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antoine ruffion portfolio 100%

Loudspeaker : Top-down infiltration game.


Partial minutes -Comm Services 6-9-16 97%

Tabled Items Nil Officer Interest Declaration Nil Strategic Implications 1.3 The community has the services and facilities it needs 2.3 Well managed infrastructure Legislation Implications Nil Council Policy/Local Law Implications RECN3 – Club / Community Group Application(s) for Council support of capital work projects Budget/Financial Implications There are no financial implications arising from the recommendation of this report.


Most Repeated Question Current Affairs - 2000 to 2013 91%

Globalization, as being shaped by the World Trade Organization in a world of un equal nation-slates, has un-manageable implications.


PUB9180 02 18 90%

Potential Planning Implications While individual tax rates are generally being reduced, individuals need to factor in the loss of personal exemptions on their taxable income.


D1.1 V1.0 86%

This raises implications with respect to the design of the ELE in iTalk2Learn in that it needs to provide access to sufficient unambiguous information (in order to enable inference based on students’ interactions), but not be intrusive and make full use of students' actions in the user interface (neither interfering too much nor limiting the exploratory nature of the ELE).


Partial minutes -comm serv 8-11-16 86%

Nil Officer Interest Declaration Nil Strategic Implications 1.1 A strong sense of community spirit 1.2 Active community life that is safe and healthy 1.3 The community has the services and facilities it needs 2.2 Attractive and functional public places 2.3 Well managed infrastructure Legislation Implications Any works associated with the projects would need to be carried out in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and any other relevant legislation.


ANESTHESIA for Labor and Delivery 85%

Alterations    Anesthetic Implications Weight gain/breast engorgement Hinders laryngoscopy Swollen mucosa    Easy bleeding with manipulation Upper airway obstruction Use of smaller caliber endotracheal tubes Renal Changes with Pregnancy   Anesthetic Implications MAC decreased Overdosage hazard Decreased FRC Faster induction with insoluble agents Increased VE Speeds induction with soluble agents Greater risk of Hypoxemia Alterations Decreased FRC Anesthetic Implications Less O2 reserve Increased O2 consumption Mucosal engorgement of the Respiratory Tract Rapid airway obstruction  Elevated progesterone levels o decreased gastric motility o decreased food absorption o lower esophageal sphincter tone at term  Placental secretion of gastrin o higher gastric acidity (Gastric pH ≤ 2.5) o increased gastric acid volume  Enlarged uterus o increased intragastric pressure o gastroesophageal angle flattens Clinical Significance • Increased danger of vomiting and aspiration • Acid Aspiration Pneumonia(Mendelson’s Syndrome) • All parturients are considered to have a full stomach regardless of the number of hours after last food intake • No solid food should be given to parturients and that liquids be restricted to a small amount of ice chips Medical Measures for a Full Stomach • Histamine2-blocking agents o (cimetidine, ranitidine, decrease acidity and volume • Hematologic Changes with Pregnancy     Clotting factors rise by 50-250% Hemoglobin decreases by 20% Platelet count lowered by 20% Iron and folate anemias Plasma flow and GFR increases by 50% Decreased threshold for glucose and amino acids Gastrointestinal Changes with Pregnancy Modified responses to anesthetics Alterations Dilutional anemia Platelet count – 20% ↓ The following factors are increased:


QED Budget highlights 2018 84%

Direct taxes - Implications on Individuals…………………...……………………………………….2 - Implications on Corporates and Business…..……………………...………………….4 2.


Statutory Enforcement Report2017 84%

CONSTITUTIONAL IMPLICATIONS 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20425 U.S .


CP1 84%

Nursing implications and teaching Each medication includes:


What differences does it make if God exists? 84%

They never think to ask what the implications would be if God did not exist.


Fitbit2 84%

My research will dig into the question whether the non-human forms of sociality create implications for the privacy of Fitbit users.


05 30Sep12 Sani Alhaji Garba 563 revised version 82%

and the implications of the current state of technology integration on social studies objectives.


VanElzakker - IACFSME2014 80%

Implications:Symptoms Symptoms Implications: ... Implications:


Proposition for the Implementation of Jury Trials 80%

This report attempts to identify the benefits and implications of implementing juries in criminal courts of Vice City County, as well as how such proposal be implemented.


Folio 80%

As an editor, this essay struck me as an insightful piece of analysis that works cross-functionally, touching on the larger implications of Hawthorne’s use of symbolism both from an English standpoint as well as a psychological one.


How Facebook Exploits Human Psychology 79%

Parker encourages users to remember that Facebook developers knew the implications of what they were doing and did it anyway.


10018619 (3) 79%

current concepts and therapeutic implications in bladder cancer 2.


David Grodzki Implications of Polish Elections 78%

HIIA Papers T-2011/3 4 david grodzki Implications of Polish Elections on Domestic and European Affairs HIIA PAPERS Series of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs Publisher:


Tom Platonoff 1113920 Dissertation 2015 78%

44 7.2 Practical implications of results ...................................................................................


humanity technology feature story 77%

We discussed the projects in the lab,along with the ethical implications of the proliferation of artificial intelligence in the decision making process of everyday human life.


Poster 76%

Introduction Understanding of emotional consolidation following sleep may have important implications for psychiatric illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.


ER1120 75%

Torsten Haferlach (Munich) 17:15-17:40 17:40-17:45 Translational implications of the medical genomics Torsten Haferlach (Munich) in AML Discussion 17:45-18:10 18:10-18:15 Genotype-tailored therapy of AML Hartmut Dohncr (Ulm) Discussion 18:15-18:40 18:40-18:45 Towards personalized medicine in AML Bob Ldwcnberg (Rotterdam) Discussion 18:45-19:10 19:10-19:15 Precision medicine in AML: