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MAF Flyer 100%

Park, 600 Arizona Street NW, Lonsdale Melissa loved sports, and she participated in softball, volleyball, basketball and track.


2015 Leader Board 75%

SIMPSON 100% NEXT WALK 7TH MARCH 2015 Position Roll No 16 18 5 19 9 21 36 4 10 7 25 6 56 17 3 53 51 2 1 49 15 39 50 48 11 34 14 24 20 29 38 22 8 32 13 33 44 12 47 57 52 8 12 27 3 29 4 27 5 62 6 93 7 153 8 361 9 298 10 291 11 315 12 289 13 50 14 142 15 15 16 294 17 377 18 26 19 368 20 397 21 139 22 316 23 335 24 308 25 28 26 188 27 337 28 352 29 430 30 373 31 228 32 435 33 436 34 413 35 458 36 390 37 419 38 241 39 462 40 407 41 446 42 331 43 449 44 509 45 470 46 406 47 338 48 479 49 349 50 456 51 518 52 517 53 502 54 493 55 453 56 523 57 460 58 350 59 386 60 432 61 450 62 451 63 499 64 522 65 503 66 519 67 422 68 526 69 486 70 468 71 527 72 491 73 467 Total NASH N * RUTHERFORD A * CLUBBS R RUTHERFORD P * FAWKES B PHIPPS R MURRAY R SHARP S BLEAZARD N MULLHOLLAND B CLUBBS I FENWICK J TATE A * McGEE D ROBSON M* HOLMES M STEPHENSON J YOUNG G * DAVIDSON J HOPKINSON D WEIGHTMAN J ANDERSON R SIMPSON R STEPHENSON P COE M MASON J GRAY G RAMSHAW J BECK J GALLON M FALLICK L ASHBY R ARNOLD J DUFFELL L MAUGHAN D CAVENEY G EBBERSON D HARLEY P WADDELL C HANCOCK P BLACK J TUNSTALL M MAUGHAN A TURNER H WINTER A STEPHENSON N SAUNDERS D BEADLE R LISHMAN S CALLAGHAN V SNOWBALL B ELLISION S WISHART G SALEH T BENNETT J LONSDALE D KERRY I TULIP R BEWLEY G DENHOLM H PRUDHOE I L McCRINDLE J KIRKUP G PATTINSON S KENNEDY P DOBSON J HALL S WATSON J ROWLAND R MARR I HARRISON P FINLEY P WAKEFIELD R R CLUBBS J MASON PRINT G GRAY R ANDERSON J STEPHENSON J STEPHENSON 30 SHOP D EBBISON OPS SERVE MULLHOLLAND B B MULHOLLAND B MULHOLLAND J STEPHENSON D McGEE BECK J J STEPHENSON MULLHOLLAND B B MULHOLLAND EX P R CLUBBS M TUNSTALL M TUNSTALL R ASHBY J BECK D MAUGHAN J BECK B MULHOLLAND B MULHOLLAND B MULHOLLAND R ASHBY J FENWICK FENWICK J MULLHOLLAND B 2023243 07860578751 2952035 07782231154 07854690893 2891968 NU61 UKY 2648339 2814385 Y518HCU 2370781 RS57ONA 2671844 2641384 01670355057 NJ06PXY 4822054 LD54HGZ ND51DVL 01670735698 2529962 01670712592 2570395 4551262 3888004 2572659 2682193 2819690 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MULHOLLAND M TUNSTALL STEPHENSON J H DENHOLM B MULHOLLAND N BLEAZARD V CALAGHAN B MULHOLLAND J STEPHENSON B MULHOLLAND J STEPHENSON D MAUGHAN BECK J STEPHENSON J J BECK N NASH M JAMISON B MULHOLLAND J STEPHENSON D EBBISON CONTACT PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS LEM R/BOUT PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS LEM R/BOUT PARSONS WYLAM RB PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS LEM R/BOUT PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS 07960955313 3886117 PICKUP WORK TEL HOME TEL 17 16 16 15 13 13 12 11 11 11 10 K489HWL 9 9 8 8 7 7 7 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 R775HVK 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 CAR REG TOTAL 17 16 16 15 13 13 12 11 11 11 10 9 9 8 9 7 7 7 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2015 position change DOWN 2 DOWN 2 DOWN 1 UP 6 BEGINNING OF LAST YEAR 16 16 8 13 13 6 11 11 11 10 9 7 8 9 7 7 7 6 0 5 5 0 3 3 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY UP 2 NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY NEW ENTRY F F F M A M J J 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Bonnie Doon Golf Club 2015 55%

