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B Mitzvah 100%

In partnership with the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center (SIJCC) and Hebrew Helpers, Storahtelling brings its successful East Coast based Raising the Bar program to the Los Angeles community - creating meaningful ways for rites of passage for the modern family.


Jewish Logos (1) 99%

Jewish Symbolism HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT As we approach the Jew World Order we are being prepped for the day when Judaism will be the One World Religion and the Hebrew culture will inundate the globe as thoroughly as the waters of the Great Flood.


Torah teaching ONMB 96%

The word Torah appears over two hundred times in the Hebrew Scriptures.


Translation Comittee notes 95%

The Bible was originally written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.



Employment Graduate Mentor and Web Developer at Founders and Coders (2017-present) Freelance work as a WordPress Developer (2017) Research Assistant, Princeton University (2016-2017) Educator at Hatikvah International Academy Charter School, NJ (2013-2016) Event Facilitator at the Jewish Community in Genoa, Italy (2015) Program Director at Hillel, the Hebrew University (2009-2011) Education Founders and Coders - Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp (2017) Free Code Camp - Front End Web Development Certificate (2017) Master of Arts in Contemporary Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2012) Bachelor of Arts in History and Jewish Thought, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2009) Interests Games Travel Music Hiking Half Marathons


Vayera 92%

I like learning Hebrew.


THE TRUTH ABOUT EASTER (no live links) - Copy 92%

Ye(Ho)shuWaH is Hebrew for “YHWH saves”, of which the Greek form in Matthew 1:21 is Iēsous!


K4A Selichot 92%

- a dash is simply used to aid in pronounciation, usually if two like vowels follow each other, as in the word “da-at.” In Hebrew, the accent generally falls on the last syllable, however it sometimes falls somewhere else in the word.


JulianUgaritica 141015 ss 91%

Christians claim the Jewish Yahweh as their God, and appeal to the Hebrew writings to identify the qualities of that God;


The Star of David's Seven Spheres of Astrology 91%

The Hebrew Prophets believed that when their great king David was born, the planets were aligned to form the special symmetrical shape like the one in the above chart.


GodisDead 2012 NonImprimatur 90%

This “God”, conceived very literally out of season, corresponds to the highest ideals of western neo-platonic thought, and bears no comparison, either in actions or character, to the historico-geographical deities of the Hebrew Bible.


SEPT 2017 89%

c o m Happy Birthday to Our Jewel Jewel Talmon Guffin — September 4 Celebrating 85 Years T Monthly Bible Vocabulary Word Hallelujah hal·le·lu·jah The term is used 24 times in the Hebrew Bible (mainly in the book of Psalms, e.g.



"Grimoire proceeds or binds directly to Grammaire, designating Latin grammar, incomprehensible to the vulgar, also 1 Grimoires (French grimoire) are medieval collections of magical spells, rituals and incantations invariably attributed to classical Hebrew or Egyptian sources.


Biennale 2015 PR Merged 87%

The Hebrew Union College, Skirball Museum, King David Street The Worldwide North Africa Jewish Heritage Center, King David Street Collaborating with the Jerusalem Biennale:


A practical love book1 86%

iii Appreciation My Hebrew tutor, Olya Maccabey explained to me that in Hebrew the opposite of love is not hate, but pride, that single revelation was what I need to begin writing this book.


New transmition codes for event day 86%

Comand to fire event weapon (Octagonal paradox machine) general comand - Open bridge rom /hebrew(422) number code = 50 60 5 40º 2 80 9 4 7 5º 80 50 30 422 = The great seal = Green Stone = orbs of light = hit hit man = earths core = This is it CD = Star Gods = Regeneration = Clean house = Greater Light = Smart and final = bloodline of cain = Quit game = Death is a disease = Time of Armageddon = The god of all gods complete comand for Mayday event 144th day of the year:


Alignment Refinement Jewish Meditations In English 85%

This siddur is for those who are seeking to connect with the Creator of the Universe in a Jewish way, but are either still learning to make Hebrew the language of their heart or simply prefer to seek out HaShem in their English mother tongue.


ALL SOUND CHANGES 81% Proto-Semitic to Biblical Hebrew .


asherah-yahweh 79%

The Cult of Asherah in Ancient Israel and Judah Evidence for a Hebrew Goddess J UDIT H M .


US & B Monarchy - Proof 77%

For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:” The word Hebrew does not mean Jewish, the name Israel does not really apply to Jewish, the name “Jewish” is a slang for the people from the Country of Judah and so Judaean, thereby people of Judah, and the tribe of Judah.