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HWiNFO64 Report 100%

4 MB Pages, 4-way set associative, 32 entries [Standard Feature Flags] FPU on Chip Present Enhanced Virtual-86 Mode Present I/O Breakpoints Present Page Size Extensions Present Time Stamp Counter Present Pentium-style Model Specific Registers Present Physical Address Extension Present Machine Check Exception Present CMPXCHG8B Instruction Present APIC On Chip / PGE (AMD) Present Fast System Call Present Memory Type Range Registers Present Page Global Feature Present Machine Check Architecture Present CMOV Instruction Present Page Attribute Table Present 36-bit Page Size Extensions Present Processor Number Not Present CLFLUSH Instruction Present Debug Trace and EMON Store Present Internal ACPI Support Present MMX Technology Present Fast FP Save/Restore (IA MMX-2) Present Streaming SIMD Extensions Present Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 Present Self-Snoop Present Multi-Threading Capable Present Automatic Clock Control Present IA-64 Processor Not Present Signal Break on FERR Present Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX) Present Safer Mode Extensions (Intel TXT) Present Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 Present Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 Present Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1 Not Present Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 Not Present AVX Support Not Present Fused Multiply Add (FMA) Not Present Carryless Multiplication (PCLMULQDQ)/GFMUL Not Present CMPXCHG16B Support Present MOVBE Instruction Not Present POPCNT Instruction Not Present XSAVE/XRSTOR/XSETBV/XGETBV Instructions Not Present XGETBV/XSETBV OS Enabled Not Present Float16 Instructions Not Present AES Cryptography Support Not Present Random Number Read Instruction (RDRAND) Not Present Extended xAPIC Not Present MONITOR/MWAIT Support Present Thermal Monitor 2 Present Enhanced SpeedStep Technology Present L1 Context ID Not Present Send Task Priority Messages Disabling Present Processor Context ID Not Present Direct Cache Access Not Present TSC-deadline Timer Not Present Performance/Debug Capability MSR Present IA32 Debug Interface Support Not Present 64-Bit Debug Store Present CPL Qualified Debug Store Present [Extended Feature Flags] 64-bit Extensions Present RDTSCP and TSC_AUX Support Not Present 1 GB large page support Not Present No Execute Present SYSCALL/SYSRET Support Present Bit Manipulation Instructions Set 1 Not Present Bit Manipulation Instructions Set 2 Not Present Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2) Not Present Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512) Not Present AVX-512 Prefetch Instructions Not Present AVX-512 Exponential and Reciprocal Instructions Not Present AVX-512 Conflict Detection Instructions Not Present AVX-512 Doubleword and Quadword Instructions Not Present AVX-512 Byte and Word Instructions Not Present AVX-512 Vector Length Extensions Not Present AVX-512 52-bit Integer FMA Instructions Not Present Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) Extensions Not Present Software Guard Extensions (SGX) Support Not Present Supervisor Mode Execution Protection (SMEP) Not Present Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP) Not Present Hardware Lock Elision (HLE) Not Present Restricted Transactional Memory (RTM) Not Present Memory Protection Extensions (MPX) Not Present Read/Write FS/GS Base Instructions Not Present Enhanced Performance String Instruction Not Present INVPCID Instruction Not Present RDSEED Instruction Not Present Multi-precision Add Carry Instructions (ADX) Not Present PCOMMIT Instructions Not Present CLFLUSHOPT Instructions Not Present CLWB Instructions Not Present TSC_THREAD_OFFSET Not Present Platform Quality of Service Monitoring (PQM) Not Present Platform Quality of Service Enforcement (PQE) Not Present FPU Data Pointer updated only on x87 Exceptions Not Present Deprecated FPU CS and FPU DS Not Present Intel Processor Trace Not Present PREFETCHWT1 Instruction Not Present AVX-512 Vector Bit Manipulation Instructions Not Present User-Mode Instruction Prevention Not Present Protection Keys for User-mode Pages Not Present OS Enabled Protection Keys Not Present AVX-512 VPOPCNTD/VPOPCNTQ Instructions Not Present Read Processor ID Not Present SGX Launch Configuration Not Present AVX-512 Deep Learning Enhanced Word Variable Precision Not Present AVX-512 Deep Learning Floating-point Single Precision Not Present [Enhanced Features] Thermal Monitor 1:


Lecture 01 99%

Branch Instructions..................................................................................................................................23 1. Unconditional Branch Instructions......................................................................................................23 2.


New Coach Training Checklist 98%

Online School Account (see Handbook for specific instructions on each task) 1.


04 14Dec15 2860 Essa Panahandeh 97%

That is, input- and output-based instructions had no effect on genders in learning phrasal verbs.


image citations 97%

“Illustration - Pixeled Copyright sign illustration, 3d render”.


CALCULABILITE 2ème Partie Machine de Turing 96%

Le cas où la MT reste à l’arrêt correspond au cas où aucune instruction n’est disponible avec pour paire de tête qj Si … Le fonctionnement de la MT est donc entièrement défini par un ensemble d’instructions.


KP275Tahun2015 95%

PURPOSE This Staff Instruction prescribes responsibilities, policies, and procedures to be used by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for the development and amendment of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR), Staff Instructions (SI) and Advisory Circulars (AC) within each Directorate's area of responsibility.


taxform 95%

䊳 See separate instructions.


GRE-Prep Instructions (READ SECOND) (1) 95%



lab3prep 94%

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with ARM assembly language or indeed any assembly language - we will start with very simple, one-line examples and in any case we will only be using a small fraction of the available ARM instructions and addressing modes.


README (1) 94%

There should be no folder called  “BitTorrent Sync Beta” in the list.    If you find one, please delete it.  2)  Desktop Install instructions:    BitTorrent Sync Beta will import your folders automatically into your new Sync 2.0 software.    Note: Please make sure that you have no pending approvals when you upgrade.  Accept or Reject them prior to upgrade.    Windows  Macintosh  Install the new version:  1.


Delta Mixer Op manual 94%

                                                                                                                                                                   Delta Mixer DM 400 Operating Instructions         Contents         1.


IntroductiontoTromboneLessonPlan 94%

Produce beginning buzzes on the mouthpiece        Materials  Two Trombones  Two Chairs              Sequence  Time  Teacher will  Students will  0:00  Hook the student's attention by asking student  Answer questions asked by  "How are you doing today?" and "Have you ever  teacher  played trombone before?"  0:30  Verbally instruct student how to take trombone out  Follow teacher's instructions  of case and assemble while modeling process on  and modeling to successfully  own trombone  2:00  ­ On floor  ­ Case Brand Name up  ­ Open Case  ­ Make “L”s w/ hands  ­ Lift bell with left hand (facing down)  ­ Lift slide with right hand (adjust to 90º)  ­ Screw on  ­ Place mouthpiece on horn  Verbally instruct student how to return trombone  unpack instrument  Follow teacher's instructions  to case while modeling process on own trombone  and modeling to successfully  3:00  ­ Mouthpiece out  ­ Unscrew  ­ Take out slide, return to case  ­ Return bell  ­ Close case  ­ Latch case  repack instrument  Ask student to assemble trombone on his/her own  Explain how he or she is  while explaining what is being done to correctly  assembling the trombone  assemble trombone  while assembling trombone  ­ On floor  ­ Case Brand Name up  ­ Open Case  ­ Make “L”s w/ hands  ­ Lift bell with left hand (facing down)  ­ Lift slide with right hand (adjust to 90º)  ­ Screw on  ­ Place mouthpiece on horn  4:00  Verbally instruct student how to get trombone into  Follow teacher's instructions  playing position while modeling instructions: “Now  and modeling to successfully  that we have the trombone assembled, let’s get it  assume playing position  into playing position”  ­ Left hand  ­ Make an “L”  ­ Hold at 1st cross support  ­ Index finger can come up next to  mouthpiece  ­ Right hand  ­ bring thumb, index, and middle  finger together  5:00  ­ hold slide with these fingers  ­ nice and loose  Ask student to bring instrument down then find  Explain how he or she is  playing position on his/her own while explaining  finding playing position while  what is being done to correctly assemble  finding playing position  trombone  6:00  “Now that we know where the instrument goes    when we play it, let’s make some sounds”        Instruct student to take off mouthpiece and  Take off mouthpiece and set  demonstrate how to set trombone down  trombone down      Sitting up tall on edge of chair  Sit up tall      Lead student through the following breathing  Follow teacher’s instructions  exercises   for breathing and  ­ Breathe in and out on Poe  ­ With finger at mouth breathe out the  following syllables  ­ ­ Too  ­ Hoo  ­ Koo  Always breathe through mouth  embouchure production  7:30  Explain and model:  Follow teacher’s instructions  ­ Place edge of mouthpiece on lower lip  and modeling to find  ­ Rotate up  mouthpiece location and  ­ There should be slightly more upper lip  begin to buzz  than lower lip  9:00  ­ Slightly angled down  ­ “pooh” through mouthpiece  ­ Should buzz  Ask student to disassemble trombone on his/her  Explain how he or she is  own while explaining what is being done to  disassembling the trombone  correctly disassemble trombone  while disassembling  ­ Mouthpiece out  trombone  ­ Unscrew    ­ Take out slide, return to case    ­ Return bell  ­ Close case  ­ Latch case              Thank student for time and express excitement  Graciously accept thanks  about the next lesson  and eagerly await the next  lesson          Assessment  The teacher will be able to determine if the Student Learning Objectives are being met by:  1.


Symbols Handout MOCK UP 94%

GUIDE TO APPAREL/TEXTILE CARE SYMBOLS* Warning Symbols for Laundering Machine Wash Cycles Permanent Press Normal Wash Hand Wash Delicate/ Gentle Do Not Wash (Maximum) (200F) (160F) (140F) (120F) (105F) (65F-85F) Water Temperatures 95C Symbol(s) 70C 60C 50C 40C 30C •• •• •• ••••• •• •• • • • • • • Do Not Bleach Do Not Dry (used with Do Not Wash) Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed Any Bleach When Needed Bleach Do Not Iron Additional Instructions Tumble Dry Cycles (in Symbols or Words) Normal Dry Permanent Press Line Dry / Hang to Dry Delicate/ Gentle Do Not Wring Drip Dry Tumble Heat Settings Any Heat High Medium Low Do Not Tumble Dry No Heat/Air Dry Flat In the shade IronDry or Steam 150C (300F) Medium 200C (390F) High No Steam (added to iron) Dryclean - Normal Cycle A Dryclean 110C (230F) Low Any Solvent P Dryclean - Additional Instructions F Petroleum Any Solvent Solvent Except Only Trichloroethylene Do Not Dryclean * This chart illustrates care symbols accepted by the Federal Trade Commission as part of a conditional exemption to the FTC Care Labeling Rule (16 CFR 423).


Computer Peripherals 01 94%



TopCoder Member Tax Form W-8BEN 94%

Go to for instructions and the latest information.


The Bondage of Mind by the Method Framew 94%

Jameshenasan, 2011 (This book is originally published in Persian but here is its summary in English) According to the definition of this book, a social research method is a collection of predetermined rules and instructions which tell researchers how to act or what to do during their research.


CIDlistAPRIL16 94%

Instructions: ... Instructions: ... Instructions: ... 15-20 Instructions:


uksc-2016-0196-judgment 94%

Hilary Term [2017] UKSC 5 On appeals from:


ChocolateCoconut 94%

3 Cooking Instructions: ... 5 Cooking Instructions: