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La nivel național, școlile politice trebuie să redevină reuniuni bazate pe cursuri consistente și dezbateri aplicate pe temele de interes pentru tinerii liberali din întreaga țară.


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International Conference on SOCIETIES AND SPACES IN CONTACT:


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224414-D) (Incorporated in Malaysia) QUARTERLY FINANCIAL REPORT AS AT 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 UNAUDITED CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS Current Year to date Ended 30-Sep-16 RM Cash flows from oper ating activities Profit before taxation Adj us tments for :Amortisation of i ntangi bl e as s ets Depreci ation of property, pl ant and equi pment Amortisation of i nvestment property Defined benefi t obl i gati ons Di vi dend i ncome Loss of di spos al of a n i nvestment Net gai n on c hanges i n fa i r val ue of forward exchange contracts Net gai n on di spos al of pr operty, pl ant and equi pment Impai rment l os ses on tra de receivabl es Interes t income Interes t expense Inventori es wri tten off Wri te down i n va l ue of i nventori es Property, pl ant and equi pment wri tten off Unreal i sed los s on for eign exchange Revers al of i mpai rment l os ses on tra de receivabl es Share opti ons expense 40,440,230 Pre ceding Year Corresponding Period Ended 31-Dec-15 RM 54,396,582 106,262 1,139,097 1,955 (126,448) (28,705) (32,767) (1,145,212) 1,998,284 162,905 (49,048) 2,032,520 104,978 1,566,704 2,607 70,049 (12,286) 16,325 50,432 551,501 (1,81 2,442) 2,391,878 691,806 527,369 3,362 (334,807) (938,743) 4,432,101 Operating profit before working capital changes Decrease / (Increas e) in i nventori es Decrease / (Increas e) in tra de and other receivabl es (Decrease) / Increas e in trade and other payabl es 44,499,074 16,601,649 16,062,959 (17,309,167) 61,707,416 (16,683,991) (10,919,331) 21,462,596 Cash generate d from oper ations Tax pa i d Interes t received Interes t pai d Retirement benefi t pai d Net cash (used in)/from operating activities 59,854,516 (14,885,373) 1,145,212 (1,998,284) 44,116,071 55,566,690 (9,38 0,237) 1,812,442 (2,39 1,878) (681) 45,606,336 Cash flows from investing activities Acqui si tion of a s ubs i di ary Purchase of property, pl ant and equi pment Purchase of intangi bl e as sets Purchase of an i nvestment Addi tiona l i nj ection of c api tal from Non-control l i ng i nterest Proceeds from dispos al of a n i nvestment Proceeds from dispos al of property, pl ant and equi pment Di vi dend recei ved Net cash us ed in i nvesting acti vi ties (34,938,968) (5,604,009) (58,695) 452,550 34,689 126,448 (39,987,985) (3,05 1,361) (212,873) (24,840) 8,675 12,286 (3,26 8,113) Cash flows from financing activities Proceeds from issuance of shares under ESOS Term Loan repa yment Bankers ' acc eptances obtai ned, net of repayment Hire purchase ins tal ments pa i d Di vi dend pa i d Net cash from/(used in)/ financing activities 3,617,563 (838,954) (3,656,163) 472,594 (19,219,634) (19,624,594) 3,644,674 6,194,633 (102,881) (13,196,700) (3,46 0,274) (15,496,508) 113,253,287 89,509 38,877,949 74,157,347 217,991 Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year Foreign exchange difference Cash and cash equivalent at end of the period Cash and cash equivalents at end of year comprised:Deposits with financial institutions Cash and bank balances 97,846,288 113,253,287 34,196,732 63,649,555 97,846,288 52,994,934 60,258,353 113,253,287 The condensed consolidated statement of cash flows should be read in conjunction with the audited financial statements for the financial year 31 December 2015 and the accompanying explanatory notes attached to this quarterly financial report.


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