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TrainingGuide 100%

Bayerischemacht Training Guide         ​                                   Table of Contents:  I.      Introduction  II.    Training Rules  III.   High Rank Training Rules  IV.   Instructor Regulations  V.   Training Exercises to Cover  VI. Notes                                          I.  Introduction  Welcome to the Bayerischemacht, friend. The following is a syllabus explaining  the rules and guidelines of the Bayerischemacht during trainings or patrols (its  considered both a combative and training event), this includes instruction for both  high ranking trainers, and trainees alike. The following rules and regulations are a  short explanation of instruction to help make the training go along smoothly and  efficiently and to produce the ‘most effective and skilled troops’ for the  Bayerischemacht. This version, version 1.0, of the Bayerischemacht official  guidelines and regulations book has been approved by the current leader of  Bayerischemacht, BayerischeHolder. Any and all concerns, amendments, or  clarifications needing clarity should be brought to Oberst 01waffle01.                                II.  Training Rules  All of the following rules will be upheld by an ‘enforcer’ or the instructor.    I. Obey all orders of the instructors or assistant instructor.    II. Participate in all activities unless directed by the Instructor, the instructor  doesn't need to ask if you are participating, by attending unless you are given  permission (such as divisional reasons or ranking) you must partake.    III. The instructor outranks the other high ranking officers that are at the training  facility unless an order is given such as to patrol the recruitment center/base,  defend a raid, follow to a raid and such. Directions such as what training will be  commenced, permission to speak and organizational will be given by the lead  instructor of the training or his assistant.    IV. If you have to go AFK, Away from Keyboard, inform your training  instructors so that they know. It is unacceptable to keep your fellow soldiers from  accomplishing tasks at training to better themselves because you forgot to  mention you are not there.    V. If you are asked to leave a training, leave, do not stay and complain to the  instructor.    VI. Follow rules set by Bayerischemacht, do not disrespect any high ranking  officer at a training or any of your fellow comrades, doing so will get you  punished.    VII. Address all high ranking officers as ‘Herr’ or by their rank if they wish.  They are not to be called by just name, you need to call them by ‘Herr’ as a sign  of respect, for all of them deserve it. This rule is for both trainings, patrols, and  raids or any event.  III. High Ranking Training Rules  Not much rules due to the fact that high ranking officers ​ SHOULD​  know what to  do and what not to do.      1. If you are observing a training do not interrupt it without getting permission by  the instructor, you may not randomly shout out to an trainee or the instructor.    2. You do not need to call the instructor "Herr" if you are of EQUAL or HIGHER  ranking as him, call him ‘Instructor’ or by his rank.    3. Do not invoke fighting or drama if you attend a training not as an instructor!                                          IV. Instructor Regulations  These rules will be enforced by a higher ranking officer than the instructor.    1. The instructor may not use his or her power over the training to indulge in  revenge, the power of the position must be used ​ responsibly​ .    2. The instructor is also bound by ​ Bayerischemacht​  rules.    3. The instructor must still respect high ranking officers attending that training,  this can be done by addressing [rank] [name] or calling him ‘Herr’    4. Instructors dare not abuse admin! And can not just have fun with it! Admin is a  tool for training, not for your amusement.    5. Incorporate fun into your training but don't lighten up on punishment, the  training must be efficient and relatively strict, your job is to prepare them for  ‘war’, not for a party.


How to Choose a Martial Arts School 96%

Schools that have a website can provide you with some initial details about their business including program details, instructor history, and class schedules.


OB International P2P Article 96%

Ian Wade, who went from Colorado OB School instructor to NWOBS program director and vice president of safety and program with OB USA, to executive director of Outward Bound International;


Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (2) 95%

Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction If you like people, have a passion for the ocean and want an extraordinary life – become a PADI Instructor.


01 28Dec15 2665-5028-1-SM revised 94%

Firstly, on-ground lecture is given in class, where the instructor explains basic knowledge.


