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Motion for Attorney's Fees Ex. 2 100%

Exhibit 1 hereto is a true and correct copy of the court’s decision 18 denying Slep-tone’s motion to dismiss in Cavs USA, Inc., v.


Tenancy Agreement for Zainal Azrul 98%

901115-14-5743 (TENANT) 1 THIS AGREEMENT is made the day and year stated in Section 1 of the Schedule hereto between the party whose name and description are stated in Section 2 of the Schedule hereto (hereinafter called the “Landlord”) of the one part and the party whose name and description are stated in Section 3 of the Schedule hereto (hereinafter called the “Tenant”) of the other part.


1 Complaint Greenbrier 93%

§ 1446(a), a copy of the Class Action Complaint is attached hereto as Exhibit 1 ("Complaint").


FiledVerifiedPetition IDX 101880-2015 89%

“Copies of Proposed Drafts Relative to Transitional Bit License and Small Business” hereto attached as Exhibit A.


Content Provider Agreement - 2016 Series.PDF 87%

CP2016R001 |ver1.0 - Confidential - Page 1 of 18 CONTENT PROVIDER AGREEMENT This Content Provider Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and effective on the date and year as stated in item 1 of the Schedule A heretobetween the party whose name and description are stated in item 2 of the Schedule A hereto (the “Publisher” or “CDU”) of the one part and the party whose name and description are stated item 3 of the Schedule A hereto (the “Content Provider”) of the other part DEFINITIONS &


Motion for Attonrey's Fees Ex. 1 85%

Exhibit 1 18 hereto is a true and correct copy of said agreement.


jagex-impsoft 85%

A copy of the EMERGENCY MOTION for Sanctions, without the exhibits, is attached hereto and marked as Exhibit “A.” The Factual Background of Defendants’ EMERGENCY Motion for Sanctions ends on page 13.


Producer (AG4) Contract - SL 84%

By signing in this manner, I am assenting to the terms and conditions of the Master Agent/Broker Agreement for Aetna Incorporated Medicare Products and Participating Agent Addendum or the Aetna Incorporated Medicare Products National NMO or RMO Distribution Contract, as applicable, as if I had provided my signature manually upon the document, and I am attesting that the information provided herein and in any attachment hereto is accurate, true and complete.


108 - 1 82%

Exhibit 1 hereto is a true and correct copy of this Court’s order (“Order”) dated January 15, 2013.


11517 Cumpston #3, North Hollywood, CA 91601 D 81%

the security of tins peed of Trust, and the performance of each covenant and.obhgatlOn of Trustor under this Deed of Trust, the Note, and except asset forth hereto.


Notice of Criminal Charge.compressed 80%

As set out in my email (a copy whereof is annexed hereto as annexure “SK1”) dated 6 May 2015 it is evident that you committed fraud on 2 April 2015, and continued to do so, by entering into an agreement to let an immovable property situated at 26 Zonnebloem, Sabie Road, Bardene Ext 77, Boksburg, Gauteng to me, where you were fully aware, or ought to have been aware of the fact that the aforesaid property was subject to a Sale of Execution on 17 April 2015.


St. Louis Zoo - Verified Petition 75%

“No Firearms Or Weapons Allowed On This Property.” A photograph of one of the signs is incorporated herein and attached hereto as Exhibit 1.


EmploymentAgreement 73%

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and covenants herein contained, and intending to be legally bound, the parties hereto agree as follows:


106 - Errata re moton for reconsideration 66%

Harrington’s name is removed from the caption and signature blocks is attached hereto as Exhibit A.


T&C Holi moo 66%

7) Any person entering the event by way of purchasing this Moo Pass hereby grants organizer the right to use in perpetuity, any/or any part of recording of any tape made of holder's appearance on any channel for broadcast in any or and all media globally and for advertising, publicity and promoting relating hereto.


