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Lundby Pizza Menu2016.compressed 100%

Tomat, ost, spaghetti, kylling, champignon Tomat, ost, kebab, champignon, peberfrugt, oksekød, salat, dressing Tomat, ost, pepperoni, champignon, oksekød, salat, dressing Tomat, ost, champignon, oliven, peberfrugt, feta ost, oksekød Tomat, ost, sk., pepperoni, pølser, oksekød, bacon, dressing Tomat, ost, sk., kebab, pølser, bacon, dressing Tomat, ost, tun, ananas, champignon, peberfrugt Alm.


menu 99%

Tomato Venice Special Chicken Tikka Masala 3.10 3.10 3.60 3.10 3.10 3.10 3.80 3.80 £15 d n e Sp et a G d n a SI P OF PE E L T T BO Extra Toppings 50p per topping Chicken Tikka, Lamb Doner Meat, Lamb Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Fried Green and Red Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms &


request 99%

SULTAN KEBAB 200g med pommes frites og champignonsauce.........119,85.


str1w1 97%

PALERMO zasmażane ziemniaki,sos śmietanowy,kebab, pieczarki i pomidorki 17,00 191 DONNA zasmażane ziemniaki,sos śmietanowy,ser brie,ser pleśniowy,brokuły,pomidorki i parmesan 18,00 192 UOMO zasmażane ziemniaki,sos śmietanowy, kurczak, ser pleśniowy,szpinak i czosnek 18,50 AL PEDRO zasmażane ziemniaki,sos śmietanowy, kebab, łagodne peperoni,jalapeno, cebula, czosnek i pomidorki 18,00 193.


Huntley's Restaurant 95%

CZĘŚĆ BAROWA „Chodź wszamać cos na tanio i szybko…” Hot-dog |$5 Hamburger |$4 Chesseburger |$6 Zapiekanka |$5 Zapiekanka XXL |$7 Piwo |$5 Wódka |$20 Kebab |$11 Kebab XXL |$22 Sałatka |$5 Frytki |$4 Frytki BIG |$7 Pizza mała |8$ Pizza średnia |$12 Pizza duża |$19 Pizza ogromna |$32 CZĘŚĆ RESTAURACYJNA „Żeby kulturalnie, nie najtaniej, ale bez mocnego opróżnienia portfela…” Sałatka |$6 Wino |$20 Wino francuskie |$43 Wino hiszpańskie |$39 Frytki |$6 Piwo w kuflu |$7 Piwo duże w kuflu |$11 Zestaw obiadowy 1 (frytki, sałatka, kebab) |$30 Zestaw obiadowy 2 (frytki BIG, dwie porcje sałatki, wino – każde z MENU [cena podana za najniższe wino, należy policzyć koszt za wino inne niż zwykłe], kebab XXL] |$49 CZĘŚĆ LUKSUSOWA „Pan tutaj w tym ubraniu nie wejdzie…” Zestaw obiadowy 1 (BIG frytki, sałatka, kebab XXL) |$49 Zestaw obiadowy 2 (BIG frytki, podwójna sałatka, kebab XXL x2) |$64 Zestaw obiadowy 3 (BIG frytki x2, potrójna sałatka, kebab XXL) |$71 Zestaw obiadowy 4 LUKSUS – POLECAMY DLA ZAMOŻNYCH PANÓW Z KOBIETAMI!



.2.00 Nawaab Deluxe Meals Set Meal for One £12.95 1 Popadom, 1 Chicken Tikka, 1 Chicken Bhuna, 1 Bombay Aloo, 1 Pilau Rice, 1 Naan Vegetarian Set Meal for Two 19.95 2 Popadom, 1 Onion Bhaji, 1 Vegetable Korma, 1 Vegetable Karahi, 1 Tarka Dal, 1 Bombay Aloo, 1 Pillau Rice, 1 Naan Set Meal for Two 21.95 2 Popadom, 1 Onion Bhaji, 1 Samosa, 1 Chicken Tikka Massala, 1 Lamb Bhuna, 1 Dry Veg, 1 Pillau Rice, 1 Naan Set Meal for Four 42.95 4 Popadom, 2 Sheek Kebab, 2 Chicken Tikka, 1 Karahi Chicken, 1 Lamb Korma, 1 Sag Prawn, 1 Chicken Tikka Massala, 1 Sag Aloo, 1 Chana Massala, 2 Pillau Rice, 1 Naan, 1 Peshwari Naan Vegetable Side Dishes Prepared with fresh vegetables .


