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Writing quality JavaScript code. 100%

Writing​ ​quality​ ​JavaScript.


Ram Php 98%

RAM PAVULURI (Senior PHP Developer)                       Over 8+ Years of Experience in developing web applications and interactive software products using HTML4.01/5, CSS2/3, JAVASCRIPT, JQuery, Angular JS, AJAX, XML, JSON, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, Drupal, Wordpress, Zend, Magento, Codeignitor, Laravel.


Ronny-Kibet 97%

skills, Java, Unity 3D, C#, PHP, Python, Javascript, SQL, Swift, Android and iOS development.


Samundra Kc (4) 97%

java php nodejs javascript angularjs android expressjs jquery bootstrap html css laravel mongodb meteor mysql d3.js libgdx ubuntu linux nginx Javascript Developer – Javra Software Nepal javascript, reactjs, vue.js, webpack, fabricjs, redux, flow, jest, codeceptjs Dec 2017 → Current Led the development and adoption of React to a dashboard web app.


anon resume 96%

JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Express, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Java, MongoDB, Git Exposure:


JordanStephensonFrontEnd 96%

jordan stephenson WEB DEVELOPER I love geeking out on all things Javascript, ReactJS and rock climbing.  As a former NCAA Team captain, I thrive on teamwork, and the determination to get things done.


Resume ver3 96%

Peter White MY SKILLS Javascript Ruby HTML CSS 332 K Street, Unit 1 Boston, MA, 02127 (508) 523-9219 JUNIOR FULL STACK DEVELOPER My Objective My objective is to find an exciting and challenging environment to expand on my current skill sets while contributing towards company goals.


Snov Od NSAV 95%

<script type="text/javascript">


HudzaifahHafizResume-2016 95%

Sr. Software Engineer       ​ Projects with eNCoral   AGC (Knowledge base search engine) ‐ 20 member  Duration  :  August 2014 until November 2014  Technical Environment  :  Linux, Java, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, AD, Sharepoint.  Technology  :  Lucidworks  Role  :  Technical Lead   Project description  :  Build a knowledge base search platform using Lucidwork Fusion on top of Apache  Solr. The purpose is to build a database of physical files/ data / Images by crawling  into the servers. The platform capable to search words in the physical files & images  by using OCR and Apache tikaTransformer plugin.    eJKM (e Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat‐ [Undergraduate]) KPWKM ‐ 30 member  Duration  :  March 2012 until November 2014  Technical Environment  :  JSP, Java, JavaScript, Oracle 10g  Technology  :  OC4J, AJAX, Liferay  Role  :  Team Lead  Project description  :  Revamp UI/UX and deliver new module for eJKM  iGIMS (e Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat‐ [Undergraduate]) KPWKM ‐ 30 member  Duration  :  March 2012 until Present  Technical Environment  :  JSP, Java, JavaScript, Oracle 10g  Technology  :  OC4J, AJAX, Liferay  Role  :  Team Lead & Project Manager  Project description  :  revamp UI/UX and deliver new module for IGIMS    SMP (Sistem Maklumat Pelajar‐ [Undergraduate]) UPM ‐ 50 member  Duration  :  March 2009 until Present  Technical Environment  :  JSP, Java, JavaScript, Oracle 10g, CSS   Technology  :  Struts, AJAX.


CV Mikhailo Zhentychka 94%

     HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Node JS Basic:


Corey Wieczorek Resume 94%

Corey Wieczorek Software Engineer based out of New York, NY (203) 249-1115 Github Profile LinkedIn Profile Personal Site SKILLS React, Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, jQuery, Redux, TDD, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, Git PROJECTS BluTube (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, CSS3, Webpack, PostgreSQL) Live Site | GitHub Clone of the website YouTube • Constructed custom database queries that improved scalability and accelerated run time • Generated custom form that incorporated file type and content validations, allowing users to upload their own videos • Leveraged Rails polymorphic associations to tie likes to both videos and comments, minimizing database queries Hearts (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Webpack) Live Site | GitHub JavaScript version of the card game Hearts • Implemented four-player card game using pure JavaScript and DOM manipulation • Created three AI players using custom logic that respond to user choices in accordance with the rules of the game • Managed AI and user turn-taking through custom promises to ensure adherence to game rules EXPERIENCE Chief of Staff LLC - Hartford, CT 2018 Server • Accommodated rooms of up to 400+ people at a time to deliver optimal customer service • Adapted to an unpredictable and constantly changing work environment • Navigated a hectic kitchen and dining room environment to serve quality food in a timely fashion Norwalk Yacht Club - Norwalk, CT Launch Driver • Worked on a team to deliver on club members’ requests • Responded to changing needs of a job with catch-all responsibilities • Learned new skills quickly EDUCATION App Academy - New York, NY 2019 Coding Bootcamp with acceptance rate of <3%.


AnonResume 94%

Development | C, JavaScript • Assisting in the production of novel electronic instruments and installation pieces.


Arun FT[1711] 94%

   4 years of experience as a Web UI Engineer on Cross Platform Web/Client-Server applications design and development using Javascript and J2EE involving extensive front end development.