Individual-Acknowledgement-Affidavit PDF Form 66%

INDIVIDUAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT } STATE OF COUNTY OF On the appeared day of , (year), before me personally , to me known to be the individual described in and who executed the document annexed hereto and who executed same in my presence or acknowledged said signature as a true and free act and deed, before me.


T&C Holi moo 65%

7) Any person entering the event by way of purchasing this Moo Pass hereby grants organizer the right to use in perpetuity, any/or any part of recording of any tape made of holder's appearance on any channel for broadcast in any or and all media globally and for advertising, publicity and promoting relating hereto.


Kiffin Complaint 64%

At all times relevant hereto, LANE KIFFIN was the head football coach and an employee/ agent of Defendant FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY and, in turn, Defendant STATE OF FLORIDA.


DTI Credit App 63%

All principals hereto agree that an electronic copy of this application may be treated as and considered the same as an original, including the signature(s) below.


crowdsale recovered 60%

 This  Agreement  and  the  covenants  and  conditions  herein  contained  shall  inure  to  the  benefit   of  and  be  binding  upon  the  parties  hereto  and  their  successors  and  permitted  assigns.


crowdsale(1) 59%

  Stock  Value  =  total  price  of  Tokens,  purchased   during  initial  Sale  Event  x  20.  The  initial  value  is  determined  in  bitcoins, however, for the purpose of determination of the value increase,  it will be converted to and carried in United States Dollars. The exchange rate used to determine  the  value  in  FIAT  currency  shall  be  the  BitcoinAverage  exchange  rate  as  of  May  18th,  23.59  PST, 2016​  ​ .  At  a  Triggering  Event  the  value  of  SIA  stock  will  be determined through adding the amount that  is obtained in such particular Event to the previously determined value.       7. ​ SARs payment​ . When SARs are exercised, the amount of payment to Participant is  determined based on SIA’s stock appreciation and Participant’s SARs, assigned to Participant’s  Tokens. SIA’s stock appreciation is a difference between the previously determined value and  the value obtained due to the latest Triggering Event.  8.  ​ Project  updates​ .  Participants  are  informed through  the Project  website’s announcements and  by  emails  about   the  development  of  the  Project,  upcoming  Triggering  Events,  and  other  important events.    9.​  Resale and Assignability​ . Tokens purchased pursuant to this Agreement may be sold and  transferred by Participants freely subject to terms of this Agreement and applicable laws. Any  party purchasing Tokens becomes a party of this Agreement and has to comply with its terms.  Any  assignment of SARs without the transfer of Tokens is void; any sale of Tokens means the  sale of SARs.     10.  ​ Benefit​ .  This  Agreement  and  the  covenants  and   conditions   herein  contained  shall  inure  to  the  benefit  of  and  be  binding  upon  the  parties  hereto  and  their  successors  and  permitted  assigns.     11. ​ Relationship of the parties​ . The nature of relationship between Mycelium and Participant is  that of independent contractors. No joint venture, franchise, partnership, employment  agreement, or agency is created hereunder or as a result of any course of dealing between the  Parties. Neither Party has the authority to bind the other, to incur any liability or otherwise act on  behalf of the other. Participant shall be solely responsible for payment of the taxes applying to  the purchase, holding of Tokens and payments received under this Agreement. Participant shall  verify through appropriate means and counsel in Participant’s jurisdiction if the purchase,  holding and receiving the benefits of the Token is legally permitted as well as to check the  regulations regarding the use of bitcoins in Participant’s jurisdiction.     12. ​ Limitation of liability​ . The Rights acquired under this agreement are highly illiquid rights with  no refund possibility other than explicitly mentioned herein. Mycelium, its affiliates or licensors  do not guaranty in any way that the value of Tokens and/or SIA’s stock will increase, nor that  Tokens can be sold to any third party at any time. Tokens are subject to the fluctuation of the  BTC currency against the USD for which Mycelium accepts no responsibility.     Mycelium and its affiliates or licensors will not be liable to Participant for any direct, indirect,  incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages (including damages for loss of profits,  goodwill, use, or data), even if a party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In  any event, Mycelium and Mycelium’s affiliates’ and licensors’ aggregate liability under this  Agreement will be limited to the amount Participant actually paid to Mycelium under this  Agreement.  13.  ​ Applicable  Law​ .  This  Stock  Appreciation  Rights  Agreement  shall  be  governed  by  and   construed in accordance with the Cyprus laws.  14.  ​ Dispute  Resolution​ .  The  parties  will  attempt  to  resolve  any  dispute  arising  out  of or relating  to  this  Agreement  through friendly negotiations amongst the parties. If  the matter is not resolved  by  negotiation,  the  parties  will  resolve  the  dispute  using  arbitration.  Arbitration  of  any  disputes  arising  from  this  Agreement  is  mandatory  and  in  lieu  of  any  and  all  civil  causes  of   action  and  lawsuits  either  party  may  have  against  the  other.  The  arbitrator's  award  will  be  final,   and  judgment  may  be  entered  upon  it  by any court having proper jurisdiction. The prevailing party in  any  arbitration  shall  be  entitled   to  reimbursement  of  reasonable  attorney's  fees  and  expenses  (including, without limitation, arbitration expenses) relating to such arbitration.  15.  ​ Severability​ .  In  the  event  any  provision  of  this  Agreement  is  found  to  be  invalid,  illegal,  or  unenforceable  the  remaining  provisions  of  this  Agreement  shall  nevertheless  be  binding  upon  the  parties  with  the same effect as though the void or unenforceable part had been severed and  deleted.  16.  ​ Entire  Agreement​ .  This  Agreement  constitutes  the  entire  agreement  between  the  parties  with  respect  to  this  Agreement,  and  all  prior  agreements  relating  to  the  Sale  Event  hereunder,  express or implied, written or oral, are nullified and superseded hereby.  17.  ​ Headings​ .  The  paragraph  headings  of  this  Agreement  are  included  for   the  convenience  of  the parties only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.  18.  ​ Amendments​ .  This  Agreement  may  not  be   modified,  amended, assigned, supplemented, or  rescinded,  or  any  provision  hereof  waived,  except  by  an  instrument  in  writing  executed  by  the  parties.  19.  ​ Counterparts​ .  This  Agreement,  and  any  amendment  or  supplement  hereto,   may  be   executed  in  several  counterparts,  each  of  which  shall  be  deemed  an  original,  and  all  of   which  taken together shall constitute one and the same instrument.        IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF,  the  parties  have  signed this  Stock Appreciation Rights Agreement as  of the day first above written.     Mycelium Holding Ltd:      ______________________,  By Alexander Kuzmin, Director      Participant:      _______________________,  PARTIСIPANT’s NAME and  EMAIL:  ____________________________________________________________________________


Sample Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement -Direct Project Model 58%

The Committee, comprised of the [persons and/or entities] listed on the attached Exhibit A, was established to manage the affairs of the project described in the proposal attached hereto as Exhibit B known as ____________________ [Project Name] (the “Project”);


transfer-form 57%

of ………………………………………………..Clan being the registered proprietor of the land comprised in the above Title in consideration of the sum of shillings ………………………… paid to me by the purchaser on or before the execution of these presents the receipt thereof I hereby acknowledge DO THEREBY TRANSFER all that piece of land (part of the land comprised in the above Title) which is delineated to the plan annexed hereto and thereon edged in red and now Plot number…………………… to………………………………………………………………….


Lenoir Agreement - Feb.12.2018 2 57%

While this Lenoir County Partnership Agreement deals with the response to non-emergency school disruptions, the parties hereto also acknowledge the importance of cooperation between school officials and law enforcement in response to emergency and safety issues.


Rangers and STV 56%

Review This MoU shall be reviewed by the parties on a regular basis and any amendments hereto will be approved in writing by authorised signatories of each party.