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Job-List-29NOV 100% 113c199310819-7386050 Hospitality/ Barista/ Waiting Staff:


Sheikh Muqbil on Elections 89%

“Indeed, these mosques were but built for the remembrance of Allah.” So which of the two is greater;


How to learn French in only 10 minutes a day 81%

Indeed, the common idea that people have when learning a new language is “It will take a lot of work before I can speak it fluently’’.


Klima JohnBuridansNominalistLogic&c 81%

1 That volume is indeed rather large, maybe intimidatingly so to students, or even to professional philosophers who just want to get an introduction to medieval nominalist thought in general, or to Buridan’s philosophical logic and metaphysics in particular.


GeekyBugle12 81%

That said, if indeed Joe Glass (what an apt last name for such a fragile flower), is indeed trying to get him banned from Youtube and Twitter for harassment and said harassment is either false or against someone else, then Joe is even more of a douchebag than I already thought him to be.


Press Release 9Jul 80%

“Indeed you deserve and shall have a lasting reward.


Discernment paper BR2018 08.06 proposal2 80%

In the case of the attempted murder of Sergei and Julia Skripal by nerve-agent poisoning in Salisbury, there have already been a minimum of 32 different narratives suggested by the Russian state as possible “explanations”, most of which are absurd and indeed contradictory.


JesusPaidItAll 78%

Kings Kaleidoscope version Jesus Paid It All [Intro x2]​ ​Am​ ​C​ ​F​ ​Dm [Verse 1] ​Am​ ​C I hear the Savior say, ​F​ ​F6 “Thy strength indeed is small.


Remilia 78%

Indeed, th e night's coming was the signal for the creatures of the dark to come crawling out and assume the do minant role of roaming the lands as they please.


ElasticComposite,ReinforcedLightweightConcreteAsATypeOfRCS 77%

Indeed, this structure is a type of particular composite (compound) systems generally called as;


kevin floyd 76%

As the long, slow dismantlement of the welfare state continues, those social reproduction functions we tend to associate with it have become more immediately, directly commodified - including an uneven shift away from unpaid domestic labour, its offloading to precarious forms of service labour, especially migrant labour, and indeed a voluminous relocation from the global South to the North of labouring women, including nannies, maids, and sex workers.


ASA Regions 76%

His lame claim that the IAAF recognises him as the president even though he is suspended is indeed false and he continues to mislead the Athletics membership and the public at large that he has the support of the IAAF and that indeed he speaks on their behalf.


CM-Civilisation-S2 75%

He, indeed, considered himself to be by right the true King of France.


Jefferson Quran 75%

15:7 Why don't you bring the angels to us if it be that you have the truth?” 16:103 We know indeed that they say, “It is a man that teaches him.


Remilia (2) 75%

Indeed, the night's coming was the signal for the creatures of the dark to come crawling out and assume the dominant role of roaming the lands as they please.


Applied Statistics - Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon 75%

Indeed, one has to understand what is going on behind an algorithm if he wants to make it better.


VS 06 - On Rants and Responsibilities 74%

She indeed made a strong blow on our country’s medical field and an even stronger blow to government health care.


On the Change of Form of Long Waves advancing in a Rectangular Canal and on a New Type of Long Stationary Waves 74%

Indeed, if the reasons adduced were really decisive, it is difficult to see why the solitary wave should make an exception5 ;


Summary Note - Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon 73%

Indeed, let’s say that the ratio is 99% (class:


feedback eunwoo 73%

After a quick nod from them, confirming it was indeed over, he spoke again, “Then I’ll go.” He then got up from his seat, grabbing his school bag that had rested at his feet the whole time and left the room soon after.


DNNT 15-12-01am 73%

the untested pairing of unemployed ranter Creepy Chris Dick and comic dealer and provocateur Jimmy Linguini, turned out to be an ephemeral moment indeed.


National-Assembly-Days-2018-Concept-Paper.docx 72%

Indeed, if the SYM wishes to be relevant to the Filipino youth of today, it needs to adjust to the signs of the times without losing its identity.


Easter 3rd Sunday April 26 2020 72%

Christ is risen indeed. ... The Lord is risen indeed:


Brown University Mail - Nanocubes Capstone Project 72%

Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 4:05 PM Hi Lauro, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The time dimension is indeed the special dimension and we are working hard to optimize for the distributed version of the Nanocube. I can see now how inserting a record with a smaller time than those previously stored would require linear cost in the length of the time series. However, isn't the data sorted by time in nanocube­binning­csv? I had to increase the chunksize to allow for the larger dataset of course.  Regards, Foster   [Quoted text hidden] Lauro Lins <>


The Cosmic Ashlar Continuum 72%

1 Indeed, we require a moral education to build and protect the dawning civilization of the quickly approaching age.