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Bloodlines 100%

Sheet1 DISCIPLINES BLOODLINE Parent Clan Book Ref Special Power Amara Havana Anvari Asnâm Californian Xiao Carnival Children of Judas Duchagne En Erzsébet Eupraxus Gulikan Kallisti Kinnaree Malintzin Mortifiers of the Flesh Naditu Nelapsi Septemi Spina Tianpàn Xiao Toreador Zelani Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Daeva Ancient Bloodlines The Hidden Circle of the Crone The Chosen The Legendary The Legendary The Chosen Ancient Bloodlines Kiss of the Succubus Immortal Sinners The Legendary Invictus Ancient Bloodlines Shadows of Mexico Lancea Sanctum Kiss of the Succubus The Hidden Ancient Bloodlines Invictus The Chosen Requiem Carthians Sakti Pata Nepenthe Ralab Kingjan The Show Despond Licencieux Serendipity Book Ref Special Power Animalism Invictus Carthians The Hidden Requiem Circle of the Crone Circle of the Crone Shadows of Mexico Immortal Sinners Gangrel Requiem for Rome Ancient Bloodlines Circle of the Crone Gangrel Ordo Dracul Lancea Sanctum Ancient Bloodlines Lancea Sanctum The Hidden Ancient Bloodlines The Chosen Circle of the Crone Ordo Dracul Tenure X X X X X X Annunaku Barjot Bohagande Bruja Carnon Childer of the Morrigan Dead Wolves Empusae Hounds of Actaeon Larvae Les Gens Libres Mara Mabry Moroi Mortifiers of the Flesh Mystikoi Nepheshim Oberlochs Shepherds Taifa The Mara Vedma Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Gangrel Animalism Auspex Celerity Dominate X Obfuscate Protean Resilience Vigor X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Ortam Perfidy Nightmare X X X Majesty X X X X X X X X X X X X Scourge X X X X X X X X Abjurism Courtoisie Xinyao Sunnikuse Auspex Celerity X Dominate X X X X X X X Majesty Nightmare Obfuscate X X X X X X X X X X X Zagovny X X Sublunario Scourge Spiritus Sancti Nahdad X X X X X X X X X X X Protean Resilience X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Page 1 X X X X X X X Vigor X X X X X X X X X X X Sheet1 Book Ref Agonistes Alucinor Angustri Bak-Ra Brothers of Ypres Család Iltani Khaibit Kuufukuji Libitinarius Lynx Mnemosyne Morbus Mortifiers of the Flesh Norvegi Osites Players Qedeshah Sangiovanni Tismanu Adroanzi Azerkatil Baddacelli Burakumin Calacas Caporetti Cimitiere The Cockscomb Society Csejthe Galloi Gethsemani Licinii Lygos Mayarap Moroi Morotrophians Mortifiers of the Flesh Noctuku Order of Sir Martin Rakshasa Telamones Usiri Yagnatia Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Mekhet Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu The Chosen The Hidden Ghouls Ancient Bloodlines Ancient Bloodlines Immortal Sinners Ancient Bloodlines The Hidden The Legendary Ordo Dracul Invictus Mekhet Requiem Lancea Sanctum Mekhet Lancea Sanctum The Legendary The Hidden The Chosen Ordo Dracul Ventrue Ventrue Asphyx Taurobolium X Obtenebration Shihai Mortualia Web Meminisse Cachexy Scourge Bloodworking Memento Mori Ancient Bloodlines Ordo Dracul The Chosen Requiem Shadows of Mexico Ancient Bloodlines New Orleans Nosferatu The Legendary The Legendary The Hidden Requiem for Rome Nosferatu Ancient Bloodlines Ordo Dracul The Hidden Lancea Sanctum The Chosen Ancient Bloodlines The Hidden Immortal Sinners Ancient Bloodlines The Chosen Nburu Suikast Mimetismo Getsumei Auspex Celerity Dominate X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Embrocation Cattiveria Eupraxia Special Power Ventrue Ancient Bloodlines Animalism Insomnium Book Ref Book Ref Adrestoi Apollinaire Special Power Animalism Majesty Nightmare X X X X X X X X X X X X Auspex Celerity X X X Dominate Majesty X X X X X X Bhumisparsa Nightmare Obfuscate X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Institutionalise Scourge Phagia X X X X X X Animalism Carrefour X X Auspex Celerity Dominate X X Page 2 Majesty Protean X X Nightmare Obfuscate Resilience Vigor X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Special Power X X Taurobolium Taurobolium Stigmatica X X X X X X X X X X Vigor X X X X X X X X X Resilience X X Hypnagogia Protean X X X X X X X Obfuscate X X X X X X X X X X X Protean Resilience X X X Vigor Sheet1 Architects of the Monolith Bron Canda Bhanu Corajoso Deucalion Dragolescu Geheim Gorgon Icarians Licinii Macellarius Malkavian Malkovian Malocusians Melissidae Mortifiers of the Flesh Nahualli Rötgrafen Sons of Cade Sotoha Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue Ventrue The Hidden The Legendary Ancient Bloodlines Ancient Bloodlines Carthians Ordo Dracul Ancient Bloodlines Circle of the Crone Lancea Sanctum Requiem for Rome The Legendary Ventrue Requiem Invictus The Legendary Lancea Sanctum The Hidden The Chosen Immortal Sinners Invictus Sta-Au Therion All Clans All Clans Ancient Bloodlines Belial's Brood Book Ref Guilded Cage Crocan Linagem Impurity Essentiaphagia Blut Alchemie Aphimvena Constance Gustus Dementation X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Scourge Tezcatl Kamen X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Domus X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Obfuscate Protean Resilience X Any two plus Chronozon Special Power Animalism Auspex Celerity Page 3 Dominate Majesty Nightmare Vigor


TeamNL 98%

Home map van verliezer 1e game, Hidden civs • Game 4:


bellachristies.htm 98%

[Quoted text hidden] -Karen S.


all 21 starters 97%

Species Venusaur Charizard Blastoise Meganium Typhlosion Feraligatr Sceptile Blaziken Swampert Torterra Infernape Empoleon Serperior Emboar Samurott Chesnaught Delphox Greninja Decidueye Incineroar Primarina Type Grass/Poison Fire/Flying Water Grass Fire Water Grass Fire/Fighting Water/Ground Grass/Ground Fire/Fighting Water/Steel Grass Fire/Fighting Water Grass/Fighting Fire/Psychic Water/Dark Grass/Ghost Fire/Dark Water/Fairy Shiny Level ✔️ 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Nature Calm Jolly Modest Calm Timid Jolly Timid Adamant Adamant Adamant Naïve Calm Timid Jolly Adamant Impish Timid Naïve Jolly Adamant Timid Held  Item Venusaurite Charizardite  X Blastoisinite Leftovers Choice  Specs Life  Orb Sceptilite Blazikenite Swampertite Lum  Berry Life  Orb Leftovers Leftovers Life  Orb Lum  Berry Lum  Berry Life  Orb Life  Orb (None) Assault  Vest Choice  Specs Ability Chlorophyll Blaze Rain  Dish Overgrow Flash  Fire Sheer  Force Overgrow Speed  Boost Damp Overgrow Blaze Torrent Contrary Reckless Torrent Bulletproof Blaze Protean Overgrow Blaze Torrent Hidden  Power  Type 2.


Gmail - Pump Proposal 96%

-trade2winnn [Quoted text hidden] Crypto Pumps <>


Brown University Mail - Nanocubes Capstone Project 95%

Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 3:46 PM Hi Foster,  My guess is that the input records are not sorted in time. When inserting a record, the last (and special) dimension is time and it is stored in a standard C++ vector (See Figure 6 of the paper: "summed table sparse representation"). If the timestamp of the current record is smaller than a previously stored record in that same multidimensional­bin­of­all­dimensions­except­time, then we need to open a slot in the middle of the vector, push elements to the right and recompute cumulative values stored in that vector. This adds an extra linear cost in the length of the time series instead of constant time. It tends to get worse when the timeseries get larger and larger (which matches the evidence from your case).  Best,  Lauro  [Quoted text hidden] > <Screen Shot 2015­12­14 at 3.13.21 PM.png>… 1/4 12/16/2015 Brown University Mail - Nanocubes Capstone Project Hoff, Foster <>


catalog safetylne 94%

industrial hi-visibility safety apparel ONYX Surveyors Vest INNOVATIVE FABRIC | FUNCTIONAL FEATURES black padding for neck comfort reflective mic tab 2” heat applied segment reflective tape hidden chest pocket with magnet button two tier chest pocket ID holder ripstop fabric with teflon coating flag pocket water bottle/spray pocket expandable pocket with flap hidden back pocket for extra storage Teflon™ fabric protector fends off soil, stains and spills on wool, cotton, and blends without impacting the fabric’s weight, look, feel, color or breathability available 1511 - LIME ONYX Surveyors Vest 6 1513 - BLACK • 2” Heat applied segment reflective tape with contrasting trim • 100% Rip stop polyester solid front with polyester silk feeling mesh back • Zipper front closure reinforced with durable webbing reinforcement • Reflective trim crossing the edge and around arms • Black padded neck for comfort and hide dirty • Two chest hidden pockets and mic tabs • Two lower outside pockets with flaps and grommets.


FINAL Part ONE 92%

Jesus spoke in parables, and other "hidden"



              WUXIA​ : A CINEMATIC RECONFIGURATION OF KUNG FU FIGHTING   IN THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION            Lawson Jiang  Film 132B: International Cinema, 1960­present  March 8, 2016  TA: Isabelle Carbonell  Section D        Wuxia​ , sometimes commonly known as ​ kung fu​ , has been a distinctive genre in the  history of Chinese cinema. Actors such as Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Donnie Yen have become  noticeable figures in popularizing this genre internationally for the past couple decades. While  the eye­catching action choreographies provide the major enjoyment, the reading of the  ideas—which are usually hidden beneath the fights and are often culturally associated—is  critical to understand ​ wuxia​ ; the stunning fight scenes are always the vehicles that carry these  important messages. The ideas of a ​ wuxia ​ film should not be only read textually but also  contextually—one to scrutinize any hidden ideas as a character of the film, and as a spectator to  associate the acquired ideas with the context of the film. One would then think about “what  makes up the Chineseness of the film?” “Any ideology the director trying to convey?” And,  ultimately, “does every ​ wuxia ​ film necessarily functions the exact same way?” After the  worldwide success of Ang Lee’s ​ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ​ in 2000, the film has  intrigued many scholars around the globe in developing new—cultural and political—readings of  the text. As of the nature that it is a very cultural product, the different perceptions of Western  and local Chinese audience, and the accelerating globalization has led to a cinematic  reconfiguration of ​ wuxia​  from its original form of fiction. Therefore, a contextual analysis of the  genre is crucial to understand what ​ wuxia ​ really is beyond a synonym of action, how has it been  interpreted and what has it been reconfigured to be.  First, it is important to define ​ wuxia​  and its associated terms ​ jiang hu ​ before an in­depth  analysis of the genre. The two terms do not simply outline the visual elements, but also implying  the core ideas of the genre. The title of this essay should be treated as a play on words, because  the meaning of the two terms does not necessarily interweave. The action genre with ​ kung fu  involved—such as the ​ Rush Hour ​ series starring Jackie Chan—does not equal to ​ wuxia​ . ​ Wuxia  itself is consist of ​ wu ​ and ​ xia ​ in its Chinese context, in which ​ wu​  equates to martial arts, and the  latter bears a more complex meaning. ​ Xia​ , as Ken­fang Lee notes, is “seen as a heroic figure who  possesses the martial arts skills to conduct his/her righteous and loyal acts;” a figure that is  “similar to the character Robin Hood in the western popular imagination. Both aiming to fight  against social injustice and right wrongs in a feudal society.1” The world where the ​ xia ​ live, act  and fight is called ​ jiang hu​ , a term that can hardly be translated, yet it refers to the ancient  outcast world that exists as an alternative universe in opposition to the disciplined reality;2 a  world where the government or the authoritative figures are underrepresented, weaken or even  omitted.  Wuxia ​ can thus be seen as a genre that provides a “Cultural China” where “different  schools of martial arts, weaponry, period costumes and significant cultural references are  portrayed in great detail to satisfy the Chinese popular imagination and to some degree represent  Chineseness;3” an idealised and glorified alternate history that reflects and criticizes the present  through its heroic proxy. The Chineseness here should not be read as a self­Orientalist product as  wuxia​  had been a very specific genre in Chinese popular culture that originated in the form of  fiction (and had later developed to comics or other visual entertainments such as TV series4)  before entering the international market with Ang Lee’s ​ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon​  in the  form of cinema. Ang Lee’s cultural masterpiece can be seen as an adaptation of the  contemporary ​ wuxia ​ fiction that later inspires many productions including Zhang Yimou’s ​ Hero  1  Ken­fang Lee, “Far away, so close: cultural translation in Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” ​ Inter­Asia  Cultural Studies​  4, no. 2 (2003): 284.  2  Ibid.  3  Ibid., 282.  4  Ibid.  (2002). Although the first ​ wuxia​  fiction, ​ The Water Margin​ , was written by Shih Nai’an  (1296­1372) roughly 650 years ago in the Ming dynasty, it was not until the post­war era from  1950s to 1970s had the genre reached its maturity. Since then, the contemporary fiction has  become popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan with notable authors such as Louis Cha and Gu  Long, respectively.5 The two authors has reshaped and defined the contemporary ​ wuxia ​ to their  Chinese­speaking readers and audience till today.6​  ​ The original ​ wuxia ​ as a form of fiction was  male­centric. The ​ xia​  were mostly male that a great heroine was rarely featured as the sole  protagonist in the story; female characters were usually the wives or sidekicks of the protagonists  in Louis Cha’s various novels, or sometimes appeared as femme fatale. Although most of the  female characters were richly developed and positively portrayed, it is inevitable to see such a  fact that the nature of ​ wuxia ​ is masculine. Like ​ hero ​ and ​ heroine ​ in the English context, ​ xia  refers to hero while the equivalence of heroine is ​ xia­nü ​ (​ nü ​ suggests female; the female hero).  It was not until Ang Lee’s worldwide success of ​ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon​ , had  the global audience—casual moviegoer, film theorists and scholars—noticed the rise of the genre  since the film “was the first foreign language film ever to make more than $127.2 million in  North America.7 ” Apart from being a huge success in Taiwan, ​ Crouching Tiger ​ is a hit from  Thailand and Singapore to Korea but not in mainland China or Hong Kong. Ken­fang Lee  observes that “many viewers in Hong Kong consider this film boring, slow and without much  action” in which “nothing new compared to other movies in the ​ wuxia ​ tradition in the Hong  5  Ibid., 284.   The contemporary fiction written by the two authors mentioned previously have also provided the fundamental  sites to many film and TV adaptations, such as Wong Kar­wai’s ​ Ashes of Time​  (Hong Kong, 1994), an art film that  is loosely based on the popular novel ​ Eagle­shooting Heroes​ , and the TV series ​ The Return of the Condor Heroes  (Mainland China, 2006) is based on ​ The Legend of the Condor Heroes​ . Both novel were authored by Louis Cha.  7  Lee, “Far away, so close: cultural translation in Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” 282.  6 Kong film industry… [they] claimed that seeing people running across roofs and trees might be  novel for Americans, but they have seen it all before.8” Moreover, some of them rebuke the film  for “pandering to the Western audience” in which “the success of this film results from its appeal  to a taste for cultural diversity that mainly satisfies the craving for the exotic;” denouncing the  film as a self­Orientalist work that “most foreign audiences are attracted by the improbable  martial art skills and the romances between the two pairs of lovers.9 ” Lee concludes that the  exoticized Chineseness and romantic elements “betray the tradition of ​ wuxia ​ movies and become  Hollywoodized;10 ” that is, ​ Crouching Tiger ​ represents an inauthentic China.   Kenneth Chan considers such negative reactions toward the film as an “ambivalence” that  is “marked by a nationalist/anti­Orientalist framework” in which the Chinese and Hong Kong  audience’s claims of inauthenticity “reveal a cultural anxiety about identity and Chineseness in a  globalized, postcolonial, and postmodern world order.11” Such an ambivalence and anxiety  toward the inauthenticity are caused by the production itself as ​ Crouching Tiger ​ is funded mostly  by Hollywood.12 Through studying Fredric Jameson’s investigations of the postmodernism, Chan  declares that “postmodernist aesthetics and cultural production are implicated and shaped by the  global forces of late capitalist logic. By extension, one could presumably argue that popular  cinema can be considered postmodern by virtue of its aesthetic configurations.


npatel 88%

However, in spite of the improved anonymity provided by an onion network, multiple hidden services that have been hosted on the Tor network have been busted in the recent years.


DAdventure - Prototype Test Guide 88%

Ensure you also have internet connection ● Visit one of the Points of Interest on the map ● Play the games there ● You can also find out hidden Points of Interest when you are on a different mode of transportation ● Visit another Points of Interest if you wish to continue after clearing the game ● Fill out the feedback form Before you play, please make sure to turn on your GPS, as the game enables content and games based on your location.


Blacklisted Mail - S-Corp to Non-Profit 88%

[Quoted text hidden] Tharindu Nallaperuma <>


SudokuAnleitung3 87%

Naked Quads) ...........................4 Versteckte Paare (Hidden Pairs) ...............................................................................................5 Versteckte Dreiergruppe (Hidden Triples) ................................................................................5 Versteckte Vierergruppe (Hidden Quads) ..................................................................................6 Für Spezialisten ..............................................................................................................................6 »X-Wing« ...................................................................................................................................6 »Swordfish« ................................................................................................................................7 Lösung durch Farbzuweisung ....................................................................................................9 Mehrfache Farbzuweisung .......................................................................................................10 »XY-Wing« ...............................................................................................................................12 Sudoku-Anleitung 1 Die einzige Regel Füllen Sie die leeren Felder so, dass in jeder Zeile, jeder Spalte und jedem 3x3-Kästchen die Zahlen 1 bis 9 nur einmal vorkommen.


