did during the war, flooded the belligerent countries of the First World War.


Lyzieblurt 58%

For Immediate Release: January 1st, 2012 Lyzie Burt:


otdl 58%

Go to a haunted house.


MurphyConnorResume 58%

Animation Work Freelance Projects ANTHOLOGY COMMERCIAL | The Daily Texan PEER SPECIALISTS VIDEO | Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health INFORMATIONAL VIDEO | Texas System of Care ANIMATION SEQUENCES | “bUrnt” UT Skit Show INTRO SEQUENCE | “Spread the Dead” Film Competition INTRO SEQUENCE | Zombie Manor Haunted House 2014 HOLIDAY SPECIAL | Texas Student TV / The Daily Texan STORYBOARDING | Various Student Films Original Projects UNTITLED ANIMATION THESIS | In development BALLOON LOONS | Web Series, 2 episodes BUCKET MAN WEB SERIES | Web Series, 2 episodes 0,67(5 %$1$1$*5$%%(5 ,7 $,1·7 ($6<


NBC Promo 58%

NBC Promo By Steven Ronaldson INT.


Antinomy Casting Call - Michelle and Lisa 58%

Haunted by a disturbingly traumatic event from her childhood, Lisa’s life is spiraling out of control.


Before Fairy Tales Flyer 58%

Fairy Figures in Early Modern English Culture Before fairies had wings, wands and tutus, a different kind of figure haunted the world of early modern England.


How Long Is Soon Manuscript 58%

haunted cursed lost and hurt.


TTD 99 58%