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User Manual for Solar Grid Tie Inverter 100%

SUN Series Grid Tie Power Inverter Installation and Operations Manual SUN-1000G SUN-1500G SUN-2000G Copy Right 2015, All rights reserved 1 Table of Contents Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter Models ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Model Name Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Important Safety Information-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Safety Instruction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Instruction of Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter ---------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Advantage of Sunshine Grid Tie System --------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter Installation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Installation Procedure ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Step 1 Considering the Total Capacity of the grid tie power system that you need-----------8 Step 2 Choosing Applicable Solar panels for Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter------------------------9 Step 3 Selecting Accessory for Grid Tie Power System installation------------------------------10 Step 4 Selecting Correct Model of Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter-------------------------------------11 Step 5 - Installing Solar Panels to suitable place ------------------------------------------------------13 Step 6 - Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter to suitable place -----------------------------------13 Step 7 - Connecting Sunshine Grid Tie Power System with Cables and Connectors--------13 Step 8 – Grounding the system -----------------------------------------------------------------------------13 Step 9 – Connecting the PV modules after complete from Step1 to Step8---------------------13 Installing larger capacity of grid tie power system----------------------------------------------------------------16 Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Power System to Three Phases Utility Grid----------------------------------18 Starting DIY from small Grid Tie System---------------------------------------------------------------------------19 Layout of Sunshine Grid Tie Power Inverter ---------------------------------------------------------------------20 Inverter Display Instruction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22 Technical Date of SUN Series Grid Tie Power Inverter---------------------------------------------------------24 Outline Drawing of SUN Series Grid Tie Power Inverter-------------------------------------------------------25 TroubleShooting----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26 AC output current waveform and PF test of 2000W model---------------------------------------------------27 2 Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter Models Sunshine grid tie inverters include a series of models, refer to table 1.


05 519 abd allah boucetta article 96%

Consequently, the performance of the inverters connected to the grid depends largely on the control strategy applied.


08 458-704-1-SM 94%

The CMOS input is Schmitt inverters which can be made to self oscillate using an external resistor and capacitor.


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Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics ISSN:


Op Amps 93%

Operational Amplifier Circuits Adam Barker Partner:


Digital logic, an inverter or NOT gate 92%

Inverters can be constructed using a single NMOS transistor or a single PMOS transistor coupled with a resistor.


About-Omnik 91%

Let Mankind Share Blue Sky and White Clouds World Professional Solar Inverter Manufacturer High Efficiency / High Reliability/ High Stability CONTENTS Omnik I 2 Company Profile Products Overview and our Advantages Solar Design and Monitoring Core technology and R&D Production and Quality Control Sales and Delivery System Comprehensive After Service Project Reference Omnik-Professional Solar Inverter Manufacturer 2 Omnik- Sino-German joint venture model Omnik I 3  Omnik New Energy is the only Sino-German joint venture inverter manufacturing enterprise in China  Our core members are elites from all over the world Omnik focus on string and micro inverters, sales amount was over billion RMB in 2013 and achieved No.3 in China We are first company which offers the build in Wifi and GPRS inverters We are first company which was listed in Solarif and insured by Pingan  We have after-sales service network in Germany, Netherlands, UK We offer free software for PC and Smart phone Omnik Milestone Omnik I 4 Milestone 12/2010 Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd.


Omnik-Solar-inverter-Product-Portfolio 91%

Omnik Product Portfolio OVERVIEW Omnik I 2 Omnik product portfolio 03 PV system 04 Omnik Inverters 05 Monitoring system Solar View 23 24 Solar Design 25 Document Download 28 Important Links 29 Omnik Product Portfolio High Efficiency High Reliability High Stability Omnik I 3 Photovoltaic System Omnik I 4 Omnik Inverters AC DC Solar panels GRID Omnik Monitoring Omnik Inverters Single Phase Inverter Three Phase Inverter Hybrid Inverter Microinverter Omnik I 5


Padmapat Engineers - Company Profile 91%



HIOKI 3390 ENG 88%

o Measure the primary and secondary sides of inverters o Advanced motor analysis functions o Measure inverter noise V A kW Large Assortment of Wide-band, High-Precision Feed-Through Current Sensors 4 Models 50A 200A 500A 1000A Effect of conductor position Effect of external electromagnetic field Completely Minimized CT6862 CT6863 9709 CT6865 2 Current Sensor Method Surpasses the Accuracy of Direct Connection Method Power Analyzer 3390 When combined with the feed-through current sensors Maximum accuracy of ±0.16% ±0.1% ±0.06% Clamp-on sensors Feed-through current sensors AC/DC 9709 AC/DC CT6862 AC/DC CT6841 AC 9272-10 Current sensor design allows for safe and efficient testing For Current Sensor specifications, please go to • Choice of sensors include easy-to-measure AC and AC/DC clamp-on sensors and feed-through current sensors for highaccuracy measurements • Immune to in-phase noise effects when measuring inverters page 15 Power Analyzing Control Engine Technology processes Weight &


RCMN-14V053-8582 88%

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