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Donald Marshall. Volume 2. Frequently Asked Questions 100%

“See my wrath” Exposing the Illuminati’s REM Driven Human Cloning Subculture Volume 2:


myron fagan the illuminati and the council on foreign relations 98%

The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations transcript of 1967 audio recording -- by Myron Fagan (1887 - 1972) [Part 1] The question of how and why the United Nations is the crux of the great conspiracy to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and the enslavement of the American people within a UN one-world dictatorship is a complete and unknown mystery to the vast majority of the American people.


illuminati 1 86%

PLEASE COPY THIS AND PASS IT ON (The “recent times” Illuminati was started in the 1770’s with Rothschilds money and the cold calculating Markabian mind known as Adam Weishaupt exploiting the weakness of human egos seeking power and status, followed by tactics of bribery, shame, intimidation, bankruptcy, and “last resort” assassinations.) The Secret Covenant of The Illuminati.


dialogue hh 85%

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 27, 2008 Spanish version his self-proclaimed illuminati [def] Insider appeared on the "Above Top Secret"


Donald Marshall. Volume 1. Public Figures 79%

Steps YOU can take to help expose the Illuminati...................................................


inception.shock 77%

We are playing the maybe famous card Game called Illuminati, and that not bad as most think.


The New World Order 74%

Both books sought to warn America about the Illuminati conspiracy, but the warnings were not taken seriously.


EA3-RES-CM 60%

∀𝑥 𝑄(𝑥) ⇒ 𝑅(𝑥) ≡ ∀𝑥 ¬𝑄(𝑥) ⋁ 𝑅(𝑥) (*)Illuminati confirmed!∆


Planet Hoax - 23 Signs That Identify A Staged Media Event 59%

The Elite / Illuminati are ’t k o for ha i g oral issues ith murdering people.


Kreuzer Safe-Einzelseiten A4 v2-2 59%

10 0 LAPTOP PASSPORT Energiesparwunder mit langer Batterielaufzeit Innenlicht Internal light luce interna Generalcode general code codice generale Last opening control last opening control controllo dell‘ultima apertura Notöffnungsschlüssel key for emergency-opening chiave di emergenza Beleuchtete Zahlen Energiesparwunder mit langer Batterielaufzeit luminous numbers numeri illuminati Motorisiertes Öffnen und Schließen motorized opening and closing apertura e chiusura motorizzate Optional integrierte Stromversorgung optional integrated power supply alimentatore integrato opzionale Blackbox-System black box system sistema black box Batterieabfrage battery level control controllo stato batteria Mastercode auf Anfrage änderbar general code can be changed on request Il Codice Master può essere modificato su richiesta energy-saving miracle with long battery life Un miracolo a risparmio energetico con una lunga durata della batteria in 2 Größen verfügbar available in 2 sizes disponibile in 2 dimensioni NEU NEW NUOVO Revolutionär in Ausführung und Technik.


Leaflet 57%

NO FROM TO MAP PLAYERS MODE DLC DLC NAME 1 (17.00) (17.13) CURSED 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 2 (17.13) (17.25) FALLENONE 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 3 (17.25) (17.38) FORBIDDEN 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 4 (17.38) (17.50) SACRED 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 5 (17.50) (18.03) UNSEEN 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 6 (18.03) (18.15) ILLUMINATI 8 DM DLC1 MEDIEVAL HORROR 7 (18.15) (18.28) INHUMATOR 8 DM DLC1 MEDIEVAL HORROR 8 (18.28) (18.40) PSYCHO 8 DM DLC1 MEDIEVAL HORROR 9 (18.40) (18.53) MINE 8 DM DLCX FULL METAL ROCKET 10 (18.53) (19.05) FACTORY 8 DM DLC7 CITY CITTERS 11 (19.05) (19.18) FACTORY HD 8 DM DLC7 CITY CITTERS UWAGA [PL] :


Lorenzo-Romano-EGETN 54%

Indicata preferibilmente per soggiorni ampi e illuminati.


EscapefAustraliaRvEd 54%

“ New World Order “ and secret societies -page 123 Chapter 21 - The Illuminati and the Masons - page 130 Chapter 22 - Tools of control:


The Money Lenders and their Game by Anonymous Font2 53%

262 6 Some Essentials 271 6.1 The Order of the Illuminati .


The Money Lenders and their Game by Anonymous Font3 53%

234 6 Some Essentials 241 6.1 The Order of the Illuminati .