Cowes Kebab Leaflet 251013 85%

Kebabs Served with salad or sauce if required Regular Large Extra Large Pizza 9” 12” 14” 5.00 6.50 Margarita Cheese and Tomato 5.00 7.00 8.00 Pepperoni Double Pepperoni 7.00 9.50 11.00 7.00 9.50 11.00 7.00 9.50 11.00 Doner Kebab 4.00 Portion of Doner Meat 3.50 Doner Meat and Chips 4.50 Doner Meat Wrap 3.50 Chicken Shish 4.50 Chicken Wrap 4.00 Chicken and Doner Combo 4.50 5.00 6.00 Hawaiian Seasider Ham, Mushroom, Pineapple Tuna, Prawns, Anchovies 6.50 8.50 Chicken Run Chicken, Mushroom, Sweet corn 7.00 9.50 11.00 6.50 8.50 Vegetarian Mushrooms, Sweet corn, Onions, Tomato, Mixed Peppers 8.50 10.50 12.50 8.50 10.50 12.50 Chicken or Beef, Mushrooms, Onions, Mixed Peppers, BBQ Sauce Base 8.50 10.50 12.50 8.50 10.50 12.50 Meat Supreme Beef, Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Onions Burgers Served with salad or sauce if required BBQ Deluxe Quarter Pound Burger 2.80 Quarter Pound Cheese Burger 3.00 Hot One Chicken or Beef, Mushrooms, Onions, Mixed Peppers, Jalapenos Half Pound Burger 3.80 Mega Hot One Half Pound Cheese Burger 4.20 Mega Burger (3 Quarter Pounders) 5.50 Mega Burger with Cheese 5.50 Chicken Burger 3.00 Chicken Burger with Cheese 3.20 Veg Burger 3.00 Veg Burger with Cheese 3.20 FREE HOME DELIVERY 01983 281 333 Chicken or Beef, Mushrooms, Onions, Mixed Peppers, Jalapenos and Chillies 2 in 1 Any 3 toppings on each side WARNING EXTRA HOT 8.50 10.50 12.50 8.00 10.00 12.00 Garlic Bread Garlic Bread £2.50 Garlic Bread and Cheese £3.20 Garlic Bread, Cheese and Onions £3.50 Garlic Bread, Cheese and Mushrooms £3.50 Garlic Bread, Cheese, Mushrooms and Onions £3.80 Side Orders Regular Large Extra Large Chips 1.50 2.00 2.80 Cheesy Chips 2.00 2.50 3.50 Onion Rings 1.40 2.50 Garlic Mushrooms 1.40 2.50 Chicken Dippers 2.00 3.70 Scampi 2.00 3.70 Cheese Fingers 2.50 3.70 Salad Pitta 2.50 Extra Pitta 0.60 Portion of Salad 1.50 Pot of Sauce (Small) 1.00 Pot of Coleslaw (Large) 1.50 Extra Coleslaw (Burgers / Kebabs) 0.80 Monday to Thursday - 4.30pm to 11.00pm Friday and Saturday - 4.30pm to 1.00am FREE HOME DELIVERY Cowes - Gurnard - Northwood Kids Meals £3.50 Served with Chips and a Fruit Shoot minimum spend £9.00 from 5.00pm till late Chicken Dippers (5) Burger 01983 Doner Meat Fish Fingers Drinks Cans 330ml 1.00 NEW Bottles 500ml 2.00 Water 500ml 1.00 281 333 117 High Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight.


Recetas arabes y del Magreb 2011 83%

Falafel maraos Falafel (microondas) Falafels G Galletas marroquies Galletes o Batbouts al horno Ghraïfs (Tortitas Marroquís) Guiso marroquí de cordero H Harcha Al Hargma (Pies de cordero) Harira Hummus Hummus II Humus Boir K Kebabs Kebab casero Kebabs de carne molida Kebda mchermla (Hígado de ternera en salsa.


canteen restaurant 3 77%

An amazing idea :


menu fixed 77%

Sheekh Kebab� £3.95 Lamb mince kebab served with side salad (medium).


POLLYS a0 wall menu 69%

Pineapple Kebab Pizza Chilli Sauce base, Sliced Lamb Doner, Red onion &


Shane MacDoanld's Portfolio 64%

Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers, Ash Boo-Schultz (left) and Human Kebab (Right) headlined Durham College and UOIT’s Winter Fest 2014 at E.P.


LePetitGuidePalien (1) 63%

Je resterai concis ici en vous indiquant simplement ce que notre expert, notre Jean Luc Petitrenaud des Döner et galettes, Benjamin Falanga, a élu « best kebab in Lille ».


