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Self-Heating Fully Cooked Homestyle Meals 100%

OMEALS A P R 2 0 1 7   • I S S U E   1   • V O L 4 • SELF-HEATING MEALS • MADE FOR ADVENTURE  OMEALS IS A BRAND OF PREMIUM SELF HEATING MEALS, CREATED BY ATHLETES, OUTDOOR LOVERS, AND ENTREPRENEURS.  01 How It Works Omeals Homestyle Meals contain everything you need to enjoy a hot meal on the go.  02 Heating Instruction  Activation less than 30 seconds depending on weather conditions.


FoodMap2016 v4 63%

100 LEVELLEVEL 100 8 8 9 115 116 10 11 11 7 2015 - 16 113 6 114 117 118 12 119 120 121 112 111 122 110 123 5 FOOD MAP 124 109 4 125 108 3 13 107 14 126 106 105 104 103 102 101 15 16 1 2 1 POPCORN CART Popcorn, Candy, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Novelties 10 STATE FARE Chicken Tender Basket, Walleye Finger Basket, Footlong Corndog, Fries, Cheese Curds, Cheeseburger 2 SAUSAGE HAUS The “Loon”, Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Edward’s Pies, Nachos, Peanuts, Ice Cream Novelties 3 DAVANNI’S PIZZA Deep Dish Pizza, Garlic Cheese Bread, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread 11 SAUSAGE HAUS Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Nachos, Popcorn, Giant Pretzel 4 SAUSAGE CART Footlong Bratwurst, Italian 12 POPCORN CART Popcorn, Candy, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Novelties 5 SPUD STOP Loaded Baked Potatoes 13 6 WILD GRILL THE ROADHOUSE Burgers inspired by Wild players, Build Your Own Burger 7 PHILLY CART Philly Cheesesteaks, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Novelties 8 Ice Cream, Rootbeer Floats, Carved Turkey and Sirloin Sandwiches FROZEN TREATS 9 DAVANNI’S PIZZA Deep Dish Pizza, Garlic Cheese Bread, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread, 14 WILD CANTINA Beer Cheese Bacon Burger, Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Chicken Fries, Waffle Fries with Cheese Cantina Tacos, Chilaquitos Verde 15 DAVANNI’S PIZZA Deep Dish Pizza, Garlic Cheese Bread, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread 16 TASTE OF SCHWAN’S Loaded Bratwurst, Hot Dog, Cheese Curds BOLD Denotes New Item CLUB LEVEL GOAL LINE LINE CARVERY C21 C22 C23 200 LEVEL 4 5 4 216 C24 C25 C26 C27 C28 C29 C30 3 C32 C19 C33 C18 2 C17 C35 C16 C36 C15 C37 C14 BREAKAWAY CARVERY C13 1 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 222 223 215 224 225 226 228 209 2 5 227 211 210 C40 C8 221 212 6 C39 C12 C9 220 213 C38 C10 219 214 C34 C11 218 C31 C20 3 217 229 208 230 C1 207 CLUB CARVERY 206 205 204 203 202 201 1 Deep Dish Pizza, Mixed Green Salad, Hand Carved Sirloin andGarlic Turkey Sandwich CheeseRice Bread, Rice Crispy Bars, Jumbo Cookies Cookies Krispie Treats, Platters, 1 CAMP GRILL Chicken Tender Basket, Beer Cheeseburger, Hot Dog, Nachos, Cheese Curds The “Loon”, Brisket Mac and Cheese, Hot Dog, Giant Pretzel, Nachos 2 HOCKEY MOMS Bratwurst, Hot Dog, Popcorn, Giant Pretzel BBQ Pork Sandwich, Bratwurst, Hot Dog 2 BROILER Chicken Tender Basket, Waffle Fries, Cheese Curds Homestyle Chicken Sandwich 3 CABIN CLASSICS 4 DAVANNI’S PIZZA 3 SCHWAN’S Waffle Bowl Sundae, Waffle Cone, Helmet Bowl, Root Beer Float, Dulce Ice Cream Nachos Deep Dish Pizza, Garlic Cheese Bread, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread CLUB CARVERY 1 CLUB CLASSICS GOAL LINE EATERY Smoked Brisket, Smoked Turkey, Pressed Sandwiches, Peach Cobbler 4 ST.


