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Instant Antidote to OVERWHELM 100%

What happens when we’re in overwhelm is that the limbic (emotional) system in our brain gets triggered big-time.


Review of Basic Neuroscience 89%

Limbic System  Components:


110227957 References 60%

Kruijver, FP, Zhou, JN, Pool, CW, Hofman, MA, Gooren, LJ, Swaab, DF (2000) ‘Male-to-female transsexuals have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus’, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &


Physiology 60%

Increase heart rate 2- Controls internal organs without participation of mind 3- innervates smooth muscles of viscera, cardiac muscles and exocrine glands ً‫ ده شغال على الحاجات اللً انا اقدر اتحكم فٌها بس ان‬somatic‫اظن كده الفرق بقى واضح ان ال‬ ‫مثال ارفع اٌدي او امشً او ما شابه‬ ‫ بٌشتغل على االجهزة الال ارادٌة فً الجسم ٌعنً مثال فً حالة الخوف بٌحصل‬Autonomic‫لكن ال‬ ‫ و بٌزٌد افراز العرق كل ده بٌحصل بشكل ال ارادي‬cardiac muscle‫ فً ال‬Contractions 2|Page Central Control of ANS 1234- Hypothalamus Medulla oblongata Spinal cord Cerebral cortex (Some parts Especially the limbic system) Anatomy of autonomic Nervous system  ANS (Autonomic nervous system ) carries nerve impulses from CNS (Central Nervous system –brain or spinal cord-) to effector organ by 2 neurons :


NEWSLETTER December 2015 Stress article 58%

Shift out of limbic system freakout by choosing to be curious about the events, tasks, or other stressors you’re facing.


Note Sep 5%2c 2017 4 11 59 PM 51%

formation of synapses • Synaptic pruning • Frontal lobe immature (executive function not developed) • Hyperactivity in limbic region (emotional reactivity) ‣ Parenting styles are important • Authoritative:



The limbic system will begin creating odd scenarios within the dreamscapes, either pulled from old memories or assumptive 2 CBD and The R.E.M Cycle Macke thoughts.


writing portfolio 32%

On the other hand, a particularly active area of our brains during sleep is the 'limbic system' (the purple/grey tangled mess right in the middle) which is the primary control centre for emotion;


Myths of orthodontic gnathology 26%

Current evidence clearly supports the notion that parafunctional habits are basically a central nervous system phenomenon (mediated by the limbic system) and not of occlusal origin.78-85 The other aspect of human jaw function that is not evaluated by orthodontic gnathology (particularly by articulator mountings) is chewing cycle kinematics.