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ENTERPRISE / EUROPCAR LCV Demonstrators 2 Demonstrators Rental R Rental Network VD/VA VD/VA Reseau Courtesy cars KI 0KM Subsidiary company cars Other VDVS 0KM Courtesy Cars 3 Delivery Mileage Subsidiary VD/VS VD/VS Filiale KD Courtesy cars / Internal Bodyshop Delivery Mileage Private Dealer affinity schemes Private retail dealer employee Fleet Standard No Buyback, Fleet Major Nationally negoiated contract no buyback Fleet Rental N John Smitton John Smitton Leasing Rental N N Rental companies (non DR) via Lease FDP N Y Free 2 Move Lease (prev PCH CCM) Fleet via FDP (Cat 5) FIN Direct Invoice Fleet no buyback Direct invoice financed by Contract hire Fleet public sector Y N FIC PRM BB1 BB3 BBS BPD BPV KCB KCH KLC/FLC FSL KSL KCC KTX FTX FAB KAB AZ004 - - - RT007 John Smitton XS0001 RT003 John Smitton - RT808 John Smitton XT0001 - 2AD041 AA001 8LD004 Contract Hire with FDP FPS KPS FIP FDP FDC XQ0001 John Smitton Fleet Standard/Outright Purchase (Cat 2) KSN Direct Invoice customer John Smitton Contract hire company being F2ML (prev PCH/CCM) John Smitton - 8DP142 Y Y - AK496 N N Public sector organisation via Outright Purchase 2ND029 AA011 Leasing public sector Police direct invoice N N Public sector organisation via Lease 6AD232 Y N Police dealer N Y Fleet dealer convertor N N N Y/N N N Y N Y Y Fleet dealer convertorcontract hire Motability dealer convertor Direct invoice fleet convertor Direct invoice convertorcontract hire Richard Abbott Richard Abbott 8MP204 AT313 - - AI771 2GD253 AR048 via Lease Company including F2ML (prev PCH/CCM) 5FD023 AN463 Non Allied Motability Convertors Outright Purchase 2MDF32 AZ881 - Outright Purchase Outright Purchase John Smitton 8AP160 Direct via F2ML (prev PCH/CCM) John Smitton 5AD194 - MB9999 - Motability Direct convertor Private Retail Motorhomes Busines unit 1 Y N N N Richard Abbott XP0002 N N PMC Business Faraz Jamal XL0001 Business Matrix N N Standard Campaign Faraz Jamal XL0003 - Business Business Protocol Discount Business LCV pack N N Citroen Business Faraz Jamal - AX919 N N B Marked (non FDP) additional support PMC Faraz Jamal XL0002 - N N Pack LCV Faraz Jamal ZW0002 BS666 Business Contract Hire N Y BK100/BK101 Citroen only Faraz Jamal - - Allied Motability - Contract Hire Leasing Count N Y AK495 N Contract Hire both brands Citroen only JF0001 N - AK262L Leasing Standard N N Major Lease Companies FN50 6KD073 Leasing N N Standard Leasing 6LD100 AK014 Leasing Campaigns N N Other lease companies 6KD055 DA085 Taxi Contract Hire N Y/N via Lease Company including F2ML (prev PCH/CCM) - DA173 Taxi Fleet N N 2DD294 AV167 AX405 Ambulance- Fleet N N Outright Purchase Richard Abbott 2MD354 Ambulance -Leasing N N via Lease - non F2ML (prev PCH/CCM) Richard Abbott 6MD354 - BDS Driving Schools- business N N - AZ002 FDS Driving Schools -dealer supply Driving schools- dealer contract hire Driving Schools -direct supply Driving schools- direct contract hire Affinity Dealer Contract Hire N N 2DD007 DA428 - BK900 - KDS KDA I RT008 Private retail prize Private retail pack KIS Affinity Schemes RT001 XJ0001 Private retail tax exempt FIS Associations XP0001 John Smitton PRZ PRK WIC Motorhomes John Smitton PRX KIC N CUK example code N KDC Converters PMC example code N WDC Converters Before setting up New AFRL please contact the following for guidance:


Jamal Jr - Sides 97%

JAMAL April?


DEEWAAR, Dr. ALEEM USMANI S Ghazal Collection Internet. 95%

Uploaded by Yasir Jamal Usmani Ba z m -e -A le e m Internet Edition, 2015.


Mata-e-Maghfirat. A Collection Of Naat By Dr. Aleem Usmani 95%

Internet Edition 2016 ã¢l ËZ e ]n» O BA ZM -E -A LE EM 1 Uploaded by Yasir Jamal Usmani Internet Edition 2016 ã¢l ËZ e 2 ]n» O -E -A LE EM °°ZÝ°ZvZp ( ã¢w)ºZX A %) BA ZM [Z  l { z ~ V C •Â Ž å q ì Ñ å §! gŠ²• á OŠ Z Ð yŠ ¼ ã¢l ËZ e Uploaded by Yasir Jamal Usmani Internet Edition 2016 ã¢l ËZ e 3 ]n» O ]¬ +E B •pôÑ* þL t£] :


Naqsh-e-Awwal by Dr. Aleem Usmani 95%

ã¢l ËZ e 1 Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani IG $E © wzZ øL ã¢l ËZ e 2 °°ZÝ°ZvZp ( Œ6 x¯Æ1973Ð1948) ã¢l ËZ e ( ã¢w)ºZA %) Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani IG $E © wzZ øL ã¢l ËZ e 3 IG $E © wzZ øL ]¬ +E B •pôÑ* þL t£] :


Bam-o-Dar A collection of Ghazal Dr. Aleem Usmani 95%

ã¢l ËZ e 1 Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani gý Š z x ! ã¢l ËZ e 2 °°ZÝ°ZvZp ·ù»Vß ç ã¢l ËZ e ã¢w)ºZX A % Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani gý Š z x ! ã¢l ËZ e 3 gý Š z x ! ]¬ +E B •pôÑ* þL t£] gŠzx! ã¢l ËZe 9450191754 ã¢w)ºZ × {g!ezg{-Šô<g1270 A :


HARF E AKHIR A Collection of Ghazal Dr. Aleem Usmani 95%

ã¢l ËZ e 1 Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani W½w y ã¢l ËZ e 2 °°ZÝ°ZvZp ·ù»Vß ç ã¢l ËZ e ã¢w)ºZX A % Internet Edition 2017 by Yasir Jamal Usmani W½w y ã¢l ËZ e 3 W½w y ]¬ +E B •pôÑ* þL t£] yW½w :


The Assist - Sides - Courtney (2) 91%

I want to look sexy for Jamal.


Security Guard - Sides 91%



LAC FINAL Report on April 1st demo 91%

Pharmaceutical Corporations Targeted World Wide poster art by Ralfka Gonzalez Activists around the world demonstrated against the devastations of Big Pharma • April 1st 2016 • In the corporate backwater of Foster City California, the Oasis Clinic of Oakland and the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal joined them to protest the outrageous price gouging of Gilead Sciences, manufacturer of the cure for Hepatitis-C...


The Assist - Sides - Courtney (1) 87%

I want to see Jamal Rockwell, he so hot!


RT Invoice 15-4 80%

Jassar Jamal Al-Tahat Address:


RT Invoice 21-4 80%

Jassar Jamal Al-Tahat Address:


RT Invoice 80%

Jassar Jamal Al-Tahat Address:


Creative Reasoning 78%

– Black Composer Series (1986) “Solo Whale” / Songs of the Humpback Whale (1970) Jamal Moore &


vinyl1 78%

ghg life after this amad jamal the renaissance the omen diamond d do it now cocoa brovaz spanish harlem skeme team plan a jedi mind tricks/sean price retaliation gang starr mass apeal dilated peoples worst comes to worst la the dark man polluted wisdom common sense resurrection 95 ol dirty bastard brooklyn zoo diamond d what the dope sound nas on the real company flow 8 steps to perfection real life real life shit mister cee jewels of that nine lord finesse the funky man gang starr discipline rasheed ill advised internal affairs qnc repertoire copywrite holier than you defari club etiquette kgb yea you jay z in my lifetime redman pick it up method man redman how high part 2 dirtscale records bionic booger breaks dj premier unreleased instrumentals 2 ol dirty bastard brooklyn zoo jeru the damaja d original rawcotics hardcoore hip hop krs one The mc, word perfekt kankick on the lookout talib kweli/ hi tek move something babu/ irisience pay attention pete rock/ cl smooth take you there rasco what its all about non phixion sleepwalkers wu tang can it be all so simple amad jamal la city mop top forever Rockboy - papoose, smooth the hustler etc.


