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5. His world view 100%

Humour Qualities Element Personality Sanguine hot, moist air Optimistic, red-cheeked, corpulent, irresponsible (compare Falstaff).


Art-Dissertation 94%

Alun Rowlands Bodily functions such as defecating and menstruating are explored in relation to humour in the essay’s discussion of ‘sick jokes’, and Freudian ideas of humour as a defence mechanism against threats to the stability of a person’s ego.


Scouseology Press Pack PDF 1 87%

Scouseology traces the ups and downs of owning a Liverpool accent whilst celebrating its individuality through highlighting its humour and the Scousers devotion to their city.


Curse of Kugelmass 84%

Humour Writing Creative Task 1 – The Curse of Kuglemass “Well, old sport, it seems like you’ve gotten yourself into quite a predicament.” Gatsby leaned over the homeless man, who was laying in the entryway to the now abandoned BHS, dressed in nothing but an old tracksuit that looked like he fetched out of Ali G’s bin.


Botal Piuran 82%

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12p-A5-aw stages-autumn14 80%

We’re Not Going Back tackles the resilience of working communities, the makeand-mend fabric of family and the power of sticking two fingers up to a government hell-bent on destruction… … and all with humour, song and a six-pack of Babycham.


The Kebab Strikes Back 78%

Humour Writing Creative Task 2 – The Kebab Strikes Back My stomach began to toss and turn, the kebab I’d ingested earlier in the evening was taking its toll.


Life Story Maureen 70%

Maureen has a good sense of humour.


Offredemploi 70%

Numéro d’offre 05689566 Offre actualisée le 15­05­2014      COPAIN / COPINE DE JEUX VIDEOS  Métier du ROME G1823 ­ RPG, MMO, FPS  ______________________________________________________________________________    VOUS ACCOMPAGNEREZ DAVID BONGARD ET ANAÏS RUHLMANN SUR LES CONTRÉES  SAUVAGES DE TAMRIEL. VOUS ASSUREZ ÉGALEMENT UN SOUTIEN SUR LA FAILLE DE  L’INVOCATEUR ET APPORTEREZ VOTRE SOUTIEN AU PARTIES RANKED. HUMOUR,  DISPONIBILITÉ ET BON LEVEL SONT DE MISES.      Lieu de travail     Chez vous    Nature d’offre     CDD de remplacement de l’ancien joueur en congés maternité         Expérience     PGM           Formation     Aucune             Langues               Matériel      PC, micro, pizza                         Salaire indicatif     Beaucoup d’amour et de PO    Durée de travail journalière     2H environ, compter 4H le week­end               Taille de l’entreprise     2 + 1 = 3 salariés        Contact : onsesentrestristes@gmail.con


Party reading 70%

But they’ll probably stick around because they enjoy your easy-going attitude and cheerful good humour.


Photocourse May 16 70%

Finish at 16.00 Rain gear/boots advised and a sense of humour!


Encounters With...Deck2 70%

• Odd and entertaining interactions with the exorcist’s team bring levity, humour and intrigue.


YamFeed 70%

  Editor-in-chief: u/the-potato-lord  Top Ten Yam Memes of 2017. Number 7 Will  Shock You.  YamFeed Issue 1    Our Republic may only be a couple months old but it’s already created enough memes to  last a lifetime. We’ve included the ten best below.  Number 1  Who can forget Batyam!? He’s the hero this Republic needs but not the one it deserves. He  is our protector and our friend. Batyam forever!            Number 2  Who said recruiting for the military needed to be boring? Not me! Propaganda has never  looked as Yammy as it did in these two recruitment posters.     Number 3  We can’t all have Yamborghini's but those who do can’t seem to stop showing them off.  We’re not complaining though! It’s a beautiful car afterall.    2        Number 4   In a great example of taking an existing meme and modifying it to fit our Republic we see a  great Yam memer demonstrating our military strength and humour.    Number 5   Here’s another example of adapting an existing meme. It’s great isn’t folks? I haven’t stop  laughing since I first saw it!     3        Number 6  At number 2 we had  posters for recruitment for the military and now at number 6 we have  a victory poster after a hard-fought campaign. Our troops are heroes and we honour them  all! Thank you brave Yams.    Number 7  Need I say more?    4        Number 8   Not just a great meme but also a great phone background. Absolutely brilliant!    Number 9  Great pic of a happy Yam scientists! Our scientists work hard and play hard!     5


Game Proposal 69%

anyone who owns a mobile device with a sense of humour.


NathansCV 68%

Proficient Computer knowledge Standards driven Good sense of humour CONTACT Nathan Alemu 1/3 Marlborough Street Maylands, WA 6051 M:


Lorna Buckle CV May2017 68%

My way of working is regarded to be of a lighthearted approach with subtle humour, often evoking an emotional connection to the subject.


Science is Ethics as Electics 68%

"...a child-like wonder and a sense of humour...[help] to stay young in mind.


Where Lights Begins 67%

Haiku humour alternates with profundity – due to his remarkably keen observation and understanding of the genre.


The Blood of Squirrels.doc 66%

Dramatic tension rises and falls and earthy humour shares the stage with druidic ritual.


tutu 66% “Sometimes strident, often tender, never afraid and seldom without humour, Desmond Tutu’s voice will always be the voice of the voiceless.” Nelson Mandela At the Tutu Foundation UK, our vision is a world in which the lives of individuals and communities in, or at risk of, conflict are transformed through ubuntu.


Booklet 66%

1 stonemilker 2 lionsong 3 history of touches 4 black lake 5 family 6 notget 7 atom dance 8 mouth mantra 9 quicksand show me emotional respect i have emotional needs i wish to synchronize our feelings 1 stonemilker a juxtapositioning fate find our mutual coordinate what is it that i have that makes me feel your pain like milking a stone to get you to say it 9 months before moments of clarity are so rare i better document this at last the view is fierce all that matters is who is open and who has shut up and if one feels closed how does one stay open who is open chested and who has coagulated who can share and who has shut down the chances we have emotional needs i wish to synchronize our feelings show some emotional respect once it was simple one feeling at a time it reached it’s peak then transformed these abstract complex feelings i just don’t know how to handle them should i throw oil on one of his moods but which one make the joy peak humour peak frustration peak anything peak for clarity 2 lionsong 5 months before maybe he will come out of this maybe he won’t somehow i’m not too bothered either way maybe he will come out of this loving me maybe he will come out of this i smell declarations of solitude maybe he will come out of this maybe he will come out of this loving me maybe he won’t i’m not taming no animal maybe he will come out of this vietnam vet comes after the war lands in my house this wild lion doesn’t fit in this chair maybe he will come out of this maybe he won’t somehow i’m not too bothered either way maybe he will come out of this loving me maybe he won’t i’m not taming no animal maybe he will come out of this i refuse it’s sign of maturity to be stuck in complexity i demand clarity either way maybe he will come out of this somehow i’m not too bothered i’d just like to know 3 history of touches i wake you up in night feeling this is our last time together therefore sensing all the moments we’ve been together being here at the same time every single touch we ever touch each other every single fuck we had together is in a wondrous time lapse with us here at this moment the history touches every single archive compressed into a second all with us here as i wake you up 3 months before i wake you up in the middle of the night to express my love for you stroke your skin and feel you naked i can feel all of you at same moment


Happy Birthday Greg Ellis poem by The Archivist 64%

Be ready to have some fun with his quick wit and humour And befriend a celebrity that’s beloved and adored!



I'm sorry, but my sense of humour can't stand the strain.