Gilbies Bar & Bistro 61%

Gilbies Bar &


ODmenu 60%

Gyros Pita Pork greek style with salad and tzatziki sauce 240.- Porzole Rojo Mexican Goulash soup 265.- Kebab, Pork or Chicken 230.- Chicken in Breadcrumps, Bacon and Cheese 240.- Liver Mash and Peas 220.- 2 Frikadelle (Hacksteak) 225.- Fried Potatoes (Bratkartoffel) Bacon Egg Onion and 1 hacksteak 225.- Hacksteak with Pastasalad 240.- Meat balls in Tomato Red Wine Sauce 245,- Meatballs in WhiteWine Cream sauce 250.- Curry Wurst 255.- Mixed BBQ 265.- 1 2019-9-2 Starter Garlic Bread 95.- Bruchetta 105.- Fried Chicken / Pork 110.- Chicken Nuggets 115.- Squid Baked/Fried in Batter 135.- New Zealand Mussels in Garlic Butter 205.- Shrimps in Olive Oil 165.- Fried Cashew nuts 110.- Fried Cashew nuts-Peanut mix 85.- Fried Peanuts 60.- Soup Clear Chicken Soup Mushroom cream 105.Soup 115.- Tomato Meatball Soup 150.- Red Minestrone soup (Vegetables, pieces of bacon,pasta) Full Dish 205.- 2 2019-9-2 Salad Tomato Salad, olive oil and balsamico 110.- Salad Mix 100.- Egg Salad 115.- Tuna Salad 135.- Tuna Pasta Salad 165.- Fish/Seafood Fish in Breadcrumbs 205.- Fish and Chips 210.- Baramundi filet with potato and buttersauce 蚘ః蚘ః蚘ః蚘ః蚘ః蚘ః蚘ః 蚘ః 335.-/385.- Steak Chicken Tomato Cheese Steak 230.- Chicken filet in Paprika cream sauce 235.- Chicken filet in mustard cream sauce 235.- Holzfällersteak (Lumberjack steak) , 240.- 3 2019-9-2 Schnitzel (Pork or Chicken) Wienerschnitzel 210.- Jägerschnitzel, with Mushroom cream sauce 230.- Paprika Rahmschnitzel (with cream bell pepper sauce) 245.- Zigeunerschnitzel (Schnitzel gypsy style) 245.- Mustard Ham Leek 245.- Mustard Ham Mushroom 255.- Red Wine Gravy Schnitzel 235.- Gratin Chicken Broccoli Gratin 220.- Tuna Mushrooms Gratin 220.- Champignon Gratin, with potato inside and toast 225.- Spinach Bacon Gratin 225.- Cottage Pie, minced beef mashed potatoes 235.- Leek Minced Beef Gratin 230.- Pork Filet Mushroom Gratin 240.- Rigati al Forno (Gratin with Pasta, minced beef, ham, tomato cream sauce) 260.- 4 2019-9-2 Burgers Hamburger 160.- Fishfilet Burger 160.- Cheese Burger 180.- Cheese Bacon Burger 200.- Cheese Bacon Egg Burger 205.- Pizza Margarita Pizza 220.- Pizza Funghi (Mushroom) 245.- Turkish Pizza 245.- (Minced beef, tomato-cheese-sauce) Pizza Hawaii 260.- Pizza with Ham and Mushroom 260.- Pizza with Salami 270.- 5



broccoli Alfredo pouches $2.99 Italian sausage pinwheels $2.59 Baked buffalo chicken tenderloins $.2.59 Grilled baby lamb chops with mint glaze (mrkt) Roasted vegetable crostini $2.29 Tender beef teriyaki on a stick $3.99 Tender beef kebab $4.29 Tenderloin Chicken kebab $3.59 Grilled Jerk chicken on a stick $2.59 Scallops wrapped in bacon $3.99 Whole Tenderloin of beef with a mild horseradish sauce (mrkt) Black Angus, seasoned &


Wedding-Apps-Drinks 59%

Wedding Cake Menu Two ~HORS D’OEUVRES PASSED ~ Grilled Lamb Kebab with English Mint Dipping Sauce Asparagus wrapped with Dijon Cream, Prosciutto &


00 in absentia 58%

Seduto in disparte, L’Inquieto osserva i kebab gocciolanti e lo schermo muto del televisore.


The Kebab Strikes Back 57%

Humour Writing Creative Task 2 – The Kebab Strikes Back My stomach began to toss and turn, the kebab I’d ingested earlier in the evening was taking its toll.


