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CampusReformAProjectoftheLeadershipInstitute 100%

CampusReform: A Project of The Leadership Institute  The Leadership Institute (LI) describes itself as “the HR department of the conservative  movement.” It was founded in 1979 by ​ Morton Blackwell​  as a young adult organization for the  conservative movement. LI has already trained ​ conservative leaders​  like chief GOP strategist  Karl Rove, Rep. Joe Wilson (R­SC), and Grover Norquist, head of Americans For Tax Reform.  Its funding​  includes organizations and foundations such as the Charles G. Koch Foundation, the  Heritage Foundation, and the Adolph Coors­funded Castle Rock Foundation.  In 2009, the founder of LI launched a new site for college conservatives called CampusReform.  The stated purpose of the site is to expose “bias” in universities “completely dominated by the  left” and to give conservatives students a forum to report and organize against professors  perceived as abusive leftists.    Blackwell described the ​ motivation behind his ambitious project​  to the American Prospect:    “I have had a long­term awareness of how the campuses have become left­wing indoctrination  centers, and many, many students can go their entire college educations and never see any  representations of conservative principles on their campuses — but they see innumerable amounts  of propaganda both in campus curriculum and with speakers and in campus newspapers. It has  always bugged me that conservatives have not done likewise.”    Toni Listi, a graduate of Texas A&M and member, put this another way  when he wrote on the site that the goal was to, “​ smash left­wing scum​ .” There was originally a  publicly­accessible subsite for each of the 2,376 four­year colleges in the  US which contained a blog, event listings, membership roster, and “access to a variety of  powerful weapons to identify, expose, and combat leftist abuses on campus,” though the  subsites are now said to be no longer accessible. The “weapons” consist of a ​ system​  which  allows students to review “biased” textbooks, rate faculty and “hold professors accountable,”  report “leftist abuses,” and take a survey to record “specific injustices.” Originally, LI offered  college students ​ a $100 prize each day for reporting “leftist abuse.” is a feeder for Fox News  More recently, has described their project as a media outlet, with the tag  line “the #1 Source for College News.” Under the guise of “journalism,” has  in the last year broken stories concerning three Black women professors ​ for sharing their views  on social media about White Supremacy​ . ​ Fox News​  and other media outlets such as the  Washington Times​  have picked up stories from, lending further publicity to  the project’s stories. This coverage, in turn, informs ​ white supremacist organizations​ , who have  responded by sending ​ hate mail​  and engaging in​  on­campus flyering campaigns​  to have the  academic fired.  Sources: ​­reform­leadership­institute/​ ;­institute​ ; ​­institute/​ ;­institute​ ;


afzal bangash2 97%

When the leftist and nationalist elements fromall tiveprovincescame togetherin 1957 to form the National Awami Party (NAP), Bangash was elected its General Secretar.y for NWFP.


Hitler's Anti-Marxism proves that he was right-wing? 92%

Davi Caldas • November 10, 2017 The left tells us that Hitler and his National Socialist movement were right-wing or, to be more exact, far right. One of the most frequently used arguments to support this claim is the fact that Hitler (and, consequently, National Socialism) was antiMarxist. Now, we could dismiss the argument at the outset, for the same part of the false assumption that Marxism is the only left-wing doctrine that exists and that therefore any who oppose it are automatically right-wing. This assumption is false because, since its emergence, the left has always relied on political doctrines that did not attempt to implant communism. The Jacobins of the period of the French Revolution (pre-Marxists, In reality, as long as a person retains basic leftist traits (such as the belief that government must multiply its functions and taxes in order to make "social justice") it is quite possible that such a person is left-wing and, at the same time a fierce opponent of Marxism. As? Let's see. I, for example, believe that Marx's theory is impossible to realize in practice, as he had thought. He imagined a kind of "democratic dictatorship,"


The Front Range Voluntaryist (February, 2018) - Google Docs 66%

Lessons from Rothbard and The Libertarian Forum, Anonymous   People’s  image  of  libertarians  is  often  in  stark  contrast  with  their  image  of  hippies.  This  is  commonly  a  fallacy  of  the  uninformed,  whose  experience  with  the  ideology  begins  with  the  Wikipedia  page  for  “The  Waco  Siege”  and  ends  with  Ron  Swanson  from  the  TV  show  Parks  and  Recreation.  The  libertarian  is  hardly  separable  from  the  tea-party  conservative,  or,  as  is  the  caricature  painted  by  my  Californian  countrymen,  gun-toting,  beer-swilling  redneck  Trump  supporters.  It’s  a  representation  that  many  of  us  living  in  predominantly  Leftist  communities  are  likely  familiar with.     However, the intermeshing of the libertarian  caricature  with  the  backwoods,  conservative  caricature  is  a  modern  invention  that  contradicts the origin of the libertarian.     The  counterculture  movement  of  the  1960’s  (in  other  words,  “The  New  Left”)  was  one  defined  by  a  period  of  resistance  against  the  illiberal  activities  of  the  coercive  state.  Aggressions  that,  because  of  those  before  us  that  wrote,  marched,  and  protested,  exposed  themselves  to  riot  police  and  the  national  guard,  could  end;  state-enforced  aggressions  like  mandatory  racial  discrimination  and  conscription.     It  was  from  this  opposition  to  the  mechanism  of  the  state,  and  to  the  more  traditionalistic  aspects  of  conventional  thought,  that  libertarian  activism  in  this  country  became  defined.  More  specifically,  it  began  in  the  late  1960’s,  with  Murray  N.  Rothbard  and  Karl  Hess’s  periodical  The  Libertarian  (soon  after,  The  Libertarian  Forum).  These  writings,  over  a  span  of  roughly  20  years  and  collated  into  two  volumes,  available  digitally  for  free  and  physically  for  around  $20  from  the  Ludwig  von  Mises  Institute, chronicle the development of what  Samuel  Edward  Konkin  III  would  surely  have termed “Partyarch” Libertarian thought.  There  were  many  notable  libertarians,  including  Walter  Block,  Rothbard  himself,  Konkin,  and  several  other  Libertarian  academics and intellectuals.    Among  a  number  of  interesting  writings  in  these  volumes  are  a  few  from  ’69,  which  chronicle  the  schism  within  the  still-active  Young  Americans  for  Freedom,  a  conservative  student  organization  that  touted  the  famous  libertarian  mantras  of  freedom,  liberty,  and  capitalism,  while  toeing  the  Republican  Party’s  line:  more  interference  in  Vietnam  in  the  name  of  “stopping  Communism,”  more  prohibition  of  substances,  the  restoration  of  “law  and  order”  as  (at  the  time)  peaceful  protestors  were  being violently suppressed at  universities all over the country.    In  stark  contrast  to  Republican  chicanery,  and  the  false  representation  of  traditionalism  and  conservatism  as  being  necessary to a free  society,  Rothbard  bode  young  libertarians  and  anarcho-capitalists  to  (in  his  words)  “…leave  now,  and  let  the  “F”  in  YAF  stand then  for  what  it  has  secretly  stood  for  all  along  –  fascism.”     Nowadays,  it  feels  as  if  the  movement  is  being  pulled  towards  either  the  inherent  statism  of  the  Alt-Right  and  the  so-called  “National  Capitalists,”  or  towards  the  inherent  statism  of  today’s  far-Left  and  the  so-called  “Libertarian  Socialists”.  Neither  group  is particularly libertarian in nature, but  both  are  making  advances,  drawing  more  non-libertarians  into  libertarianism  and  more  on-the-fencers  away.  What’s  happening  today  is  an  overall  obfuscation  of  core  libertarian  ideals;  ideals  that,  despite  being  propertarian  in  nature, are still nonetheless to  leftist or rightist corruption.     Rothbard’s  love  for  the  counterculture  movement  was  quickly  soured.  As  the  70’s  came, so too did an all-too-familiar mixture of  anti-property  rhetoric  and  indiscriminate  Leftist violence against person and property.   2 This  marked  the  ultimate  separation  of  libertarianism  from  the  conventional  political  power-structure.     On  the  Left  were  violent  extremists  who,  in  their  fight  against  the  state,  were  using  coercive  aggression  in  favor  of  a  new  statism  based  on  principles  slightly  more in line with  their  economic  views.  On  the  Right  were  disingenuous  conservative  traditionalists  reinforcing  the  power  of  the  state  to  do  as  they’ve always done: champion the principles  of  liberty  and  capitalism  only  to  strengthen  American  imperialism,  and  corporatist  policies  that  favor  a  “free  market”  so  long  as  it  benefits  the  obedient,  state-enforced  monopolist dogs.    This  has  not  all  been  to  disenchant  new  members  of  the  movement.  I  began  my  journey  into  libertarianism  only  more  than  a  year  ago,  and  I’m  sure  those  who  read  this  piece  have  devoted  far  greater  years  of  their  lives  trying  to  make  our  shared  vision  of  a  free world a reality.     My  point  is  that  we  should  reject  the  pointed  nature  of the conventional paradigm;  too  often  do  libertarians  take  a  4-quadrant  political  compass  test,  find  themselves  in  the  bottom  right corner, and ally themselves with  anyone  along  that  side  of  the  spectrum.  The  reality  is  that  libertarianism  is  a  philosophy  of  individual  freedom,  and  that  is  not  a  left-or-right ideal.    [Anonymous, 18, Golden State anarchist]      For information on the 10th outing of Mises Celebrations, an event coming up in Silicon Valley, See Facebook page:


The Front Range Voluntaryist Issue #6 - Google Docs 64%

Communists too, actually.    Antifa groups seem to stand for very much  the  same  sort  of  ideologies  and policies that  groups  such  as  the  Nazi  Party  did  in  the  past,  although  with  the  preferred  demographic  shifted  from  “Aryans”  to  “oppressed  peoples.”  The  prime  goal  of  all  political  action  is  to  fight  the  designated  ideological  enemy  of  the  group,  a  trait  which  is  shared  by  all  Leftist  organizations,  and  in  this  case  the  greatest  enemies  are  white,  Christian,  conservative,  heterosexual  men,  though  anyone  who  does  not  fully  accept  their  far-left  doctrine  is  a  target.  A  common  Antifa  quote,  indicating  their  uncompromising  desire  for  dominance  and  intent  to  cause  political  violence,  is  “Liberals  get  the  bullet  too.”  In  the  same  way  as  did  communists,  Antifa  identifies  itself  with  anarchism,  indeed  in  a way most  vexing to us real voluntaryists.    As  they  only  ever  want  to  expand  coercive  state  power,  and  constantly  both  encourage  and  commit  violence  against  those  who  stand  in  their  way,  they  are  certainly  not  anarchists,  but  in  reality,  just  tyrants  in  the  same  way  as  their  ideological  kinsmen  of  old.    Antifa  regularly  and  more  accurately  identifies  itself  with  Marxism  and  communism  in  general.  In  keeping  with  communist  tendencies  common  in  the  past,  they  hate  “fascists”,  as  they  are  the  main  competition  communists  have. They act like  they  have  the  moral  high  ground  being  Communists.  Ironically,  communists  and  their  regimes  killed  far  more  people  than  fascists  ever  did,  by  orders  of  magnitude,  and  communism  oppressed  millions  of  more  people  and  for  decades  longer  than  fascism  did.  Antifa  members  seem  to  be  unable  to  realize  that  they  resemble  fascists  both  in  ideology  and  tactics,  and  even  visibly,  with  their  use  of  black-bloc  tactics.  They  have  too  little  historical  knowledge  to  realize  that  fascism  was  also  an  authoritarian  leftist  ideology.  Both  communism  and  fascism  were  interested  in  using  socialism  as  a  way  to  control  the  populace  and  engineer  the  economy.  They  used  similar  tactics,  such  as  indoctrinating  the  youth,  weakening  the  family,  and  growing  and  glorifying  the  military, to gain  influence  and  control  their  societies.  They  both  took  advantage  of  economically  devastated  nations,  and  were  extremely  authoritarian,  and  expansionist  in  nature.  They  were  both  leftist  in  that  they  were  anti-religious,  despised  family  values,  and  postured  themselves  in  such  a  way  as  to  be  seen  as  they  were  fighting  against  the  “oppressive  old-guard”.  These  anti-fascists  are  fundamentally  the  same, in their desires  and  in  their  tactics, to the fascists they claim  3 to  hate.  As  the  famous  quote  says  “The  fascists  of  the  future  will  be  called  anti-fascists.”    Antifa  groups  may  seem  small  and  not  very  influential  now,  but  they  must  be  resisted.  Very  recently  in  Hamburg,  nearly  10,000  antifa  members,  supposedly  the  largest  black-bloc  in  history,  rioted  during  the  G-20  summit.  Cars  were  burned,  more  than  $1,000,000  in  property  damage  was  caused,  and  many  police  officers  were  injured  in  clashes  with  Antifa.  They  cannot  be ignored.    To  all  freedom  loving  voluntaryists  reading  this,  and anyone else who wishes to  live  in a free society, I ask you to resist these  people  wherever possible. Use logic, reason,  and  evidence  to  destroy  their  narrative,  tell  them  why  they  are  wrong,  and  discourage  their  savage  violence.  The  road  to  liberty  is  full  of  monsters  who  try to imprison us, but  in the end, we will prevail.    [They  seem  to  think  certain  styles  of  authoritarian  collectivism  are  bad  and  others  not  so  much.  While  they  try  to  act  neutral,  and  call  themselves  “black  flag  anarchists”,  they  admit  that  “tankies”  and  “anarcho”  communists  are  among their ranks; and of  course  they  (at  least  in  Colorado  Springs)  associate  with  the  Marxists  in  town.  I’m  unsure  what  any  of  their  differences  are  with  the Marxists. Both want to:  smash  the  “white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy”;  obtain  “worker-owned  means  of  production”,  i.e.,  expropriate  businesses;  and  silence  the  masses  in  their  crusade  for “social justice” by smearing us with  a  slew  of  terms.  Funny  thing  is,  they  call  us  [voluntaryists]  “fascists”  when  we’re  the  only  ones  who  are  poles  apart from collectivism and statism. So  if  “fascists”  are  their enemies, why are they spending  time  doxxing  anarcho-capitalists?  I  assume  they  don’t  want  any competition in ideas. They want to be  the  sole  virtue-signalers  that  everyone  looks  to  as  presenting  a  true  alternative,  which  they  don’t  have.  While  there  are  a  lot  of  fascists  out  there, and I’d say  the  American  state  is,  surely  this  buzzword  as  they  use  it  is  becoming  as  meaningless  as  “racists” which  they hurl around.


