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2019 Lubawy JEB 100%

doi:10.1242/jeb.213744 RESEARCH ARTICLE Thermal stress causes DNA damage and mortality in a tropical insect ABSTRACT Cold tolerance is considered an important factor determining the geographic distribution of insects.


2015 Colinet et al ANN REV ENTOMOL 98%

• Other articles in this volume • Top cited articles • Top downloaded articles • Our comprehensive search Insects in Fluctuating Thermal Environments Herv´e Colinet,1,∗ Brent J.


2015 Renault et al. Rev Ecol 96%

a response by which tolerance to one stress can enhance tolerance to another stress, may contribute to the invasive success of some alien insects.


2007 Lalouette Colinet et al. FEBS 95%

Frequent exposure of terrestrial insects to temperature variation has thus led to the evolution of protective biochemical and physiological mechanisms.


2018 Colinet et al JEB 95%

doi:10.1242/jeb.164806 COMMENTARY Mechanisms underpinning the beneficial effects of fluctuating thermal regimes in insect cold tolerance ABSTRACT Insects exposed to low temperature often have high mortality or exhibit sublethal effects.


2011 Colinet CBP 95%

Perturbations in central metabolism appear to be a common physiological response in insects exposed to low temperatures.


2011 Colinet et al JTB 94%

Received 27 May 2011 Accepted 15 July 2011 Available online 22 July 2011 Exposing insects to a fluctuating thermal regime (FTR) compared with constant low temperature (CLT) significantly reduces cold-induced mortality.


2011 Colinet & Boivin - Biol control rev 92%

Introduction Mass production of beneficial insects has long been considered necessary for biological control programs, especially those based on augmentative releases (van Lenteren and Tommasini, 2002).


2007 Colinet et al. JTB 92%

Insects from both temperatures were also exposed to constant or fluctuating cold-exposure.


2018 Nikolouli et al. J PEST Sci 92%

Parasitoid species are insects attacking other arthropods in the egg, larval or pupal developmental stages.


2010 Colinet et al. JEB 92%

The mechanisms underlying chilling injuries and the subsequent recovery phase are only beginning to be understood in insects.


Urban Wildlife Internship 2018 (1) 91%

These insects are most valuable for their ability to pollinate, which gives the us variations in plant life.


GRAFICA studente di YANG LAN E3 90%

Insect coaches claim that their activity provides a free pastime while drawing attention upon insects that would otherwise have been ignored or just killed as pests.


2019 Grumiaux et al. JIP 90%

A potential method to control pest insects such as D.


2010 Colinet et al. FEBS 90%

In insects, this process has been widely examined for heat stress, but the response to cold stress has been far less studied.


2016 Javal et al AB 90%

October 18, 2016 Abstract Temperature directly affects survival, development and reproduction in insects and thereby it is a key environmental driver for geographic distribution and population dynamics.


2012 Teets et al 2013 PNAS 89%

The molecular mechanisms that govern extreme dehydration tolerance in insects remain largely undefined.


vaye e 89%

On rare occasions there may be white or brown scale insects on the peel.


30-248-1-PB 88%

When an alkaloid is present in a plant, the plant will taste bitter to insects;


2017 Colinet et al IBMB 88%

However, previous studies conducted on insects exposed to nonfreezing low temperatures presented conflicting results.


2006 Colinet et al. Environ Entomol 88%

KEY WORDS low temperature, cold hardiness, survival, water relations, fat reserves OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE responses of insects to low temperatures has progressed substantially (Ramløv 2000, Sinclair et al.


2013 Foray et al CBP 88%

Introduction Many ectotherms including insects have to cope with cold periods during their lifetime, and this may have strong consequences on their fitness, which in turn can contribute to determine their geographical distribution (Bale, 2002;


viae 88%

On rare occasions there may be white or brown scale insects on the peel.


משה ויא טו בשבט תשעד אנגלית 87%

On rare occasions there may be white or brown scale insects on the peel.