2 JUNE DINNER MENU JUNE 17 no pizza 57%

salsa burger £7.50 S A L A D S ( S TA R T E R S O R M A I N S ) BHD Posh Kebab - shredded leg of lamb, pomegranate mollases, chilli sause, harrisa roast tomatoes, yoSuperfood Salad - (Avocado, beetroot, broccoli, gurt, chargrilled aubergine - £12 blueberries, pomegranate, seeds w/ baby spinChargrilled tuna w/ heritage tomato, green beans, ach &


pizzeria violen dec 2016 56%

oxkött, köttfärs, kebab, kyckling, tonfisk, pommes frites Sallader      Räksallad Tonfisksallad Skinksallad Kycklingsallad Grekisk sallad  Nybakat pitabröd ingår alltid i sallad samt valfri dressing 90:90:90:90:90:-


dai braji menu 54%

Focacce Pavarolo Olio e rosmarino Stracchino e rucola Speck Prosciutto crudo Nutella 3,50 5,50 5,00 6,00 5,00 Farinata e stuzzichini Farinata classica Montaldo Marentino farina di ceci, olio Dai Braji Arignano 3,00 Dai Braji pizza focacce stuzzichini Farinata farcita 4,00 Patatine* Hot dog* Kebab 3,00 3,00 5,00 farina di ceci, olio, condimento a scelta fra prosciutto cotto o crudo, speck o salamino piccante Andezeno pizze focacce farinate Chieri carne*, insalata, pomodori, cipolla, olio piccante, salse Acqua 50 cl Bibite in lattina Birre da 33 cl.


