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2015AZLBHistoryRecordBook 100%

AutoZone Liberty Bowl Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant selected the AutoZone Liberty Bowl as his final game in 1982.


OnCALL.(SP).17 91%

This Reception on 28 August, 5:00-7:00 P.M., Liberty.


Ojeda Survey 91%

CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY r.r":ll1lpaillll ~r.~~fi,r ,.


Liberty Mutual - Nest 90%

7/11/2017 Liberty Mutual - Nest Switch to Liberty Mutual Home Insurance and receive a Nest Protect and additional insurance discounts1 Get a Free Homeowner Quote Enter Your ZIP Code:


2017 Rodizio Grill Liberty Center Event Dining 90%

~ Liberty Township, OH 45069 513-777-4777 ~ The Rodizio Grill Experience Dining at Rodizio Grill is like treating your guests to a Southern Brazilian adventure where they will enjoy the tradition of Brazilian Gauchos (Cowboys) roasting meats over an open fire.


LibertyDeafCamp 14 89%

Meet at Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf, 1552 Elmore Ave.


Ron Paul 2012 handout 87%

Ron Paul for President 2012 Ron Paul for President 2012 Liberty Prosperity Peace Liberty Prosperity Peace         Defend our Constitutional rights Balance the budget Audit the Federal Reserve Stop policing the world and nation building Stand up for food freedom and organic farms Protect our privacy Support school choice Stop catering to the special interests         Defend our Constitutional rights Balance the budget Audit the Federal Reserve Stop policing the world and nation building Stand up for food freedom and organic farms Protect our privacy Support school choice Stop catering to the special interests Not authorized by any candidate or campaign committee.


2014 Race Application 87%

Liberty Days 5 K Run/Walk Proceeds will benefit The Garver Memorial YMCA PRIZES Trophies will be given to the first three overall male and female finishers in the 5 K run.


buffet holdings 87%

Johnson JNJ 327,100 $123.79 $40,491,709 0.01% Kraft Heinz Co KHC 325,634,818 $91.50 $29,795,585,847 26.69% The Coca-Cola Co KO 400,000,000 $42.48 $16,992,000,000 9.31% Liberty Global plc - Class A Ordinary Shares LBTYA 22,895,751 $34.88 $798,603,795 8.66% Liberty Global plc - Class C Ordinary Shares LBTYK 8,630,988 $34.10 $294,316,691 1.34% Liberty Sirius XM Group LSXMA 10,058,800 $38.99 $392,192,612 1.91% Liberty Sirius XM Group LSXMK 22,236,109 $38.78 $862,316,307 4.19% Southwest Airlines Co LUV 43,203,775 $58.86 $2,542,974,197 6.87% Mastercard Inc MA 4,934,756 $111.74 $551,409,635 0.46% Moody's Corporation MCO 24,669,778 $112.62 $2,778,310,398 12.91% Mondelez International Inc MDLZ 578,000 $43.73 $25,275,940 0.04% Monsanto Company MON 8,041,784 $114.97 $924,563,906 1.83% M&T Bank Corporation MTB 5,382,040 $168.01 $904,236,540 3.47% Procter &


Printable Wholesale Guide v2 86%

Pricing Guide Liberty Lotion Phone:


276631 85%

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY Liberty 2014 Semester Two | First Edition | July 2014 will o h w ds?"ng, "But a o r the wd fundi d l i u b cro d n rating ing, a celeb wd sourc ns o cro omm c e h t 18 page Libertarianism and Protest:


ktttn reading list 84%

The Revolution of Liberty Economy and Liberty .


BradyLytton Resume 2018 82%

Event Implementation Specialist 740 424 7762 Education Summary I am an Interdisciplinary Studies graduate from West Liberty University focused in Graphic Design and Community Arts Education.


Alameda Co. Sheriffs incident report 82%

PETROV fled west on I 67th Avenue and turned north on Liberty Street.


speeches-anthony-suffrage-15304-article only 82%

1 "We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


w E 18941201 82%

the divine purpose that all enjoy liberty, the limitations in every case being those of righteousness:


speeches-douglass-slavery-15291-article only 81%

The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence handed down by your fathers is shared by you, not by me.


The Front Range Voluntaryist Issue #10 (1) 81%

23-28) 1 Interview With Michael Huemer, by Non Facies Furtum   Michael  Huemer  received  his  BA  from  UC  Berkeley  in  1992  and  his  PhD  from  Rutgers  University  in  1998.  He  is  presently  professor  of philosophy at the University of Colorado at  Boulder.  He  is  the  author  of  more  than  60  academic  articles  in  ethics,  epistemology,  political  philosophy,  and metaphysics, as well  as  four  amazing  books  that  you  should  definitely  buy:  Skepticism  and  the  Veil  of  Perception  (2001),  Ethical  Intuitionism  (2005),  The  Problem  of  Political  Authority  (2013),  and  Approaching  Infinity  (2016).  As  he  is  a  very  influential  libertarian  philosopher  active  in  the Front Range area, we contacted him for an  interview  and  asked  several questions related  to the philosophy of liberty, and to his work.    FRV:  Can  you  outline  your  strongest  argument  for why the state lacks legitimate authority?  MH:  We  don't  need  an  argument  that  the  state  lacks  authority.  We  would  need  an  argument that the state has authority. If there's  no  reason  why  the  state  would  be  relevantly  different  from  other  agents,  then  we  should  assume  the  state  is  subject  to  the  same  moral  principles as other agents.    Now, there are several philosophical theories  about  why  the  state  has  authority.  I  discuss  the  most  important  ones  at  length  in  The  Problem  of  Political  Authority.  But  none  of  the  theories  is  any  good.  All  of  them  either  (a)  appeal  to  factually  false  claims,  or  (b)  appeal  to  claims  that,  even  if  true,  simply  would  not  establish  anyone's  authority.  An  example  of  (a)  is  the  claim  everybody  at  some  time  agreed  to  establish  a  state  (of  course  this  never happened). An example of (b) would be  the  claim  that  a  majority  of  people  support  the  state  (if  a  majority  of  people  want  something,  that  doesn't  make  that  thing  right).   I can't fairly present all the theories of   authority,  nor  the problems with them, here. I  wrote  a  350-page  book  to  do  that  (among  other  things),  and  all  of  it  needs  to  be read to  understand  the  complete  argument.  But  the  basic  reason  I  don't  believe  in  authority  is  simply that no one has given any good reason  why  the  state  would  have  authority.  In  brief,  no  one  has  told  me  why  535  people  in  Washington  have  the  right  to  tell  everyone  else  what to do. If there was a good answer to  that,  someone  would  probably  have  thought  of it by now.    FRV:  What do you think is the most practical path  to achieving a stateless society?  MH:  I  don't  know.  What  I  am  doing  is trying  to  get  more  people  to  understand  anarcho-capitalism, in the hope that if enough  people  understand  the  theory  and  why  it's  a  good idea, it will eventually come about.    We  could  move  toward  anarchy  gradually.  For  example,  we  could  start  with  local  governments  outsourcing  policing  duties  to  private  security  guard companies. (Of course,  there  would  need  to  be  a  number  of  competing  security  companies,  and  an  easy  mechanism for citizens to change companies.)  Similarly,  courts  could  start  referring  more  cases  to  private  arbitrators.  If  these  experiments  went  well,  they  could  be  expanded,  and  the  government  shrunk  at the  same time.    Of  course,  this  probably  would  not  happen  until  there  was  much  greater  understanding  of and support for free markets.    I  don't  know  whether  this  is  the  best  path.  But  it's  one  possible  path  that  seems  to  me  worth considering.    FRV:  You  have  written  much  on  the  subject  of  ethical  intuitionism;  can  you  explain  this  idea,  and  provide  some  examples  of  how  applying  it  to  moral  situations  leads  to  the  conclusion  that  the  state is an immoral institution?  2 MH:  The  theory  holds  that  we  have  intuitive  awareness  of  some  objective  ethical  truths,  and  this  is  the  basis  for  the  rest  of  our  knowledge  of  ethics.  I've  written  a  book  on  the  subject  (Ethical  Intuitionism),  as  well  as  a  number  of  academic  articles.  You're  basically  asking  me,  "Hey,  could  you  summarize  your  300-page  book  in  a  couple  of  minutes?"  To  which  the  most  accurate  answer  would  be,  "No,  I  can't."  There's  nothing  I  could  say  in  a  brief  space  that  wouldn't  be  misleading.  (The  book  is  300  pages  because  there  is  a  complex  set  of  ideas  and  arguments  that  require  that  amount of space to fairly present.)    But  I  can  give  you  some  examples  of  the  moral  problems  with  the  state.  One  example  is  about  taxation.  Suppose  that  I  personally  decided  to  start  "taxing"  people.  I  go  around  to  people's  houses  demanding  a  cut  of  their  total  income,  which  I  plan to use for a charity  that  I  run  to  help  the  poor.  I  threaten  to  kidnap  and  imprison  my  neighbors  if  they  don't  give  me  the  money.  This  would  be  regarded  as  clearly  wrong, and no one would  think  they  owed  me  the  money.  I  would  be  called a thief and an extortionist.    But  that  is  like  the  government's  behavior  when  it  collects  taxes. The difference between  "extortion"  and  "taxation"  is  just  that  one  is  done  by a private agent, and the other is done  by the government.    A  second  example  concerns  military  intervention.  What  if  I  announced,  one  day,  that  a  certain  foreign  country  might  be  building  weapons  of  mass  destruction,  and  that  they  had  to  be  stopped?  What  if  I  got  a  group  of  friends  together,  flew  to  that  country,  and  started  shooting  people  and  blowing  up  buildings,  in  an  effort  to  change  that  country's  government?  Most  would  consider  my  behavior  wrong  even  if  the  foreign  government  was  really  bad.  I  would  be labelled a terrorist and a mass murderer.    But  this  is  like  the  government's  behavior  when  it  goes  to  war.  The  chief  difference  between "terrorism"


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Sons of Liberty <>



Robert Kahn, a Jewish Rabbi, points out that the Declaration of Independence has this great positive statement-"All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


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The Teens for Liberty Monthly October, 2010 We’re on Facebook at Teens for Liberty This is your newsletter!!!


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Broadway 7 ARTS IN ORANGE PO Box 1145 Pine Bush, NY 12566 Liberty St.