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CNA-22 Rabbani 2002 99%

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon previously had demanded extradition of the six as a precondition for lifting the blockade-and had informed his cabinet he was "prepared to go to new elections"


[11:13:14] Shi‘i Oppositional Movements.pages 98%

- Shi’ites fled from South after Israeli attacks, went to suburbs of Beirut!


Palestine and Israel 97%

December 11, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 194, which recognized the right of Palestinians who were expelled by the Israeli army or who fled during the 1948 war to return to their homes.


S&D new draft 97%

The European Parliament, - having regard to its previous resolutions on the Middle East Peace Process, in particular those of 17 December 2014 on recognition of Palestine statehood, of 18 September 2014 on Israel-Palestine after the Gaza war and the role of the EU, and of 5 July 2012 on EU policy on the West Bank and East Jerusalem, - having regard to the Council conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process of 20 July 2015, - having regard to the Statement by High Representative/VicePresident Federica Mogherini on the formation of the new Israeli Government of 7 May 2015, and to the Statements by her Spokesperson on today’s arson attack in the West Bank of 31 July 2015 and on the recent Israeli decisions for further settlement expansion of 29 July 2015, - having regard to the Local EU statement on demolitions in Area C and on construction work on the separation barrier at Cremisan of 24 August 2015;


Free Palestine 96%

How Can We Get Rid of the Israeli occupation and its Blockade in a Few Weeks?


bts book2011 95%

breaking the silence occupation of the territories Israeli soldier testimonies 2000-2010 breaking the silence Forward In June 2004, over sixty former soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces presented an exhibition of written testimonies and photographs from their military service in Hebron.


CNA-22 Hammami-Tamari 2000 94%

Palestinianyouths run from Israeli tear gas in Ramallah.


Biennale 2015 PR Merged 93%

                                                                                                  THE SECOND JERUSALEM BIENNALE FOR CONTEMPORARY JEWISH ART WILL SHOWCASE THE WORK OF NEARLY 200 ISRAELI AND INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS • 10 EXHIBITIONS • 7 CITY CENTER VENUES September 24 - November 5, 2015 Jerusalem, August 6, 2015 - The 2nd Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art (September 24 November 5) will showcase the work of nearly 200 Israeli and international professional artists in 10 exhibitions hosted in seven city-center venues.


US Policies towards ME - Jan 17 91%

 Cabinet nominations - Trump recently appointed his second Israel policy advisor, Jason Greenblatt, as special representative for international negotiations, a new position that would include any Israeli-Palestinian talks.


CNA-23 Mearsheimer 2006 90%

Israel receives about $3 billion in direct assistance each year, roughly one-fifth of the foreign aid budget, and worth about $500 a year for every Israeli.


ESCWA israeli apartheid & occupation 89%

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid Palestine and the Israeli Occupation, Issue No.


c7071d5be90992791b17003d73c42aa5 88%

Black Americans under the United States regime and Palestinians under the Israeli regime suffer.


The Luntz Report 2009 87%

most of the “Words That Work” boxes come from Israeli representatives and spokespeople.


cooking 86%

Summer 2016 Visit to Dallmayr Delicatessen in Munich Desserts from Maelu Cafe, Munich Possible Wine Shortage May Boost Israeli Wine Exports Wine Fair Germany (Weinmesse Berlin), February 22-34, 2013, Berlin Wine Road, Zichron Yaakov Carmel Winery The Best Dishes to Have with Israeli Red Wine Auction of Fine &


tt-projects 86%

Palestinian Internship Program The Palestinian Internship Program (PIP) provides young Palestinian professionals with threemonth internships at leading multinational hi-tech companies (in their Israel centers) and at several leading Israeli hi-tech companies and venture capital funds.


pol - Requesting Redpills jewish 84%

>>284763 60>jews >One Third of the Holocaust [Embed] >David Cole in Auschwitz [Embed] >Ernst Zundel interviewed by Israeli Jew [Embed] >Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of the Big Lie [Embed] >Judea Declares War on Germany (full) [Embed] >Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil [Embed] >What World Famous Men have said about the Jews [Embed] >Benjamin Freedman 1961 speech about Zionism [Embed] >Adolf Hitler - The greatest story NEVER told[[part 1]] [Embed] >ALL WARS ARE BANKERS' WARS!