Cocktail menu 380 54%

“CREATE-YOUR-OWN” COCKTAIL  Chilled and Pretty 开胃菜 (Please select twelve of the following) (请选择以下十二种) Seared Scallops with Gingered Citrus 煎带子配姜味柑桔汁 ~~~ Translucent Noodles with Roast Duck 粉丝烤鸭沙拉 ~~~ Tiger Prawns and Lemongrass 柠檬草虎头虾 ~~~ Braised Beef and 5-spice 五味烩牛肉 ~~~ Crisp Tofu with Bonito and Soy 炸豆腐配木鱼花和酱油 ~~~ Pomelo with Glazed Lime and Chili 辣味柚子青柠沙拉 ~~~ Chilled Crystal Glass Noodles and Seafood 海鲜粉丝沙拉 ~~~ Cilantro Tossed Salmon with Lime 熏三文鱼配青柠 ~~~ Peking Roast Duck “Modern” 北京烤鸭 ~~~ Duck Rillette and Hua Teow 花雕鸭肉丝 ~~~ Sweet Chinese Mustard and Potato 土豆芥菜饼 ~~~ Cold Somen Noodles with Tofu 冷寿面配豆腐 ~~~ Baby Octopus with Seaweed 小八爪鱼配海带 ~~~ Wing of Scallop with Asian Spices 五香带子翼沙拉 ~~~ Oolong Tea-Smoked Salmon with Roes 乌龙茶熏三文鱼配鱼籽 ~~~ Citrus Crusted Shrimp on Gingered Starfruit 柑桔味虾仁和姜汁洋桃 Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement ~~~ Marinated Beef with Sesame 腌牛肉 ~~~ Cold “Noodles” of Enorki with Tofu 冷面配金针菇和豆腐 ~~~ Beef “Sushi” with Somen 寿面牛肉寿司卷 ~~~ Freshwater Prawns and Caramelized Melon 鲜虾和焦糖瓜沙拉 ~~~ Terrine of Masala Potato 马沙拉味土豆冻批 ~~~ 5-Spice of Freshwater Prawns 五味虾 ~~~ Prosuitto di Parma with Cantaloupe Melon 帕尔马火腿配甜瓜 ~~~ Tomato Ceviche 番茄橘汁腌鱼 ~~~ Flat Bread and Lavosh with Dips 面饼和小脆饼配各种小料 ~~~ Marinated Olives 腌橄榄 ~~~ Pepperonata 烤彩椒 ~~~ Blinis with Golden Roes 俄式薄饼配黄鱼籽 ~~~~~~ Hand Picked Food 小吃 (Please select four of the following) (请选择以下四种) Roasted Cashewnuts tossed in Cajun spice 卡真辣味干果 ~~~ Crisp tortilla chips with guacamole 炸玉米片配鳄梨酱 ~~~ Vegetables crudités with blue cheese dip 蔬菜条配奶酪酱 ~~~ Crisp Corn chips with Tomato salsa 脆炸玉米饼 ~~~ Prawns crackers with chili orange dip Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement 炸虾片配橙辣酱 ~~~ Wasabi coated spice nut 芥末干果 ~~~ Baked cheese stick 芝士面包棍 ~~~ Crisp sweet potato chips 香脆甜薯片 ~~~ Celery and carrot stick with avocado aioli 西芹,胡萝卜条配鳄梨蒜泥蛋黄酱 ~~~~~~ Warm at Heart 热菜 (Please select ten of the following) (请选择以下十种) Summer Roll and Mango 芒果卷 ~~~ Steamed Shellfish Mousse and Tobiko 蒸海鲜慕司和鱼籽 ~~~ Hoisin Chicken Skewer 海鲜鸡肉串 ~~~ Crispy Prawn Wonton 炸大虾云吞 ~~~ Barbequed Lamb with Blue Ginger 烧烤羊肉 ~~~ Sesame Duchess au Gratin 焗芝麻味土豆 ~~~ Salmon Kebab and Cilantro 三文鱼串 ~~~ Fire-seared Tuna with Pepper Emulsion 香煎金枪鱼 ~~~ Asparagus with Sesame and Lime 芦笋配青柠芝麻汁 ~~~ Seafood and Crab Claw Crisp 炸海鲜和蟹钳 ~~~ Poached “Live” Prawns and Cucumber 水煮大虾 ~~~ Hoisin Marinated Chicken and Garlic Braised Eggplant 海鲜酱腌鸡肉和蒜茸烩茄子 Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement ~~~ Grilled Pineapple “Thai” Style 泰式扒菠萝 ~~~ “Satay” of Beef with Sesame 芝麻牛肉沙爹 ~~~ Asian Chicken Yakitori with Soy-Sesame 亚洲式鸡肉串配酱油芝麻汁 ~~~ “Char Siew” Rack of Lamb 叉烧羊排 ~~~ Crispy Golden Pumpkin and Scallions 青葱黄金南瓜饼 ~~~ Miniature Crustaceans “Bouillabaisse” 藏红花味烩海鲜 ~~~ Crispy Prawn Fritters with Sweet Chili Dip 虾饼配甜辣酱 ~~~ Skewer of Chicken with Soy and Ginger 鸡肉串配酱油姜汁 ~~~ Cilantro and Shellfish in Crispy Beancurd Skin 炸豆皮海鲜卷 ~~~ Nori Wrapped Fillet of Seabass 鲈鱼卷 ~~~ Sweets for My Sweets 甜品 (Please select ten of the following) (请选择以下十种) Prune Kueh Lapis 马来西亚千层糕 ~~~ Basil Shortcake 罗勒蛋糕 ~~~ Chocolate Spring Rolls 巧克力卷 ~~~ Coconut Crème Brulee 椰味焦糖布丁 ~~~ Vietnamese Avocado Shot 越南鳄梨糕 ~~~ Chocolate-Ginger Meuille Feuille 姜味巧克力千层饼 ~~~ Peach Tartin 桃子挞 ~~~ Air of Coconut – Pandan Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement 班兰椰奶 ~~~ Red Dates and Vanilla Panna Cotta 红枣香草意式糕 ~~~ White Fungus “Espresso” 特浓咖啡银耳 ~~~ Pralines and Macaroons 夹心巧克力和蛋白杏仁饼 ~~~ Aloe Vera Jelly in Tea Cups 芦荟果冻 ~~~ Marsala Perfumed Tiramisu 马沙拉味提拉米苏 ~~~ White Wine and Citrus Martini 柑桔凝胶 ~~~ Symphony of Fruit Tartlets 各种水果挞 ~~~ Rice Cake with Black Sesame 黑芝麻米糕 ~~~ Kumquat and Rice Wine Jelly 金橘米酒冻 ~~~ Chocolate Mousse Tart and Candied Gingko Nut 巧克力慕司挞和银杏果糖 ~~~ Spoon of Tangerine and Gel 桔子凝胶 ~~~ “Pu Er” Tea Brulee 蒲耳茶布丁 ~~~ Iron Buddha Tea and Pistachio Cake 铁观音茶味开心果蛋糕 ~~~ Glutinous Rice Balls and Condiments 糯米球 ~~~ Red Bean Pudding 红豆布丁 ~~~ Chocolate-Orange Feullintine 橙味佛仑天 ~~~ Pandan-Coconut Layer 班兰椰子千层糕 ~~~ White Fungus and Rock Sugar 冰糖银耳 ~~~ Tangerine Shooters 鲜橙杯 Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement