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II Twitter performance April 2018 (2) 100%

Our tweet of an article written by our Lithuanian cluster and published on our website was picked up by prominent Lithuanian sources and garnered 23 retweets and 22 likes.


CV Edvin Jarosevic 99%

Debian, Ubuntu) embedded Linux (openWRT) macOS (AppleScript) Windows Server (GUI) z/VM and z/OS Other git Blockchain Smart Contarts Ethereum Solidity Writing Latex MEng Electronic Engineering at University of Manchester Stability and degradation of Perovskite solar devices and materials 2014 2011 — 2013 Languages English Russian Lithuanian Honours and Awards UKESF Automotive Electronics Competition shortlisted Above and Beyond Award at National Instruments National Instruments BP Achievements Award 2015 winner NI Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) IBM Master the Mainframe 2014 finalist Secondary education Candidate for Master of Sports in Russian Billiards Maths 93, Chemistry 87, Physics 94 English 100, Lithuanian 42 Finalist of Maths and Physics olympiads Work Experience 2013 — current Freelancer Engineer, Developer, Maker LMS on Moodle;


programme%20Lithuanian%20MOD%20Stratcom%20team%20visit%205th%20draft%2017%2010%202016-1 95%

The Institute for Statecraft Programme for the visit of the Lithuanian MOD Stratcom team, 17-21 October 2016 Monday 17th October Col Saulius Guzevicius, Capt Tomas Tauginas, Mr Tomas Ceponsis 1500 Arrival from Vilnius &


Bid for MoD funding 140317 95%

      Organised visit to the UK by the Lithuanian StratComms team;


meeting point žagarė 91%

Justinas Kalinauskas, +370 658 60898 MEETING POINT / ŽAGARĖ INVITATION FOR ARTISTS Cultural event MEETING POINT will be held in a northern Lithuanian town of Žagarė on the banks of Švėtė River, which runs through town.


LT Cluster Structure 90%

It will employ research methods developed by the LAF Strat_Com team, expertise of the non-gov entity VIPA and access the academic abilities of Lithuanian Universities, by combining their work &


Cluster Roundup Jul18 88%

Since 2015 we have had a close link with the Lithuanian Armed Forces Stratcom team, currently drawing on their expertise, with the support of the Lithuanian Chief of Defence, to educate other national clusters on effective methodologies for tracking Russian activities.


Personal Resume - Miroslav Popugajev 83%

English (major language in last 3 jobs), Lithuanian (most used now), Russian (native) Driving license:


Moms book 82%

My mother, however, was like a totally gentile Lithuanian.


FCO application form 2017-18 75%

The success of the project will largely be judged on what is said here         Sponsoring, including via the Free University of Brussels (thereby enhancing academic respectability of the topic), advanced research, publications, workshops, educational courses, mentoring, lectures Expanding the impact of the Integrity Initiative website, dissemination and Twitter/social media accounts, and increasing the reporting of the issue in mainstream and specialist press Engaging UK and other national political and military establishments, improving their ability to counter Russian disinformation and other weapons of hybrid warfare strategy Engaging the Lithuanian Stratcom and Ukrainian SF teams to teach their unique insight into Russian techniques Strengthening external organisations’ capabilities, including:


Robertas Ivanauskas CV 71%

SKILLS AND QUALITIES o o o o o o o o o I am very comfortable with using computer Food safety and hygiene level 2 Accuracy and numeracy skills I put extra determination in what I do is correct Good teamwork skills Flexible approach to work Always willing to help anyone in need Proven ability to achieve targets and results I can speak fluently in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian EDUCATION o o o 2000 – 2004 Ziburelis Primary School 2004 – 2008 Vakaro Secondary School 2008 – 2012 Ryto Gymnasium WORK EXPERIENCE o o o o 07.2012 - 08.2015 – Intersurgical (Warehouse Operative) 10.2015 - 05.2016 – Stoneycroft Hotel 05.2016 - 08.2016 – Amazon (Warehouse Operative) 08.2016 - 01.2017 – Encore Personnel (Warehouse Operative) o 01.2017 - 07.2017 – Self Employed o 07.2017 - 08.2017 – Encore Personnel (Warehouse Operative)


CBRE Baltics Senior Appraiser Vilnius 70%

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Appraiser or Expert Appraiser qualification with the LTVA Minimum 2 years post qualification experience Proficient IT skills including good command of MS office software Excellent communication skills (English and Lithuanian) Organised, focused, with high attention to detail Ability to work effectively under pressure, in a fast-paced environment Enthusiasm for the real estate industry and all its aspects Capable of taking initiative and working with minimal supervision Note:


Unicode Standard - Combining Diacritical Marks 68%

nasalization • Polish, Lithuanian → 02DB ˛  ogonek COMBINING VERTICAL LINE BELOW • IPA:



Work experience/Professional works 2012-2015 Freelance animation Animated flash short “Mama!” Short animated motion graphics introductions for „Vilnius university of technology and design” 3D models poster illustrations and animation tests for short film „Atlantic birds” Animated visualisations for a ballet theatre show “Misko pasaka” 2 Animated user help videos for „Spotify” Animation short film award winning in Baltic countries stop motion animation short film „Sausra” Concert poster for lithuanian music band “JOKE” 2014-2015 UAB „MeinArt” animation studio (2D/3D animation for television and internet advertisements) Camera effects for 2D animated advertisement for “baltneta” security system Animated introductions for various types of meat for “Rimi” shops.