BONNIE DOON GOLF CLUB Official Club Brochure | 2015-2016 | 1 CONTENTS Welcome ���������������������������������������������� 4 History ������������������������������������������������� 6 The Course ������������������������������������������ 9 The Environment �������������������������������� 13 Golf Shop ������������������������������������������ 14 Coaching ������������������������������������������� 15 Practice Facilities ������������������������������� 17 Becoming a Member �������������������������� 18 Benefits of Membership ���������������������� 20 Reciprocal Golf ���������������������������������� 25 Members’ Golf ����������������������������������� 28 Junior Golf ����������������������������������������� 30 Clubhouse ���������������������������������������� 33 Weddings ������������������������������������������ 34 Functions ������������������������������������������� 39 Corporate Golf Days ��������������������������� 40 Corporate Membership ����������������������� 45 Conferences and Meetings ����������������� 47 How to Find Us ���������������������������������� 49 Contact Us ���������������������������������������� 50 Pinnacle Sports Publications PTY Level 10, 555 Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC 3000 T 03 9521 7994 E W Bonnie Doon Golf Club and Pinnacle wish to thank the advertisers who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every business success.


FuturePlaceTypeMap December2012 39%

D-OS (Square) Wa lde Heminway St Dingens St so n Pe rr Doat St t Im Quin n St Elk St Block St ie lm Th s St Child y Hw D-OG (Green) Rd e Cord ov Hill St Holden St Chelsea Pl Dutton Ave Longview Ave Schauf Ave Latour St Sobieski St Kehr St Kiefer St Rother Ave Rohr St Kosciuszko St Harmonia St Rohr St St Lathrop St Roetzer St Louisen Mills St Woltz Ave Loepere St La ux St Le e St St Gorh am St Winon a St Pe a bo dy St St irk Se lk St Sm ith Pl Pl ec a Kerns Ave W Sho re yS Lang Ave Lang Ave Navel Ave Moreland St t w ah n Se n E Delavan Ave Hazel Pl Bu sh ne ll S t Gil be Sc rt ov St ille Av Ba e itz Av e Coit St Sw eet Ave Metcalfe St Thomas St Stetson St Clare St Ho lt S t an St ing S Arden Ave Gerald Ave Kermit Ave Bogar dus St t a St St Langfield Dr Proctor Ave Schreck Ave St Dil lon S e li Fle m Ro ta t dS a Av St ne ll Pa n Winchester Ave Rickert Ave Myers St Wilson St Gibson St Fillmore Ave Tow nsend St Detroit St Shumway St Sm ith St Lombard St Clark St Me Sears St mo ria Playter St lD r Reed St Strauss St Guilford St Herman St Johnson St Em slie St Hy d ra u lic St Griff in St Aly Ja mes Bond St Lord St Fritz Ly m Hempstead Ave Easton Ave Langm eyer Ave Gail Ave State Hwy 33 Weston Ave Manhart St E Lovejoy St Do ro lid Pl Mil dre Angle St Groveland St Shoshone St Carmel Rd Parker Ave Winston Rd A rd Be a St M a in Rich St Sw eeney St Norway Park Fox St Sherman St Stanton St Krettner St Watson St St nsse la er Olga Pl Warwick Ave Connelly Ave Erskine Ave Decker St Deshler St N Parker Ave Hecla St Covington Rd Starin Ave Portage St State Hwy 33 Hum boldt Pkwy Lark St Rex Pl Hum boldt Pkwy Daisy Pl Regina Pl Pansy Pl Hager St Wohler s Ave Roehr er Ave Celtic Pl Storz Ave Timon St Grey St Grey St Adams St Madison St Monroe St La rkin ve y William St rn Co Va n Re St Fulto n St Ha r Hill St Castle Pl Richlawn Ave ve tA Drivew ay Halbert St e Av e mit Su m ard Av Woo dw Earl Pl Pershing Ave Rose St Rose St Be ech St ck et St St bu rg Ha m Re d Ja Alab ama Pe rry Sidw ay St Ka th erin e St Fitzg erald St St Pleasant Pl Lonsdale Rd Dupont St Jefferson Ave Gerhardt St Masten Ave Locu st St Le m on St Oran ge St Pe ac h St Grap e St Fosdick St De vo n Grn Hick ory St Pine Es se St x Ln Sp rin g St Seymour St St Ma rv Chic in St ago St ket St E M ar e St Louisi ana i St Aly A ly St Elm St Oak St er St Ce nt sc en Cr e Drive w ay e Mich igan Av ot t St Ellic Washi ngto n St Chester St Waverly St Purdy St Ada Pl Verplanck St Alexander Pl Welker St Morley Pl Holland Pl k St N Oa Ma pl e St Mu lb erry St Elm St N Pe N Oa k St arl St Park St Irving Pl Derutte Aly wo od S Elm ve Wesley Ave Arundel Rd Adm ir al Rd Wallace Ave Te r ng ha m e Otis Pl Av e Linwo od Oakland Pl Richmond Ave St aats Henley Rd Frontenac Ave Wellington Rd Norwalk Ave Sterling Ave Colvin Ave N Park Ave Crestwood Ave Saranac Ave Rugby Rd Rd x No t ti Berkley Pl Clarendon Pl Horton Pl Harvard Pl Lincoln Pkwy Windsor Ave Granger Pl Ashland Ave Gill Aly Oxfo rd Av Livingston St Hoyt St Rosemary Ave Coburg St Delaney Ave Hobmoor Ave Virgil Ave Virgil Ave Lovering Ave Hom er Ave Com monwealth Ave Traymor e St Tennyson Ave Fairchild Pl Cecil St Lincoln Pkwy Bridgem an St Tremont Ave Barry Pl Academic Dr Walkway Rees St Baynes St Gren Way Aly Av e Sherwood St Ashland Ave Herk im er St Barto n St Camden Ave Norris St Grove St Greeley St College St College St Mariner St Mariner St DeWitt St Congress St Park dale Ave Putnam St Norwood Ave Fran klin St Pe ar l St Mo or gle St N Divi sion St Eu c 8 19 y Hw te St a Danf orth St Hawley St Dart St Tona wand a St Wellington Rd Eugene Ave Polk Pl Elm wood Ave Clayton St Sim on St Military Rd Sunnyside Pl La Forc e Pl Jasper Parrish Dr Fou ndry Short St St Dee r St River Rock Dr Gelston St M id d le se tL n St e W es be ll Is a St rio On ta Av e Hu nt I 19 0 I 19 0 Niaga ra St Bird Island Pier Sheridan Ter St Illino is St Miss iss ip pi St Colu mbia St E Ea ion St Buffalo River BOA te Open Space (D-O) orth Re pu blic St a St D-RS (Retail Strip) St an na rd Coat sw Ocon ne ll Av e St Buffalo Harbor BOA D-RC (Retail Center) N Divis Otto St St Miam so n ay ew D-IH (Heavy Industrial) Pe rry Gan iv Dr D-IL (Light Industrial) Howard St Onei da St Brist ol St s rt is Cu Oakmont Ave Dorris Ave it Am e SM Wa y Clinto n St Ex ch ange St Fulto n St Peckham St Newton St Ashley St e Av ay ew D-IO (Office) iga ic h ve nA By rd Stanislaus St Ba m iv Dr D-M (Medical Campus) Employment re mo ley Rd Hunt d Sc ot t St D-E (Educational Campus) Beckwith St a Sy c Phyllis Ave Millicent Ave Av e ing S Divis ion St Sw an St My rtl e Av e Ca rro ll St Ca rro ll St C St St t Hastings Ave Martha Ave Roosevelt Ave rr Wa Blv ne Dr ss St nS Pl io e Av rd kfo Bic Davidson Ave Rawlins Ave St St Dr ne ca E Ea gle St ion St l nP s to wn Bro o ters Pe A St B St e St Georg ie St Arch W Se gle St N Divis an St ry Ma ri D-R (Residential Campus) Retail E Ea St W Sw e Ch Dr t eS r St Ce da et t St Be nn Chur ch r Pe Campus ir St St N-4-60 (Single Family) C am gh Bin d Blv nt ro a f ke La w gle St Cy pre NC BF se ne Ge or St Miln St Na sh St jib W Ea Cour t St Ln Urban St Fougeron St N Parad e Ave E North St E North St d d O Erie N-4-45 (Single Family) ts h 4t N-4-30 (Single Family) r Po e id St E Tupp er St ie St lv e Ga St rry Riley St Gir ard Pl Alwin Pl Cayuga St g St Sp rin t St Prat St Dr N-4 (Urban Edge) Good ell Virginia St French St Landon St Stockbridge Ave Berkshire Ave E Am herst St Ta rk Berwyn Ave y h 7t R on nt TS St gia Ca ry or St Ge W Hu ron St Carlton St Box Ave Brighton Ave St rd St W Tu pp er Bu rn Burto n St St nut Wal ce St Sp ru ce St St Sp ru As h St na oli Ed wa Pl High St As h r Ca E North St Goodrich St Best St St t S v is Da a mp t S C ne Ka St er l rtim aP Mo re k Eu in St Tre VE Urban Edge (N-4) Dr AM r Da N-3R (Residential) g Vir Trin ity A ly N-3T (Mixed-Use Transition) ia en nd y la t r S St h ne Ef t 4t S h 4t r Ma St Hollow ay Blvd Dodge St Kingsley St Woodlawn Ave Winslow Ave Glenwood Ave Hewitt Ave Andover Ave P kw St St t rd Ga St th 10 Pl y e ne Av h it ct W pe os Pr St d h 4t Blv rry Pe on ds Hu Co tta ge S Northampton St E Ferr y St Dr rk e Bu Dartm outh Ave Alma Ave Inter Park Ave Woeppel St Minnesota Ave e Av ton ing ns Ke Sussex St Treehaven Rd Highgate Ave Rounds Ave Berkshire Ave Scajaquada St Winslow Ave Winspear Ave Ave Hewitt Ave Hewitt Ave Stockbridge Ave it e r ylv ns St n Pe Pl t n to yS h 7t se St r Je Eaton St Edna Pl Allen St Landon St Riley St Coe Pl Southampton St North St th or Or ve iA N-3C (Mixed-Use Center) st Bu r Je Urban Neighborhood (N-3) St Barker St Goulding Ave d Lasa lle Ave Pembroke Ave Appenheimer Ave Hamlin Rd E Utica St Laurel St Bryant St Summer St w ds Wa Dr te y se St ia an Woodlawn Ave Em erson Pl Glenwood Ave Hodge Ave Porter Ave Drexel Rd Glenny Dr Butler Ave R Minn eso ta Mendola Ave Gesl St Kenova St Verdun Ave Donaldson Rd es Highgate Ave Lisbon Ave Colfax Ave Warwick Ave Loring Ave Brunswick Blvd Ha y Ln Ga wy r Po r lD N-2R (Residential) h 4t rra Co N-2T (Mixed-Use Transition) ve rA Northland Ave Sherman Rd on mL Pk e or Mo N-2C (Mixed-Use Center) Lancaster Ave Cleveland Ave Highland Ave St Leroy Ave Hedley Pl Beverly Rd rA ve Central Park Plz Dewey Ave ir Dunlop Ave Drivew ay Drivew ay Wakefield Ave C Shirley Ave Dartm outh Ave E Am herst St Jewett Ave Blaine Ave Florida St Su tt Av e E Morris Ave Victoria Ave Phelps St ce n Monticello Pl Loring Ave Saint Jam es Pl W Utica St 19 Wade Ave Hughes Ave Saybrook Pl Ander son Pl y n to M a in Nor C ir Av e Custer St M er Rodney Ave d Pl oo d lia Wil rk Yo E Oak woo St Hw 8 Eastw ood Pl Inwood Pl Lexington Ave te St t tS cu St a Pk wy En gle w Me rrim Ty ac le r St St W Winspear Ave W Northrup Pl Ma nh at ta A ve ti ec nn Co e Av s bu go m Urban Center (N-2) St Rd Elam Pl e tt Vernon Pl e ld t on se y Drivew ay m r Fa lu Co r Ve Bird Ave Potomac Ave y w Pk e ll Rd Je w fi Fa ir nd Ru m fie ld St Ply e od Rh Isla t xS St St se St th Es th 16 go St 17 n an to t en ay St Ch t h S Br en 19 St em th Br 18 t St St rS e th th te ve Av 15 in 14 l W tA th eP es ou W m nc e Av ts et re s hu w La Ma ac ss k Ro b ie W Ferry St e Av al N-1D (Downtown Hub) m Ha St e hir ps Pa r Lafayette Ave Arnold St rm No Urban Core (N-1) t en Gre Dr S ol ho Russell St Iro qu ois Dr y Isla nd Squaw Sc w Bid W Delavan Ave Boyd St Breckenridge St Albany St Morris Ave Crandall Dr w Pk Dorchester Rd Auburn Ave California St Fordham Dr Depew Ave Beard Ave Amherst St in ap Ch Helen St Delham Ave Huntington Ave Woodbridge Ave Tillinghast Pl Rockwell Rd Manchester Pl Garner Ave Lafayette Ave o is qu Penfield St N-1S (Secondary Employment Center) Bedford Ave Elm view Pl Forest Ave Perkins Pl N-1E (Downtown Edge) Great Arrow Ave Elm hurst Pl Rand Ave Heath St Parkside Ave Taft Pl Crescent Ave Iro Pooley Pl Future Place-Types Marion St Linden Ave Colton Dr Knox Ave Dana Rd t St Tioga St Woodette Pl Chatham Ave S hill St h Dakota St Hallam Rd rc Chu n Da n is St sh Bu ll St we Ho St ter St Pe ain rm Ge St r St t yS Cla St Ka il St t rn S rbo De a r Pa nt Gra Glo St n ilto Grote St Pl on Gort St ay Ham Chandler St yn ey rns St ew tin Aus Wilbury Pl Debra Ln Jo sl St fic Pa ci t aS an d Gue t Ea s iv Dr St Hertel Ave Delaw are Ave t rS hu Art St ld rf ie St Ga ce Gra aw Ton t Drivew ay Tacoma Ave Brinton St t eC s id Rd rS hu Art Say re St Stratford Rd North Dr Nicholson St Taunton Pl Pa rk nd Pl A ve sive gres t oS Ra n Lawn Ave Hartwell Rd Avery Ave Hartwell Rd Saint Lawrence Ave Voorhees Ave Pro Race St Whitlock St Avery Ave Sanders Rd Rd Cr o Riv wle er y A s id ve eA ve Com et Ave Rosalia St ck dro Sa n Black Rock Hbr r St Fulle yP l Co pe la Delsan Ct Kofler Ave Botsford Pl ad ic e Ro Tr o Hinman Ave Cun ar d Se rv Tonawanda BOA ve lA e ya Ro s Av gg Bri Villa Ave Ramsdell Ave ir Ba Pl Ros Blum Ave Ruhl Ave St Goodyea r Rd Blv d ra Fa lls Nia ga ont Rd Larchm e Av y s it e r Av e iv Un o se tr on M Ritt Ave Kenmore Ave Clarem ont Ave St in Ma Ne w Ev fie ld Ph ve e ly ila St r A Be n de se a tr S lp Es He ic hia t eA nr ie St ve tt a Ch ad Av d e La uc k Av ird e Av ve e sA tS t Rebecca Park n St lle le St Page St ar on t Tuxedo Pl m Rees St m be Al e Ro h sc e Av D W oy le Du ile ns y P Av e to n Av l e Be l St g on Ore Av e don Con he r r St an te Ba x lc Vu St e Av St e or ok ro nm Ke e a b S Ec k an i Sk lc Vu Britt Ave Turner Ave Dorrance Ave



Jean Dähne; Tom Lonsdale; ALEXANDER HUNT; AJAY - ASH - ROOPA - SID - NAIDU ; Martin Geoffrey Perrett; Victoria Kirk; David James Harvey; Valerie Ann Lawrence; Ian P.