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Donezo Manifest Final (1) 97%

DONEZO MANIFESTO Bernkastel Contents Communication with third party developers?


open letter from amra inc 97%

Research by Capaldi has found that this holds true.[4] Models that ignore reciprocal IPV can inhibit violent women from receiving the support they need to stop their violence.[5] White Ribbon Australia completely ignores reciprocal IPV as it advances a gendered narrative.


C4, C5, C6 Mark Scheme 96%

© OCR 2015 2 B742/02 Annotations Final Mark Scheme Annotation Meaning correct response incorrect response benefit of the doubt benefit of the doubt not given error carried forward information omitted ignore reject contradiction Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 3 June 2015 B742/02 Final Mark Scheme June 2015 ADDITIONAL OBJECTS:



Lego Task Children with ASD were expected to ignore support provided from the parent the most and request for help the least.


ASD POSTER pdf tester 95%

Lego Task Children with ASD were expected to ignore support provided from the parent the most and request for help the least.


ilovepdf ppa, esl 2, sec term, 170617, 31pp 92%

second term Regular verbs II allow allowed allowed-permitir avoid avoided avoided-evitar annoy annoyed annoyed-molestar change changed changed-cambiar ** cheat cheated cheated-engañar, hacer trampa clean cleaned cleaned-limpiar hate hated hated-odiar ignore ignored ignored-ignorar ** kill killed killed-matar miss missed missed-echar de menos, perder need needed needed-necesitar notice noticed noticed-darse cuenta ** offer offered offered-ofrecer owe owed owed-deber (deuda) print printed printed-imprimir pull pulled pulled-tirar de algo ** punish punished punished-castigar relax relaxed relaxed-relajarse remember remembered remembered-recordar stare stared stared-mirar fijamente ** study studied studied-estudiar thank thanked thanked-dar las gracias wait waited waited-esperar walk walked walked-caminar ** warn warned warned-avisar, advertir work worked worked-trabajar


Costa Mesa Troll menu 92%

The proponents willfully ignore, minimize or discount them.


ilovepdf esl1, third term, ppa, 170617, 17pp 91%

Put Put Put -poner/colocar ** Read Say Speak Teach Think Wear Write Read Said Spoke Taught Thought Wore Wrote Read -leer Said -decir Spoken -hablar Taught -enseñar Thought -pensar Worn -usar/vestir Written -escribir ** ESL 1.-3rd term Regular Verbs Accept Answer Ask Believe Check Dance Accepted Answered Asked Believed Checked Danced Accepted Answered Asked Believed Checked Danced Aceptar Responder Preguntar Creer Verificar Bailar Die Follow Help Ignore Offer Open Quit Died Followed Helped Ignored Offered Opened Quitted Died Followed Helped Ignored Offered Opened Quitted Morir Seguir Ayudar Ignorar Ofrecer Abrir Abandonar Relax Shout Thank Want Welcome Worry Relaxed Shouted Thanked Wanted Welcomed Worried Relaxed Shouted Thanked Wanted Welcomed Worried Descansar Gritar Agradecer Desear Recibir Preocuparse Present simple tense * with Lexicals (lexical verbs) for example:


The Addons 91%

Never again be bothered by spammers / goldsellers, since it allows to auto-ignore people by keywords (which you can edit, so no worries to ignore the wrong guy), option to also auto-ignore ppl that flood the chat.


Renegotiating TLS 89%

The first is a request to any (perhaps unrelated) resource that triggers renegotiation, and the second request is the injected attack, ending with a custom “ignore” header prefix (lacking line termination).


Great Crusade Eldar Rule Set version 3.3 89%

Units within 12” of a Solitaire ignore the effects of Wraithsight.


Lutz Tau 87%

10/1/2015 warhammer 40k calculator 1679 Pts Tau:


sp blitz KVQ8 20140709 86%

If you do that, you can ignore this warning.


Great Crusade Eldar Rule Set version 3.4 85%

Units within 12” of a Solitaire ignore the effects of Wraithsight.


thehouseholdFB 84%

How can we say that compassion is our greatest attribute while we ignore the slaughter of innocent animals behind closed doors?


tamashii rules 82%

For NOVICE difficulty, ignore this rule.