Statement on Sanctuary Campus 62%

Contact: Adam Quinn FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel:


d9Hoare 58%

Flag on the Mountain:


CNA-33 Power 2009 57%

as well in tions received widespread and leftist coverage newspapers journals as in some of themore mainstream media.


SummerYoungFreudians 51%

They see the leftist horde closing in, the patterns of speech becoming rigid, the violence and anger coming to a head.


BREMANISMRevision2 49%

It is not Nationalism, not Socialism, not Communism, not the actual Wild Liberalism and certainly not the Open Borders One Worldism that is now coming with its Massive Invasion ordered by UNO and practiced by EU and our Governments with the help of Leftist Human Traffickers NGO’s, all looking for "Electoral Enrichment"



As for the actual training courses themselves, they do sound like a kind and thoughtful gesture from the leftist-held government of Britain.


CNA-31 Rabe 2013 44%

Rogelia Cruz Martínez, an architecture student, leftist, and former “Miss Guatemala,” suffered a similarly hideous fate in 1968.


CTB International Newsletter April 2016 39%

4-Signs of the future that awaits us, if the ongoing coup were to triumph, can be perceived in the truculent and illegal actions of the military police of the states governed by right wing parties such as in Sao Paulo state governed by Alckim, with attacksagainst social movements,headquarters of leftist parties and student organizations as well as the killing of farmworkers in Paraíba and Paraná states.


atheism 39%

Atheism as a foundation of extreme leftist thought.


Message to Peterson 39%

the cornerstone of Leftist ‘morality’.


d5Hoare 37%



Aime-Cesaire-Letter-to-Maurice-Thorez-1956 36%

There is no doubt that, in that case, no reason (or better yet, no pretext) for shunning unity would remain for those in other leftist parties who do not want unity and, as a result, the enemies of unity would find themselves isolated and reduced to impotence.


Peter Kreko Far Left edited 35%

“Unlike in the Cold War, when Soviets largely supported leftist groups, a fluid approach to ideology now allows the Kremlin to simultaneously back far-left and far-right movements, greens, anti-globalists and financial elites.


FINAL Brujula ciudadana articulo Olson y Gordon sobre proceso electoral de mexico 32% 7 a “leftist,” “populist,” or “nationalist” and some calling him the “Bernie Sanders of Mexico,” the “Trump of Mexico” and others comparing him to former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez because of his populist views.13 Less well known or understood in the United States are recent clarifications from AMLO’s top advisors and announced future cabinet members maintaining his commitment to the economic success of Mexico and to successfully renegotiating NAFTA.


GeekyBugle09 31%

We always were there dude, years before you leftist puritans we suffered and conquered the right puritans, and we will do so with your brand of bigotry.