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RDC-Tutorial-Spring-Lambs 90%

You Will Need • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 15cm (6in) oval cake 20cm (8in)oval cake 25cm (10in) oval cake All cakes covered in white sugarpaste 40cm (15in) oval drum board – covered in white sugarpaste 3x40g pots natural green sugar strands (RDC)* 1x40g pot black sugar strands (RDC)* 5x25g pots white mimosas (RDC)* Food Pen (RDC)* 1 x black Metallic Food Paint (RDC)* baby blue, baby pink, yellow, spring green 100g pack of each colour flower paste (black,poinsettia,bluebell,bulrush, daffodil) 200g pack pale green flower paste 500g pack white sugarpaste 250g pack poppy red suagarpaste Edible Glue (RDC)* 18# green florist wire Green florist tape Small amount of royal icing Equipment • • • • • • • • • • • Daffodil cutter (we only used the petal part) Long leaf cutter Tulip and lambs head (we have used a rose petal cutter) Bluebell cutter Grass/fire cutter (Jem) Frilling tool (Jem) we have used this for the mouth and frilling flowers Tree bark embosser (FMM) 2 5mm or small oval cutter (ladybirds face) Bamboo skewers Easy cover paint sponge (RDC)* Cel stick *Rainbow Dust Colour Product Method Paint the cakes whilst unstacked using a Rainbow Dust Colours Natural Sponge as outlined in Tutorial no.1, with the colours listed as per picture and set aside to dry for 15 - 20 mins.


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 So  your  there   in  your  house,  with  lambs  blood  painted  on  your  front  door  and  your  eating  your   nice  lamb  dinner  inside  and  you’re  here  these  loud  wailing  sounds  outside  and   you  feel  everything  start  to  shake…you  know  it’s  God  coming  through  the  town,   and  you  know  you’ve  painted  the  lamb’s  blood  on  your  door  –  and  God  told  you   that  as  long  as  that  blood  is  on  your  door,  your  safe…     Are  you  trembling  in  fear  inside  your  house,  worrying  that  God  might  not   keep  his  word  and  that  he  wont  bless  the  offering  of  lambs  blood  you  left   on  the  door   OR  –  are  you  sitting  inside  enjoying  your  lamb,  enjoying  the  peace  of   resting  in  God  and  experiencing  his  love  first  hand…     The  attitude  you  have  when  it  comes  to  your  offering,  and  the  hunger  you  have   for  deeper  revelation  of  God’s  love  and  what  it  REALLY  means  that  Jesus  finished   His  work  on  Earth  by  dying  on  the  cross…will  determine  how  much  you  will  reap   from  the  seed  you  sow    God’s  blessing  and  love  was  exactly  the  same  for  the   man  trembling  in  fear  as  it  was  the  man  rejoicing  in  His  love…it’s  only  the   revelation  of  the  truth  behind  it  that  differs.


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Wool that is used to make clothing, including many sweaters that we wearing during the winter months, comes from lambs who are mistreated in the process of obtaining their wool.