Karta dań 2017 ver 4.0 66%

PRZEKĄSKI ZIMNE COLD DISHES / ХОЛОДНЫЕ ЗАКУСКИ / KALTE VORSPEISEN BEFSZTYK TATARSKI (100 g) 8,00 PLN Tatar souce steak / Бифштекс по-татарски / Tatarbeefsteak ŚLEDŹ Z CEBULĄ W OLEJU (100 g) 5,00 PLN Herring with onion in oil / Селедка с луком в масле / Hering mit Zwibel in Öl SCHAB GOTOWANY W SOSIE TATARSKIM (100 g) 5.00 PLN Loin in tatar souce / Селедка в татарском соусе / Lendenstuck in Tatarsauce ROLADA Z INDYKA Z SOSEM CUMBERLAND (100 g) Turkey roulade with Cumberland sauce / Турция рулет с Камберленд соусом / Türkei-Roulade mit Cumberland sauce 5.00 PLN ZUPY SOUP / СУПЫ / SUPPEN ZUPA DNIA (300 g) - informacja u kelnera 3,00 PLN Soup of the day (Information from the waiter) / Cуп дня (Информация от официанта) / Suppe des Tages (Informationen vom Kellner) FLAKI WOŁOWE W ROSOLE (300 g) 6,00 PLN Tripe / Рубцы / Flecked CHŁODNIK OGÓRKOWY (300 g) 5,00 PLN Chilled Cucumber / Oхлажденные огурцы / Gekühlten Gurke ŻUREK Z KIEŁBASĄ (300 g) 5,00 PLN White Borsch with sausage / Белый борщ с колбасой / Weiße Borschtsch mit Wurst KOŁDUNY LITEWSKIE W BULIONIE (300 g) 6,00 PLN The Lithuanian savoury dumplings in broth / Литовский соленые пельмени в бульоне / Die litauische Herzhafte Knödel in der Suppe BARSZCZ CZERWONY Z PASZTECIKIEM (300 g + 100g) Beetroot soup / Свекольник / Rotrübensuppe 6,00 PLN DANIA NA ŚNIADANIA REGIONAL DISHES / РЕГИОНАЛЬНЫЕ БЛЮДА / REGIONALE GERICHTE NALEŚNIKI Z SEREM (350 g) 8,00 PLN JAJA SADZONE (2 SZTUKI) 4,00 PLN JAJECZNICA NA BEKONIE (150G) 8,00 PLN JAJECZNICA Z TRZECH JAJ (150G) 6,00 PLN NALEŚNIK Z PIECZARKAMI (300G) 7,00 PLN ŚNIADANIOWY MIX (200G) 8,00 PLN (żółty ser, polędwica, rolada drobiowa, masło) KIEŁBASA NA GORĄCO (120G) 6,00 PLN OMLET Z DŻEMEM (250G) 7,00 PLN NALEŚNIK Z MIĘSEM (300G) 8,00 PLN JAJECZNICA Z SEREM I ŁOSOSIEM WĘDZONYM (180G) 7,00 PLN NALEŚNIK ZE SZPINAKIEM (120G) 8,00 PLN DANIA Z MIĘSA WOŁOWEGO I CIELĘCEGO HOT BEEF DISHES / ГОРЯЧИЕ БЛЮДА ИЗ ГОВЯДИНЫ / WARME GERICHTE AUS RINDFLEISCH RUMSZTYK Z MASŁEM (130 g) * 16,00 PLN Rump steak / Rомштекс / Rumpfsteak STEK CIELĘCY Z PIECZARKAMI (130g)* 18,00 PLN Veal steak with mushrooms / Стейк из телятины с грибами / Kalbssteak mit Pilzen *Czas oczekiwania powyżej 30 minut/ Standby time above 30 minutes/ В режиме ожидания выше 30 минут/ Standby-Zeit über 30 Minuten DANIA Z WIEPRZOWINY PORK DISHES / БЛЮДА ИЗ СВИНИНЫ / GERICHTE AUS SCHWEINEFLEISCH KOTLET SCHABOWY PANIEROWANY LUB SMAŻONY W JAJKU (140 g) 8,00 PLN Breaded pork chop or fried in egg / Панировке свинины Чоп или жареная в яйце / Paniertes Schweinekotelett oder im Spiegelei KOTLET SCHABOWY PO PODLASKU (140 g)* 9,00 PLN Pork chop, Podlasie style / Котлета из свинины по-Подляски / Schweinskotelett nach Podlasie Art SCHAB GOTOWANY (140 g) 8,50 PLN Cooked pork chop / Свиная грудинка / Gekochte Schweinsrücken POLĘDWICZKI VALPOLICELLA (140g) 12,00 PLN Tenderloin Vallpolicella / Вырезка Vallpolicella / Filet Vallpolicella DANIA LEKKIE I DIETETYCZNE GOTOWANA PIERŚ INDYKA W RODZYNKACH (100 G) 12,00 PLN GOTOWANY DORSZ Z DIPEM JOGURTOWO-CZOSNKOWYM 13,00 PLN GRILLOWANA PIERŚ KURCZAKA (120 G) 10,00 PLN GOTOWANA POLĘDWICA WIEPRZOWA (120 G) 8,50 PLN ROLADKI Z KURCZAKA Z SUSZONYMI POMIDORAMI (120 G) 10,00 PLN PIECZONY MARYNOWANY ŁOSOŚ W CYTRYNIE (150 G 22,00 PLN SAŁATKA WŁOSKA (150 G) 6,00 PLN SAŁATKA GRECKA Z SEREM TYPU FETA (200 G) 6,00 PLN WARZYWA PO KRÓLEWSKU (200 G) 5,00 PLN NALEŚNIKI ZE SZPINAKIEM (120 G) 8,00 PLN


