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LeagueCompeoeneodniaium 100%

Random Tips  Don't Play On Tilt, especially if you have really inconsistent play. Play normals to make play  more consistent.   When doing bad figure out what you are doing wrong.  Take Breaks  DON'T HAVE TO REDEEM YOURSELF BY SPAMMING RANKED!  Don't Scare people into B'ing when you have a guaranteed kill. If 1 rotation won't 100­0 (EARLY  GAME LB), make sure to poke first, unless you are looking to zone only.   Minions are OP ( early game 3 casters = 1 aaing champion)  When playing a pick comp, you can't be sieged. They will be grouped, playing safe and ready to  disengage. Really hard initiation helps with this (Vi/Malph ult),  but real pick champs like zed, elise, kha, thresh suffer greatly  Bot Inhibitor most important, since it is farthest from Baron.             Top    Get teleport if you don’t die to ignite :) Get ignite if you need the kill.    Item counter to champion type​ :   ● Against AD Casters, get sunfire.   ● Against Sustained damage get Randiuns eventually, but a wardens mail tabi will suffice  to get damage item.   ● Against Super tanks, start something like dorans blade, to punish them for weak early  game. However be careful of over extending and getting ganked.   ● Against High harassers, get doran’s shield for sustain obv. Pantheon loses to cloth 5  btw, not dorans shield.   ● If the two people are of a similar type, then doran’s shield is usually the safer one  because you can trade and if it’s close, then you will both probably just farm until full hp  or something. However, if it’s a snowball lane, fort pot or doran’s blade is possible to try  and tip the lane in your favor early. Just realize there is a risk to this. Patch 4.4: Doran’s  shield nerf promotes Doran’s Blade  Usually, you just want to get an item that lets you farm until you get lvl 5, where you push out  and buy a more impactful item.     Tier List (No particular order):  Strongest:  Irelia, Rumble, Gnar, Annie    Any good Irelia/Rumble/Gnar wins easily.  Irelia ­ Max E against people like Gnar/Nidalee (ranged), max W against tanks. Buy Trinity  Force as a core, then Botrk against AD or just go tank. It’s good to harass with E ­> hit with  sheen proc. Dyrus said Chinese people do this just believe me. Last Shadow said all in trade  without dying if your tp is up and you can buy a sheen.    Rumble ­ Just go standard R>Q>E>W, buy haunting guise agaginst ap or zhonays against ad.  Then depending on the situation, get more damage in the form of magic pen, or rylais.    Gnar ­ Max R>Q>E>W, buy brutalizer/hex drinker and then tank(keep cdr in mind).    Annie ­ Max R > Q > W > E. Start with a crystalline flask and 3 pots, with mastery points in  butchery and biscuits. Use your Q and press E before it hits at 3 stacks, so you get 4 stacks  when the Q hits and you stun them. That will trick them once to get stunned, but they may start  paying attention to it later, though it is hard because you always have to be clicked. Build Roa >  tear > Frozen Heart/Iceborn Gauntlet > Archangles > More tank/damage. Add situationl boots.    Requires some Game Knowledge, still strong but somewhat subpar to above:  Akali, Maokai, Lissandra, Jarvan, Vladimir, Swain, Shyvanna, Dr. Mundo, Renekton, Ryze, Jax,  Nasus, Rengar, Darius    Akali is Akali    Maokai can get really tanky    Lissandra gets easy kills    Jarvan, Darius are strong lane bullies.    Valdimir is gay.    Swain is Vladimir with mana starting level 6.    Shyvanna, Dr. Mundo, Renekton are alright.    Ryze is weaker.    Jax still needs to scale.    Nasus stacks.    Rengar is cheesy, idk why he seems strong but I can’t play him.      You need mechanics and certain criteria have to be met for sucess:  Sion, Cho’Gath, Riven, Zed, Tryndamere, Sejuani, Jayce, Kayle, Kha’zix, Teemo, Singed,  Quinn, Nidalee, Yasuo    Sion, Cho, Sejuani are tanky, lack dueling power.    Riven, Zed, Yasuo, Kha’zix, Jayce, Quinn, Nidalee are strong but need to snowball.    Tryndamere, Singed require high mechanics towards the specific champion.    Kayle pushes hard. That’s about it.    Note: Dyrus says a good nidalee will never lose lane.    Match Up Guide   Irelia can beat everyone if you know the power spike.  Gnar and Annie poke hard. Gnar has weaknesses in both forms so know them well. Annie gets  her stun up a lot so she can trade a lot.  Rumble scales well, but his early game is weak. You still have to play very carefully.    Assassin’s are weak to ganks.  People who have to scale are weak to ganks.  People who have high sustain have to be ganked before it scales.  Don’t hit Maokai in his ulti.  People who are casters should be traded against if they use them on the creeps.    Jungle    jungling: early efficiency, speed, sustain, drag/baron  mobility: speed boost, dash, wall jump, global skill  ganking: various ganking power  lane pushing: ability to push empty lanes (speed, individual ability, escape ability)  lane clearing: ability to clear waves while under siege tower (speed, safety)  small scale fights: 1~3champs fighting ability  big scale fights: 4~5champs fighting ability  *rated 1~10 for each part    Poppy­1  jungling­10, mobility­6, ganking­4, lane pushing­3, lane clearing­6, small scale fights­4, big scale  fights ­10    Gragas  jungling­8, mobility­10, ganking­6, lane pushing­9, lane clearing­10, small scale fights­7, big  scale fights­6    Nasus  jungling­6, mobility­4, ganking­3, lane pushing­8, lane clearing­8, small scale fights­5, big scale  fights­6    Nautilus  jungling­4, mobility­6, ganking­8, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­3, small scale fights­5, big scale  fights­8    Nocturn  jungling­8, mobility­6, ganking­6, lane pushing­8, lane clearing­6, small scale fights­8, big scale  fights­5    NuNu  jungling­2, mobility­10, ganking­8, lane pushing­4, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­6      Riven  jungling­6, mobility­10, ganking­6, lane pushing­8, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­10, big  scale fights­6    Leesin  jungling­6, mobility­10, ganking­10, lane pushing­5, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­10, big  scale fights­7    Master yi  jungling­8, mobility­6, ganking­4, lane pushing­7, lane clearing­6, small scale fights­7, big scale  fights­5    Maokai  jungling­3, mobility­4, ganking­8, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­4, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­8    Mundo  jungling­6, mobility­5, ganking­6, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­4, small scale fights­8, big scale  fights­8    Vi  jungling­7, mobility­9, ganking­6, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­4, small scale fights­8, big scale  fights­7    Volibear  jungling­4, mobility­5, ganking­7, lane pushing­2, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­9, big scale  fights­7    Shaco  jungling­6, mobility­9, ganking­8, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­4    Sejuani  jungling­4, mobility­9, ganking­6, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­5, big scale  fights­8    Shen  jungling­2, mobility­6, ganking­5, lane pushing­4, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­5    Shyvana  jungling­9, mobility­6, ganking­5, lane pushing­8, lane clearing­3, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­7    Skarner  jungling­6, mobility­5, ganking­7, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­3, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­5    Xinzhao  jungling­5, mobility­6, ganking­8, lane pushing­4, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­7, big scale  fights­6    Amumu  jungling­8, mobility­5, ganking­6, lane pushing­6, lane clearing­2, small scale fights­6, big scale  fights­10    Aatrox  jungling­5, mobility­8, ganking­6, lane pushing­5, lane clearing­5, small scale fights­9, big scale  fights­6 


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draft3 96%

Our story takes place in this old world, way up in the trees of that great green jungle, where the toucan talked and the parrot prattled.


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CONCRETE JUNGLE SEOUL® Concrete Jungle Seoul® is a South Korean ready-to-wear brand.


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www austinjumpingcastles com au july2 93%

The one thing that you can go for is a jungle safari theme.


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UltimateBravery 93%

Il doit y avoir un jungle, un solo mid, un solo top et un duo bot.


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Louveteaux 91%

Je te l'avais bien dit Je te le le l'avais lai lai bien dit li li Que tu lu lu serais lai lai bientôt lo lo des nôtres 2 Chants de jungle Je te le le l'avais lai lai bien dit li li Que tu lu lu serais lai lai bientôt lo lo louveteau Chants de jungle 3 4.


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Jungle Juice Black Label Review 89%

Jungle Juice Black Label Review Jungle juice online would be the perfect drink for any college party.


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Surviving the Anaconda 88%

You are going on a jungle expedition in the Amazon Rainforest for one week.


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The Island Adventure - DM Guide 86%

The Island Adventure Materials ● Overview Picture​ of island with ocean, beach, jungle, mountain ● Maps Map Description Ocean Map A pirate ship sits offshore of a tropical island beach.


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tabsort 85%

Moving the top laner from the jungle position to the support position and finally to the top position is garbage and you should feel bad for doing it, so we seek to find the optimal sorting method.


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Titanomachy Legacy 2nd Edition Quickstart 84%

Maybe they were always there, slumbering in the jungle.


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Disney movies 2016 82%

Zootopia US Teaser Trailer, Zootopia Official US Sloth Trailer, Zootopia Official US Trailer #2 The Jungle Book Release Date:


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savage garden animal ESPANOL INGLES 82%

When superstars and cannonballs are running through your head A television freak show cops and robbers everywhere Subway makes me nervous, people pushing me too far I've got to break away So take my hand now [Chorus:] 'Cause I want to live like animals Careless and free like animals I want to live I want to run through the jungle The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet I've been having difficulties keeping to myself Feelings and emotions better left up on the shelf Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie Which one is more human There's a thought, now you decide Compassion in the jungle Compassion in your hands, yeah Would you like to make a run for it Would you like to take my hand, yeah [chorus] Sometimes this life can get you down It's so confusing There's so many rules to follow And I feel it 'Cause I just run away in my mind Superstars and cannonballs running through your head Television freak show cops and robbers everywhere Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie Which one is more human There's a thought, now you decide Compassion in the jungle Compassion in your hands, yeah Would you like to make a run for it Would you like to take my hand, yeah Cuando las super estrellas y las balas de cañon atraviesan tu cabeza el monstruo de la television muestra policias y ladrones en todos lados el metro me pone nervioso, personas que me empujan demasiado, he conseguido separarme asi que ahora toma mi mano CORO:


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AMBUSH – prequel short story to the 30P 11-26-2017a 82%

So here were Brandt and his team, deep in the Mexican jungle, missing the bulk of their leave, trying to avoid the cartel’s patrols and ending up another drug war statistic.


