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alltaxa 100%


For-uhm Boredz Ebook One 99%

Introduction 006 Introducing Larry:


qc mm r overview of lal test tech 91%



diveintopython 90%

Introducing Dictionaries..............................................................................................................................15 3.2.


Annex 1 Base Capital Requirements 88%

(A) Dealing in Securities Regulated Activity Dealing in securities (clearing member for securities12) Dealing in securities (non-clearing member for securities13) Dealing in securities (non-member14) Dealing in securities (introducing broker15) Dealing in securities (restricted broker16) BCR (S$) 5 million 1 million 1 million 500,000 250,000 12 Refers to a corporation which is a member of an approved clearing house authorised to operate a clearing facility for securities.


Havilandmanuscriptprojectetc 87%

-Used to inform basic statemegts u l-::


Session-1-Zahri-Aziz-Producing-tangible-results-31-May-2011 83%

Key Issues Around Implementation Gaps and Challenges • Achieving EFA • – reaching the remaining x% • Providing access with quality – better facilities, quality and motivated teachers, and better capacity to learn • Narrowing the education gap • Reaching out to children – with special needs, from Orang Asli and indigenous communities, and those out of school • Transforming the curriculum and assessment • Strengthening teacher professionalism • • • • • Quantum Leap MBMMBI – Upholding the Malay Language and Strengthening the Command of English Ramp up early child care and education Transforming vocational education Introducing 1Student 1Sport Enhancing ICT in education and virtual learning Promoting Public-Private Partnership To Increase Access, Equity and Quality


toddler sense launch mway 79%

We start each session by introducing the theme and then suggest ways in which you can bring this part of the session to life for your toddler.


Social Court Rules 79%

This is done by the Court Attorney (CA) introducing the case.


poster Cerme 2 78%

Connexions between approximating irrationals by a sequence of decimals and introducing the notion of convergence Hichem KHECHINE1 and Alejandro González-Martín 2 1Université virtuelle, Isefc, Tunis, Tunisia;


AV1 Stories & Exercises 78%

UNKNOWN DESTINATION (1 of 5) That day was different.


Apache Spark & Scala online Course Content (PDF) 78%

 Processing Distributed Log Files in Real Time  Introducing Spark Streaming   Application Programming Interface (API)  StreamingContext  Basic Structure of a Spark Streaming Application Discretized Stream (DStream) Creating a DStream Processing a Data Stream Output Operations Window Operation    Discretized streams RDD.


toddler sense launch 78%

We start each session by introducing the theme and then suggest ways in which you can bring this part of the session to life for your toddler.


NetworkPaper (1) 77%

 As  a  result,  professionals,  hobbyists  and  students   introduced  to   the  field  can  be  significantly  overwhelmed  by  the  constantly  changing  relationships among those technologies.   Introducing  a  simpler  way  of viewing and clustering  technologies  within  the  field  of  computer  science  would  help   people   get  a  clearer  picture  of  the   application  and  trends  of  the  technologies  people  are  using.  As  an  example,  someone  being  introduced  to   Python  for  the  first  time  might   understand  the  syntax  and  basic  applications,  but  won’t  be  able  to  recognize   how  Python  interacts  and fits in the grand scheme of technologies.   For   the   characterization  of  such  technologies  we  used  Stack  Overflow  as  a  source  of  data  directly  related  to   the  field   trends.  Stack  Overflow  is  a  popular  internet  platform  for  people  to  ask  and  answer  technologically  relevant  questions.  We  used  their  API  to  gather  the  tags of each post  and  construct  a  similarity   network  based  on  the  frequency two tags are seen together.          We chose to visualise our results by constructing  a  node  map  using   the   network  analysis  library  networkX and the visualization package ​ Gephi​ . The  visualization  contains  each  note as  the  tag  and  all  the vector­nodes as the related technologies.  Methods and Techniques  We   constructed  a  network  out   of  the  1000  most   1 popular​   tags  and  examined  the   characteristics   of  our  network.  Each   network  node  reflects  a  technology  tag  and  each  connection  represents  a  directional  dependency  to  other   tags.  In   order  to  measure   the  dependency  we  computed  the  conditional  probability  of  each  tag   appearing  with  another.       This  metric implies that each tag combination has 2  relationships that it  can  be  characterized with. One  is  the  relationship of tag1  to tag2  and,  conversely,  the  relationship   of  tag2  to   tag1.  We  chose  dependency  over  the  jaccard  distance  of  two  tags  due  to   hub  nodes  being  connected  to  so  many  other  nodes,  and,  as  a  result,  the  strength  of  the  connection becomes diluted.     As  an example,  python’s connection to  pandas has  an  index  of  0.08 (8% of all python posts are  about  pandas)  but  pandas’   connection  to  python  is  0.9,  meaning that  90%  of  all  pandas  posts  also include  the “python” tag.       In order  to consider a connection between two tags  as  valid,  we  set  a  threshold  of   d(1,2)   >  5%.


ME - Course outline 2011 77%

Supply and Demand We develop the tool of supply and demand analysis further, introducing the concepts of elasticity – how responsive one variable is to a change in another – and of economic welfare.