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Iconicity in Language 100%

As to the relation of iconicity to isomorphism, Givón (1985:


yoneda lenny 96%

An adjunction between F and G is an isomorphism ∼ HomD (F (−), −) −→ HomC (−, G(−)) of functors C opp × D → Set.


MATH 575 Project 90%

We can view equivalence classes mod λ as classes in Z/N (λ)Z by the natural isomorphism.


qunatsym 85%

Next, the sample space from Kolmogorov's Probability Theory can, in general, be represented by a quantale, as there is an isomorphism from the first to the second.


Math155Solutions 84%

Now I’ll show that φ respects (and is therefore an isomorphism) by proving that (xi )i∈[n] (yi )i∈[n] implies φ((xi )) ⊆ φ((yi )).


Uniqueness in Lie Theory 77%

We say an isomorphism a is multiplicative if it is additive.


MacLaneAnswers 73%

S2 → Sn /An is an isomorphism =⇒ T (b ◦ a) is also an isomorphism from T S2 = S2 → T (Sn /An ) = Sn /An .


The Eightfold Way (1) 70%

Also, the representations D(1) , D(3) , and D(4) are an isomorphism (a homomorphism that is one-to-one) of G, while D(2) is not.


Examples of Symplectic Manifolds (22) 69%

• From nondegeneracy, we obtain a canonical isomorphism T M → T ∗ M :


Exploring spaces Oct 10.4 69%

The fact that we cannot guarantee an isomorphism means that we may underestimate the rank of the first homology group.


Functors in Differential Geometry 68%

if V is a vector space of dimension n there is a natural isomorphism between V and V ∗∗ ).


Sci Research (2) 67%

He also defined the discriminant as measuring defects in a canonical isomorphism between powers of relative dualizing sheaf of smooth projective curves.


index reddit build 63%

The category is said to be “symmetric monoidal” if there is further a natural isomorphism A ⊗ B → B ⊗ A which squares to the identity map and is compatible with the coherence maps of C.


algcons 63%

So we get an isomorphism between polynomials and vectors of constants, representing them through incremental integration.


l-bacon-mathgen 59%

Clearly, every smoothly non-geometric isomorphism is Levi-Civita and unique.


r 116 0011 56%

At the level of conformal field theory it can Ье formulated as an isomorphism between two theories, amounting to а change ofsign ofthe U(1) generator and an interchange ofth.e-spin-3/2 generators of the leftmoving (or rightmoving) N = 2 superconformal a1gebra.


Brand personality in higher education 52%

This force has been theorized as isomorphism and has been found to influence perceptions of legitimacy (Deephouse, 1996).


proofs 49%

A similar correspondence between the rules of sequent calculus and lambda terms, invoking parallel capture-avoiding substitution, suggests a constructive isomorphism between derivations in the two proof calculi, extending results about either system to both.


tyo 44%

A reducible, algebraically co-real hull is an isomorphism if it is simply Cartan.