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carry it in my heart 99%

They don‟t even meet until the table read, but Jesse feels like this is important for some reason, so he actually sits down and watches a movie of his and a couple episodes of Doctor Who and maybe an interview or two and thinks he knows what to expect.


The Current, Scene 1 99%

A captivated boy, JESSE, 14, dirty blond, Caucasian, in a blue/grey flannel, sits with his arms folded on his knees watching the bout.


Shite Story Attempt ft. Ocean Man 97%

Jesse paced their office, thoughts of their new acquaintance – friend?


IHN brochure 94%



Before Sunrise Religion 93%

One of the first dialogues between our central couple is Jesse telling Céline about seeing the apparition of his dead grandmother through a screen of water, immediately raising the question of an afterlife, but the question doesn't stay raised long.


JesseGilbert 92%

Jesse Gilbert Jr.


Before Sunset Idealism 91%

Jesse struck the figure of a romantic with a caustic, cynical aftertaste, paying little heed to the affairs of the world around him but caught up in the narcissistic net of his own struggles with love and identity.


Perpetually Blastula Official Press Release 90%

LESpace 201 Allen Street New York, NY 10002 Contact Jesse Firestone:


Ehlers Family Letter May 2011 88%

Miles meeting the street cat we took in.


Rozdział trzeci 86%

Rose była w swoim metalicznym pomieszczeniu do tortur.


Before Sunrise 90's 84%

Neither Jesse nor Céline really knows why they're walking around talking.


Organic Electronics 82%

$ $ $ Organic$Electronics$ Wes$Petree,$Chris$Woolly,$Jesse$Teahon,$David$Reavis$ Organic$Electronics$have$been$studied$for$nearly$60$years.$Within$the$last$decade,$much$ advancement$has$been$made$and$organic$electronics$are$becoming$very$popular$in$many$ modern$devices.$ 11/30/20011$ $ Table$of$Contents$ Organic(FETS(–(Jesse(Teahon( Introduction( History( Theoretical(Background( Device(Fabrication( Future(Applications( Conclusion( References( $ Organic(TFTs(–(Chris(Woolly( Introduction( Theoretical(Background( Polarons&and&Excitons/ Materials/ Organic/vs./Inorganic/ Organic(Thin(Film(Transistors( Pentacene/ Organic/Dielectrics/ Film/Fabrication/ Applications/ Resources( 4( 5( 6( 6( 7( 9( 10( 11( 12( 13( 13( 13/ 14/ 15/ 16( 16/ 16/ 17/ 19/ 20( $ Organic(LEDs(–(Wes(Petree( Introduction( History( Theoretical(Background( Fabrication(Processes( Vacuum/Deposition/ Organic/Vapor/Phase/Deposition/ Inkjet/Printing/ Types(of(OLEDs( SMKOLED/ PLOLED/ PMOLED/ AMOLED/ TopKEmitting/OLED/ Transparent/OLED/ Flexible/OLED/ Stacked/OLED/ 21( 22( 22( 24( 25( 25/ 25/ 26/ 26( 26/ 26/ 27/ 28/ 28/ 29/ 29/ 31/ White/OLED/ Advantages(and(Disadvantages( Advantages/ Disadvantages/ Conclusion( Resources( ( Organic(Photovoltaic(Cells(–(David(Reavis( Organic(Photovoltaic(Cells( Background:( Types(of(OPVC’s( Single/Layer:/ Bilayer:/ Bulk/Heterojunction:/ Graded/heterojunction:/ Hybrid/OPVC:/ Types&of&hybrid&OPVC’s&


WSI Newsletter FIN (1).jpg 81%

Get to Know the Combine Expert Jesse Cook Director of Athlete Development, TPA Sports and Strength and Conditioning Coach Alex Galchenyuk Aaron Ekblad ’96, Brendan Saad ’92, WSI 2007 ’94, WSI 2009 WSI 2010 Jesse Cook will be at WSI to lead players through WATCH OUT!


TheFlashTimeTravel 78%

Bonus possibility: Flashpoint. Comic­canonically, Barry lost his speed but began  to remember the new timeline in its place. This would contradict the mental  timeline remnants that we’ve already seen in the show, but would be a neat  compromise between the two theories.   As to whether Harry, Jesse, and even Jay would remember anything that happened in  timeline 2.   i.