Madelaine Ripley Resume 94%

  Junior​ ​Web​ ​Developer​ ​with​ ​a​ ​background​ ​in​ ​Operations,​ ​Project  Management,​ ​and​ ​Administration;​ ​dedicated​ ​to​ ​fierce​ ​functionality​ ​and  developing​ ​a​ ​better​ ​world.      Development​ ​Experience  Boston​ ​General​ ​Assembly​ ​Full​ ​Stack​ ​Web​ ​Development​ ​Immersive​:​ ​a  12-week,​ ​600+​ ​hour​ ​project-based​ ​web​ ​development​ ​course.​ ​Built​ ​and  deployed​ ​several​ ​full-stack​ ​web​ ​apps​ ​using​ ​a​ ​wide​ ​range​ ​of​ ​technologies.  Projects  >​sserpdroW​ -​ ​ ​Product​ ​Lead​ ​for​ ​a​ ​content​ ​management​ ​system​ ​made  with​ ​Javascript,​ ​Ajax,​ ​jQuery,​ ​HTML​ ​&​ ​CSS,​ ​Handlebars​ ​for​ ​the​ ​front​ ​end,  utilizing​ ​Javascript,​ ​Express,​ ​Mongo/Mongoose,​ ​and​ ​Node.    >​Keep​ ​House​ ​-​ ​Full​ ​Stack​ ​task​ ​manager​ ​app​ ​for​ ​housemates​ ​to​ ​relieve  the​ ​mental​ ​load​ ​of​ ​house​ ​keeping.​ ​(Ruby​ ​on​ ​Rails,​ ​Handlebars,​ ​Javascript,  AJAX,​ ​jQuery,​ ​HTML​ ​&​ ​CSS)      ㅡ    Skills:   ​ ​ ​ ​Languages​:​ ​JavaScript​ ​-​ ​Ruby​ ​- Ruby​ ​on​ ​Rails​ ​-​ ​SQL​ ​-​ ​PostgreSQL -​ ​MongoDB​ ​-​ ​Ember.js​ ​Handlebars​ ​-​ ​Git/Github​ ​-​ ​Node.js​ ​jQuery​ ​-​ ​AJAX​ ​-​ ​HTML5​ ​-​ ​CSS​ ​Sass​ ​-​ ​Express ​ ​ ​ ​Technologies​:​ ​Mac​ ​-​ ​PC​ ​- Wordpress​ ​-​ ​ ​Microsoft​ ​Office​ ​Excel​ ​-​ ​Powerpoint​ ​-​ ​AWS​ ​-​ ​CRMs -​ ​Google​ ​apps​ ​(drive,​ ​docs,​ ​sheets)    ㅡ    Education:  ​ ​ ​ ​Bachelor​ ​of​ ​Arts​:


Urakhchin Serge Full Stack Dev Resume Online 93%

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap jQuery AngularJS (models views controllers service directories expressions filters 2-way databinding dependency injection) Photoshop Back-End:


Urakhchin Serge Full Stack Dev Resume Online 93%

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap jQuery AngularJS (models views controllers states services directories expressions filters 2-way databinding dependency injection) Photoshop;


Serge Urakhchin Resume 2020 93% Serge A Urakhchin – Full Stack Web Developer Skills HTML CSS JavaScript TypeScript Bootstrap jQuery Angularjs and Angular 8 (RXJS observables/operators components modules models routers views controllers states services directories expressions filters databinding dependency injection templates) NodeJS REST AJAX MongoDB Express AWS EC2 S3 Lambda DynamoDB MVC SPA MEAN Karma Jasmine Protractor NPM Bower Gulp SourceTree Git GitHub Bitbucket Docker PostgreSQL/pgAdmin Postman Slack JetBrains SSH Experience October 2017– January 2020.


baco 92%

Através de um XSS, o Cracker injeta códigos JavaScript num campo texto de uma página já existente e este JavaScript é apresentado para outros utilizadores, porque persiste na página.


CIS 423 Syllabus Web-based Systems (2014-2015) 92%

Zakas “Professional JavaScript for Web Developers”, ISBN-10:


ChristinaHZieglerResume.docx (2) 92%

Expertise in developing front end user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Angular JS and Python.


Aslam - Resume 91%

HTML,CSS,Javascript,Bootstrap,PHP,MYSQL,Apache 3.


AyushKhanvilkarResume 91%

CSS,Javascript,Bootstrap ● ● ● Web Hosting on Github link Comfortable with Windows,Linux,Ubuntu IDEs Used:


Urakhchin-Serge-Front-End-PDF-Corrected 91%

Coursera Full Stack Web Specialization • • • • • • • • • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Basics Bootstrap UI Framework &


cv 91%

HTML - CSS - Boostrap - PHP AngularJS - VueJS - Quasar - Javascript Json - XML Software:


Resume 91%

HTML5, CSS(SASS) , SQL, JavaScript , JQuery, JSON/XML , Angular 2 , JAVA Familiar with: