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Russian propaganda and the US election SHORT 100%

election It may seem strange, but the Kremlin's propaganda machine is not backing Donald Trump.


Le parti russe en France EN final clean 99%

"Alexander Dugin1 Across Europe, the Kremlin has implanted influence groups which disseminate its propaganda in the media, in political circles and social networks.


Le parti russe en France 99%

Alexandre Douguine Dans tous les pays d'Europe le Kremlin a implanté des groupes d'influence répercutant sa propagande dans les media, les milieux politiques et les réseaux sociaux.


Armenia II Summary 09.05.18 v2 97%

We retweeted media organizations and Armenians supporting Pashinyan and tweeted some observations about Kremlin disinformation.


FCO Skripal material 16.03.18 93%

Russia may change its poisons, but its attempted and successful assassinations always bear the #Kremlin signature.


trump-intelligence-allegations-searchable 93%

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE DONALD TRUMP'S ACTIVITIES IN RUSSIA AND COMPROMISING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE KREMLIN Summary - Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years.


propaganderussecomplété 93%

Françoise Thom* LA PROPAGANDE DU KREMLIN A L’EPREUVE DE L’HISTOIRE ET DES FAITS1  Historienne, spécialiste de la Russie, maître de conférences à Paris IV-Sorbonne.


Trump-Intelligence-AllegationsJan 10 2017 rec 93%

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE DONALD TR U M P’S ACTIVITIES IN RUSSIA AND COMPROMISING RELATIONSHIP W ITH THE KREMLIN S u m m ary - Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years.


II Twitter performance January 2018 89%

For example, in October 2017 our Top Tweet featured a link to a BBC article about Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro, who had been the subject of a vicious campaign by Kremlin trolls after she wrote about investigating pro-Kremlin Twitter bots.


Peter Kreko Far Left edited 88%

This paragraph from the recent article by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov1 clearly shows that the Kremlin not only wants to send messages to radical right forces in Europe, but aims to re-interpret history in a way that fits to the taste of the radical right as well.


Article by Ana Alonson from El Independiente 180318 86%

La prueba son las acusaciones, sin fundamento según Moscú, del Reino Unido y sus aliados de que el Kremlin está detrás del primer ataque con gas nervioso en suelo europeo desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial.


David Leask 27 March 2018 86%

they‟re easily led by Kremlin activities aimed at dividing.


30408 85%

However, Russian claims that the Scottish independence referendum was fixed certainly fuelled the broader campaign to question the vote,1 and the Kremlin-funded media certainly amplified and expanded on those claims.2 Anecdotal evidence supports the thesis that this coverage had at least some degree of impact on some individual voters;3 the degree to which the disinformation has penetrated different audiences merits further study.


FCO Skripal twitter sample 24.3.18 85%

SKRIPAL TWITTER ROUNDUP 24.03.18 Chris Hernon     Momentum gathering for action against Russia Thinking on further measures Kremlin propaganda and disinformation The nature of Putin’s regime Momentum Integrity Initiative @InitIntegrity At least 10 EU nations to expel Russian diplomats in spy row 112 News @112NewsFeed #Russian diplomats to be expelled from 20 #EU member states Jakub Janda @_JakubJanda BREAKING NEWS:


Why is it so difficult to address the Russia issue in Spain 82%

But many within the strategic community (Government, diplomatic service, political actors, journalists, and analysts) are willing to reinforce dialogue and explore ways to restore the relationship with the Kremlin.


InitIntegrity Framing Russian meddling in CAT 82%

The Kremlin backs Madrid and considers the Catalan crisis an internal affair of Spain - at least at the official level and for the time being.


Eduard Abrahamyan; Armenian Revolution. 03 05 2018 82%

Samvel Karapetyan is on the United States Department of the Treasury’s “Kremlin list” of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies.


English version high 79%

Mr Schroeder had said as much only a couple of months earlier, claiming that Russia had some justifiable “fears about being encircled”, referring to “unhappy developments” on the fringes of what was once the Soviet Union and even comparing the Kremlin’s action in Crimea to his own government’s support for NATO’s bombing of Serbian targets during the Kosovo crisis in 1999.


110418 - Op Iris - Report. 78%

This was a catalyst for Russian media and pro Kremlin trolls to commence their respective disinformation campaigns.


Moldova democracy 78%

This joint action is more vivid proof that the “democrats” are playing a double game with the socialists and the Kremlin.


selection 77%

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ZINC Network Technical Response Final 77%

The tactics used by the Kremlin and other actors to achieve these ends are adapted depending on the context and objectives and involve not only the dissemination of false narratives, but also the instrumentalisation of wholly or partially true narratives to harness the existing attitudes, beliefs and fears of target audiences, particularly those already disaffected from the ‘mainstream’.


Sergei Skripal Affair II Response 110318 77%

and a further 14 deaths are believed to be attributable to the Kremlin.


II Twitter performance April 2018 (2) 73%

The article was about the Kremlin encouraging Russian speaking youngsters from ex-Soviet countries, and even non-Russian speakers, to attend camps with a strong military training and World War II re-enactment theme.