Rent 2016 87%

Hidden cables and equipment. ... Hidden cables and equipment.


ArmstrongCheese OscarsBallot 1 86%

2017 Ballot BEST PICTURE Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester by the Sea Moonlight BEST DIRECTOR Denis Villeneuve ARRIVAL Mel Gibson HACKSAW RIDGE Damien Chazelle LA LA LAND Kenneth Lonergan MANCHESTER BY THE SEA Barry Jenkins MOONLIGHT BEST ACTOR Casey Affleck MANCHESTER BY THE SEA Andrew Garfield HACKSAW RIDGE Ryan Gosling LA LA LAND Viggo Mortensen CAPTAIN FANTASTIC Denzel Washington FENCES BEST ACTRESS Isabelle Huppert ELLE Ruth Negga LOVING Emma Stone LA LA LAND Natalie Portman JACKIE Meryl Streep FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Mahershala Ali MOONLIGHT Jeff Bridges HELL OR HIGH WATER Lucas Hedges MANCHESTER BY THE SEA Dev Patel LION Michael Shannon NOCTURNAL ANIMALS BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Viola Davis FENCES Naomie Harris MOONLIGHT Nicole Kidman LION Octavia Spencer HIDDEN FIGURES Michelle Williams MANCHESTER BY THE SEA COSTUME DESIGN Allied Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Florence Foster Jenkins Jackie La La Land MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING A Man Called Ove Star Trek Beyond Suicide Squad ANIMATED FEATURE SOUND EDITING Kubo and the Two Strings Moana My Life as a Zucchini The Red Turtle Zootopia Arrival Deepwater Horizon Hacksaw Ridge La La Land Sully FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM Land of Mine, Denmark A Man Called Ove, Sweden The Salesman, Iran Tanna, Australia Toni Erdmann, Germany DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Fire at Sea I Am Not Your Negro Life, Animated O.J.:


MasterofSorceries 85%

Master of Sorceries Master of Sorceries Scrolls Sage's Scroll Golden Scroll Logan's Scroll Crystal Scroll Sorceries Farron Dart Spook Aural Decoy Farron Flashsword Great Soul Arrow Soul Arrow Heavy Soul Arrow Magic Shield Great Heavy Soul Arrow Soul Greatsword Magic Weapon Great Farron Dart Pestilent Mercury Farron Hail Homing Soul Mass Homing Crystal Soul Mass Crystal Soul Spear Crystal Magic Weapon Soul Spear Cast Light Repair Hidden Weapon Hidden Body Twisted Wall of Light Affinity Dark Edge Created by PSN GeekBaronRW (Scrolls are needed to enable trainers to sell certain sorceries) Farron Keep, near group of dead mushroom people.


merged 84%

To: Cc: Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 3:31 PM [Quoted text hidden] Peter Cher <>


Doug Took CV 84%

Hidden Creative Manchester, UK 3D Generalist While at Hidden, I quickly rose from intern to junior through to middleweight 3D artist.


wells House Events 2014 83%

LIVING LIVING LIVING LIVING VICTORIAN VICTORIAN VICTORIAN VICTORIAN LIVING VICTORIAN HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE TOURS TOURS TOURS TOURS HOUSE TOURS DiscoverDiscover Discover hidden Discover treasures hidden hidden hidden treasures treasures in treasures a verdant ininin aaverdant averdant verdant Discover hidden treasures in a verdant landscape landscape landscape landscape of mature ofofplants of mature mature mature and plants plants trees.


Celumium 2014 Joris Gruber 82%

Unfortunately for our infrastructure - this alien system showed that it was the one we were looking for, and The Digital Way of Rosenbauer to Uncover and Access Hidden Content Treasures - Joris Gruber 1 the only one which really overcame all hurdles of the requirements.


Cosmic inflation and hidden thermodynamics 82%

COSMIC INFLATION AND HIDDEN THERMODYNAMICS OF ISOLATED PARTICLES impossibility of unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity If we posit that information is a physical quantity:


The Hidden Treasure 82%



Confi guring 81%

read-only and hidden.



GETTING THE GLORY OF GOD TO BE IN YOU This is a follow up to my previous write-up, “The Hidden Treasure”, in which we saw that the hidden treasure is to become like God, by rising up to the seventh level of divinity.