a8a934 2270db5042554c55a37be79bd692e91a 83%

ARMIES ONLINE    Chapter I. Introduction. World Geopolitics 2012 ­ 2014.  In a changing world army is an important protector of stability of the  country. Any government values society opinions of its army, and  governments are working to influence this opinion in various ways,  making use of modern digital tools and mediums, such as social  networks.    Many people do not know how glorious history of the IDF began. In times  of the Second Aliyah a large number of Jewish youth, who had  experience in creating self­defense units to protect against the racist  massacres in Russia, moved to Palestine. April 12, 1909 organization  HaShomer ­ the predecessor of the Haganah, was established. Starting  as an organization consisting of scattered self­defense units it turned into  a military formation. In the period of 1936­1939 the policy of havlagah  (policy of self­restraint) was introduced.  16­18 May 1941 in view of the potential danger of the German­Italian  invasion of Palestine Haganah created “strike­forces” ­ Palmach. Many  members of the Haganah volunteered for the British Army forming Jewish  Brigade.  During the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Fighting Organization,  consisting of more than 600 almost bare handed men, was able to destroy  several dozen Nazis. Most of the men died, but some managed to get out  of the ghetto. Disaster was a bitter lesson for our people, and the young  state faced with the need to build an effective army to defend the Jews  against new threats which evolve in the modern world.    More than decade has passed since the world changing terrorist attack on  the World Trade Center in NY, USA. Shock suffered by America that day  has put a serious mark on the inner life of the United States and American  foreign policy.  United States and its NATO allies invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, giving  start to the long civil war that is still yet to end. The invasion of Iraq and  Afghanistan cost US taxpayers 4.4 trillion dollars. The war against  terrorism has led to changes in American society and expanded the  boundaries of what the Americans are ready to sacrifice in exchange for  security. The recent scandal in the United States associated with the  widespread use of torture towards suspected terrorists clearly  demonstrated it. CIA chief said that torture helped establish the  whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.     The number of victims of terrorist attacks reached almost 18 thousand in  the year 2013, according to the Global Terrorism Index. In 13 years since  the «11/09», the number of victims of terrorist attacks increased by almost  5 times. Severe growth – by 60% even in comparison with 2012. The  number of terrorist victims is growing: 3361 in 2000 to 17958 in 2013. The  lion's share of the activities of terrorists falls on four major terrorist  organizations: the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria; Boko Haram (Nigeria),  the Taliban (Afghanistan) and Al Qaeda (in different parts of the world).  But not only the number of victims increase – International Terrorism is  expanding geographically, hence the word «international». In 2008 there  were 19 countries in which more than 50 people were killed by terrorist, in  2013 the number of such countries has grown to 24.     Over the past seventy years Middle East remains the center of constant  tension. Since the end of the War of Independence by April 2013, 2493  civilians were killed in terrorist attacks in Israel. Since the beginning of the  Second Intifada in 2000 until April 2013, 974 civilians were killed in Israel.  More than 1.5 million people died as victims of armed conflict, which  began in late 2010 in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria. Political crisis in  Ukraine that began in November 2013, led to a bloody civil war in the  middle of Europe and found controversial by many countries reunification  of the Crimea with Russia. Today, according to OSCE study, 4,000  people were killed in Ukraine civil conflict and this number is still growing.  Russia has also paid a price for the Crimea annexation – ruble, Russian  currency, took a deep dive during 2014 and fell by 40%. The USA made a  huge effort to manipulate Europe and isolate Russia politically and  economically. The economic situation in Russia began to deteriorate  before the Ukrainian crisis but the US and EU sanctions and the collapse  of the oil market kicked the process up a notch.  Terrorism is not the only threat faced by the world in the last decade.  Social inequality and thus instability is growing.  80% of world's GDP belongs to the 24 countries that are home to 14.5%  of the world population; 15% of GDP ­ 63 countries with 31% of the world  population; 5% of GDP ­ 45 countries with 55% of the world population.  By the beginning of the XXI century the gap in GDP per capita between  the rich and poor parts of humanity has reached 15.4 thousand dollars, an  increase, which has tripled over the past 40 years. In 1960, 20% of the  richest population had 70% of the total world income; today this figure  reaches 90%. The poorest 20% of the world population in 1960 had 2.3%  of global economic income, and today they have less than 1.1%.     2015 could be a turning point for the existence of the EU. The impetus for  the collapse of the United Europe according to financial analysts from  Saxo Bank will be output of the United Kingdom from the Union.  According to the forecast of the Danish analysts, during the election to be  held in the Kingdom on May 7, 2015, a quarter of the votes will get the  United Kingdom Independence Party known for its anti­European policy.  Thus, «the eurosceptics» will be the third largest party in the British  Parliament. Today eurosceptics’ popularity is growing exponentially. So,  in the last parliamentary elections in France 14% of voters voted for the  National Front, led by Marine Le Pen. In comparison: in 2007 Le Pen's  right­wing party won only 4% of the French voters. «Alternative for  Germany» established in 2013, the party has achieved real success in the  regional elections in the parliaments of Brandenburg and Thuringia,  receiving 12% and 10% of the votes respectively. In addition,  representatives of the party passed in the parliament of Saxony (with  9.7% of the votes). Today, "Alternative for Germany" is the third most  popular party in Germany. According to the research center Forsa, 10% of  Germans support anti­european rhetoric.     Global economic slowdown, growing frustration and disappointment over  United Europe and rising tensions in the Middle East with Israel and  Palestine and Syria and Iraq because of the activity of a terrorist  organization ISIS ­ these are the main trends that will shape 2015  political, economical and social world map.     Today it is s especially important for Israel to take into account the  perception of its army within the country and in the international arena.  After all, we are a small country with few natural resources, surrounded  on all sides by enemies who do not let us expand.    Chapter ll. Israeli­Palestinian conflict. Historical context of IDF.    Attitude towards Israeli army has changed over the past forty years.  Internet has sped up access to information and made the army more open  and transparent. With the help of social networks people can give  feedback to the army, to share their thoughts and feelings about how they  evaluate military operations.    Today, of all the currently existing democratic states, Israel is the only  country that throughout its history is constantly facing with the threat of  war. And even now, after five large­scale wars with Arab countries (in  1948­1949, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982­1985.), as well as  Israeli­Egyptian War of Attrition (1967­1970.) most of them refuse to  recognize Israel's right to exist.     Since 1948, Israel was in the process that transformed population that  consisted of repatriates into a single cohesive nation. In the mid­1950s,  the leadership of the country defined foreign policy of Israel after a long  dispute, Moshe Sharett who executed moderate pacifist approach was  dismissed from his post as prime minister, and more radical David  Ben­Gurion, who enjoyed great respect among the generals, gained  control. Retaliation, and then the Sinai Campaign became a kind of "test  of maturity" for the new military­political course, and many believed then,  despite the retreat from Sinai after the war, that Israel as a whole has  successfully coped with the task.     Unprecedented mobilization and enthusiasm of Israeli society has been  immediately seen after the Six Day War. Many were surprised by swift  victory and gaining of new territories, often perceived as their liberation.  All that was seen as convincing proof and justification of righteous model  of "a nation in uniform", demanding great hardships in the name of  collectivist values and ideals. Even the Yom Kippur War was not  conducive to a major change of public opinion. Moreover, the war  strengthened the Israelites in the belief that they are ­ one people, united  by a common destiny, shared victories and defeats.     For decades, the military confrontation with hostile Arab environment was  the most important axis of identity in Israeli society. In many respects the  opposition allowed external threat to rally society, muting its internal  contradictions. First Lebanon War led to the fact that self­perception of  nation striving for peace and fighting only as a last resort necessity, given  the failure. The war gave rise to sharp public criticism, the apogee of  which was the demonstration by about four hundred thousand people in  protest against the massacre ­ with the connivance of the IDF ­ by  Lebanese Christians in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and  Shatila.     In the first half of the 1980s, When the IDF was in Lebanon, Israeli society  has realized that the army was not able to successfully perform police  functions. This is due primarily to the fact that its personnel is replenished  from different layers of society and holds conflicting political views. The


OTC 2015 Full Catalog 83%

Israeli Companies at the Offshore Technology Conference 2015 Parkway Asphalt Space #13443 May 4th - 7th 2015, Houston,Texas, USA The Government of Israel Economic Mission - US Southern Region Companies Index Amiad......................................................



Ministry of Health Emergency Operation Room Sitrep on Gaza 20th July, 2014 On the night of 7th July, 2014, the Israeli army launched a large military operation on the Southern Districts (Gaza Strip).


Israel's right to exist 80%

Israel's Right to Exist Palestinian Treatment Israeli Style of Jews:


Israel's right to exist Rev1 80%

Israel's Right to Exist Palestinian Treatment Israeli Style of Jews:


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Israeli army is considered as one of the best — but it has not always been the case.


Oded Korach - Portfolio 2015 78%

Editing Workshops Conduct i n d ex For my Master project at the Weissensee KHB, I chose to deal with a non convinient topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of religion.