isaacissimonconfirmed 50%

  Merridew 1  Jack Merridew  9 March 2015  Isaac is ​ Illuminati​  Simon Confirmed  There comes a day when everyone wonders, “god ​ damn​  why can’t fictional characters be  real?” They are far more intricate and compelling than real people, and yet so much easier to  understand. Often times we wish to speak with our favorite characters, or bang them, or punch  them in the face. But of course, these characters remain as fictional as ever. We will never get to  speak with them, nor bang them, nor punch them in the face. But there is one exception. Simon  from William Golding’s ​ Lord of the Flies​  has a real life counterpart who is identical in aesthetic,  personalities, and circumstances. His name? Isaac.  Though Simon and Isaac do not share many physical traits, they have the same aesthetic.  Both are literal nature princes. Simon often wanders the jungle alone (Golding 77) and was  enthralled by the sight of the world below from atop the mountain (Golding 38­40). Isaac’s love  of nature can be seen in his admiration of all things fauna and flora, including his desire to sleep  out in the woods, even in the bitter winter. In the end, it doesn’t matter that Isaac and Simon do  not look alike because you still get the same sort of feeling from looking at them.  However, in terms of personality, Simon and Isaac are one and the same. Both are sweet  and shy, little softies inside and out. They don’t speak much but are always caring,  compassionate, and helpful. This can be seen with Simon’s picking of fruit too high for the  smaller children to reach (Golding 78) and Isaac’s willingness to listen to all of his friend’s  problems. In spite of their loving and empathetic natures, both boys are ​ incredibly ​ saucy. Simon  can be seen sassing Ralph on several occasions and most things that leave Isaac’s mouth are an    Merridew 2  impudent remark. Furthermore, Isaac and Simon frequently suffer from fainting spells. This trait  is uncommon and the fact that they share it only strengthens their existential bond. In addition,  they are easily distracted. Simon leaves in the middle of helping Ralph build shelters to sit out in  the jungle (Golding 76), similar to Isaac’s inability to watch one goddamn Ghibli movie in one  sitting. Likewise, these boys have a tendency to fuck up. Isaac makes more daily mistakes than  can be counted on one hand. A good example of Simon’s fuck­uppancy is when he destroys the  roof of a shelter he and Ralph were constructing (Golding 69). There are about forty billion other  character traits that Isaac and Simon share, but I think you get the point.  Finally, we have their identical circumstances. Simon is quite literally stabbed in the back  by his friends, as is Isaac, and this follows no misdeed of theirs. Both boys are perfectly innocent  and get royally screwed over anyway. Coincidentally, Isaac and Simon are also frequently the  voice of virtue or, as some like to call it, the resident Christ figure. Isaac keeps his friend groups  in line when it comes to morals and Simon is the only boy on the island who fails to succumb to  depravity. In the same vein, both boys tend to know more than they should. Isaac is intuitive to  things he should have no knowledge of, such as the surnames of distant friends and unspoken  middle names of closer ones. Simon cryptically hints a foresight of events to come when he tells  Ralph that he’ll “get back all right” (Golding 159). Summarily, were Isaac to crash onto a  deserted island with a bunch of English school boys, he would have the same role as Simon. And  if Simon were to live in the 21st century tri­state area as a Catholic high schooler, then he would  fill Isaac’s shoes perfectly.  All in all, Simon and Isaac are one and the same on account of their aesthetics,  personalities, and circumstances. So, I have a question for you diehard ​ Lord of the Flies​  fanatics.    Merridew 3  Have you ever wanted to talk to Simon? Punch him in the face? Bang him? Been frustrated by  his frustrating fictional attribute? Well, lucky for you, Isaac is infinitely less fictional. Here’s  your chance! (To do all the things aside from banging him, I mean, Isaac is mine and you’re  gonna have to fight me for his virgin head.) ((I’m serious.)) (((Pistols at dawn, motherfucker.)))


Jewish Logos (1) 49%

Communism Communism is Jewish from beginning to end, from the Jew** Adam Weishaupt, founder of the legendary Illuminati, that secret Communism behind the French Revolution, to the Jew Karl Marx, who fathered the public Communism which erupted into not just one but two World Wars.


the Secret Religion - The Movement Reloaded 49%

The Illuminati are portrayed by conspiracy theorists and Christian and Muslim Fundamentalists as the puppetmasters of the world.


Real Chart 4 Jan 48%

Brightside Madonna Unapologetic Bitch The Peace Collective All Together Now Military Voices 1914 The Carol of Christmas Madonna Illuminati Avicii Hey Brother The Vamps Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) Iggy Azalea Black Widow Fall Out Boy American Beauty American Psycho Sales Figures u1 million ¨500,000 8250,000 Due to 2 weeks of sales no sales arrows are being shown.


Pepe Díaz T 48%

Luego de la muerte de todos los hombres de la familia regresó a Mexico a atender fiel y firmemente a las mujeres remanentes de su familia que para efecto de evitar la sedición sociopolítica que les correspondía se volvieron bajo el Síndrome de Estocolmo filántropas de la cultura mexicana hasta que éstas murieron en el año de 1997 y se quedó viendo televisión estadounidense en especial esa illuminati “Viajeros en el Tiempo”, desde entonces gobierna el mundo solo y en silencio.


Real Chart 21 Dec 48%

The Weeknd Love Me Harder Kid Ink Body Language James Newton Howard The Hanging Tree Jeremih ft YG Don’t Tell Em ¨ Ben Haenow Man In The Mirror Ý Nicole Scherzinger Run Ý Ben Haenow Thinking Out Loud Ý CHVRCHES Get Away OneRepublic Counting Stars Labrinth ft Emeli Sande Beneath Your Beautiful Ý Sam Smith Money On My Mind Ý Mr Probz Waves Ý Sam Smith Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Chris Rea Driving Home for Christmas Madonna Ghosttown Ý Madonna Devil Pray Ý Madonna Bitch I'm Madonna Ý East 17 Stay Another Day Madonna Unapologetic Bitch Ý Michael Bublé Santa Claus is Comin' to Town Madonna Illuminati Ý Idina Menzel ft Michael Bublé Baby It's Cold Outside The Darkness Chritmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) John Lennon &