Drive Forward Rules Comments - May 5 81%

  May   5,   2017    City   of   Seattle  Department   of   Finance   and   Administrative   Services  Attn:   Mr.   Matthew   Eng  P.O.   Box   94689  Seattle,   WA   98124­4689      Dear   Mr.   Eng:    We,   the   undersigned   drivers   and   community   members   of   Drive   Forward   Seattle,   submit   the  following   public   comments   on   the   proposed   rule   changes   released   by   your   office   on   April   21,  2017.     First,   in   general,   we   are   increasingly   alarmed   by   the   City’s   clumsy   and   unprofessional  administration   of   this   flawed   ordinance.   Not   only   was   the   ordinance   originally   passed   with   no  public   dialogue   and   no   input   from   the   very   people   it   would   affect   most   ­  drivers   ­  but   the   City   has  ignored   our   voices   every   step   of   the   way.   Hundreds   of   us   have   offered   comments,   suggestions,  and   testimony   during   this   process,   but   we   have   been   ignored.   The   release   of   this   latest   set   of  rules   only   provides   further   confirmation   the   goal   of   this   effort   is   not   to   help   the   drivers.   This   is   not  the   progressive   City   we   know   that   claims   to   be   inclusive   and   to   care   about   people   like   us.    Second,   we   are   extremely   concerned   by   the   Department   of   Finance   and   Administrative  Services’   sudden   decision   to   make   changes   to   supposedly   “final”   rules   several   months   after  beginning   implementation   of   the   ordinance.   How   can   the   rules   change   after   they   were   already  final?   How   do   we   know   they   won’t   change   again?   Even   more   disturbing,   none   of   the   new  changes   reflect   the   extensive   feedback   you   have   received   from   drivers.   Where   did   these  proposed   changes   come   from?   Whose   interests   are   you   protecting   with   these   new   changes?   It  certainly   is   not   drivers.    Third,   now   that   you   have   re­opened   the   rules,   we   would   again   implore   you   to   listen   to   the   voices  of   drivers   like   us   and   make   the   following   changes   to   the   rules   that   we   have   previously   asked   for  on   many   occasions:    ● Every   driver   affected   by   this   ordinance   should   have   a  vote   on   union   representation.   The  City   has   been   working   on   this   ordinance   for   nearly   a  year   and   a  half,   and   we   have   not  once   heard   the   City   offer   any   logical   explanation   based   upon   any   reliable   evidence   or  fact   as   to   why   only   certain   drivers   get   a  vote   on   an   issue   that   will   impact   their   future.   Why  are   you   denying   thousands   of   drivers   this   fundamental   right?      ● Every   driver   that   would   be   bound   by   a  resulting   contract   should   get   a  final   vote   on  whether   to   approve   or   disapprove   that   agreement.   This   has   been   a  basic   part   of   labor  law   for   decades.   Why   won’t   you   guarantee   drivers   a  final   up   or   down   vote   on   the  contract.   Why   are   you   giving   the   right   of   approval   or   rejection   to   the   Director?  ● Drivers   should   have   real   protections   from   harassment   and   intimidation   from   any  organization   seeking   to   represent   us.   The   rules   currently   include   protections   against  harassment   by   other   parties   but   not   from   the   organization   that   has   the   most   to   gain   from  securing   our   signatures.   Why   won’t   you   provide   us   with   these   protections?      Please   do   not   ignore   these   objections   both   to   the   proposed   rules   and   to   the   City’s   flawed  rule­making   process   like   you   have   done   in   the   past.   We   cannot   understand   why   the   City   didn’t  offer   ANY   response   to   Drive   Forward’s   February   17,   2017,   letter   raising   a  number   of   major  objections   to   approving   the   Teamsters’   QDR   application.   Our   letter   laid   out   the   Teamsters’  massive   conflict   of   interest   in   trying   to   represent   independent   drivers   like   us   after   years   of  fighting   to   stop   us   from   earning   money   as   drivers   ­  including   fighting   to   keep   us   out   of   the  airport,   suing   to   kick   TNCs   out   of   Seattle   entirely,   and   capping   the   number   of   drivers   at   150.  How   could   an   organization   whose   interests   directly   conflict   with   the   interests   of   the   drivers   they  seek   to   represent   be   certified   as   a  QDR?   These   are   serious   questions   ­  but   we   received   no  answers.   The   City’s   defective   process   has   clearly   not   put   the   interests   of   drivers   first.    In   conclusion,   we,   the   drivers   and   community   members   of   Drive   Forward   Seattle   affected   by   this  ordinance,   implore   you   once   again   to   begin   protecting   the   interests   of   drivers   by   listening   to   our  concerns   and   revising   the   rules   so   that  o   ur   privacy   is   protected   and   that  e   very   driver   gets   a  vote   on   representation   and   any   final   contract.    Respectfully   submitted,    Ourang   Ahdifard David   Gilmore Steven   Muskovits  Belal   Ahmed Immanuel   Gitamo Yebeta   Mwiba  Greg   Allan Jordan   Goyne Mulugeta   Negash  Teshim   Awalom Eric   Grant Paul   Nelwan  Robert   Baird Anthony   Gray Ramon   Nunez  David   Baker Ali   Guireh Kari   Olson  Joseph   Beaumier Jawed   Hasham Mohamed   Omar  Kabir   Bello Harry   Hearns Gina   Opacki  Alejandro   Bey Chuck   Hinson William   Parfitt  Stephanie   Bloom Larry   Hirata Ryan   Peart  Kathryn   Bohot Carl   Hoffman Marianne   Pence  Elod   Boromisza Jon   Holley Bradley   Peterson  Leslie   Braggs Jesse   Itula Lao   Phan  Daniel   Bretzke Leonard   Jackson,   Jr.