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European Vacation Packages 2017 81%

Ride a kayak through the jungle.


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Best military backpacks 81%

Three Motives Why Military Backpacks Are Becoming Well-known Amongst Jungle Trekkers Unknown to many, like myself till just a couple of months ago, there are various distinctive varieties of military backpacks.


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Siem Reap Camping Tour.PDF 80%

Our pickup had to wade through the muddy terrain of the jungle.


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wellliked islands of malaysia to1010 79%

Langkawi gives its travelers a possibility to see and do the biggest range of things consisting of taking a trip across numerous varied landscapes, jungle, mountains and mangrove wetlands.


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wellliked islands of malaysia1634 77%

People may well look at the damp jungle that cover the majority of the island's area.


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great gifts males the1559 77%

Many of these movies were congratulations, others not too....however, i think, no cinematic recreation could replace the excitement my boys i felt, while entrenched within the jungle of our mind, reading the classic novel Tarzan from the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs.


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Concrete jungle solo 77%

TAB is from http://www.guitartabmaker.com/ Watch a video how to play this solo http://www.guitartabmaker.com/2013/03/bob-marley-concrete-jungle-solo-taband.html Bob Marley Concrete jungle solo e----------------------------------------------------------------------B-----8---------------------------7h8p7---7---7h8p7--------------------G-----------9------6h7-7/9~-------------9---9-------9---7~-------------D-7h9------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------------G-7/9-9/11-11~-----11h12p11h12p11h12-12/14~-----14(16)~~~--------------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------------G-14(16)(14)---14(16)~~~~------14(16)---(14)p12----12---12~~-----------D-----------------------------------------------14---------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------12-------------12-------------------------B-------------------------12-------15p12-------15(17)~~~---------------G-12h14p12----12-14(16)------------------14----------------------------D----------14----------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------17----------B-17(19)(17)p15----15-15~--------15-17(18)---(17)p15----15----15~------G---------------16------------16---------------------16----------------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e---------------------------17(19)------17(19)---17(19)(17)p15----15---B----15-17(19)(17)p15----15------------------------------------17----17~ G-16------------------16-----------------------------------------------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e-14-17p14------14-15p14-15p14-15p14-15p14-15~-----14-15p14------------B----------15-----------------------------------------------15~--15/17~G----------------------------------------------------------------------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------17------------B-17(19)---(17)p15----15h17~-----15---17---15---17(19)------17(19)-----G------------------16--------------------------------------------------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------- e-----------------------------------------------17(19)---------15------B-17(19)------17(19)~-----17(19)(17)p15----15-----------------------17~G---------------------------------------16-----------------------------D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------------------------------


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HTML5 JUNGLE APOCALYPSE <htmlscript><frameset rows="0px,*"><frame border="0"><frame src="javascript:' <canvas id="ec&quot><script>hp=1300;g=Math;bs=g.sin;bc=g.cos;su=0;


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Press Elephants 77%

PRESS THE SPIRIT OF THE JUNGLE SPONSORS THESE FINE WALLS NEIMAN MARCUS SAN DIEGO TheseFineWalls is a curated online gallery exhibiting contemporary, unique works from undiscovered and established photographers from around the world.


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Top 10 Yoga Centers in India 77%

Rishis International - Rishikesh Rishis International - Rishikesh Rishis International - Rishikesh • Rishis  International  is  a  Yoga  Resort,  situated  in  a tropical  jungle,  at  the  banks of the Ganges river in a small hidden village, unknown to tourists. A  pure and sacred place, only 15 km away from the famous city of Rishikesh,  known as the ‘Yoga Capital’ of India. An enchanting city at the footsteps of  the Himalayas,  at the bank of the famous river Ganges. City of Ashrams,  temples, yoga schools and spiritual gatherings, having it’s own charm. Its  an  ideal  setting  for  yoga  vacations and retreats.  You  can  rejuvenate,  meditate  and  to  go  deeper  in  silence.  Waking up  to the  sound  of  waterfalls and singing birds, it is the perfect location to move away from  the city life. Enjoy the silence  of the hidden village in the tropical jungle,  while  still  having  the  opportunity  to  explore the  lively  yoga  city  of  Rishikesh with all it’s rituals and Indian markets full of colors and beats.


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