OLLI.Schedule.2016.Revised-2 94%

| 7 weeks Instructor: ... | 8 weeks Instructor: ... | 8 weeks Instructor:


Directions and Reference Material 94%

Each of the items included in this review is being considered for inclusion in a new measure of instructor satisfaction in MOOCs.


GA Assignment of Work form 2013-14 93%

Instructor: ... Instructor: ... Instructor: ... Instructor:


2016 Midwinter Stage Combat Seminars announcement 92%

In addition, we’re thrilled to announce that veteran director and SAFD Certified Teacher Angela Bonacasa will be joining us a special guest instructor!


semteo-kursprogramm-a5-web 90%

UNSER TEAM BETTINA OBERMANN • Zertifizierte Yogalehrerin • Pilatestrainerin in Ausbildung DORIS HOFBAUER • Fitnesstrainerin • 4D Pro® Bungee Instructor SEMIR NUHANOVIC • Studioleitung • Kampfkunst-Meister • 4D PRO® Bungee Instructor TEODORA NIKOVA • Studioleitung • Fitnesstrainerin &


Online Adult Learning Instrument 90%

The instructor of the course encourages all students to post responses to questions, read other comments, and reflect.


Typing201Syllabus 88%

The quality of the student’s typing will be assessed primarily through typing exercises performed under the real-time observation of an instructor.


Licenza PPL 87%

Commercial Pilot Licence Copilot Class Rating Instructor Class Rating Examiner Fhght Instructor Flight Examiner Helicopter Instrument Rating Instrument Rating Instructor Multi Engine Multi Engine Piston aeroplane Multi Pilot Aeroplane Multi Pilot Helicopter Pilot in Command Private Pilot Licence Radiotelephony Single Engine Single Engine Piston Velivolo Volo Acrobatico Licenza di Pilota di Linea Plurimotore Velivolo plurimotore con motore alternativo Velivolo pluripilota Elicottero pluripilota Pilota responsabile Licenza di Pilota Privato Radiotelefonia Monomotore Velivolo monomotore alternativo Single Pilot Aeroplane Velivolo monopilota Single Pilot Helicopter Elicottero monopilota Type Rating Instructor Istruttore Abilitaz.


Press Release -Training for trainer Sertifikasi BNSP Jakarta 86%

Jakarta, Indonesia – June 12th 2017 – For Immediate Release TransWISH Indonesia announces another successful Training for Trainer with BNSP certification for Indonesian Trainers, Motivators and Instructor.


newsletterhawfc2014 86%

To Seth our new Instructor, we wish him a great time with us and we will utilise his competency as a Level 3 Personal Trainer to look at new initiative going forward.


ELIPSIS the ABC Newsletter Sept 2013 85%

Lockhart, Instructor; ... MacKenzie, Instructor; ... McDade, Instructor; ... Wilson, Instructor;


Stat 3470 AU16 Syllabus 84%

University Hall (UH), Room 14, MWF 1:50pm – 2:50pm Instructor:


wattenbergCV 84%

Graduate Instructor, George Mason University August 2015-May 2016 As a graduate instructor, I designed and taught two sections of freshman English Composition per semester.


Feed Your Core 83%

•  Workouts can vary based on the instructor’s focus.


Ourtown AD Sept 2014 83%

James 1 block east of Carvel Entrance off Sunny Road 631-862-1400 2 Students STRIKE BACK Beginner Groups Women’s Self Defense Club 5 WEEKS Same family Only $3900 with this coupon New students only New students only Expires 9/27/14 Expires 9/27/14 ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Sensei Gregg Stevenson St.


Michael Fraser Teaching Resume 83% _____________ TEACHING 2009-present Violin instructor @ Prussin Music 2009-present DJ and Ableton Live instructor @ School Of Remix 2010-2011 Computer Software instructor @ Simply Computing _____________ PERFORMANCES 2015 2014 2014 2013 &


Akito Roberge Resume 83%

GitHub Scrum Agile Trello Slack Digital Media Academy 3D Modeling and Game Design Instructor Summer 2016 Toronto, Ontario Developed curriculums for modeling/animation with Maya and game design with Unreal Engine courses.