I.C newsletter - Issue 38- English 76%

• • • • • • • Radwan Suliman Al Dalabeeh Ahmad Mohammad Al Kfairi Ahmad Sameer Ali Leen Ibrahim Bolbol Qais Wesal Ali Al Amro Noor Jamal Al Fakhri Layan Husam Abu Kaware 2 • • • • • • • Abdulaziz Mahmoud Aziz Batoul Jamal Al Riyatee Safa Tawfeeq Al Tarabeen Rayyan Majdi Abu Ghalous Ahmad Abdulwahab Al Shyyab Saif Ismaeel Al Bawaleez Ahmad Loai Al Khraisat • • • • • • Alaa Bashar Al Farran Shokri Abdulhameed Al Shorbasi Mahmoud Akram Bani Yasin Mohammad Akram Bani Yasin Abdulwahbal Mohammad Al Tarawneh Zaid Bassam Al Amayreh 3 4 In its second phase of the winter campaign, ACT expands its CSR activities in the southern part of Jordan.


2015-48400310 67%

31-05-2016 Administrateur BIN FERAH Jamal Administrateur Sama Tower Scheick Zayed Road PO Box 9867 9867 Dubai EMIRATS ARABES UNIS Début de mandat:


PublicList (1) 63%




Jamal Hassan Kadroh Al-Tahat The Bank:


Nanterre Page Sport 61%

Jamal Shuler et Kyle Weems auront aussi leur mot à dire pour planter de loin comme finir de près.


cupping treatment points 58%

(Name of the place where they stopped is mentioned as Lahyi Jamal) ِ ”.


Tor Team 57%

network and cluster management Partners’ legal and ethical assessment and training IT security education Raheem Shapi Diane Allen Jamal Al-Tahat (MENA) Josh Arnold-Foster IT manager Capacity building Forensic research Senior mentor 14 years 15 years Women’s infowar training 10 years Russia-MENA infowar and national vulnerabilities 15 years Mentor on infowar and counter measures to senior government officials Linking universities into the network;


List of Enrolled Studen 2016 56%

Sl.No Name of The Students Father's and Mother's Name Address Category Sex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 A M MUKHIM LASKAR A R RAHMAN LASKAR ABDUL AZIM LASKAR ABDUL AZIZ LASKAR ABDUL BASIT MAZUMDER ABDUL GONI LASKAR ABDUL HALIM BARBHUIYA ABDUL HANNAN BARBHUIYA ABDUL HASIB BARBHUIYA ABDUL HASIB LASKAR ABDUL KADIR LASKAR ABDUL KADIR LASKAR ABDUL KAHIR MAZUMDER ABDUL MALIK LASKAR ABDUL MALIQUE BARBHUIYA Ahmedur Rahman Laskar Hafsa Begom Laskar Jalal Uddin Laskar Sayatun Nessa Laskar Sofiqur Rahman Laskar Saleha Begom Laskar Moinul Haque Laskar Kebatun Nessa Laskar Fozlur Rahman Mazumder jayura Begum Mazumder Nasir Uddin Laskar Sirin Nessa Laskar Jamal Uddin Barbhuiya Ayesha Begum Barbhuiya Abdul Jabbar Barbhuiya Hasiya Begum Barbhuiya Ajmat Ali Barbhuiya Angura Begum Nazrul Islam Laskar Rukia Begom Laskar Mothab Uddin Laskar Asarun Nessa Laskar Motiur Rahman Laskar Tahera Begom Laskar Firuj Ali Mazumder Jahanara Begum Nazumder Foizur Rahman Laskar Ayesha Begum Laskar Noor Uddin Barbhuiya Hasna Begum Barbhuiya Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Gen M Hailakandi W/No-8 788152 Vichingcha Pt.I Hailakandi,788151 Bhatirkupa Pt.I Hailakandi 788150 Vichingcha Pt.II Hailakandi,788151 Kuchila Grant Hailakandi 788155 Uttar JasnabadPt.II Hailakandi 788163 Bondukmara Hailakandi 788155 Basdahar Pt.II Matijuri Hailakandi North Narainpur Haialakandi 788801 Ratanpur Pt.I Haialakandi 788155 Purbosunapur Hailakandi 788151 Bilpar Dhumkar Hailakandi 788155 Rongpur (N) Hailakandi 788155 Sudarshanpur Pt.II Hailakandi 788160 BarHailakandi III 788155 Year of Passing H.S Roll No.