rs data export 1484411180 58%

Homestyle Cafe' 7.07 252 7.07 04) Grounds for Coffee 30th &


OTK Raya2019Pt2 Mailer Digital 58%

k u e j S i t e P Nutri Plus Organic Selenium L/ Omega3 L/ Low Cholesterol M 10’s Kraft Hi-Cal Single XT Light 12s 250g RM589 RM1299 Buttercup Dairy Spread 250g RM459 Figo Spring Roll Pastry 8.5”/ 7.5” 500g Emborg Shredded Cheese Assorted 150g - 200g Farm Fresh Assorted Milk 700g - 2L RM419 RM1329 RM629 - RM1199 Vitagen Cultured Milk Drink Assorted 5x125ml RM399 Marigold Peel Fresh Assorted 1L Laksamana Noodles Assorted 450g RM099 Ramly Minced Beef 800g RM459 RM1299 LS Tofu Assorted 70g Ayam A1 Chicken Drummet 700g RM1199 TSL Dimsum Festival Pack RM1999 Figo Beef Ball 500g RM869 Pertiwi Smoke Frank 300g RM159 RM219 Jom Masak Adabi Asam Jawa Xtra 200g ES Bawang Goreng 200g RM219 RM399 ES Asam Jawa 2Udang 200g ES Bawang Goreng 450g ES Asam Jawa 2Udang 500g RM189 RM459 RM239 Adabi Kari Daging/ Ikan/ Lazat Serbuk Kunyit 250g Adabi Perencah Mee Goreng BUY 5 @ Nona Oyster Sauce Assorted 510g Crispo Blended Ghee 800g RM1499 ABC Saus Manis 620ml RM399 RM749 RM2 RM1 Adabi Ketupat Mini 30x20g RM599 RM399 Gold Coin Evaporated Creamer 390g Tarik-Tarik Sweetened Creamer 500g 99 ABC Kicap Manis 320ml ABC Sambal Asli/ Extra Pedas 395g RM399 Pearl Mermaid Agar-agar Powder 25g 49 RM5 79 RM479 Ayam Brand Coconut Milk Assorted 200ml RM239 - RM249 Prego Pasta Sauce Assorted 3x300g Adabi Seafood Sauce 340g RM399 Prego Buddies Dry Pasta Assorted 200g RM899 RM179 Prego Pasta Assorted 500g Adabi Ketupat Ekonomi 780g RM6 Jasmine Basmathi King Import 5kg Beras Taj Mahal 5kg RM3299 RM279 Good Choice Peanut Chunk 1kg 39 RM3799 Nona Ketupat Mini/ Ketupat 600g - 780g RM7 00 RM399 - RM459 Naturel Cooking Oil Assorted 3kg Jasmine Super 5 Import 10kg RM2899 RM1999 Bihun Cap Gajah 3.5kg RM1199 Seri Murni Cooking Oil 5kg RM1399 RM1759 Juadah Hari Raya Cocon Nata Decoco Pudding Assorted 12sx80g Kitkat Sharebag 15x17g RM899 Fuji Bakery Pandan Chiffon 280g Fuji Bakery Banana Cake 600g RM499 RM599 Danisa Butter Cookies Tin 454g Wise Cottage Fries Assorted 65g RM1399 RM219 Yupi Candy Assorted 77g - 108g *Free Glass Jar on pack RM369 RM12 99 Julies Peanut/ Cheese Sandwich 330g - 360g RM759 No.1 Nuts Assorted 128g RM9 79 Kisnut Kacang Shandong 450g RM1029 Sunsweet Pitted Prune 340g RM1369 Choki Choki Chocolate Assorted 5x10g Choclairs Caramel Jar 145pp BUY 2 @ RM259 RM17 99 Deshira Kerepek Ubi Masin/ Pedas 350g Kisnut Kacang Assorted 330g Julies Mastura Wafer Sticks Chocolate/ Strawberry Twin Pack RM13 Celeb’s Recipe Mini Muffin Vanilla/Chocolate 170g RM659 49 RM649 RM599 Skico Cookies Assorted 230g - 800g SBB Sinar Homestyle Cookies Assorted 650g RM989 SBB Sinar Bahulu Assorted 350g RM989 RM989 - RM1849 SBB Sinar Custard Muffin Value Pack Assorted 440g RK Cookies Assorted 250g - 300g RM859 Intan Cookies Assorted 600g Style Food Cookies Assorted 250g - 500g Zai Cookies Kuih Siput RM7 - RM14 99 RM799 RM1999 59 Zai Cookies Assorted RM11 99 RM1199 Style Food 2 in 1 Gift Pack Blue/ Brown 400g RM1599


PrimoMenu2017 55%

fried served with chips, salad and homestyle mayo.


BULLETIN 2 19 12 45%