SBL Role Trajectory and Targets 65%

Lithuanian Cluster meeting.  Near-Future:


II Twitter performance January 2018 63%

The Lithuanian MoD STRATCOM team’s briefing started with a description of how the Kremlin controlled the information space when it crushed the 1991 uprising in Lithuania.



BuildThroughing strong out this relationyear the ships PSD will within Camp Stone, Herat, Afghanistan From L-R, MSG Kerry Bassett, SGT Chance Prewitt, SGT welcome at your area of Bryce “Doc” Crawford, and LTC David Botleast 3 new responsibility tcher, prepare a M1151 HMMWV for shipment babies to its is one of the close knit and things that circulation with the ever growing Fammakes any leader Lithuanian forces ily.


cv-lt-sergej tyryskin 62%

Lithuanian. ... Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, English.


ii Network Skripal 10.09.18 Part1 60%

period we have approx 300 links to sources with Lithuanian language and approx 100 in Russian language articles overall.


Social Center VanTran 60%

If I can speak Lithuanian well, I really look forward to volunteering here to gain experience.


Click 4 Compliance Course Catalog 54%

Defenses Gifts / Meals / Entertainment / Travel Red Flags Course Features 30 Minutes Role Plays Graded Quiz Course Certificate Course Languages • • • • • • • • • Arabic Bahasa Bulgarian Chinese (Traditional/ Cantonese - Hong Kong) Chinese (Simplified/ Mandarin - Mainland China) Chinese (Traditional/ Mandarin - Taiwan) Croatian Czech Danish • • • • • • • • • • • • Dutch English French (Canadian) French (Parisian) German Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Lithuanian • • • • • • • • • • • CLICK 4 COMPLIANCE / Compliance Course Catalog – Version 1.1 – Confidential Malay Mongolian Polish Portuguese (Brazilian) Romanian Russian Spanish (Castilian) Spanish (Latin American) Thai Turkish Vietnamese 3


VytautasCaplikas-StevenParker-WORKFORMS 54%

Number Payroll Please complete in full in BLOCK CAPITALS Surname Title VYTAUTAS CAPLIKAS First names including any middle names Full address including post code (Please ensure your name is written as per your eligibility document) Home Phone Number 110 LOPEN ROAD N18 1PU LONDON EDMONTON Mobile Number 07887345241 E-mail Date of Birth Nationality 20/01/1995 Emergency contact name and contact phone number National Insurance Number (required if you are seeking temporary work) LITHUANIAN DR UDO GREEN CEDARS 020 8887 9272 S 7 J 6 2 1 8 6 C Employment Requirements What type of work are you looking for?


bussiness plan (1) 54%

Needs time optimisation tool and wants to refuse recursive and struggling communication COMPETITORS MARKET WORK FLOW AND STRATEGY When I started participating UX academy based on Vinted – the most successful Lithuanian start up - I felt that my idea must be producing professionally.


FCO application form 2018 v2 53%

Timing Funding from HQ NATO Public Diplomacy, £12,000 for each inaugural workshop = £168,000 Funding from partner institutions £5,000 for each inaugural workshop = £70,000 Funding from NATO HQ for educational video films – free provision of camera team Funding from Lithuanian MOD to provide free all costs for their stratcom team for a monthly trip to support a new hub/cluster creation and to educate cluster leaders and key people in Vilnius in infowar techniques = £20,000 Funding from US State Dept, £250,000 for research and dissemination activities (excluding any activity in USA) Funding from Smith Richardson Foundation, £45,000 for cluster activities in Europe and USA Funding from Facebook, £100,000 for research and education activities Funding from German business community, £25,000 for research and dissemination in EU countries Planned start 01 04 2018 Planned completion 31 03 2019 date: